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Lightning Round – 2014/10/21

Success Rebel.
Related: Financial advice.

6 habits holding men back. 4 of them for me.

On the Christian feeling alone.

Guidelines for self-defence.
Related: For those with nothing to lose.

Science: Don’t buy a big ring.

Science: Overconfidence rules.

Introducing Phalanx: a reactionary fraternity.

Progressivism is nihilism.

Democracy kills economic growth.

NRx and identitarianism.
Related: SM interviews the editor of Radix.

On rushing to action.

Tribalism and politicization.
Related: A response.

Pinkshirts vs. #Gamergate.
Related: A gamergate response to ‘Brianna Wu’.
Related: Popehat goes NRx on #Gamergate.
Related: #GG: Harassment and threats.
Related: Contacting Gawker’s advertisers.
Related: A #GG boycott list.
Related: MasterCard sponsors Ezra Klein’s hate.
Related: The fruits of taking business advice from SJW’s.
Related: The historical reality of women in gaming.

The SJW’s against Lovecraft.

The ontology of a troll.
Related: Weev’s apostasy.

Ebola and political correctness.
Related: Ebola and the nation.
Related: Why ebola is evil.

Crime reports defy progressive narrative on interracial crime.
Related: The racial breakdown of people killed by cops.
Related: Forensic evidence that Michael Brown assaulted cop.

Context denial in Keene.
Related: Liberal context denial.

Charles Murray reflects on the Bell Curve 20 years later.

The decay of meaning of the word ‘rape’.
Related: Fighting rape.
Related: Feminists argue for being able to retroactively withdraw consent.
Related: Making the world safe for foolish, promiscuous women.
Related: Affirmative consent in action.
Related: Yes means fear.
Related: What the campus rape hysteria is really about.
Related: It’s not neovictorianism.
Related: Women are too weak to say no.

Leftists use words differently.

Occult secret services.

Land’s take on the coming caliphate.
Related: The culture and technology jihad.

Democracy is stupid.
Related: Alex de Tocqueville’s dark sides of democracy.

Generation masturbation.

Fair-world fallacy and nerds.

On abortion and supporting single mothers.

Portland: exhibiting the signs of collapse?

On Ephesians 5.

Billy Graham: “As wicked as Sodom and Gomorrah.”

Atheists with an actual atheist worldview.

Idaho Town: Do gay marriages or go to jail.
Related: Gay “marriage” and the abandonment of law.
Related: Remember, there is no homosexual agenda.

Against the NFL.

A review of Quintius Curtis’ book.

Man awarded custody after woman made false accusations of abuse.

Eye gaze and attractiveness.

Why girls with tattoos and piercings are broken.
Related: Science: Tattooed women are sluttier, lack foresight, are selfish, and are mentally ill.
Related: Some hatred of Matt Forney.
Related: Matt Forney receives death threats.

15% of women over the director level have had work affairs. 37% of them got promotions because of it.

The context of sexual harassment while waitressing.

US marriage rates at all-time low.

In last quarter of 2011, more iPhones were sold than  babies were born.

Feminists and Democrats against making birth control over-the-counter.

EW’s take on teenagers.

AmRen and the lies of Robert Sussman.

Robert Caruso wants blood.

How do unschoolers turn out?
Related: Homeschooling and the Oculus Rift.

On grade inflation.

How to tell who is lying.

Reality is beginning to intrude on liberal’s minds.

Socialist millionaire: “Clothes and food should cost much more…”

Freedom Socialist Party pushing $20 minimum wage offering $13 for developer.

The causes of the US deficits and debt.

On why Amazon is in the right.

Fastest growing cosmetic procedure in UK: fixing stretched earlobes.

Slate commits minor crimethink.
Related: Slate come so close to a major realization.

Astrology: Now a science!

US still has world’s worst corporate income tax rate.

Will posts a classic Manowar song.

A story of a Compassion sponsor visiting his child.

The casualties of non-existent chemical weapons.

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Lightning Round -2014/10/15

We interrupt your regularly scheduled set of links for this important announcement.

The Showdown Has Begun: Trevor Blake and I are having a debate on the topic ‘To be Christian.‘ The goals and terms of the debate can be found here.

Trevor has started it with his Opening Statement. My Opening Statement will follow on Friday.

This is my first formal debate, so there should be fun and learning to be had.

Also, we are raising funds for Samaritan’s Purse, one of the few charities I actually respect (as far as I can tell, it has not yet been lost to Conquest’s second law). If you’re liking the debate, consider a donation.

We will now continue with your regular set of links. Although, I’ve been busy, so there’s fewer than usual, but that just means more next week. Enjoy.


The simple math behind early retirement.

How to be a maximalist.

Tolkien on intersexual relations.

Men are literally becoming feminized.

People don’t seem to understand a father making more is a sacrifice not a prize.

What statistically makes for a stable marriage.

The slippery slope “fallacy”.

A book review of the Privileged Sex.
Related: The EZ way to get men to fight for you.

Stereotypes, honesty, and ignorance.

Ebola, Spain, and holiness.
Related: Become so holy the flesh rots off your bones.
Related: More on Ebola.
Related: The ebola curve.
Related: Ebola math.
Related: America can’t fight an epidemic.
Related: Institutional breakdown in the time of Ebola.
Related: The incompetence of health experts.
Related: The ultimate Ebola scare.
Related: Leave the volunteers in Africa.

On the War of Southern Independence.

Jim doubts current GDP measurements, thinks China will be richer by 2030.

Monarchy and technology. Related.

Commie Catholics.
Related: Catholic Church report flirts with self-immolation.
Related: Dropping bombs on the family.

On Darwinian blithering.

Women driving the delay in marriage.

Selling sin.

Unmarried cohabitation began in the 70s.

Our dystopia of single moms and masturbating bastards.

Women in the game industry.

Some hilarity from Tumblr.

Why the NFL Breast Cancer Month is a joke.

The pill destroys lake eco-systems.

They’re coming for your children.

Gender insanity at the schools.
Related: 5-year-old punished for pointing a crayon and saying ‘pew, pew’.

The slave trade in medieval Italy. Part 2.

Laurie Penny as an ‘outsider’.

Detroit: Homeowner offers to swap house of iPhone. Vote Democrat!

Doctors “euthanizing” those with psychiatric problems in Holland.

Pregnant Austrian teens who joined ISIS regret it. Ha.

The Media Party colluding in Canada.

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Lightning Round – 2014/10/08

Self-defence and situational awareness.
Related: Killing in self-defence.
Related: Remember, always shoot to kill.

How to conquer the fear of success.

Where the sexes work and some career advice.
Related: Will found some career advice.

Avoiding seasonal affective disorder. Not something I get, but maybe it will help someone.

The need for hope.

Inspiration: An interview with the founder of 8chan. Related.

5 bench press mistakes which will stall your progress.

A primer on Canadian commonlaw relationships. (ie. Don’t let a gal move in).

Inspiration: A truly strong woman.

Single men with jobs becoming a scarce commodity.
Related: Fewer men are working and marriage is dying.
Related: Some remarriage rate charts.
Related: It is women who are causing the increasing delay in marriage.
Related: Are young, unmarried women sincere about wanting to be married “some day”?

How to treat rebellious spouses.

Neoreactionaries don’t plan to be a ruling class.
Related: Moron bites: On the idiots who ‘wonder’ if we think we’ll all be aristocrats.

Libertarians ask: What is neoreaction?

Towards organization.
Related: The superversity.

Scot writes an excellent post on out-groups and the blue tribe. More feces to fling.

The red and blue empires.

The social justice industrial complex.
Related: What is an SJW?

Shut them up twice as hard.

Secession will not be clean.
Related: The dissolution of Austria-Hungary as a model.

The free speech entryist strategy.

The totalist media.
Related: Press silence and black privilege.
Related: NYT cutting 100 newsroom jobs. A good start.

Ebola and leftism as the great filter.
Related: Ebola, the great filter, and the abstract threat.
Related: Some stuff on Ebola.
Related: Homeschool or die: Ebola version.
Related: A lesson on disease containment from the Spanish flu.
Related: Ebola: Patient #2?

Evola versus evo-psych on ethics.

The presumption of racism.
Related: What’s racist and what is not.
Related: Lesbian sues because her baby is black.

Why immigration matters.

The silver linings to the long march through sports and games.

Gamersgate hits back: Intel pulls ads from Gamasutra.
Related: Did Intel stand up for white males?
Related: GameJournoPros set to close down.
Related: How sloppy, biased video game reporting almost destroyed a CEO.
Related: Gamersgate: One simple test.
Related: GG News: Eron’s hearing. Related.

The principles of sorcery.
Related: The branches of magic.

FSD vs. 4GW.
Related: An interesting sounding book: The Node.

Hong Kong needs an inquisition.
Related: The great circle of despots.

If Dwight Eisenhower could see us now.

Linguistic functional fixedness.

The inevitability of infertility eugenics.
Related: Lesbian eugenics.
Related: Prog hypocrisy in one delicious package.

The validity of twin studies.

Songs about killing teachers and simpler times.

Do you live in London? The Nietzche club is looking for members.

There’s been some debate between Christians and ethno-nats recently. I’ve already addressed the issue here.
Related: Race as the most important issue of our time.

The demolition of what remains of Catholicism begins.
Related: The beheading of marriage.

It isn’t mercy to send someone down the road to hell.

Atheists Kickstarting their own religion. Hilarious.

Young, churchy evangelicals actually believe the Bible.

What keeps men out of church?

Give the rebellious wife what she ‘needs’ or the baby gets it.

Heartiste on California’s affirmative consent law.

Feminism is on the retreat.

Men continue to oppress women by working hard for free.

Male and female predators.

Narcissism, rape culture, and why millennial girls are monsters.

Why men are pissed.

A typical day in the patriarchy.

How gamma’s are made.

The lament of the desouled woman.

Anti-feminism morphing into the new feminism.

Transgender and transage. I think Vox is nudging against Poe’s Law there, though.

I’m gonna save the NIH $466,642: Fat girls get less dates because they’re less attractive and they engage in riskier sexual behaviour because they’re more desperate and therefore more likely to give into male demands for risky behaviour.

The Onion: ‘I’m sorry to say this but you’re just not the man I blindly hoped you would transform into.’

An article advising women to lower give themselves better standards.

The anti-dowry.

Slavery and buying children.

An idiot’s guide to the right.

Another firearms incident.

Obama and the bell curve.

Political correctness and anti-harassment efforts create mistrust in the navy.

4 females guards ‘rape’ prisoner.

The college experience isn’t worth it.

The incredible shrinking labour force.

A captcha program defines human as a liberal.

Did you know: Norway and Finland had the highest per capita rampage shooting fatalities.

16-year-old goes to jail for 3-years without trial for being (falsely) accused of stealing backpack.

Preferred music style is tied to personality.

10% of Americans are alcoholics.

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Lightning Round – 2014/10/01

Drinks and gendering objects.

Never trust a man who hasn’t been punched in the face.
Related: Civic virtue.

Mangan has a new book on supplements.

Being from a large family reduces divorce risk.
Related: Science: Predictors of infidelity.

On the Iliad.

The culture war is turning.
Related: The SJW’s mistakenly think they have won.

Men don’t share feelings.
Related: Attempting the impossible.

Weimar Germany and America.

The way of the gang.

The lumpenintelligentsia.

Reaction, Jews, and Christianity.
Related: Jews and divided loyalties.

Ordinary racism and future hyper-racism.

Hawks, doves, and game theory.
Related: Population, decline, and productivity.
Related: Game theory and the omega point.

Neoreaction as an analytical rightward synthesis.

The real culprit is the government.

Pulling the centre.

How standardized testing undervalues men.

Ethnic cleansing in Europe.

Britain: the sick man of Europe.
Related: Britain is only getting what they wanted.

A brief history of black riots.

Woman is culturally enriched, diverse vibrant stopped by armed man.

Repatriation is off the table.

Land has some fun with one Michael Rectenwald on Twitter.

Disconnected NYT alienated from Christianity.

White evangelicals and discrimination.

Philosophy vs. tradition.

Truth, love, and tolerance.

Christian college’s accreditation threatened because it adheres to Christian values.

More on our previous conversations on the Israelite genocides. My opinion remains as it was. I still need more than ‘it’s wrong because it’s wrong’ to be convinced.

“There are 65 employed [unmarried] men for every 100 [unmarried] women.”
Related: Vox: Get the Fed to fix women’s marriage prospects.

A war on men waged through false accusations and courts.
Related: Men are fighting back against false rape accusations.
Related: It has come to this: A ‘yes means yes’ app.
Related: Any man accused of rape should be immediately convicted with no evidence, even 2 years later.
Related: Man fired from Forbes for trying to protect women from rape. The article.
Related: If we applied feminist logic to other crimes.

University of Michigan: Withholding sex and ignoring feelings are abuse.
Related: Indian court: Denial of sex is cruelty.

Women commit domestic violence as much as men.

The BETA shield.

How feminism holds women back from high achievement.

Men unemployed; women hurt worst.

Why there are so many marriage problems today.

Modern women follow those with indifferent contempt for them, rather than their loving husbands.
Related: Stay-at-home moms are happier and have stronger sense their life is worthwhile.

Those aging eyeballs.
Related: Science: Men like women in their mid-20s. Surprising.

Science discredits feminism.

An anecdote of why you should avoid loose women. Another.
Related: Another alpha widow.

Remember: Women self-admittedly bang the assholes & losers, while making responsible men pay full price.
Related: Woman spends youth with bad boys, now wants to find someone ‘who deserves her’. Just as she hits 31 too.

Feminist: Feeding illegal, potentially unsafe drugs to your child is awesome if it’s to do an abortion.

25 signs of the destruction of modern women by the sexual revolution.

The back-up plan. Half of women have a plan B.

“Emma Watson wants you to know her life – that of a pretty, rich, famous, popular female megastar – has been monstrously traumatic, because of sexism.”
Related: Feminist Emma Watson: Says men should move from gender stereotypes, dates says dates alpha male rugby star.
Related: Emma Watson’s banal hypocrisy.

Laci Green is trying to censor Youtube.

Trolling and the business of rage.

Transgender man joins women’s MMA, seriously injures woman.

College allows old perverts to expose themselves to little girls.

Female secret service agent overpowered.

No fault divorce hurts women as well.

An actual objective mainstream article on #gamersgate. Bravo TechCrunch.
Related: No need to be a whiny bitch.

The bureaucracy of a bulldozer.

China has fewer bureaucrats than us, but still let go of 100,000 employees who did no work.

Gladwell was wrong: 10,000 hours won’t make you great.

One of my friends once recommended Mister to me.

German Ethics Council: Incest a fundamental right.

On asexuals.

Nerds, science, and testosterone.

Streetlight psychology.

Scientist argues black holes don’t exist.

The leftism of Wikipedia.

Neil Degrasse Tyson: ‘Maybe you can’t find that quote in official records, but I cite the highest authority: me.’
Related: Criticize Neil Degrasse Tyson and they’ll delete your Wikipedia page.

Buzzfeed has a list of evil authors. Wright is number 6.

Appearing on the Daily Show is a bad idea.

Global warming ‘97%’ figure is a lie.
Related: Science: Wind farms create more CO2 than they prevent.

On cannon fodder.

An amusing twitter conversation.

H/T: RPR, SCC, SDA, RoM, VD, Dalrock

Lightning Round – 2014/09/24

Start a blog that makes money forever.

The manosphere, hedonism, and reaction.

Red pill alienation.

Radish knocks it out of the park: Reign of Reason.
Related: …And social justice for all.

The first in a series on becoming an American traditionalist.

Preparing for the beginning of the end.

Gamersgate as an ideological litmus test.
Related: Gamersgate, cultural Marxism, and intellectual bullying.
Related: An indie developer writes on the diversity police.
Related: 4chan furor.
Related: Has 4chan been purged?
Related: War for the internet’s soul.
Related: Gamersgate escalates.
Related: Women suck at making video games.
Related: SJW’s get black developer fired for Gamersgate.
Related: Ebola-chan.
Related: Moot and Anita.
Related: Nazism is PC.
Related: GameJournoPros: Game journalists secretly colluding.
Related: A blacklist.
Related Conspiracy: Gamergate/DARPA connection?
Related: More conspiracy.

Feminism kills civilization.

Game theory solutions to collective action problems.

A wonderful progressive, pacifist, feminist civilization.

On the post-labour economy.
Related: On universal basic income. A response.

The great circle of make-work.

On the middle class.

Reaping the fruits of democracy.

Who killed adulthood?

Maturity, prominence, and homosexuality.

The media is the true power.

The SC judges know their invincibility and power.

Intelligence, education, and health.

Before slavery.

On the ISIS beheading videos. Related.

50 ways millenials are subhuman troglodytes.

The truth about the Spanish Inqisition.

The roots of marriage counselling.

Defending women who let evil men near their children.

Go to college to become a better whore.

Study: Women ignorant of fertility reality. (Also 1/8 couples struggle with fertility).

Why women are rejecting perfect men.
Related: Another concern-trolling ‘where are all the good men?’ article.
Related: 30 is the new 50: ‘old age’ is killing my dating life.

I wonder why no one replies to her messages.

More on the stupidity of pushing women into STEM.

Women have agency.
Related: Courts to decide whether women have agency in Occidental case.

NYT: Who runs the girls?

Teach women not to rape.
Related: Teach women not to rape 2.
Related: Rape epidemic by women.

A false rape accusation over $20.

Prostitutes with college degrees earn 31% more.

WW2 solipsism.

Homeless man uses game to find a place to sleep each night.

Even if you got it made, your kid still might not call you daddy.

Lying to the government.

Some links on Neil Degrasse Tyson.
Related: Wikipedia deletes mention of Tyson’s fabricated quotes.

A small mistake on Mao by the Economist.

The ebola exponent.

Japanese positioning against the yen.

World population likely to expand, mostly in Africa.

36 killed by vaccines in Syria.

Ted Cruz’s lying circus.

Democrats and Republicans are different. Vox discovers the ratchet.

Ancient DNA re-writing genetic history.

Ad for reliable workers banned as discriminatory.

How to decipher a book review.

On fake bestsellers.

A thread on the decline of Cracked.

What evolutionary biology can learn from creationists.

H/T: Land, RPR. Aurini, SSC, SDA, CC, Bill

Lightning Round – 2014/09/17

A red pill refresher.
Related: The sexual and marriage marketplace.

Respect and fear.

Know your stuff.

Some science of basic sexual market truths.
Related: White women prefer white men.
Related: Science: Women like dominant men.
Related: OkCupid data charts.
Related: People still prefer their own race when dating.
Related: Men prefer youth.

Questions to learn about a prospective spouse.

A decisive marriage is a good marriage.

Changing your habits becomes harder as you get older. No kidding.

Your book of gold.
Related: Why one writes.

 Family is what protects a nation from feminism, Marxism, and sluttiness.

The lessons of #whyIstayed for men.

Genes associated with intelligence have been found.

Ted Cruz attacks Middle East Christians.
Realted: Ted Cruz and American complicity in genocide.
Reaction and authoritarian fantasies.

You are a bipedal ape.

The will-to-think.

Anarcho-tyranny is the war of the top on the middle; How the middle can respond.

More on the Jaffe memo.

The Mencken Club is meeting in Baltimore for anybody who’s interested.

Civilization and collective action problems.

Drew Pearson and McCarthy.

On civil war.
Related: Why non-liberals are stupid and crazy.

Reaction and authoritarian fantasies.

Some good comments in this discussion of Spandrell’s earlier sexuality piece.

Never insult someone’s religion.

IQ, sex, and life history.

Nature, nurture, and noise.

The paradox of nationalism.

There is no STEM shortage.
Related: Science does not need more women.
Related: The problem with STEM is too many women.
Related: The problems of women in the workforce.

Sunspots and climate change.

Good news in Sweden.

What a martian would learn of blacks and whites.

Ferguson and blacks not wanting blacks to move in.

Black thedishness.

How government lobbies itself for more government.

Gamersgate: The cathedral in action.
Related: The importance of gamersgate.
Related: Leigh Alexander is a bully, a bully.
Related: Did Anita Sarkeesian fabricate her story of contacting the authorities?
Related: Feminists are attempting to destroy video games.

Another non-racist crime that won’t be remembered.
Related: Gawker: Relax and enjoy your muggings.

An eye-for-an-eye makes the world careful.
Related: An eye for an eye makes the whole world cooperative.

Comment of the week: “Is my Bible the only one with the book of Job in it?”

Zippy on literalism and inerrancy.

I don’t think I agree with this criticism of The Story. I’ve never read it so I can’t say anything about the execution, but I don’t think the idea is bad. I could see the use of a short overarching narrative of the Bible as a good introduction to the biblical story for a newer or less-informed believer, as long as it is used for what it is and not as a replacement for the Bible.

Why I quit going to church.’

Jezebel’s poisonous spirit.
Related: Dianna Anderson: Fornication is a sacrament.

Why don’t more men go into teaching? The Accusation.

Rollo on aging spinsters.

A mother-daughter lesbian couple. Who are we to judge?

Telling women not to hit husbands is ‘dangerous’ and ‘insulting’.

7 tips on how to raise a boy right, feminist style.

Why hasn’t Emily Hopper been arrested for assault?

It’s exceedingly rare women get pregnant over 50.

6 months in jail for being late in child support payments.

Why is there still a pay gap? Average IQ of major by gender ratio.
Related: SJW group: Math the domain of old, white men.

Ray Rice: Men and women are different and everyone knows it.
Related: The one punch standard.

Gay activists being convicted of pedophilic sex crimes.

Society is fixed; biology is mutable.

Socialism: “Our Chavez, who art in Heaven, the Earth, the sea, and we, delegates, hallowed be thy name.”

Obama unilaterally declares war in breach of constitution.

A critique of Marx.

John C Wright with a short lesson on political correctness.

Bad things happen in dangerous places.

On the origins of Ashkenazis.

Someone made an App so you can buy goods based on partisanship. Also, Will gets exit.

A review of the TrackingPoint rifle.

NYT: “Assault-weapons” ban doesn’t work.

IRS conducted ‘secret research project’ with illegally obtained conservative donors list.
Related: IRS to audit Breitbart.

The Gods of the Copybook Heading in the NYT.

I wonder if watching Vox beat up on Scalzi will ever get boring.

Remember, no matter how much you do you can never please the Jacobins. (Joss Whedon version).

The SJW’s have come for the comics as well.

How to give your child a first-rate private education for less than $3000/year.
Related: Public schools are worthless when the teachers are illiterate.

A tale of two charter schools.

Too many nice, white, lady teachers.

To public school officials Pepsi is worse than meth.
Related: DC public school: Compare Hitler and Bush.
Related: Tolerance in Action: Chick-fil-A banned from school.

How to name a baby.

It would be fun to game with John sometime.


H/T: SDA, Isegoria, Malcolm, Mangan,CC, RPR, Land

Lightning Round – 2014/09/10

The results of the longest longitudinal study of men ever.

“I’m not interested in your opinion.”
Related: Another useful phrase: “Pardon me?”

How to be a professional artist.

The basics of flirting.

How to get an education without going to college.
Related: College is a means not an end.

Attraction, desire, and Christian marriage.
Related: A Christian manosphere glossary.

Chad finishes up his parable response to me. Related.
Related: A response to my recent genocide posts. Related.

What to look for in a wife.
Related: What a woman should look for in a husband.

Roosh asks: is this it?

Traditionalism and castes.

The hidden variable of neoreaction.
Related: NRx vs. progressivism.

Why Glanton is not a neoreactionary.

Towards a neoreactionary aesthetic.
Related: Bonds of chaos.
Related: Chaos and Dugin.

What Rotherham signifies.
Related: Boko Haram vs. Rotherham: Awareness-raising vs. awareness-lowering.
Related: British holiness.
Related: The NYT covers Rotherham.
Related: Anecdote of cousin kidnapped and raped with feminist support.

The only way out of a degenerative ratchet is catastrophe.

The public beauty deficit.

Field report: COCK.

Memes, reproduction, and Moloch.

The war on culture.

The wickedness of the media

Language is propaganda.
Related: Weaponizing orthodoxy.

How would a humanist hedonist design a society?

American government sides with foreigners against its citizens.
Related: Illegal immigration and employment.
Related: Conventional wisdom wrong on immigration once again.

The expanding circle of empathy.

Jim explains gamersgate.
Related: SJW’s hates gamers because gamers are immune to social rejection.
Related: The end of the gaming press.

From the teaching front lines. Related.

British ‘conservatives’ are as bad as Labour.
Related: Timothy Stanley, sucker of the summer.

A neoreactionary position on Scotland.
Related: What is the point of Scottish independence?

The BRIC’s separate world system.

Wars of the last 50 years.

Chaos at the top of the USG.
Related: America in decay.

The fruits of our intervention in Libya.

Kristof battles his commenters.

The end of the cult of Buckley.

Stop whining, start killing.

Socialization of costs is a moral hazard.

California State University de-recognizes IVCF.

China is going about destroying Christianity the wrong way.

Joel Osteen is the heretic America deserves.
Related: The MSM disccovers the personal Jesus.

Being a Christian can be offensive.

Nothing new under the sun.

Nice guys finish last.
Related: Study: Men are more romantic.

The ghosts of the alpha widow.
Related: Why low N matters.

Amicable divorce just as damaging as hostile divorce.
Related: What caused the men of Reddit to divorce.

The true risk of rape culture.

Kate Millet’s sister: Feminism ruins lives.
Related: Feminism rules: 25% of women in 40/50s take anti-depressents.

Catcalling womansplained.

The BS of Tor’s viking warrior women story.

The friendzone from the female perspective.

Arizona statutory rape victim forced to pay child support to rapist.
Related: How the law punishes boys who are raped.

Australian women sends sexual pics of her daughters to man: will be let off easy to spend time with daughters.

Canadian woman suing ex-BF for causing her to fail a class.

WRE: Barbershop edition.

Feminists have more masculinized digit ratios.

Vasagel research continues.

Less than a decade after the housing collapse, anti-redlining crusades start up again.

Who gets shot in America?

Protecting yourself from vibrancy.
Related: Another group of ’youths’ beating a man.
Related: “Adolescents” attacking “artists” in New Orleans.

On the Bruce Levenson racism event.

Just another hate crime hoax.

Geekdom has jumped the shark.

A review of the Communist Manifesto.

Economists ignoring individual preferences.

Another reason the stock market is overvalued.

The virtues of proportional representation.

Ivies need standardized tests.

A college bubble indicator.
Related: Almost half of recent college graduates are in jobs not requiring a degree.

Notes from reading military history.

Psychopathy is adaptive.

The wages of socialism: Venezuela set to import oil.

Britain faces winter of blackouts.
Related: Britain is poorer than every US state.

Canadian jihadist happy with CBC coverage.

What a coincidence: The IRS is losing the e-mails of everyone involved in the IRS scandal.

On literary derivation.

Heinlein as a fascist.

Arrested for writing science fiction.

Scalzi, the death of SF, and SF’s renewal.

A map of the rationalist community.

5 things movies get wrong about gunfights.

The identity of Jack the Ripper has been found.

In defence of movies.

H/T: HBDC, SCC, RPR, Land, SDA, Vox, Malcolm, Wright