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Lightning Round – 2014/09/10

The results of the longest longitudinal study of men ever.

“I’m not interested in your opinion.”
Related: Another useful phrase: “Pardon me?”

How to be a professional artist.

The basics of flirting.

How to get an education without going to college.
Related: College is a means not an end.

Attraction, desire, and Christian marriage.
Related: A Christian manosphere glossary.

Chad finishes up his parable response to me. Related.
Related: A response to my recent genocide posts. Related.

What to look for in a wife.
Related: What a woman should look for in a husband.

Roosh asks: is this it?

Traditionalism and castes.

The hidden variable of neoreaction.
Related: NRx vs. progressivism.

Why Glanton is not a neoreactionary.

Towards a neoreactionary aesthetic.
Related: Bonds of chaos.
Related: Chaos and Dugin.

What Rotherham signifies.
Related: Boko Haram vs. Rotherham: Awareness-raising vs. awareness-lowering.
Related: British holiness.
Related: The NYT covers Rotherham.
Related: Anecdote of cousin kidnapped and raped with feminist support.

The only way out of a degenerative ratchet is catastrophe.

The public beauty deficit.

Field report: COCK.

Memes, reproduction, and Moloch.

The war on culture.

The wickedness of the media

Language is propaganda.
Related: Weaponizing orthodoxy.

How would a humanist hedonist design a society?

American government sides with foreigners against its citizens.
Related: Illegal immigration and employment.
Related: Conventional wisdom wrong on immigration once again.

The expanding circle of empathy.

Jim explains gamersgate.
Related: SJW’s hates gamers because gamers are immune to social rejection.
Related: The end of the gaming press.

From the teaching front lines. Related.

British ‘conservatives’ are as bad as Labour.
Related: Timothy Stanley, sucker of the summer.

A neoreactionary position on Scotland.
Related: What is the point of Scottish independence?

The BRIC’s separate world system.

Wars of the last 50 years.

Chaos at the top of the USG.
Related: America in decay.

The fruits of our intervention in Libya.

Kristof battles his commenters.

The end of the cult of Buckley.

Stop whining, start killing.

Socialization of costs is a moral hazard.

California State University de-recognizes IVCF.

China is going about destroying Christianity the wrong way.

Joel Osteen is the heretic America deserves.
Related: The MSM disccovers the personal Jesus.

Being a Christian can be offensive.

Nothing new under the sun.

Nice guys finish last.
Related: Study: Men are more romantic.

The ghosts of the alpha widow.
Related: Why low N matters.

Amicable divorce just as damaging as hostile divorce.
Related: What caused the men of Reddit to divorce.

The true risk of rape culture.

Kate Millet’s sister: Feminism ruins lives.
Related: Feminism rules: 25% of women in 40/50s take anti-depressents.

Catcalling womansplained.

The BS of Tor’s viking warrior women story.

The friendzone from the female perspective.

Arizona statutory rape victim forced to pay child support to rapist.
Related: How the law punishes boys who are raped.

Australian women sends sexual pics of her daughters to man: will be let off easy to spend time with daughters.

Canadian woman suing ex-BF for causing her to fail a class.

WRE: Barbershop edition.

Feminists have more masculinized digit ratios.

Vasagel research continues.

Less than a decade after the housing collapse, anti-redlining crusades start up again.

Who gets shot in America?

Protecting yourself from vibrancy.
Related: Another group of ’youths’ beating a man.
Related: “Adolescents” attacking “artists” in New Orleans.

On the Bruce Levenson racism event.

Just another hate crime hoax.

Geekdom has jumped the shark.

A review of the Communist Manifesto.

Economists ignoring individual preferences.

Another reason the stock market is overvalued.

The virtues of proportional representation.

Ivies need standardized tests.

A college bubble indicator.
Related: Almost half of recent college graduates are in jobs not requiring a degree.

Notes from reading military history.

Psychopathy is adaptive.

The wages of socialism: Venezuela set to import oil.

Britain faces winter of blackouts.
Related: Britain is poorer than every US state.

Canadian jihadist happy with CBC coverage.

What a coincidence: The IRS is losing the e-mails of everyone involved in the IRS scandal.

On literary derivation.

Heinlein as a fascist.

Arrested for writing science fiction.

Scalzi, the death of SF, and SF’s renewal.

A map of the rationalist community.

5 things movies get wrong about gunfights.

The identity of Jack the Ripper has been found.

In defence of movies.

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Lightning Round – 2014/09/03

What if?

The challenges of being gifted, so ignore them.

Patriarchy and collapsing civilization. Related.
Related: What happens when the patriarchy is smashed?
Related: Men aren’t the violent brutes they’re portrayed as.

Some basic Christian red pill.
Related: Don’t respect women, but get respect from women.
Related: Love, respect, want, and need.

Scott analyzes how the manosphere is growing and recognizes the beginnings of the problem. He misses the system level problems though (when being decent is disincentivized, what do you get more of?). Eventually he will be logically forced into agreeing with us.

Life, death, and emotions.

1,400 children sexually exploited by Muslims.
Related: Muslim predation in Rotherham.
Related: Anti-racism fosters rape and child abuse.
Related: It’s anti-racist’s fault .
Related: The BBC is a rape enabler.
Related: Revolutionary racial terror.
Related: Rot Britannia.
Related: Enoch Powell is still right.
Related: Institutional malice.
Related: The evasiveness of the Pakistani head of England’s largest children’s charity.
Related: Immigration is rape culture.
Related: England’s easy meat.
Related: The state will not protect you.
Related: Domesticated humans.
Related: American media coverage in pictures.
Related: British civilization is dead, as is leftist credibility.
Related: The failure of conservatism.
Related: It will all be swept under the rug in a few weeks.

UKIP growing in England.
Related: Ireland for the Irish.
Related: Hope for Norway.

Abandon the political spectrum.
Related: Don’t vote.


The rise of the troll.

A handbook for deconstruction.

The validity of sterotypes.

The deliberate dumbing down of America.

On the stupidity of correlation does not equal causation.

The rise of the cultural domination of the Puritans.

To stop the caliphate, we need to abandon democratic fundamentalism.

Income and ideology by religion.


A female game developer on the Zoe Quinn controversy. Related.
Related: Video games, the press, and right-wing mobs.
Related: On leftist witch hunts.
Related: The rending of the video game community by feminists.
Related: Did Anita Sarkeesian fake death threats against herself?

The spiritual slavery of the modern age.

Gentrification research results.

Study: Poverty does not cause violence. ‘Unobserved familial factors’ do. Related.

The decay of bourgeois values.

Why blacks are struggling.
Related: The Georgia plan for blacks.
Related: Black and brown ethnic cleansing.

The federal government’s role in the civil rights struggle.

Michael Brown’s juvenile record may have involved 2nd-degree murder.
Related: The reality of ‘he was unarmed.’

A recap of Ukraine.
Related: Ex-US intelligence officer on Ukraine.
Related: Vox’s thoughts on Russo-EU war.

The coyness of God.

The first violence was the armies of God putting down a democratic rebellion.

Denying the meaning of marriage is the new virtue.

On binge-drinking, hook-ups, marriage, and feminism.

There is no rape epidemic.
Related: Remember, women never lie about rape.

Half of women would lie about contraception to get pregnant.

The cost of premarital sex.

Weight as a proxy for virtue.
Related: Hip size and fidelity.

40% of managers avoid hiring young women to avoid maternity leave.
Related: Why venture capital firms don’t hire women.

The leisurely life of a 1950s housewife.

More Tracy Clark-Flory: She racked up huge credit card bills and wants her (oh so lucky) husband to bail her out.

Feminists are not just ugly, they’re manly too.

The fattening of English women.

The grim reality of the MMP for aging divorcees.

Remember, there is no homosexual agenda.

Priciest divorce ever: $17-billion up for grabs.

Schools help with crystallized knowledge but not with fluid cognitive skills.

Poll shows losers have a losing attitude.

Warren Buffet shows exactly how honest he’s being about taxes.

Why we should default.

SF: When ignorant snobs, like Damien Walter, attack.
Related: More on Damien Walter.

A list of what Gavin McInnes believes.

An anecdote of how bad the entitlement class has gotten.

The competitive advantage of Canada.
Related: Canadians renouncing US citizenship over tax laws.

European gun laws.

Eskimos wiped out pre-Eskimos.

On the ‘97% of papers support global warming’ statistic. Related.
Related: The myth of melting ice.

The CDC hid vaccine data.

The narcissism of the aging boomers.

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Lightning Round – 2014/08/27

Some basic red pill.

Gavin McInnes was fired and provides some advice.

Expose your inner entrepreneur.
Related: How to make money with affiliate marketing.

A practical guide for choosing your education.

Handling beta bait.

True love doesn’t wait.

Related: Donal disagrees with me as well.

50% of divorced people regret their divorce.

Some passages from the Nicomachean Ethics.

A guest at SSC has created an anti-Heartiste FAQ.

A response to the recent Umlaut neoreaction article. Another.

A reflection on the last 10 years.

On virtue cultures.

Diversity is cultural death.
Related: Insularity.

Who will swing the blade?

The beauty bubble.

Modernity’s debasement of language.

More on leftism as a Christian heresy.

Misandry and male suicide.

Moravec’s paradox.

John C Wright on distributism.

A gigadeath war.

It’s not the end of history.

Dealing with intellectual inferiority.

Why we are anti-intellectual.

Blacks’ trapped status.
Related: Blacks are a separate people.

How to left: feigning compassion.

The left-wing locusts are migrating.

The decline in intelligence.
Related: The terrible cost of equality.

Responding to the Islamic state.
Related: ISIS: rallying the Sunnis.
Related: The common thread between Elliot Roger and ISIS.

On ancient Egypt.

Conservative Republican evangelicals least likely to be superstitious.

Arguments for the existence of God.

Some Southern Baptists are making the case for earlier marriage.

Young women and household management.

A little tale of a wedding.

The fruits of the sexual revolution.

Feminism reaches its logical conclusion.

Men now talking to college women like slow-witted children.

Sluttiness leads to lower quality marriage.

Britain may make ”controlling behaviour” puinishable by 5 years in prison.
Related: Criminalizing dominance.

A summary of the Zoe Quinn controversy.
Related: Some comments on the gaming press.

Women commit rape just as much as men.
Related: An anecdote on false rape claims.

Remember, there is no homosexual agenda.

Trolls are not a problem.
Related: The Cathedral war on trolling is heating up.

A possible purge at 4chan and Reddit.

No Gencon isn’t racist.
Related: SJW’s demand injustice.

NYT holds farming panel, doesn’t invite any farmers.

35% of all Americans get ‘means-tested’ government benefits.

Swedish military unit’s lion is emasculated because women complain.

Vacuum cleaners: The childish lies of the EU.

On being a cop.

Most Americans want to criminalize pre-teens playing unsupervised.

Rote learning is key to mathematical development.

Not the onion: College newspaper can’t be called ‘The Bullet’ because it’s insensitive.

John Scalzi lies to get conservatives to buy his books.

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Lightning Round – 2014/08/20

If you ain’t willing to kill, don’t intervene.
Related: How to win a fight with a dog.

Avoid anti-depressants. Drink instead.

The corruption of purity.
Related: True love doesn’t wait.
Related: A number of studies showing that virgins who marry have better marriages.

The natures of man and woman.
Related: Men and women want differently.

Chad has started a parable based on his disagreement with me here. Part 2.

Marriage 1.0 was not dysgenic.
Related: Career women are dysgenic.

Why neoreaction is screwed.

Species do not exist.
Related: Does race exist? Does culture?

The war on noticing.

The Jaffe memo: planned eugenics.

On blaming the prophets.

Vox creates some poetry.
Related: Mexican immigration hurts diversity.

The American nation doesn’t exist.

Media draws map to home of officer who shot Michael Brown.
Related: What happened to Officer Friendly?
Related: Obama suppressed Michael Brown robbery video.
Related: Why don’t the cops shoot?
Related: The thedish logic of political coalitions.
Related: Bonfire: A new show about our racial realities.
Related: In defence of the militarization of police.
Related: The confluence of police and rioters.
Related: Radical chic: if you’re worried about riots, you’re not upper-class enough to not worry.
Related: Radical chic in Ferguson.
Related: Ferguson explained.

Neoreaction, Nixon, and Watergate.
Related: Nixon and the discrimination against the South on the bench.
Related: Nixon and welfare.

The Social Pathologist was not impressed by Wade’s book.

An open letter on reparations.


Study: The American government ignores the interest of the common man.

The empty moral vocabulary of political correctness.

Airports: a sign of our decline.

The effect of the media.
Related: Clickbait yellow journalism.

The mandate of heaven.

A bad king dies naturally; a bad ideology does not.

‘Isolated’ Russia.

System shocks.

The definition of fascism.

The science of sexual deviancy.

New study: Scholarly aptitude is half genetic.

Rachel Haywire: Breaking up with neoreaction. A response.

The failure of trying to make every man a philosopher-king.

There is no patrimony.

Jesus did not teach judging others is wrong.

Mere Churchianity: That’s a good name for a book.

The sham church of Richard Dawkins.

How to destroy marriage.

A beta’s willing self-destruction. More.

How you know the MRA’s are important.

Mel Gibson’s wife takes $400,000,000 in divorce settlement.  She’s made $1755/hour as a wife.
Related: Robin Williams: victim of marriage 2.0.
Related: Robin Williams forced to suicide by divorce court.
Related: Another divorce story. Get a good attorney.

In defense of #WomenAgainstFeminism.

There’s no such thing as an independent woman.

Women: Don’t cut your hair.

Nagging shortens your life.

No one cares when middle-age white men kill themselves.

A decent argument for a guaranteed income.

Was feminization necessary for civilization?

Rand in the happy lab.

Natives in Ontario protect their community.

Dalrymple visits North Korea.

Stories from children conceived by sperm donation. One story.

Related: On isolated demands for rigor.


Lightning ROund – 2014/08/13

You have plenty of time to accomplish what you want.

How to deal with haters.

An advice to people at Walmart who dislike their jobs.

Vox answers ‘what is game’?

Saving civilization is not ‘manning up’.

Masculine men and feminine women are happier.

Men have good reason to be concerned about the sexual satisfaction of their partners.

A study of prostitution and female beauty.
Related: Beauty is objective.
Related: Women talk on being beautiful.

Some good warnings on avoiding single moms.
Related: A story of being with a single mother.

Men are drawn to displays of vulnerability.
Related: The subtle forms of submission.

Modernity is a lethal disease that selects for resistance to modernity.

Voice, exit, and moldbuggery.

Fission in neoreaction.

Proxy arguments are not enough.

A neoreactionary foreign policy.
Related: War, public opinion, and privatization.

On Nixon and Watergate.

On intelligence and comas.
Related: The actual argument against IQ.

An argument against the Puritan hypothesis.

There is no white nation.
Related: The failures of nationalism.

The problem with democracy.
Related: Hitch discovered in Dem’s “elect a new people” strategy.

The seven bad ideas of leftism.

Progressive responsibility scape-goats.

Death to the urban elves.

On Ebola.

Why emperors cannot be traditionalists.
Related: Without aristocrats, kings are not much good.

The cost of conflict avoidance.

Archduke Ferdinand’s views on war and race.

The worthlessness of modern art.

Christianity and the progressive deathwish.

On idols.

On ‘controversy’.

Jesus is not a husband.

Wintery Knight has a good response to a Christian blaming men for abortion.
Related: Deep Strength comments.

What is modern marriage for? Punishing men.

Vice profiles female MRAs.

“When feminists are mad at men, they use the word “men.” When feminists are mad at other women, they use the word “society.”

Is feminism worth it?
Related: Did feminism bring happiness?

The working women of European history.

Women using men for ‘companionship’ is not friendly.
Related: No your company isn’t enough.
Related: The other side of the story.

Defining a real woman

Open hypergamy.
Related: Women don’t even trying to hide their AF/BB strategy.

There is no such thing as safe sex.

Why there is no push for women in the oil industry.

On ‘anti-harassment’ policies.

Nature vs. nurture in sluts.

Anatomy of a troll job.

Who really degrades and cheapens women?

This is one of the stupidest things I’ve ever read.

Forney attacks Max Tucker.
Related: What really happened to Max Tucker.

The great filter.

Children taught to cultivate initiative and independence do so.
Related: The casual brutality of public school culture.

Remember, there is no homosexual agenda.

Gardening shows: the height of racism.

The genocide of Yezidis in Iraq.

Amusing irony.

The traditional city.

Twit planet.

“Just make advocating assisted suicide a capital crime punishable by hanging.”

Another secretive 1,000+ member left-wing journalist group.

$619 billion missing from federal transparency site.

Are all men pedophiles? Saw this on Netflix; I should give it a watch.

Judo is uniquely dangerous in Japan.

The definitive IQ list.

H/T: Mangan, RPR, Land

Lightning Round – 2014/08/06

Just do it.
Related: Advice to prospective writers.

A simple exercise in approach.

Winning an argument with your wife.

Jack Donovan: Why are so many men applauding masculine women?
Related: The 10% law of female pollution.

Moldbug makes his hiatus official.

The progressive perversions of Christian morality.
Related: The death of Christendom.

The traditionalist worldview, Part 2.

How many neoreactionaries does it take to screw in a lightbulb?

The need for neoreactionary boundaries.

On neoreaction and progress.

Men need work.
Related: Post-scarcity is coming.

Radish on the Arab Spring.

Jewish self-immolation.

Surviving an unreliable official society.

War and the ailing health of nation-states.

23 things from rules for radicals.

Why MGTOW should not be an option.

We cannot discuss everyone all the time.

NRx is about dividing the world.

Subsidiarity and freedom are unrelated.

On ideology.


Making it big and material wealth.

Gnon is not God.
Related: Do Gnon and Elua lead to Jesus?
Related: The stupidity of democracy.
Related: Ye shall be as gods.

How Christians could conquer America.

Christians, the world’s most persecuted people.

You killed patriarchy and all you got was his stained t-shirt.

On no-fault divorce.

Answer to Donal’s question: I was romantic (bought my first girlfriend flowers every time I saw her for the month I dated her) and the idea of romance still appeals to me, I like doing things that cause someone I care about to smile, but, until I find the right gal, I avoid it because it doesn’t work and I don’t want to waste time/effort on a gal who won’t appreciate it.

“Lists” missing a key component.

Frigidity and power.
Related: Frigidity is ugly.
Related: A warning for dead bedrooms.

Romancing the personal Jesus.
Related: Fornication and the Personal Jesus.
Related: Advice for the repentant harlot.

The greatest crime against women.
Related: Beta males of the month.

Nothing angers a slave owner more
Related: The article is rather funny.

AF/BB in action.

Equality in action: Women only clubs.

On appearing faithful.

Personality and long-term reproductive success.

Your workout and social class.

Argentina defaults.

On literary envy in SF.
Related: Literary envy and the last redoubt.

Some interesting net worth facts.

The left puts up a convenient list of our enemies.

Government spends $200,000 studying why Wikipedia is sexist.

ESPN disciplining commentators for not being politically correct. Are SJW’s really their target demographic?

Homeland security agents raid home to secure Land Rover for violating EPA regs.

77% of Americans want the illegals gone.

Seems that a company now offers manservants for women and gays.

H/T: RPR, Neanderpundit, SSC, CC

Lightning Round – 2014/07/30

Dalrock makes a great post of Christian marriage advice.

On taking advice from strangers and goals.

How to tell interesting stories.

The definition of game: for the next time a nominalist/essentialist argument breaks out on the subject.

Science: Men like nice girls; women don’t like nice guys.

Marriage should be the smart economic decision.

Women: If you’re not ready to provide sex often and regularly, you’re not ready for marriage.
Related: 7 reasons for the wife to just do it.
Related: Woman has sex with husband every day for a month and, surprise, her relationship is better.
Related: Dealing with a hateful wife.
Related: The sex spreadsheet is the best argument against marriage yet made.
Related: Conservative white-knighting.
Related: A good comment thread going on the issue.
Related: Remember, modern women will treat the guy they date better than the guy the marry.

A post by a woman for women on age gaps in marriage.
Related: Natural beauty tips for women.

The Umlaut: A gentle introduction to NRx for libertarians.

Frame control for conservatives.
Related: Memetic warfare.
Related: A rhetorical method of the ratchet.

Tradition as knowledge.


The media of the paint-drinkers.

A list of personal study.

Sacrificing to Cthulhu.

Summary of the fate of empires.
Related: Kipling’s the Mother Hive.
Related: The illegal alien crisis of ancient Rome.

IQ shredders, theory of mind, and IR.

On barbarism.

Power throughout the ages.

Neoreactionaries and complexity science.

The slave state.

#DetroitWater: Liberal whites treating Detroit blacks like children.

Heartbreak and government.

Political economy has nothing to do with revenues; it’s all a public ritual.

Atlantis vs. Hyperborea.

The myopia of IQ fetishism.

The deliberate obesity pandemic.
Related: The bad science of food.

Neoreactionary as a smear.

What if democracy is a fraud?

Practices contrary to given law are unjust.
Related: The road to hell is paved with the skulls of bishops.

Patriarchy lite.

The logic of illogic.

Bryce ponders his own mortality.

Man using broken marriage to prove themselves better.

A few results from OKCupid experiments.

Why so many women read 50 Shades.

Women aren’t blameless products of marketing.
Related: Porn: Missing the forest for the terrariums.

Why are “smart” women always so stupid?

We need to shame the sexism in nature.

Radical feminists and transsexuals’ status wars.

Science: Women participating in the labour force is linked to large government.

Seems there’s some more trouble with D&P, Roosh, and Tucker Max.

An amusing exchange between Vox and Dave Futrelle.

Why is IQ related to health?

Numeracy and mathematical literacy.

The war on poverty in 4 charts.

You feel poorer because you are poorer.
Related: 1/3 adults have debt in collections.

Is the down Malaysian plane a set-up for war?

Atheists get IRS to monitor sermon content.

The Stasi more civilized than SWAT.

The courts rule a law means what it says; Obama ignores the court.

Goodbye America in photos.

The psychology of political polarization.

France: proposition nation.

Why Jews succeed.

Ivy League fakers.

Online public discussion and the gatekeepers.

Why comic books are almost dead.

The official alphabetical list of author success.

H/T: Land, Isegoria, RPR