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Lightning Round – 2016/02/10

The killing fields of the 21st century.

Power comes from force.
Related: Means, goals, and signalling.

Asymmetric warfare is bunkum.

NRx & Twitter.
Related: Shadowbanned.

28Sherman on fellow NRx bloggers.

To hate where we should hate.
Related: Dread, love, and disgust.

Alt-right: the current chapter.


On liberalism.

Kami, the HIV muppet.

Children of the ruins.

The crackdown has begun.
Related: The Roosh press conference transcript.

Chinese History: Choices.

Against yellow fever.

A carbon tax for voting. Related.

Keep America shitty again.
Related: Trump’s evangelical working class.

The cannibalization of the Bernie Bros.
Related: Devouring their own: Will Wheaton edition.

Europe planning to deports hundreds of thousands of Muslims.

A pact between Christian factions.

Tradcons and feminists.

Who is the abuser?

Cowering in front of women.

The corruption of the American woman.

Hate speech and free speech.

The State of the Dominion.

Some fun quotes from the Ghomeshi trial.


Lightning Round – 2016/02/03

The Duck speaks.

Exclude those who don’t meet your standards.

No flag but the cross.

New blog: Death Rides a Pozzed Horse. Related introspection.

Archiving NRx.

NRx and positivism.
Related: The alt-right.

The history of Saudi oil power.
Related: Treasonous fathers and sons.
Related: British communist spies.

Salami tactics.
Related: The tech salami slicer.

Classes in the US.

Trump and the wage class.

Zippy on Trump.
Related: Tucker Carlson on why Trump. Mirrors some of what I wrote.
Related: Trumpal energy.
Related: Can’t stump the Trump.
Related: Trump spends more on hats than consultants.
Related: Scott Adams on Iowa.
Related: The unmentionable corrupt bargain.
Related: Why isn’t Rubio winning?

Bury the corpse of conservatism.

Honesty is not hate.

Blood is thicker than water.

Integration is discrimination.

Rapefugee game.
Related: 17-year-old Danish girl warned not to protect herself from foreign rapists.

Another day, another Muslim terror plot.

Give me your huddled privilege.

Obedient rebels.
Related: Oxford learns the hard way about listening to SJW’s.

Dartmouth’s diversity scam.

I was going to post this video, but it’s been censored.

36 Davos quotes.

Some stuff on money and economics.

Tips for trolls.

Flea politics.

Enough Now! In Sweden.

WW1: One man’s letter home.

On abusing ‘nothing new under the sun’.

The effect of grace.

Orthodox puppets.

Marriage boundaries.
Related: What complementarians mean by not listening.
Related: How to tell you’re a godly man.

Naghmeh’s surprise for a returning Pastor Saeed.

Why you should drink instead of using anti-depressants.
Related: The cure for school shootings.

Illiberal reformers.
Related: The minimum wage was created to destroy jobs for eugenics reasons.

The Oregon Militia situation turned lethal.

GW: Al Gore lied.

Politics as a fashion.

Dawkins is being passed by Cthulhu.

The paradox of human warfare.

H/T: Reactor, SDA, NBS

Lightning Round – 2016/01/27

The Duck twittercides fantastically.
Related: 2016: Year of the censor.

In God we Trust.

Bad government.

The decline of community.
Related: An idle class that can only dream.

Against WN leftists.

We are not smart.
Related: Obama: Vaguely smart.

The goal is soft genocide.
Related: Denmark without the Danes.

Neither hot nor cold.
Related: Healthy xenophilia.
Related: Europe is the cost of signalling.
Related: All our times have come.
Related: The Orc refugee problem.

Useful, scarce, ownable.

NRx and the alt-right.
Related: What is the alt-right?
Related: The utility of extremism.
Related: The making of a hard-right-winger.

The daycare fractal of modern politics.

The expert is a pre-fabricated voice.

Alt-right trolls explained.

Consequence time for moderates and nihilists.

On Trump and the collapse.
Related: Trump has had enough.

National Review hoists the white flag.
Related: The NRO takes a firm stand for cuckservatism.
Related: Chickens coming home to roost.
Related: In mala fide.
Related: Opposite day.
Related: NRO risks non-profit status.
Related: Rick Wilson on Trump supporters.

Dorian Gray conservatism.


Bernie and the death of progress.

Will Putin purge the 5th column?

On right-wing Poland.

The death cult.

The new creationists. Related.

Zippy on King AI.

Dark ancap.
Related: Capital as an AI.

Sportsball: white cancer.
Related: The heroism of football.

Somebody else who hates Imagine.

On Hillary.

Women and gays as military strategy.

All’s fair in the skin game.

The death of an institution.

Feeding the One Bob. Hehe. More.

Christ-centred preaching.

Fearing those working to destroy your family.
Related: Focus on respect not fairness.
Related: Incentives and respect.
Related: Who cares?
Related: Darwin’s pros and cons of marriage.

SJW’s and direct confrontation.

An SJW attack on open source.
Related: The silencing of tech.
Related: No code of conduct.
Related: SJW’s in tech.
Facebook is silencing anti-genocide advocates.

Linux: No SJW’s allowed.

Brendan Eich creates new web browser: Brave. Supposedly, it’s fast, stops harmful adverts and helps privacy. Hopefully it works as advertised.

Mobile affirmation devices.

There is no need to worry about wasting food.

The Vasconic language.

The Zika virus hits Latin America.

MDE (Sam Hyde) gets a TV pilot.

More on the Kabloona.

Southern hospitality.

Eastern English are about 3/8ths Anglo-Saxon.


Lightning Round – 2015/01/20

The freedom of constraint.

On family and status.
Related: The decline of community.

What happened to neoreaction?
Related: Against consequentialism on the right.
Related:Zippy continues criticizing the alt-right.

Visegrad and mapping.

Anarcho-tyranny in Germany.
Related: Preference is not hate.
Related: After Cologne, feminism is dead.
Related: Cologne is not surprising.
Related: Soldiers of Odin in Finland.

The beauty of Rome.

Invader-American: lessons in rhetoric.
Related: The globalists’ need for immigration.

Already at trade war.

The Happening may not turn out to the right’s favour.

The white death.

Geopolitical arbitrage.


Progressive imperialism.
Related: Humpty Dumpty progressivism.
Related: The old left worrying about being eaten by the new left.

The coming muses of the alt-right.

The three types of protests.

The alt-right guide to Islam.
Related: Welcome to the ISIS guest house.

Smart people overestimate how smart everyone else is.

The Big Bang Theory is not my people.

Study: Shitlibs are slaves to their feels.

The sex trap.

SJW’s are killing rock and roll.

The hippie-conservative synthesis.

Duffers and fanatics.

The pro-abortion wives of hen-pecked anti-abortion presidents.

God as a fan-fiction character.
Related: Worshipping the same God.

On churchian culture.

The Anglicans take a stand against the wolves.

Complementarianism: The pastor is the head.

Saeed Abedini has been freed.

Lessons in rhetoric: Christian edition.

Assessing your place in the hierarchy.
Related: The shame of SJW’s.

Rape is about sex, not power.

Trump: Christianity under siege.

The GOP base must remain loyal, but the elites do not.

The problem with Chinese students.

Al-Jazeera America shuts down.

The left’s war on science: Yanomamö edition.

More on the eskimos.

Trying to re-inflate the housing bubble.

UK debates to ban Trump.

Chuck Johnson warned Milo about Twitter.

Brad Torgeson is being blacklisted.

Fat but fit doesn’t exist.

Venezuelan economic czar: “Inflation does not exist.”

H/T: Land, NBS, SDA

Lightning Round -2016/01/13

No one cares about your problems.
Related: I don’t want, I will.

The need for a fighting faith.
Related: Submission and conviction.

The anti-American empire.

On Trump. More.
Related: Concerns about Trump.

The alt-right needs to understand ethics.

On 2015 and the right.
Related: The trouble with 1488.

Immigration is rape culture, but women ignore warnings and are on lockdown. Related.
Related: Young women’s xenophilia.
Related: Will pro-refuge Christians repent?
Related: Orban was right.

Bathing in Cologne.
Related: Ivan Jurevic on Cologne.
Related: Germany springs into action against hate.
Related: Rotherham syndrome.
Related: Right-wing riots in Germany.

The Swedish cover-up of a mass sexual assault.
Related: Assaults in Finland.
Related: Norway is culturally enriched.
Related: 7-year-old Swede murdered by immigrant.

Understanding Muslims.
Related: Pronouncing the word ‘Muslim’ and identity politics.

Studies: Diversity + Proximity = War.

Illegal immigrants are more criminal, even removing their inherent illegality.

Diversity policies don’t help women or minorities, but do make white men feel threatened. Working as intended.

Monarchy, revolution, and the bourgeoisie.

Saudi monarch executes US agent.

A code of merit.

Reduce inequality, abolish the Ivy League.

Colonialism didn’t make colonial countries rich.

Zippy’s right. I did get dragged into voting last year because of gun control, even though I know I shouldn’t have.

On outrage porn.

Nightcrawler is modern journalism. A review.

Consanguinity and socialism.

Bronze Age dispersal patterns.
Related: Tentative neanderthal, denisovan DNA map.

Inuit and diet.

Defective identity.

Hard truths on Santa Claus.

Against IVCF and Campus Crusade.
Related: IVCF and Urbana go full SJW.

The overemphasis on evangelism.

A Femen activist repents.

Trading place: Pastor Saeed Abedini and his wife. His erasure and her fresh start.

How do wives petition a husband.

Why feminists hate objective standards.

In NY, you could get fined up to $250k for not indulging someone’s transsexual identity.

Your bitchy comment says your life sucks.

The power of a bad idea.

Practicing practicing.

The LIBOR scandal.

The biggest impediment to forecasting.

A background of the Oregon protest.

Free speech is firable.
Related: SJW’s disemploying people.

No reconciliation in the Puppies fight.
Related: All out war against SJ has been declared.

SJW’s get books banned in Toronto.
Related: The SJW’s strike at Goodreads. BG.

The pedophilic rape apologists of SFF fandom.

The truly new year.

SSC analyzes guns and states.

H/T: MR, Land

Lightning Round -2016/01/06

Identity, civilization, and ethnoculture.

Newton’s third law of politics.
Related: Islam and game theory.
Related: The western immune system.
Related: Diversity is a process, not an end state.
Related: Collapse or correction.

Immigrant rape culture.

Race is not a social construct.
Related: Whites exist genetically and culturally.

Emancipate yourself.

Ethnocentrism and oxytocin.

In favor of a repressive state religion.

Stereotypes are more accurate than most psychology.

The alt-right at Buzzfeed.

Capitalism and tradition.

The truth is not immediately useful.

Intellectual alchemy.

It’s the degeneracy, stupid.

What to do about censorship.

Americans are losing faith in democracy.

New years and schelling points.

Men doing their own thing.

Towards a white student union.

Amerikanskiy zones.

Raising money for Africa.

Cafeteria realism.

MPC on nerds.
Related: Subcultures and status.

Elite cosmopolitanism.

Lesbians (and feminists) as imitation men.

The Slattery report: our lying media.

The Guardian.

Kathy Keller: Unhinged. More.
Related: Shades of rebellion.

Authority and marriage.

A review of Christian movie, War Room.

Why SJW’s always lie.

Star Wars and the lack of manly pride.

A response to the Hateful Eight.

Race in Hawaii.

Stuff on metformin.

Life is shitty for a lot of people.

Lightning Round – 2015/12/24

I’m taking a break over the holidays. I’ll be back in the new year, so here’s a Lightning Round to tide you over.

Zippy lays it all out: In the land of lies, every day is opposite day.

The lack of meaning of Christmas.

Nobody has a sense of numbers. Related.
Related: A voter’s guide to thinking.

Why men don’t get married?

Demographic statistics.
Related: Facts are useless.

Cities as culture killers.

De Jouvenel: Power and culture.

The strong horse.
Related: NYT threatens Trump.

GOP branding.
Related: What the people want from the GOP.
Related: There’s a market demand for free speech.

The pledge of media professionals.

Simon Gray with some reflections on Cuckservative and Islam.

Soft power is dangerous.
Related: The US military vs. the CIA.

A strange new respect for Orban.

Support for democracy declining.

On the Daily Show and Rumsfeld.

Baltimore is doomed.

To oppressed minorities: you’re welcome.

The despairing Marxist.

On Theranos.

What’s the point of the DHS?

Calling a criminal a criminal is offensive.

Chaucer and virtuous poverty.

Christian revival and charismatic churches.

Cartesian sex.

Servant leaders mind their own business.

Electricity and religion.

A pro-paganism screed.

Keeping your daughter off the pole.
Related: Demon mom of the year.

Widows aren’t single mothers.

How to critique women.

The Netherlands resist the invasion.
Related: Geert Wilders refuses to turn on his extremists.

Canadian Liberals to ban spanking.

An SJW tell.

Sailer connects the dots on Sioux County.

Sailer takes apart an NYT op-ed.

Intelligence genes found.