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Lightning Round – 2015/07/29

Pessimism not realism.

Dressing better

The GOP is performing its function.
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A cuckservative round-up.
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Related: The term is blowing up.
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Related: The cuckservative stock is tanking.
Related: Why the weak right is dead wrong.
Related: Response to Ace and Taylor Millard. Vox responds.
Related: 10 signs you might be a cuckservative.
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The Cathedral is democracy.

The establishment of an alternative principle of legitimization.

What do you do if demons control the church?

Help Anti-Dem out.

The left eats itself.

The story of Moira Greyland. Related.

Buy or rent and the annexation of American suburbs.

On altruism.

Trade and peace: a story from China.

Historical amnesia.

Keith Stanovich and rationality.

The coordinated narrative.

Mugabe wants white farmers back.

Everette Lee DeGolyer.

White women’s tears.

Colonizing the moon will be cheaper than previously thought.

Rigging academic articles: an anecdote.

The Silicon Valley white-Asian divide.

As Japanese civilization declines.

Why the Islamic State is successful.

What’s Soros doing this month?

Explosions in Malmo, Sweden.
Related: Leftists holding counter-demonstration to right-wing gay parade in Sweden.

Oil won WW2.

Brett Favre singled out for unenthusiastic clapping.

Homosexuals are the pawns, not the enemy.

Meat, sacrifice, and community.

The existential threat to Christianity in the ME.

Hatred of authority is envy, not hatred.
Related: Anecdotes of why men should lead.

Feminist self-loathing.

Semen alters women’s brains.

A husband cannot substitute for a woman friend.

SoBL thinks the open marriage article is fake, as does Roissy.

Psychologists more likely to rate aggressive behaviour by husbands as abusive.

Why is Twitter still employing Randi Harper?

Alpha Male of the Month: Trump.
Related: McCain’s an asshole who’s being out assholed.

GG tactics work against Planned Parenthood.
Related: Gamergate is a model.
Related: Another video of Planned Parenthood haggling over dead baby parts.
Related: The 41 companies that funded Planned Parenthood. Related.

Another study of nature beating nurture.

First nations.

Greece is an economic success (for being a non-market economy).

The wages of socialism: coming soon to a country near you.

At Iowa “anti-bullying” conference teaches middle- schoolers about anal sex.

IRS used donor list to target conservatives.

MPAA plans to use Today Show and Fox to smear Google.

PayPal tries to destroy small business for selling Confederate flags.

Every Salon/Alternet headline about libertarians for 3 years.

A general factor of correctness.

Leftist legal fictions and the atheists who love them.

Freedom on the centralized web.

White Canadians in public housing moved after death threats from immigrants.


Lightning Round – 2015/07/22

How to be the greatest.
Related: The three ingredients for making a change.

Social justice and ideological hijackings.
Related: The 8 steps of an SJW attack.
Related: Social justice is lucrative.
Related: A successful SJW attack.
Related: SJW-weaponized law.
Related: @Heartiste silenced by SJWs.

About exit.

Embrace your extremists.

Democracy and the clerical class.

Going home.

Racial kryptonite.

I don’t care about black people.

Annex Mexico.
Related: Mexican crime and the border.

No such thing as racism.

Neanderthals, Japanese, and diversity.

Sick of false empathy.

The human operating system.



Guns, words, and feels.

Land is wary of the Trump enthusiasm.
Related: Trump and the shitlord insurgency.
Related: Manufacturing consent.


State society.

Some history of communists in America.

Reality TV and the difference between men and women.

Welcome to the new America.

A liberal test from Suicide of the West.

Anti-Dem with some anecdotes of a friend.

Disney NRx.

Kicking the Greek can.

CC discovering academia’s role in the Cathedral.

The Benedict Option: the parallel society.

Biomechanics of walking.

City girls are Elaine, not Carrie Bradshaw.

Sexual liberalism consuming itself.

You’re independent; your safety is not our problem.

Weev: Misogyny and Ellen Pao.

Alcohol and casual sex, and some other stuff.

Feminism is being happy your wife is cucking you.

UK: Marriage and children are legal slavery.

Feminist misses the catcalls.

Planned Parenthood sells victims body parts. Yum.

World War V starts rolling.

Women couldn’t own property.

 Beware the grasshoppers.

Hate crime and free speech.

The density divide.

Looks like Gawker’s in trouble. Good. Related.
Related: The 10 most unpleasant Gawker writers.
Related: Gawker lets two people go.

Democrat apologizes for saying ‘all lives matter’.

A brainstorm with Wright is upcoming.

The prosecution of Dinesh D’Souza.

The NYT lies (surprising).

No to nets and meds, yes to Mercedes and private jets.

The falling sun. Heh.

5 hours of TV a day.

Stuff on WW2 Japan military training.

Anti-Chinese sentiment growing in Vancouver.

Canada Green Party for population replacement.

H/T: NBS, Isegoria, TRP, SDA

Lightning Round – 2015/07/15

The delta perspective on dating: part 1 and part 2.

How to act when you’re fired.

Monkey politics and political entrepreneurship.
Related: Building an organizational ladder.
Related: Thoughts on creating an antiversity.

It’s time to kill conservatism.

Notes on our war: Never give up.

Status and deviancy.
Related: They stripped marriage of its sacredness.
Related book review: Death of the Family.
Related: Gawker keeping track of who stopped clapping first.
Related: Russia unveils ‘straight flag’.

The difference between a totalitarian and an authoritarian.

Non-discriminatory lending. Read Handle’s comment as well.

They drove you from the cities, now they want to drive you from the suburbs.
Related: The banlieuification of Chicago.
Related: Some history of neighbourhood destruction.

Embracing race.
Related: The praxoleogy of privilege.

Economists fail at basic math on open borders.

The density divide.

Innovation propaganda.

Share your pedoteacher links.

Anti-Dem with some anecdotes of a friend.

Public choice+.

NRx schism.

On the noble lie.

Working for protection from “hostile environment” firings.


Walmart, the hoodrat hatchery.

The Benedict Option: the parallel society.

What Bonald’s blog is for.

SCOTUS and the love of Jesus, part 2.

Roissy points out the horrors of the Christian adoption scene.

Disrespecting the respectable.
Related: Young, male, and single: The gender imbalance.
Related: Revenge of the lost boys.
Related: Why would someone intervene to prevent a shitlib from being culturally enriched?

The playa’s paradise.

Weev: Misogyny and Ellen Pao.
Related: Pao is gone from Reddit.

UK: Marriage and children are legal slavery.

Sexual liberalism consuming itself.

Marines: Accountability is abuse.

Female singers and the sexual market.

World War V starts rolling.

Crime and IQ negatively linked. Surprising.

How to ruin batgirl.

The social media shaming of Pax Dickinson.

Time for European Jews to find safety in Israel.

Dissecting Politifact’s smear of Trump.

The bias of Wikipedia.

Microsoft fires local and hires global.

The NYT lies (surprising).

A brainstorm with Wright is upcoming.

Planned Parenthood sells baby parts.

Dune: 50 years on.

SCIENCE!: Ice age on the way.

The Greeks surrender to the Euros.


Lightning Round – 2015/07/08

Time for secession.
Related: Putin supports Texas secession.
Related: Americans see the confederate flag as a symbol of Southern pride, not racism.

On white genocide.

It’s not a conscious conspiracy.

The Harvard Crimson’s support for the Khmer Rouge.

A tale of two ancestor myths.

Greece runs out of others people’s money.
Related: Greece votes against the Euro-deal.
Related: The EU doubles-down in Greece.

Accounting, economics, and capitalism.

Jayman with a large post on HBD.
Related: National merit.

Computers be racist.

Why rightests should troll.

Disgust and biocognition.

An analysis of Back to the Future.

A really good overview of the Benedict Option.
Related: In the world, but orthogonal to it.

SCOTUS and Christ.
Related: Be a bigot.
Related: It’s the same war.
Related: State silences bakers and fines them 135k.
Related: Will is being a bigot. #LoveWins.
Related: Only 45% of gay “marriages” are monogamous.
Related: The ratchet wastes no time: Man applies for marriage license to marry second wife.

Christian culture’s antipathy towards fathers.

On submission.

Beware relationship gurus.

Women choosing travel over family.

Grerp reviews two documentaries on porn.

Never cave to social media.

What Tim Hunt “said” was all a lie.

Stamping out sexism in science.

Reddit Revolt.

On Randi Harper. Part 2.


Trump gets more popular as businesses cut ties.

Hillary does something right.

On Adam Kotsko.

Takei calls Thomas a clown in blackface.

Public schools in Seattle giving 6th graders IUD’s without parent’s permission.

UK schools can confiscate “unhealthy” lunches.

World War B in Cracked.

Some SF history.


Lightning Round – 2015/07/01

The delta perspective: responsibility.

New Blog: No Quarter Asked/No Quarter Given.
New NRx podcast: Caligula’s Council.

The organic state, not social engineering.

Truth is enough to rescue the West.

The power dynamics of patriarchy.

Free speech is being killed. Signal and keep up.

It’s time we let the South go.
Related: Confederate flag bans: corporate action or censorship?
Related: Apple removes Civil War games.

We support diversity and equality. Current events.
Related: Packing up and going home.
Related: When cads are the defenders of sexual mores. Related.
Related: Thank you googlers.
Related: A pinch on incense.
Related: Don’t be the first to stop clapping.
Related: Opposing gay marriage already worse than illegal.

Why hypergamy is dysgenic.
Related: Sex and disgust.

Adjusting the connotation of white privilege.
Related: How to escape the age of mass delusion.

The media fomentation of a race war.
Related: The guerilla race war the media covers up.
Related: Manipulating stats to make whites look evil.
Related: The behaviour of the slithery reptile.
Related: How the MSM would have responded had Roof been black.
Related: When will moderates learn they’ll smear you anyway.

A variety of musings from Anti-Dem. He should split these up into shorter posts.

Intelligence matters.

How white supremacy developed into the diversity agenda.

Leftism is a product of status and wealth.

Traditionalism vs rationalism.

Reality is a social construct.

The other is but a foil for the self.

NRx lessons from Scout camp.

Sociology as an inverse weather vane.

On American hyperinflation.

Mike has posted up historic economic information on: the ancient world, WW2, Europe vs China, China (1000-1800), and ancient Greece.

A review of Mad Max.

The Church needs more tribalism.

Episcopalian rot.

How to get men to go to church.

Dalrock with some wage gap data and analysis.

Unexpected consequences: bottled water edition.

Sluts and prudes.

Even the NYT notices the insanity of affirmative consent.

You can’t escape SJW’s, Go edition.

How the SJW response to the Tor boycott reveals their hypocrisy.

The gay Jew confederate.

How the feds asked me to rat out commenters.

How the rangerette’s plan to succeed.

Iceland engaged in massive fiscal austerity in the recovery.

The nonsense of the Obamacare ruling. Scalia’s dissent.

Maybe there’s hope for the kids. #ThanksMichelleObama.

Korea and the Talmud.

Is special ed racist?

Science is not a reliable guide.

The moderate is the man who only shoots at his own side.

Unexpected consequences: bottled water edition.

MAOA-2 gene linked to violence.

Image recognition ANNs.

H/T: NBS, SDA, Isegoria, Thinking Housewife, SSC

Lightning Round – 2015/06/24

The delta perspective: responsibility.

Patriarchy and fatherhood.

The virtues of eros.

A note on marriage.

Public speech is a bad idea.

Neoreaction and powertalk.

Good laws are few.

A racial Fort Sumter.
Related: Who radicalized Dylann Roof?
Related: Roof’s manifesto.
Related: Predictions of Dylann Storm Roof.

Manipulating the news for fun.

Yes, you are a racist.
Related: Believing that the best qualified should get the job is a microaggression.

The uselessness of libertarians. Read the comments.

Transracial and the wrong side of now.
Related: Nothing is real.

The value of place.

Hail to the tyrant.

Trump for prez.

Abusing democracy.

The biology of slavery.


Next up: World War Polyamory (WWP2?).

St. Benedict at RoK.

Glenn Beck’s Disneyworld.

Luis Guiterrez is a traitor.

Delusion and deterrence.
Related: Silence or be silenced.

Join the culture war, boycott Tor.
Related: Moshe Feder calls his customers idiots.
Related: A suspicious pattern of Tor book buyers.
Related: Someday, SJW idiocy will stop be amusing.
Related: The broad-spectrum SJW attack.

Americans have lost confidence in everything.

JP Morgan, celebrate homosexuality or else.

A good idea: make debt principles payments tax deductible.

The price of delayed parenthood.

Male birth control on the way.

3D printing.

Crew resource management.

Amtrak employees works 40-hour days.

Fiction and strategy.
Related: Which is worse, GoT or the culture that watches it.


The war on comedy.

A Greek bank holiday.

Moral reasoning and self-driving cars.

H/T: SDA, Isegoria

Lightning Round – 2015/06/17

NAACP leader outed as white.
Related: Woman denounced for being transracial.
Related: Godfrey Elfwick in USA Today, the BBC (img), and Yahoo News for his #wrongskin trend.
Related: #Wrongskin links.

What are SJW’s?

In defence of evo-psych.

Puppet master Soros.

Social tech and anarcho-tyranny.

Problems with the Puritan thesis. A response.

The pensioner and the aristocrat.

Small government.

Mainstream IQ science.
Related: Smart fractions.
Related: Children of uneducated parents don’t go to college.

The real student crisis.

Your emotions are calculated.

Innovation propaganda.

Concern troll detection.

On Chuck’s banishment.

Social media: judge, jury, and executioner.

Strange Loop: When even Slate thinks you’ve gone too far. Related.

The hatreds of the left.

The empire’s man in Brooklyn.

Related: Not your pool.
Related: The actual story is different from the official version.
Related: Baltimore: Arrests are down, crime is up.

NYPD chief tells the truth.

Non-discriminatory lending.

The story of Tina Nash and modern poverty. Jim comments.

Utilitarianism is clever stories for disguised evil.

A bit on the Indo-Europeans.

Word fetishes.

Property taxes: sovereign usury?

Big government working with homosexual organizations to punish Christians.

Christians mistaking alphahood for virtue.

You teach people how to treat you.

Customs of intersexual interactions.

The delta perspective.

Man is raped by woman, then expelled for sexual assault.

Old-school scientist on lab girls. Related.
Related: Nobel scientist says women take things personally, women take it personally.
Related: Hung out to dry. Never apologize, never resign.

British government warns of delaying child-bearing due to spiralling IVF costs.

The OPM leak.

Tor continues to attacking customers.
Related: The difference between Puppies and anti-Puppies.
Related: We are real people. More. More. Related.
Related: Pushing closer to war with Tor.

Geeks, mops, and sociopaths: the birth of cool.

Reddit is dying. An alternative.

The PhD lottery.

America’s obesity hits record highs. More.

Why Wintery Knight has an alias.

Scott Alexander is too racist and right-wing.

Trannies make up about 0.007% to 0.029% of the population.

Bill Maher: Liberals are killing comedy.

Hulkamania could ruin Gawker.

Waifus in Forbes.