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Lightning Round – 2015/11/25

The official neoreaction forum.

On pseudonymity.
Related: Tips for staying secure and anonymous.

History never ended.
Related: The third world is colonizing us.
Related: Another open letter to France.
Related: How to deport 11 million people.
Related: Immigration theology.
Related: The Muslim rape of Norway.
Related: What percentage of Muslims approve of terrorism.
Related: Refugee system discriminates against Christians.
Related: A short allegorical SF story.

The Confucian heuristic.

Underclass coddling.

Whiteness as liberalism.

The Jewish role in the NAACP.

Hispanic migration makes secession more difficult.

Related: Homeostasis and modernity.
Related: Beer, cholera, and public health.

The Daily Beast has a retarded article on #NRx up.

Technological responsibility.

The rise of obesity and anorexia.

Yet another PC outrage.

On North Korea.

The mammon trap.

Urban tactics: survival. Related Brainstorm.

Quebec and Sanders.

H/T Zippy

Lightning Round – 2015/11/18

Status point theory.
Related: Paris and signalling.
Related: The madness of the social signalling game.

Controversial: A letter to France.
Related: Observations on Paris.
Related: Yes, we are at war with Islam.
Related: A difficult question.
Related: A look at the stats of Islam and terror.
Related: Not with gold.
Related: The attacks and the future of Europe.

Servants without masters.
Related: On The Economy?
Related: The system, SCALE, and scams.

Corrosive individualism?

The day they tore down The Future and the sinking of the working class.

Curt adds a third point to What is Neoreaction? I think that it is simply an outflow of the first two.

Mike released his Idaho Project book.

Propaganda in standardized tests.

The end of Rex Americana.

China, Forex, and Rubin.

Against neo-paganism.

On the Bay of Pigs.
Related: Communications architecture.

Women can serve because the state doesn’t need combat units.

BW Rabbit is closing up and starting anew.

On the Puritans. More.
Related: Irish and Germans in America.

The unintended consequences of recording the police.


The wages of female pastorship.

Live and let live.

Who owns the red pill?

The slow drift from marriage.
Related: The daddy-go-round and the family-go-round.

Nobody believes porn is adultery.

Martel returns with a couple of stories.

Scientist: Peer review doesn’t work. Related.

These candidate questions are fairly amusing.

GOP prefers Hillary to Trump.

The collapse of the publishing industry.


Lightning Round – 2015/11/11

There won’t be any other posts this week and the LR is short, but here goes:

Primary loyalties.

Social Matter at NPI.
Related: Amusing NPI silly string video.

Ruminations on pan-whitism.

Mass migration is war.
Related: The Europeans guide to helping refugees.
Related: The rape feminists will ignore.

Stereotype accuracy is one of the most robust social science findings.

Keep manhood in the bargain.
Related: The forgotten men.
Related: Why are middle-aged white male deaths rising?
Related: Whites down, diversity up.
Related: Why this trend from 1999-2002 wasn’t noticed until 2015.

Corrosive individualism.

SJW “rights” are anti-rights.

Why the web is disappointing.

Oppression is in the eye of the beholder.

The cultural revolution in the US.
Related: Anti-intellectualism is good.

Why fat activism is a godsend for the right.

Currency debasement is immoral, but not in the way you think.

Are you a nut?

On ambiguous proverbs.

Ranger School cover-up.

Most educated women have rape fantasies and 40% of rape victims continue to date their attacker.

The feminist backlash against the red pill documentary.

A review of Cernovich’s new book.

SJW’s using honey-pot traps in tech.

Trudeau literally makes the “because it is 2015” argument.


Lightning Round – 2015/11/04

Morality as a social prestige engine.
Related: Enlightened idiocy.

Get out.
Related: The War in Norway.
Related: Ethnic cleansing in Germany.
Related: Immigration and leftist bombers.
Related: White autogenocide is a massive loss of frame.
Related: Magic dirt theory.
Related: Weapons of mass migration.

The collaborators are frightened.
Related: The outdated first amendment.
Related: Keeping SJW’s out of your company.

Cathedral decay.
Related: The antiversity in Russia.

How Luther survived a holiness spiral.

r/K selection in a picture.
Related: K-selection on Republican splintering.

Trump: Uber for American democracy.
Related: Why didn’t Trump go for Rubio’s throat.
Related: A summary of the GOP debate.
Related: Rigging the GOP primaries.
Related: Charles Murray’s attacks on Trump. Related.
Related: Jeb’s gridlock nonsense.


School-shootings as a slow-moving riot.

BLM vs. the old guard black activists.

Why we can’t revive the apprenticeship system yet.
Related: The mentorship deficit.

The liberal parenting end game.

NRx thought.

Urbit on Medium.

Uncuck the Right “interviewed” by Fusion and at the AV Club.

Harden the fuck up.
Related: How to overcome the bad news blues.

The rape of Russia.

Reducing tension in Syria.

The Kurds: undead leftists.

The realist case for markets.

Slogan supremacy.

On the Spring Valley Incident.

Cathedral round-up: race, violence, and sex.
Related: Test score gaps and race.
Related: Standardized testing is racist.
Related: Immigrants and the black-white IQ gap. Part 2. Response. Response.

Migration, expansion, and conservatism.

The Finno-Ugrics.

The perils of public prayer.

Evola on Christianity.

Transubstantiation and the puritan hypothesis.

China’s new two-child policy.

Debt without usury.
Related: Where the modern sexual freak show comes from.
Related: Against the gold standard.
Related: It’s not fiat currency itself, but rather usury.

Submission and value.
Related: Obedience and submission.

The Ouroboros of feminism.

Never date an SJW.

Asshole filters.

Knowledge abuse.
Related: Joel and Kathy Davisson’s insane theology of marriage.

Why women initiate most divorces.

The fear of being called phobic.

Boys hate school.

Evidence-based Literacy Instruction doesn’t work.
Related: On pre-K.

An SJW attack rebuffed.
Related: The GitHub Code of Merit.

The danger of comments.

Portrait of the person-guy. Heh.

The Yakuza cancel Halloween.

Shocking study: Police reduce crime.

Meat risk.

Related: Land, SSC

Lightning Round – 2015/10/28

Anti-Dem finishes his series on transhumanist pony masturbation.

Choice in Europe. Related.
Related: Winter-chan vs the invaders.
Related: The violence is heating up.
Related: Keeping track of those who hate their own nation.

Immigrants don’t share American values.
Related: America should be like Mexico.
Related: Increasing diversity leads to totalitarianism.
Related: Changing demographics threatens gun freedoms.

Hating your ancestors.

Strike at the root: usury.
Related: Fiat dollars explained.
Related: Debt theft.


Virtual and real status.

Sex is not a social construct.

Eight axioms for the alt-right.

Cantwell addresses ethno-national neoreactionaries. A response.

Communism in the animal kingdom.

Tesla vs. Edison and genius and loneliness.

Lessons learned from #cuckservative.
Related: Alternative media is winning.
Related: Twitter doesn’t matter.

Murder and war.

Jim watches female porn so you don’t have to.

Weimerica: Tween hookers.

Jim on the JQ.

IQ testing across space-time.

The logic of civil rights.

White House denounces FBI for doubting the narrative.

Webb and Sanders: ghosts of Democrats past.
Related: Bernie Sander’s: the white candidate. Heh.

The out-of-touch establishment.
Related: Canada and the impracticality of pragmatism.

Smearing soda like tobacco.

A weird story.

Urbit and impatience.

10 ancient histories.

Expectations of the Synod.
Related: Nothing new.

Before there was divorce.

Radical feminism in Focus on the Family.

All men’s fault.

Sexist monkeys.

Now feminists are realizing women’s needs don’t matter in one night stands.

The worst Beta of the Month I remember seeing.

Where Neal Strauss (author of The Game) ended up.

Don’t apologize.

SJW’s Always Lie is now in paperback. Time to buy it.

The non-science of global warming. Related.

Free speech is no longer a human right.

Framing shootings.

Dialogue with a moderate.

The weird thing about vaccination.

Status – dominance and prestige. More.
Related: Leadership.

America’s top fears. Government is #1, gun control is #11.

Video of GW Bush calling for laxer scrutiny of Arabs 11 months before 9/11.

Anti-#GG bias in the media.


Lightning Round – 2015/10/21

5 ways to be a better man.

The social module.

Building fealty.

Engineered brain damage.

Donald Trump, Middle American Radicals, and the next step.

Pyrrhic economics.
Related: Reference points.
Related: Strangling the golden goose.
Related: Why are economists so stupid on immigration.

On the counter-jihad.

Comments on Dampier’s WN posts.
Related: California’s white power.
Related: A response on WN.

Why a coup is impossible.

On exile.

How spree killers differ from normal murderers.
Related: Where rampage killers come from.
Related: Paganism and masculinity.

The US’ progressive pu-pu platter.
Related: The European cuddle pile.

Putin stabilizing Syria.

How the Morning After described 2015.

Republican Party funds the sale of baby meat.

Clinton: By any means necessary.
Related: A functioning nation: system requirements.

Communism’s death toll: a feature.
Related: Venezuelans urged to eat fried rocks.

On Columbus Day.

The analytical failure of critical race theory.
Related: The #BLM narrative is bogus.

Jewish genetic differences.

Millennials and technology.

Anti-Dem’s review of Friendship is Optimal continues.

Perfect democratic pandering.

An apology is a confession.
Related: Conservative strategy is a failure.
Related: Charles Gannon’s failing strategy.

On early reform Christianity.

On the government budget.

The decline of civic life.

Scientific cosmology.
Related: Sanity for sociality.

This is a religious war.

Cucked churchians.
Related: SJW’s in the Church of Scotland.
Related: Churchian cucks preaching babalism.

The wake-up call: Never let a marriage crisis go to waste.

Punishing with her presence.

Gender dimorphism as a luxury good.

Women’s bodies.

Good guys don’t exist.

Don’t marry the prettiest girl you can.

Many women did not want the vote.

Bloomberg: Utah needs lower wages and more expensive mortgages.

Tales from the feminized utopia.

What really keeps women out of tech.

“It will be amusing when the new evidence of societal sexism cited is the number of young women in heavy debt with useless degrees.”

On ad hominem.

Michael Shermer’s lack of skepticism on gun control.

The ignorance of journalists.

Cracked gets whacked.
Related: David Wong shadowbanned from Reddit.

Thucydides trap: US/China war.

The second generation of rich Chinese.

Why Section 230 is important.

Thoughts for homeschooling parents.

Most kids are in school, but not learning.
Related: Roosh’s education was a complete waste of time.

The border reavers (descendants of the Southern Scots-Irish).

Conclusions from reading AD&D’s Appendix N.

On autism.

H/T: SSC, Isegoria

Lightning Round – 2015/10/14

Persuading people in politics.

The alienation of middle American radicals.

Vulgar racialism.
Related: Against IQ reductionism.

A doctor’s take on Germany’s mass immigration.
Related: Multicultural success in Sweden.

Importing rape culture.
Related: No borders activist gang-raped, pressured into silence.

Organic order.
Related: What we have lost.

Freud the fraud.

On body integrity identity disorder.

The Sentinelese people.

Was Chris Harper-Mercer a Muslim terrorist?

Ponies and the matrix. Related.

Why are Japanese kids so independent?

Is the unbeliever your enemy?

A reactionary policy on marriage.

The secret to staying married

How and when to self-depreciate. Related.

Delta: Supply and demand.
Related: The over-supply of single moms.

Credit scores and relationships.


#KillallWhiteMen girl going to court.

The birth of anti-SJW advertising.

Open source software stands against the SJW’s.
Related: There is no diversity crisis in tech.

On capitalism.

One of the best abstracts ever.

“I’ve never been so disgusted with my own data.”

On experts and forecasting.

Global warming models were wrong.

H/T: Malcolm, CC, Land, SDA