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Lightning Round – 2015/12/24

I’m taking a break over the holidays. I’ll be back in the new year, so here’s a Lightning Round to tide you over.

Zippy lays it all out: In the land of lies, every day is opposite day.

The lack of meaning of Christmas.

Nobody has a sense of numbers. Related.
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Why men don’t get married?

Demographic statistics.
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Cities as culture killers.

De Jouvenel: Power and culture.

The strong horse.
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GOP branding.
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The pledge of media professionals.

Simon Gray with some reflections on Cuckservative and Islam.

Soft power is dangerous.
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A strange new respect for Orban.

Support for democracy declining.

On the Daily Show and Rumsfeld.

Baltimore is doomed.

To oppressed minorities: you’re welcome.

The despairing Marxist.

On Theranos.

What’s the point of the DHS?

Calling a criminal a criminal is offensive.

Chaucer and virtuous poverty.

Christian revival and charismatic churches.

Cartesian sex.

Servant leaders mind their own business.

Electricity and religion.

A pro-paganism screed.

Keeping your daughter off the pole.
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Widows aren’t single mothers.

How to critique women.

The Netherlands resist the invasion.
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Canadian Liberals to ban spanking.

An SJW tell.

Sailer connects the dots on Sioux County.

Sailer takes apart an NYT op-ed.

Intelligence genes found.

Conservatives are Losers

Conservatives are losers.


This is not an insult, this is a statement of empirical fact.

Here’s one (((Noah Rothman))) who proves it beyond a reasonable doubt. He attempts to outline conservative wins to convince the base that the GOP leadership is awesome. His list of the epic accomplishments consists of 3 points:

  • Rolling back some of the worst of the Bush/GOP implemented No Child Left Behind national curriculum standards (and the resulting Common Core).
  • Preventing a $2.5-billion bailout of Obamacare, while failing to actually change the part of the Obamacare law he set out to eliminate.
  • Planning to give all illegals legalization, but not citizenship.

The conservative base should trust their GOP leaders because they undid part of what a previous GOP leader did, will legalize criminal immigrants, and temporarily, not permanently, halted some small portion of the funding of Obamacare.

What heroic leaders giving their all for the cause.

I’ve noted before how conservatism is always doomed, but never has anything I have written been so pathetically proven right. What kind of losers trumpet a record like that? If that was my record I’d commit seppuku in shame. Hell, I probably wouldn’t have enough honour left to be worthy of seppuku.

It will be a mercy to these people when the Sweet Meteor of Death puts them out of their perpetual misery.

Conservatism can not die fast or hard enough.

Lightning Round – 2015/12/16

I just plumb forgot to post this yesterday. So, here it is a day late.

Mannerbund 101.
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Nationalism vs. globalism.


Obama’s NRx activism.

An aesthetic declaration of independence.

The end of the radical centrist.

A strategic default on white debt.

The death of France.
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On Houellebecq’s Submission.

Why we culturally profile Muslims. Lots of data.
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When the Russian mafia is not a Russian mafia.

On neoconservatism.
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Citadel on the Trumpening.
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Sum Ting Wong.
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Birth of a religion.

When SJW’s attack, we are all Spartacus.

Keoni reviews Cuckservative.
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A new book coming on the right-wing critics of American Conservatism.

The benefits of foreign labour are a lie.

The state vs. bandits.

Peace sells, don’t buy it.

Grifting climate change.
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The left lies about not wanting to take your guns.

Chinchillas and modernity.
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Bring back antitrust?

There’s been a dust-up over monarchy at Wright’s. Malcolm responds.
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Conservative uncertainty under liberalism.
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The fads of liberalism.

Nothing new under the sun. Congrats to Moose.

James Deen rape and porn.

Is it ok to be obsessed with sex or not?

Birth control makes women unattractive.

Parental choice in marriage. More.

An in-depth look at the Bible on divorce.
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Complementarian women’s studies.

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Women outperforming men.
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British most prejudiced against young white men.

The 2015 punchable shitlib face tournament.

China bred out high IQs.

Japan’s 105-hour workweek.

The removed part of Sam Harris’ interview with Salon.

Writing is a hobby.

Gavin McInnes gives some dressing advice to young men.

Small-game fallacies.

Hive mind and national IQ.
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Puppygate on Jeopardy.

H/T: VD, NBS, AG, Land

Order, Chaos, and Regimentation

Reaction is about establishing order. A reactionary society is an ordered one, an ordered society is a conservative one. A disordered society is chaotic. Civilization is order, chaos is barbarism.

Regimentation is not necessarily order. A communist society is heavily regimented, but also chaotic. There is not order. Our growing anarcho-tyranny is heavily regimented, disordered, and chaotic all at once.

Natural order flows flow naturally from the relationships men are inclined towards. Regimentation is artificial, it is unnaturally forced upon society rather than flowing from it.

Regimentation may be necessary at times: a soldier in the army is artificially regimented as opposed to the naturally ordered warrior of a warband, but an army of soldiers is necessary for survival, as the warrior has been made obsolete (for now, 4G looks to be changing that).

Just because something is lined up nicely in a row or is heavily controlled does not mean it’s ordered. In fact, it is likely means it is regimented chaos. Chaos requires regimentation, order does not. In fact, order may look disorganized to the casual observer who doesn’t know better.

Regimentation is not order.

End Gun Violence

We need to end gun violence.

Almost two-thirds of gun deaths are suicides. 80% of firearms suicides are white males. This means that about half of gun deaths are suicides by white males. If we’re serious about ending gun violence, we need to focus on preventing white males from wanting to kill themselves.

White male suicide rates peak in middle age, a group that used to have relatively lower risk of suicide.

What drives white male suicide?

Two of the biggest risk factors are not being married and being unemployed.

So, if we want to stop gun violence, we need to make it so that white men can get married and have a job.

If you’re serious about ending gun violence, you need to oppose the war on the family and the hook-up culture. You also need to oppose immigration, bureaucracy, regulation, high taxes, and out-sourcing which are destroying which destroy American jobs.

Stopping the denigration of white males and ending the false idea of white male privilege also wouldn’t hurt.

It’s the only way forward to a reduce gun violence.

H/T: CM from VP for the idea.

Lightning Round – 2015/12/09

When a man should start looking for marriage.


Rise of the shitlords.

Setting things right.
Related: Neocolonial on greater realities. I disagree with one point. Plain reaction is order; neocamerialism (and formalism) is the particular order that puts the neo in neoreaction.

Regarding servants without masters.

McCarthy was right.

Point deer, make horse.
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Trump wins if nothing insane is done to stop him.
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Trump to ban Muslim immigration, says “I don’t care”.
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“Refugees” don’t want to come to Canada. They’re desperate, but not desperate enough to move here.
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Importing ethnic tensions.

On territorialism.

The US supports ISIS.

Day’s Cuckservative has been released.
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Heredity matters, parents, not as much. Read the original article.
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Ethnic competition and defection.
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Culture and civilization are statistically white and male.

The media will hide the decline.
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The satanic core of liberal niceness.

Being a bad follower guarantees bad leaders.

We live in white supremacy.
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What the alt-left is?

The Daily Beast on the alt-right.

Lynch law. Read the whole story.


Huge analysis of the achievement gap. Conclusion: Not (concentrated) poverty.
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Superheroes and princesses.

Lessons from Tim Tebow’s break-up. More. Maybe a false story.

Countries where women don’t work outside the home have comparatively happier women.

Feminism is a status game.

Failed leadership in the US.

Finland may implement basic income plan.

The Ainu and the fringe.

Why English is weird.

David Marcus gets cucky. On Twitter.

H/T: SSC, Land


Calling a white person a racist is the the functional equivalent of calling a black person a nigger.

Racist is a racial disparagement aimed at whites, and only whites.

This is not me saying it. This is not a reactionary view, this is the vanguard of social justice saying this.

Now, some racists will say, “but the dictionary says…”

To use the dictionary definition of racism is racism and you are a racist if you use it.

The proper definition of racism, by those who use the word the most is “prejudice plus power“. Racism requires not just prejudice, it also requires privilege. Racism can only flow down from the powerful to the less powerful, it can never flow up. Because non-whites have less power, they can never be racist. They may be bigoted, but not racist. Only whites can be racist because only they have privilege and power.

Before a bunch of “liberals” can bring up their racist individualism, in this case, power only refers to structural power. So, while a specific non-white individual may have more power than a specific white individual, the white individual is part of the structure of power the black individual is not a part of, and therefore has the privilege of that structure. So, even in that case the white can be racist.

Practically all whites have a racial prefence for other whites. 70% of those who have taken the IAT are prejudiced and that’s only among test-takers who, for obvious reasons (ie. those who care most about knowing if they’re prejudiced are likely those least prejudiced), are probably less prejudiced than the average person. As well, just because I person doesn’t exhibit prejudice

All whites are white and therefore benefit from white privilege. All whites have more power than non-whites. Therefore, practically all whites have both power and prejudice. Therefore practically all whites are racist.

Combine with the fact that no non-whites can be racist and it is obvious that racist is racial term that can only be applied to whites.

Racist is definitely a negative term. Nobody is ever called a racist as a compliment. People get fired for being called racist and racists (ie: whites) are generally ashamed to be racists.

The conclusion is inescable: racist is a vicious term of racial disparagement aimed at white people.

Calling a white person a racist is the functional equivalant of calling a black person a nigger.