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Lightning Round – 2015/02/25

Becoming a man: love & marriage.

Are you gamma, parts 1 & 2.
Related: How to stop being a gamma.
Related: Raising gammas.

For women not getting enough dates.

Reversion to the mean.
Related: Apocalypse delayed.

The victory of socialism in the US.

Stop trying to save the world.

The signalling arms race of revolution.

The American samizdat.

  The future of politically correct struggle sessions.

Only conservative whites don’t recognize all US politics are ethnic.

Good government is a function of good men, not good laws.

NRx is not a Jewish conspiracy.

A neoreactionary dictionary.

Chesterton and Carlyle.

Calvinism, Catholicism, and economics.
Related: Religious conflict in America.

Anissimov’s obvious questions of monarchy FAQ.

The Chrono Trigger monarchy model. My favourite game of all time.
Related: On Starship Troopers the movie.

A counter-point to AntiDem: anime is poison.

The trap leftists find themselves in.

The normalization of incest.

US defeat in Ukraine.

On a Afrikaner free city-state.

On Sudan.

The need to bring men back to church.
Related: The manufactured priest shortage.

A list of Catholic scientists.
Related: On Galileo.

If you’re willing to kill for your family, you should be willing to do so for your faith.

Modesty standards are set by fathers and husbands.
Related: Modesty and attractiveness are two separate continuums.

The hypocrisy surrounding chick porn.

Homeschooled children less likely to leave the faith.

Pope says not having children is selfish.
Related: The global shift from marriage and child-bearing.

On Jim Bob Duggar.

Daddy government and the corporate boyfriend.

Man forced to pay $30k in child support for child that isn’t his.

The gendered colour switch (pink and blue) is probably incorrect.

A happy ending for Adria Richards.

A few more stories of leftist tolerance on campus.

Parenting has no effect on criminality.
Related: The heritability of income.

The Neanderthal theory of intelligence.

Japan’s millennium old businesses.

I like the total lack of awareness in this article. These absurd panics, where everything predicted came true.

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Lightning Round – 2015/02/18

Graduating gamma: physical & spiritual.

For the young: surviving public school.

How traditional women can signal red pill guys.
Related: There might not be a wife for you.
Related: A couple of my old posts on this.

Some basic economics.

Why historical perspective matters.

NRx is a culture of striving rightward.
Related: Anissimov on NRx.

NRx and the 3 estates. More.

Against America now, for America tomorrow.
Related: America is doomed but the West lives on.
Related: The US is old and doomed.
Related: Speculators.

Oil and the SS bust.
Related: The cost-benefit of social policy.

The orchestrated attack on Russia failed.

A cabal of its enemies.
Related: Minimizing politics in your company.

The wealth loss of student debt.
Related: Elementary school college indoctrination.

Fixing science.

The debasement of commonality.

AI, unemployment, and war.
Related: Taking orders from machines.

Why there are no conservative comedians.
Related: Are liberals funnier than conservatives?


The weak have it coming to them.

Where SJW’s come from.
Related: Even NPR is thinking feminism has gone off the deep end.

The TRS troll guide.

What is ritual?
Related: Worshipping the Mao mangoes.

The Germanization of Christianity.

Christendom and tradition.

Why women need a defined line of modesty.

The child outsourcing industry.
Related: The price of destroyed families.

The problems of 50 Shades are overhyped.

Conan the librarian.

On the Canadian flag.

Female Thor ruins Thor.

On “Brianna Wu”.

Another case of the media lying.

The FCC set to devour the internet.

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Lightning Round – 2015/02/10

 Advice on becoming a man.

Performance and desire.

Nietzschean wisdom.

Advice from 1963 Harvard Business School Graduates.

CC has finished his newest book: the Black Man’s Guide out of Poverty.
Related: Forney reviews D&P’s book on juicing.

An example to follow.

Are men commitment-phobic?
Related: Laura provides some advice on what to look for in a wife.

Women are keepers of the average.
Related: Woman, the degraded aristocrat.
Related: An explanation of hypergamy.

Why Anti-Dem talks of anime.

On tradition and personal growth.
Related: The striver marriage.

The advantages of a large family.
Related: There is no family and therefore no incentive for children.
Related: Children aren’t worth very much which is why we don’t make many of them.
Related: Science: Daycare and social problems.

PRC, sovereignty, and feminism. Related.
Related: Fertility and economic prosperity.
Related: The weak galt hypothesis.

Jargon of the spergs.
Related: The petty materialism of public education.

NRx is always to your right.
Related: NRx and ethnonationalism.
Related: The similarities of WN’s and SJW’s.

Is neoreaction for real? Part 1, 2, 3.

NRx and Opus Dei.

Putin the autist.

Nick with a response to my earlier post of Post-Puritans.

Progressive labour theology.

Why conservatives will lose.

Conservatives may be mean but they’re honest.

Mind control.

The negative pose.

The strange fruit of cultural marxism.
Related: White devils.

Diverity+Proximity=Legislative War.

Fame and SMV.

Stop adding up the wealth of the poor.

NASA and diversity.

Soft equalitarianism is not helpful.

Genes for IQ found.

Genetic super-enhancement must be mandatory.

Mangan on vaccinations.
Related: Vaccine scare mongers.
Related: Measles risk.

Musings on transhumanism.

Related: Another mass rape by Muslims in Britain.

The crusades and inquisition.
Related: Myths of the crusades.
Related: Obama’s drones have killed more than the Spanish Inquisition.

Maybe America is not as screwed as some think.

What academic freedom means.

Stephen Fry and atheist ignorance.

The collapse of tradition in the protestant church.

Women are not exempt from moral law.

Modesty and the church.
Related: Modesty and Driscoll.
Related: Of pants and passion.

Half of divorced people regret their divorce.

The rise of the thirsty slut.

Distressingly low rape numbers on Canadian campuses.

If accused of sexual assault, you are always and automatically guilty.
Related: Another false rape accusation. The mattress-carrying slut.

Hehe… Slate LW notices that feminists are just trolling for problems.

Leftoids, women, and submission.

On working remotely.

The results of being good at math.

Newsman Brian Williams lied about getting shot down.

Two-stage martyr-killer theory of insurgency.

Entryism on Reddit.
Related: Entryism in MTG.

A quick rundown of contemporary Canadian politics.

9-year-old suspended for making ‘terroristic threats’ about a magic invisibility ring.

Denmark has a negative interest rate.

Jews leaving Britain out of fear its unsafe.

Black racist’s will overturned.

Temperature data rigged.

Heroin addiction treatment and society’s ills.

The FCC internet power grab.

Socialism in action: medical shortages in Venezuela. Coming soon to a country near you.

Man’s business destroyed to meet a quota.

Samsung TV that spies on your conversations.

The importance of salt.

The Hugo wars.
Related: The false advertising of SF.
Related: On the Hugo awards.
Related: The rabid puppies slate.

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Lightning Round – 2015/02/04

Advice on becoming a man.
Related: Masculine virtues.

A list of certifications.

Words from Epictetus.

Men need to prove they can dish out pain; women that they can take it.

Two articles of gibberish on the “redpill right” and neoreactionaries. (land)
Related: A fnording.
Related: Another MSM article on MRA and RP.

Mike has written an NRx ebook. Sample chapter.
Related: A criticism, of sorts.

The leftists’ motivation is hatred of Christianity and Western Civilization.

Society is a racial construct.

The clash of civilizations: 2015.

The happening won’t fix your problems.

The wordcraft culture war.
Related: Leftists of the right.

Some pushback against the puritan hypothesis.

The gameability of meritocracy.

Human self-domestication.

Prog attack: the collapse of the Portuguese Empire.

Intelligence, pick-up, and the suppression of knowledge.

The Parsis are going extinct due to modernism.
Related: The price of wealth.

The contradiction that rules feminism.
Related: Representation and liberty.

Social justice and slave morality.
Related: How middle-class suburban whites are playing the victim game.

The limits of moral argumentation.

Enjoying the race war? Thank the media.

Reporters are spies.

Southern reaction and NRx.

The utility of welfare. Related.

How progressives swallowed the Democrats.

More adventures in pedophile mainstreaming.

Southern European communesia.
Related: Non-existent Greek austerity.
Related: Greek vassals play the victim card.

Putin’s thinking.

The non-existent diversity dividend.

Natural inequality and the parable of the talents. Related. Scott is so very close.
Related: DNA phenotyping.

The results revealed very little evidence of parental socialization effects on criminal behavior before controlling for genetic confounding and no evidence of parental socialization effects on criminal involvement after controlling for genetic confounding.”

Steve Sailer wonders why nobody is talking about the Vanderbilt campus rapes?

The singularity swindle.

The environmentalist religion.
Related: Temperature adjustment.

The practicality of religion.

Mary was not a single mother.

Dalrock’s Driscoll week: Single mothers, baby mamas, disparaging men, & submission.

Women’s lack of responsibility regarding marriage.

Why women have casual sex.

Is the campus rape crisis an example of helicopter parenting?

The Alphabet: tool of the patriarchy.

Woman marries herself.

Men now presumed guilty in the UK.

A story of a man making a foolish mistake. (Or, hopefully, sugarbaby site astroturf).

On the top 1%.

On Wikipedia bias.

Jonathan Chait being eaten by PC. Related. Heh.
Related: Here’s the article.
Related: Do the left thing.
Related: African homophobia: Because white people.

Medical extortion.

Leftists reaping what they sow.

H/T: Nick, HBDC, RPR

Lightning Round – 2015/01/28

How to build a better red pill blogosphere.

Three fundamental truths.

A career is not a vocation.

9/10 businesses fail.

A intro guide to practical economics.
Related: The US is strangling entrepreneurs.

Over a 10-year period most forms of non-permanent birth control are almost guaranteed to fail.

Kill the kulaks.
Related: The leftist mind virus.

What makes NRx unique. NRx Principles.
Related: The necessity of boundaries.
Related: Entryism.

The responses to Mike’s Frankfurt School post continue.
Related: The protestant ancestry of progressivism.
Related: The Frankfurt School is not the cause of progressivism.
Related: Forget cultural Marxism.
Related: Culture Marxism exists.
Related: Not all reaction is equal.
Related: Democracy and revolt.

The insanity of student loans.
Related: Scattered graduates.
Related: Making universities irrelevant.
Related: Millenials: childless and indentured for nothing.

A response to Yuray’s claims on education.

Women’s liberation is women’s prostitution.
Related: Feminism, university, and prostitutes.

Spanish fertility and patriarchy.

Can the state supplant the family?

Alimony and child support: Time to shrug.
Related: Man going to jail for refusing to pay for child that isn’t his.

On nerds and women.

The blowback of liberal schemes.

The government paper bubble.

Freedom of speech and government weakness.

A solution to the holiness problem.

The problem of role models.

An experience at Chipotle.

On the fluidity of race.

Le Pen’s lessons for the Anglosphere.


Idiocracy, democracy, and the SotU.

Institutions, Rome, and Carthage.

Usury and chattel slavery.

When Christians turn on Christians and atheists know the Bible better.
Related: Not all “Christians” are Christian.

The Anglican church has signed its death warrant.

650k march on Washington in pro-life rally.

A reversal: Bakery accused of religious discrimination for refusing to put anti-gay message on cake.
Related: More reversals.

Delaying sex leads to better relationships.

Sexual abuse is not egalitarian.

Abortion aborts itself.

Duck writes for a guest post for Roissy: “Who bitch this is?”

Women aren’t in STEM because they are not as good at math.

Feminists complain that Wikipedia is banning anti-GG feminists from making the GG page biased.

Tumblr feminism in Time.

Women outnumber men 2:1 in public service disability claims in Canada.

The ratchet goes on: What it’s like to date your dad. Related.

Free speech killed on Canadian campuses.

America’s new aristocracy.

Commies win in Greece.

Libertarian Brad Spangler turning himself in for molesting his daughter.
Related: Libertarian responses.

Pink SF is destroying SF.

Designing Twilight Struggle, an excellent board game.

Lightning Round – 2015/01/21

Create your own monomyth.

Stop complaining about your job and go to church.

Science may not be as good a career path as it seems.
Related: Almost half of college grads in jobs that don’t require a degree.

An RP round-up of marriage.

10 women Christian men should not marry. Vice versa.
Related: Your spouse is not your friend.

What to do when she turns on you.

 Wisdom from St. Louis.

Why monarchy?

The Frankfurt School caused progressivism.
Related: Land disagrees, as does Hurlock.

Some European history.

A reactionary is a conservative who has ceased to believe liberals engage in good faith.
Related: Ross Douthat supports reading Moldbug.

Teleofunction not tradition.

Anthropologist: We’re on the brink of collapse.
Related: Apocalypse when?
Related: 3 graphs.
Related: The boomer legacy.
Related: 2084. Heh.

Sound money and societal morality.
Related: Zippy has an e-book out on usury.
Related: Gold, Bitcoin, and reaction.

Women in the workplace.
Related: On fertility and pregnancy.

House of Cards and society.

Government failure.

Nazis were of the left.

The TRS troll guide.
Related: Troll-hunting tips.

Voting is a charade.

Left-liberalism: the diabetes of politics. Heh.

British poll on Jews.

Will reality sink into leftists following Charlie Hebdo?

Candlelight vigils and cavity searches.

Amish Coordination and how the Amish are different.

Rote learning rocks.

On egalitarian art.

On free speech.

Communist rabbits.

Pedophilia and post-modernism.
Related:The promotion of consensual incest.

Was homosexual “marriage” a bridge too far for leftists.
Related: Reality vs. marriage.

John C Wright’s collected apology.

Christian church exploding in China.
Related: Possible revival in Europe.

4 terrible lessons taught at church.

Feminism is for ugly women.

Confessions of a serial rapist.

Feminist loudmouth Shanley  was a racist who dated white nationalist troll Weev.
Related: She’s been melting down on Twitter after being doxed. Amusement to be had.

Marine LePen in the NYT.

Canada enjoys socialist medicine.

Free speech for some in Canada.
Related: Private speech should not be publicly policed.

Socialism: Coming soon to a country near you.

Serial rapist requests euthanasia instead of prison.

Depression, suicide, and social dysfunction.

Immigration math in the US.

White Americans are very white.

MLK birthday party flyers.

Soros bankrolled Ferguson protests.

More journalistic integrity on display.

Getting women warriors wrong.

The pendulum swing in SF.

More on TrackingPoint.

H/T: Isegoria, SSC, DS, SDA, Land

Lightning Round – 2015/01/14

Some remedial red pill.

Passion and work.

If people didn’t have debt.

Phatic speech. If only I had read this 20 years ago. Maybe it will help younger mes.

Taki’s guide to good girls.

A warning: Jack Nicholson: “single and lonely and likely to die alone”.

Whores, daughters, and the patriarchy.
Related: Broken hearts, broken windows.
Related: Sex and natural law.

Parental involvement and civilization.
Related: The WP notices that there are a lot of single mothers and that’s not good.
Related: Children of single parents more likely to see domestic violence.

The three laws of behavioural genetics.

The culling of young entrepreneurs.

Modern monarchy.
Related: Beneficial effects of the Hapsburg Empire.

Smash the Overton Window.

Democratic loss aversion.

The break-down of moderation.

The emptiness of the 68ers.

The winners are those who are serious.

12 people killed in Paris by peaceful Muslims.
Related: The world is a dangerous place; the French have let that danger in.
Related: Free speech comes from the barrel of a gun.
Related: Malcolm thinks this may be big.
Related: Charlie was not us.
Related: This is what diversity looks like.
Related: Choose who you serve.
Related: Leftists love Islam.
Related: Je Suis Charlie won’t save free speech.
Related: Did Charlie Hebdo have it coming?
Related: Charlie Hebdo conspiracy theorizing.
Related: On Muslims and Jews.
Related: Tyranny of the minority.
Related: Multiculturalism’s last gasp.
Related: Moral retardation and Islamophobia. More.
Related: Why the left supports Islam.
Related: What will we do?
Related: European views of the nation.
Related: Anti-semitic Israelis and diversity.
Related: Netanyahu vs. Hollande.

NYT covering for Islam.
Related: Media hypocrisy.

FN in France.
Related: Le Pen denounced for calling for peace and democracy.

Deportation is not war.
Related: That’s what separate countries are for.

The coming annihilation of European progressivism.

Supporting #blackbrunch.
Related: On #blackbrunch.

Authoritarianism and adaptive complexity.

Islands of security.

The credibility trap.

The importance of mythology.

Nywracu’s thoughts on religion.

New NRx aggregator: Neoreactive, a competitor to Reaction Times.

NRx at the Catalyst Club.

A bit on the Great Filter.

Just a reminder, there are no consequences for lying journalists.

Singapore works.

More on Japan’s demographic time bomb.
Related: How Japan’s sexual apathy is threatening the world’s economy.

The success of Egypt’s junta.

On Nigeria.

Liberalism is a sin.

RP hope in the RC church.

The wake-up call view of marriage.
Related: An analysis of Stanton: Part 1, 2, & 3.
Related: How Christian counseling destroys marriage.

Churches unleashing the feral woman.

The downside of the soul mate myth.

We might not have so much divorce if people put as much effort into marriage as revenge.

Women playing for sympathy not truth.

13 examples of why women lie about rape.

The sex ratio is getting worse for men.

Thought crime at Dalhousie University.

Heh, spoiled girls.Related.

Marissa Mayers struggling at Yahoo.

A little story of women in STEM.

The tolerance of homosexuals.

Putin: 10th most admired man in America.

What gamergate taught us about social justice.

Horrifying civil liberties predictions for 2015.

Thoughts from Thomas Sowell.

The prohibitionist’s dilemma.

Bad policies based on fragile science.

The decline of science fiction.

Cracked discovers the wonder of government programs.

5 uncomfortable truths about Cracked.

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