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Lightning Round – 2017/04/12

Constitutionalism is a myth.

Ethnonationalism and aristocladism.

Basic strategic concepts.

The rise of the reactionary: 1, 2, 3.

Against realism.

The inglorious revolution.

Political freedom and the banality singularity.
Related: Show liberals know mercy.
Related: Non theories begat non sense.

The long romance of socialism and liberal democracy.

The Northern Dawn Symposium.

The WASP question.

Meet the beadles.

But mostly cars.

The Pentagon is making the CIA and State obsolete.

Sociobiology as the Freudianism of the right.

The SFSU strikes. Part 2.

Single white women are the undertow of legacy Americans.
Related: How menopausal women lead to Islam.

White privilege vs. white death.

Allying with far to destroy near.

The coordinated hit on hate.

Ignorance is strength.

Trump already remakes the world.
Related: Not a nation of immigrants.
Related: Montezuma’s corollary.

The border-adjustment tax.
Related: A classic upside-down NYT article on corn and NAFTA.

The likely shape of a Trump autocoup.

Syrian gas attack persuasion.
Related: Neoconning Trump.

Trump: 4d chess master or puppet?
Related: Syria and the next target.
Related: Possible joint Chinese-US offensive against North Korea.
Related: On Trump’s Syria strike blunder.
Related: Scott Adams on the strike.
Related: Syria: what we know.
Related: Trump: the master or the cuckold?
Related: Mark was wrong on Trump.
Related: It’s looking grim.
Related: The victory of the Cathedral.
My opinion: Wait and see. Trump has earned a measure of benefit of the doubt.

Copts murdered in Egypt.

Trump spied on by Obama administration.

The alt-lite’s fatal flaw.

The fantastic health care failure.
Related: Prioritize.

The ideological cult of the SJW.

Brexit begins.

On usury.

No patriarchy without patriarchs.
Related: Manliness is authority. And femininity is desire.

Men and women’s fates are bound.

Cuck nation.

Another victim of family courts.

The sexbot and robot revolutions.

Manufacturing the college rape scare.

On nazi art.

The Venezuelan judicial coup.

California criminalized undercover reporting, by conservatives.

Leftist mom enjoys tolerance.

The lizard people.

Modern science is non-science.
Related: Where anthropology went wrong.

On socialization.

Chesterton on AI Risk.

When both Taibbi and Chomsky think you’re nuts regarding Russia.

The #BLM Stanford kid.

The failure of Marvel’s progressive agenda.

On the Pepsi ad.

Lightning Round – 2017/03/29

All freedom are exercises of discriminating authority.
Related: Passive exercises of authority aren’t.
Related: Objective freedom: the formless void.

King Henry’s rabbit hole.

The geopolitics of empire.

The wall is being built.
Related: No exit, no entry.

Tribal realism.

The mannerbund and coordination.

Tyler Cowen’s unexpected neoreactionary manifesto.

Integration’s who and whom.
Related: The inevitability of right-wing Europe.
Related: Be the CEO.
Related: On the fourth-turning.

The sin of Denethor. More.

Why the liberal media talks about the alt-right.
Related: The journalistic mind.

The whore enthroned.

Lessons from the Gulenist movement.
Related: Flynn’s Turkey work.

The CIA’s NSA.
Related: Valuing privacy.

Implementing patriarchy without the state.

World war meme.

Dispatches from the witch hunt.

Notes on Right-Petersonian Deviationism.
Related: On Peterson vs. Harris.
Related: Notes on propaganda.

Marx, nationalism, modernism, and fascism: Gregor (1, 2, 3, 4) and Griffin (1, 2).

The solution we do not want.
Related: Population vs. civilization replacement.
Related: “Have 5 children, not 3.”

Harrison Bergeron CRISPR Babies.

Demographic breakdowns of the election.
Related: An experiment of a sex-swapped presidential debate.

The decline and fall of a cavalier family.

Fake American.

Fixing healthcare.

Intolerable school funding.

Good leaders are rock star divas.
Related: Trust Trump.
Related: More Reagan than Reagan.

Winning by losing.

Trump was spied on.

Japan becoming capital.

Wilders’ Weimarish headwinds.

Species of exit: Israel.

Hope & Change.
Related: Beating up the Black Bloc.

On Hitler.

Seeing like a state.

The illegality of the courts.

Is racism an instinct?

Racism in education.

Waking from the fever dream.

Dougherty’s paleocon blues.

Defanging the dragon.

Romance and the red, blue, black, purple, and white pills.

The desire for the full Titanic experience.

On the Gen. 29 love story.

Fighting for his lady’s honour.

Feminism in a picture.

Female Author: Feminism is bad for most women.

The decline in married sex frequency.

Amazon pulls a Castilia House book. More.

People are gunning for Nick Land’s job.

The opposition media covers alt-tech.

Clinton’s office covered for a pedophile.

A theory falsified.

An Israeli Jew was behind the anti-semitic bomb threats.

Modern Ainu.

Lightning Round – 2017/03/03

There are no free societies.

Guilt is the SJW engine.

Another article on Moldbug and Urbit.

Jacobin, frogtwitter, and the new avante-garde.
Related: The left is ceding culture creation to the right.

Against dreams.

Defunding the left.
Related: Warmism and the old Mexican gods.
Related: Conservatives find their balls.

Denmark’s golden era of full employment.

Against CANZUK.

24-hour dissident radio.

Advice to the alt-right.

Civics 101 for the media.
Related: WaPo’s hypocrisy.

On balkanization.
Related: There is no us.

Trump bypasses the courts to deport them all.
Related: Laufman alleged to be the leaker.

Bannon: One of us?

Black Bloc cries.

Milo might have killed the pedo push.

Cucked CPAC.
Related: Schneider’s CPAC speech.

David Brooks: Pundit of the last men.

Bizarro Salon reveals RealNews.

CNN Leaks.

Cloud products, usury, and the death of property.

A god we must obey.
Related: NRO wants weddings, not marriages.
Related: Jim Geraghty on the beauty of the threatpoint.

Some relationship and marriage stats.

Alabama gets the state out of marriage.

How gammas help.

Trump goes to dinner.

Nick Land temporarily banned from Twitter.

Lightning Round – 2017/02/21

A guide to reactionary political theory.

Politics is war.
Related: The conservation of group conflict.

Punching Nazis.
Related: Everyone is fair game.
Related: SJW’s double-down on promoting violence.
Related: Beatings are not hateful.
Related: Kicking the hornet’s nest.
Related: BLM: White people are sub-human.

Carlyle considered.

Efficient political order.

Cost disease. (I have a post on the topic coming this week).
Related: Jim on cost disease and Spandrell.
Related: More on cost disease.

Why people go to class.

On virtue signalling.

Asceticism of the wagecuck.

Northern Reaction: the book.

Infogalactic news.

“Boldmug” reappears briefly in the comments.


Politico on Bannon, Taleb, Moldbug, and Decius.
Related: Moldbug trolls the Atlantic.
Related: Moldbug is secretly manipulating the Trump administration. Or not.
Related: Bannon cites Evola.

The petro-dollar and its consequences.

Measures of meaning.
Related: Deep identity in the American wasteland.

Race: The social construction of biological reality: parts 1, 2, & 3.
Related: The genetics of the American nations.

False dogmas and founding myths.

The longing for communism.

America’s colour revolutionaries.
Related: Entropic hysteria.

On stopping singularities.

Behaviourism in context.

Reactionary ideas in SF.

When Romans accepted refugees.

Immigration flash-point.

The psychological benefits of protectionism.
Related: Kristol wants to replace lazy whites with foreigners.

Immigration, gentrification, and segregation.
Related: It’s not a driver.
Related: You’ll never guess how this farmed solved it’s labour problem!
Related: A landlord’s account.

Chronicles of the kritarchy.

Calculating the cost of diversity.

Never look a gay Mexican in the mouth.

#CalExit narrative pushing.

Why are people poor?

Designing a Christian welfare system.

How Trump should tax the rich.

Notes from the gulag state.

Berkeley’s anti-free speech riots.
Related: Become un-plea-bargainable.
Related: 92% of left-wing activists live with their parents; 1/3 are unemployed.

No deferred action for childhood arrivals.
Related: Children being protected from deportation.

Labour mobility destroying nations.

The first confrontation between Trump and the permanent government.
Related: King of the Cascades.

After the Flight 93 election.

Trump derangement syndrome and status.

Trump reveals reality.

The winning will continue.
Related: 3rd generation politics.
Related: Trump warns the CIA.
Related: Drain the swamp.
Related: Trump saves Lena Dunham’s life.

Dumping Flynn looks weak, but he was expendable.
Related: Flynn as a cave by Trump?

Leftists are tools of the deep state.

Trump’s health care plan.

Trump’s wins are not the #NeverTrumpers’.
Related: #NeverTrump lies.

Someone at Harvard Review seem to actually get the white working class’ struggles.
Related: Our miserable 21st century.

Don’t resist the truth.
Related: Some social justice site wrote a surprisingly not grossly inaccurate history of the alt-right.

The alt-right, dissident right, and multi-culturalism.

Related: Israel, Russia, the CIA, and pedogate.
Related: The UK Prime Pedophile.

UK millennial men earning like women.

Dunbar feminism.
Related: Penis envy.

The Duluth model works.
Related: Defending Duluth.

Weak men screwing up the sexual revolution.

Denying feminist rebellion.

More on shotgun dads.
Related: Scaring bad boys and more.

Focus on the Family culls an SJW.

Study: Hillary received 800,000 votes from non-citizens.

The opposition media is fake news.
Related: CNN’s reaction to being called fake news.

The three kings.

Jerusalem Post on fake Jews.

The censorship of Roissy.
Related: Twitter’s enemies list.

SJW’s have no loyalty.
Related: Wil Wheaton being eaten.

The submission of Ross Douthat.

Dreher’s cucking intensifies.

Russell Moore is a Soros tool.

PewDiePie dropped; build your own platforms.

Operation destroy Milo. He resigns.

Normalizing degeneracy.

On Eichmann in Jerusalem.

Lightning Round – 2017/01/25

Here’s the links for January.

Social Matter: 2016 in Review.

The meaning of monarchy.

Evolution, survival, and patriarchy.

The birth control basilisk.


Be the lighthouse.

The DE mission.

Fencing the dissident right.
Related: The alt-universe.

Absolutism and localism.

Anti-Trump classist hate.

Urgency vs centrality.

Dugin on WN.

The government is us.

The liberty of the slave.
Related: On snark.

The warrior archetype.

The Days of Rage.

The need for RW self-defence.
Related: Violent disagreements.
Related: The intolerant politics of reality.
Related: Lock-em up.

Literal obliviousness.

Reactionary geopolitics.

Diversity + Proximity = War.

Ethnic rage in Poland.
Related: Undemocratic Poland.
Related: It’s never for free.
Related: Making Italy great again.
Related: Somalis in the snow: invade the world, invite the world.
Related: The African threat against Germany.
Related: German father rescues daughter from immigrant.
Related: Swedish immigrants do what Swedish immigrants do.

The wicked flee.


Riding the viral whitelash.
Related: The fire rises.

Don’t expect mercy, white man.

How to force the end of sanctuary cities.

Sessions’ cringe.

An open letter to Scott Aaronson.

On race realism.

Blame Canada for Africa and Europe.

Hard Brexit it is.

English as a Trojan horse in Japan.

Helicopter justice.

Probing the overton.

The childfree revolt against life.

Life in the bubble.

Making a virtue out of necessity.

Automating the narrative.

MLK mythology.

Lying about history doesn’t help people.

New pizzagate allegations.

Trump against the spooks.
Related: Greenwald: The deep state goes to war on Trump.
Related:Fake news may be 4chan troll.

Trump offers free mega-viral marketing.

 Soros is worried. More.

On Scheler’s Ressentiment.

Welcome to Darwinian Reactionary.

Cultural marxism is a conspiracy theory.

The apolitical Fed.

Why westernization is failing.
Related: Why nation-building fails.

Against liberty.

DeploraBall cucked.

Cucks not learning.

A potential Trump baby boom?

The perils of government intervention in health care.
Related: Replacing Obamacare.


Dreher on the Cathedral.

The severed branch dies.
Related: Shakers: The end result of liberal faith.

The reasonability of feminists.

An attitude of abundance.
Related: Why men aren’t eager missionaries.
Related: Too stingy to pay respect.
Related: The fear of women.

The toll.

Teenagers and the education apocalypse.

Pretension is always in style.

The pretense of the profit motive.

Cane on the UBI.

On cherishing extremists.
Related: KKK documentary was staged.
Related: Pull some hair.

Trump not hiring Never Trumpers.

We found the leader of the alt-right.

Pell on the alt-right.
Related: The incoherent criticisms of the alt-right.

Con star or fighter.

SPLC report covers up at least 2,000 anti-white hate incidents.

97% of scientists support the consensus on climate change.

Spaces in the progressive world view.

All their base are belong to us.

Co-opting false news.

Idea: Trollumentaries.

Sowell retires.

Converged Apple.
Related: Wiki thought-policing.

The judgment of freaks.

Nat Geo, then and now.

Sailer fisks Sarah Zhang.

Reagan and the Cold War.

How Putin influenced the election.
Related: The evidence Russia hacked the election.

On fact-checking.
Related: Fake news at WP.

Closing down corruption.

16 most annoying people of 2016.

Obama is worst anti-semite of the year.

California legalizes child prostitution.

Trump and the Batman effect. If it works, all the power to him.

The 16 points of the cuckservative.

Eichenwald assaulted with gif by jew_goldstein. Topkek…

Greenwald under attack.

SoBL reviews Rogue One. My take: it was an okay, but forgettable, family action film. It was “diverse”, but not particularly anti-white.

Talking to a physicist.

Believing in magic.

Scalzi: the debased beta.

Frightening news: US women dies from infection resistant to all US antibiotics.

Some slave narratives.

When did Asians evolve?

Neanderthal pride.

Lightning Round – 2017/01/17

Working through a backlog of saved links. This is my link list from December. Current links through January should be next week.


Moose is looking for volunteers.

Christ as victor, Christ as king.

Serving concrete gods.
Related: Liberalism is just politics.

Through the eye of the nadir.

On epistocracy.

On fealty.

Canadian tradition or Canadian values?

HBD, NRx, and alt-right.

When political-tribal warfare was unleashed.

In defence of a caste system.

NRx on the Benedict Option.

The importance of humility for the right.

Self-deceptive status filters.

The movement against global apartheid.

SoBL’s best of 2016.

The Dodd report.

Basic hunting guide for the reactionary.

Attrition in the meme war.

The Pim Fortuyn solution.

Trump’s NRx connection?

Trump’s revenge and game theory.
Related: Trump’s first 100 days.

Minority rule.

The national gerrymander.

Japan let in 27 refugees: 2 of them raped a woman.

Another job Americans won’t do.

Actually existing capitalism.

Has Germany become a Potemkin Society?

College is not required.

A warming world?
Related: Scott Adams on climate change.

Castro’s death and tears.

The pizzagates of hell.
Related: News reports of a pedophile ring being suppressed.

Fake news, real lives.
Related: Fake Russians and real news.
Related: Fake news fever dreams.

Four fake news hoaxes in one day. More.

Fact-checking Snopes. More.

The alt-right is alive.
Related: Carlos Slim’s fake news blog, NYT, on the alt-right.

Racist objects.

Aleppo shows asymmetric warfare is bunk.

Sowing marital strife.

Rubbing body parts together.
Related: The unexpected challenge to modern Christian orthodoxy.
Related: Complementarians believe wives can do no wrong.

Courtly love.

Dr. Russell Moore: wives don’t sin. Part 2.

The conundrum of gay divorce.

The page gap.

The stock photo snow job.

A society in decline.

The recount is exposing Democrat fraud. More.

Columbia student paper finds a hidden DE book. The comments are funny.

On World Peace.

A nugget from Chomsky.

The Mandela effect. More.

Clinton-funded Republicans.

Lightning Round – 2016/12/07

Hunting for the reactionary.

An economist’s cautionary note on free trade.

The masculine reaction against feminist globalism.
Related: Chile and the difference a steel spine made.

The fall of democracy and Lockeianism.

The end of the American century.

The Amerikaner Free State.

On Spencer being controlled opposition.

Holding frame.

Northern Dawn interviews Vice and the Edmonton Examiner.

Being right.

Trump already setting things right.
Related: The wiliness of Trump.
Related: Opportunity’s fleeting offer.
Related: On legality.
Related: Making war great again.

The sickness in Germany.
Related: Old world shit.

Media professionalism.
Related: The NYT goes partial NRx.

John Oliver the hypnotist.

Speech and enemies.

Demon worship and child trafficking.
Related: Keoni on Pizzagate.
Related: VD thinks the CPP gunman was a plant.

Cornell, j’accuse.

The failure of girl power.

Do not give to the Red Cross.

Most epic trolls of 2016.

On school vouchers.

H/’T: Land, VD