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Lightning Round – 2016/07/20

The final piece on Grant and Canadian tradition.

Conservative zugzwang.
Related: Stephen Douglas conservatives.
Related: The submission of Ross Douthat.

The future is arriving.

Hitlers in the Austrian judiciary.

National(ist) security.
Related: Nydwracu bows out.

The failure of separation of church and state.

It won’t be fun but you must endure.
Related: Advice for interesting times.
Related: Entropy and the pumps.

4GW in Dallas and a cop’s perspective.
Related: Fear & loathing in Dallas.
Related: Waiting for the singularity.
Related: America unravelling.

Politics: high, low, red, and blue.

The fall of anarch-topia.

Anti-Dem short takes.

The terrible legacy of Matt Drudge.

The dire problem.

America’s attempt at restarting the Spanish Civil War.

A tribal Catholic’s last straw.

Male sexuality through apes and dinosaurs.
Related: Boogie Nights.

Not like in the movies.

Study: No anti-women bias in tech interviews.

Problematic soccer fans.

The banks rigging the stock market.

Confessions of a neocon assassin.

Our dumb world.

Trump on the path to victory.

The white faces of BLM.

On Wheaton’s Mensa speech.

Is transgenderism related to autism?

Tanks for sale.

The wikipedian war targets Auerbach.


Lightning Round – 2016/07/06

Finding your mission.

Why the world is rebelling against experts.
Related: We don’t care about experts any more.

On hate.

On neocameralism.

Francis on McCarthy.

America is dead.

Give education to the RCC.


She hates to say it.

Magical thinking doomed the Eurogeist.
Related: The spectre of nationalism.
Related: Elite in-fighting.
Related: Free trade as a bait and switch.
Related: Brexit explained.
Related:How to give effect to Brexit.
Related: The mask comes off.

Austrian election nulled after anti-nationalist electoral irregularities.

When State tried to end Vietnam in ’63.

Acquiring immunity to magic.
Related: Pygmy’s and cannibalism.
Related: Progress and demons.

The collapse of the Israeli left.

US options in the Ukraine.

What the 6-point star insanity is about.

Liberal club.

Right-wing Gramscism.

Despair in pastel.

Teaching boys to be beta.

In defence of all-male spaces.

Are young women sincere about wanting to be married?

Dalrock and Wilson on marriage counseling.

Eat, Pray, Love women divorces man she abandoned family for.

New book argues Europeans settled the America’s first.

MRI’s create too many false positives, rending thousands of papers wrong.

How to handle entryism.

On anti-GG wiki-editor Gamaliel.

On Yvette Felarca and BAMN.

Possible SJW convergence at Baen?

On Game of Thrones demographics.

Trump’s job plan speech.


Lightning Round – 2016/06/29

The official NRx subreddit.

Owned government.

Brexit wins the referendum.
Related: The complications of Brexit.
Related: Mexit or Brexit: Vote leave.
Related: Cracks in Babel.
Related: All slopes are slippery.
Related: Immigrants for Remain.
Related: Soros on Brexit.
Related: Quotes on Brexit.

Mass shootings make sense in a democracy.
Related: 64% of the last 25 mass shooters were diverse.

Byzantium and the alt-right.

The Canadian tradition.

Restoring Brazil’s monarchy.

I’ve been listed in the nazi detector. Have you?

How many millions of Americans were internal refugees from crime?

Reflecting on a dead body.

The decline of entrepreneurship in America.

The death of white identitarian politics.
Counterpoint: The rise of nationalism.

Our evil elites.
Related: Elite disloyalty.

A short, illustrative tale.

The Ford Foundation New Voices Fellowship.

Literal cucks are mad.

Trump on Americanism and America First.
Related: Fact-checking Trump.

Xi’s purges.

On Garrison Keillor.

The Orthodox resist modernization.

The feminized police force and army.

The source of women’s discontent with housework.

A trainwreck of a marriage.

The problem of peer review.

AI’s “white guy problem”.

More on the pygmies.

SC blocks Obama’s amnesty plan.

Buzzfeed: Democrats literally crazier than Republicans.

Disney’s anti-father contempt.

USAF vet forcibly removed for mentioning God at flag-folding ceremony.

Lightning Round – 2016/06/22

Islam, men, and progressivism: divide and conquer.

Driving through dying blue towns.
Related: A desire to avoid Brazilification.
Related: Anarchy in the USA.
Related: Trump saying what others won’t dare.
Related: The impossibility of open borders.

Rival victimhoods in Orlando.
Related: The Orlando murderer was probably gay and theologically ignorant.
Related: The 3 hour wait and the police retreat.

Closing down the ghettos.

How King Tommen won like a boss.

The distrustful youth.

Jim on rape.
Related: The thorny issue of rape.
Related: Time for a temperance movement.

Don’t talk to the media.

The NYT does what it does best. More.
Related: Journalistic irony.
Related: Gersh Kuntzman on firing an AR-15.

Looking for love in the wrong places.
Related: The constitution con.

Land against the activists. More.

George Grant and the liberalization of Canada.

The fundamental skill of sociology.

Reactionary Tree makes a reading list.

On Brexit.

On apostasy.

Hook-up culture stats.

The Swiss draft.

On “harassment”.

Against dog whistles.

Twitter user @Real_PeerReview gone after doxing threats.

On pygmy’s.

Lightning Round – 2016/05/15

Atavisionary releases his new book: Smart and SeXy.
Related: Roosh released a book on his doxing.

Church and sovereign authority.

Two definitions of culture.

Ethnic warfare doesn’t stop at the border.
Related: An inside look at the Hungarian border fence.

How many books do you think Trump reads?

Trump and Curiel.
Related: Trump will suspend immigration.

Why conservatives lose.
Related: If you are a conservative

Does formalism matter?

The slaughterhouse the left built.
Related: The American experiment.
Related: Ripe for tyranny.

On child-killing.

A show resists progging.

Authenticity and the Cable Guy.

The ADL shuts Citadel down.

Canada SC legalizes non-penetrative bestiality.

Gawker goes bankrupt.

Men and women’s food habits.

Multiple shooters in Orlando?

Wright defends liberalism.

The left is imploding.

Lightning Round – 2016/06/10

A combination of sickness, business, and forgetfulness has made this a week late, but in exchange, it’s a double edition.

The voice of the dead.
Related: Deconstructing Maoist Jesus.

Rules for reactionaries.

WeSearchr is live. Land’s comments.
Related: The bounty on Nick Denton.
Related: The coming information wars.
Related: An interview with Pax.

Don’t despair.
Related: Breaking the feedback loop.

Echoes and coincidence.
Related: Vox debated Louise Mensch on anti-semitism.


A reply to Josephine Armistead’s “The Silicon Ideology”.
Related: Anissimov on the absorption of NRx into the alt-right.
Related: Tyler Cowan misunderstands “neo-reaction”.

Baby boomers fail two generations.
Related: Dan Quayle was right.

The second part of the US cannot balkanize.

Trump for king.
Related: The white prole party.
Related: Trump as a tribal leader.
Related: Your skin is your uniform. Related.
Related: Your name is HUD.
Related: Collapse traps people.
Related: SA: Faster and more effective.
Related: The colour of crime.
Related: Ejecting the cult of nice.
Related: Rod Dreher on re-tribalizing America. Not here yet, but a little closer.
Related: The Mexican invasion is defensive.

The evil alt-right.
Related: Cuckservative self-labelling.

Inside the Trump rally riot in Chicago.
Related: Trump feeling the pressure.

Germans migrating to Christian Hungary.

Who killed conservatism?
Related: The right-liberal dance steps.
Related: The central conservative insight?
Related: Why Jonah hates Milo.
Related: Ace disavows #NeverTrump.
Related: Saruman was a true cuckservative.

Hoppe, skip, and a jump from libertarianism.

Against Harvard.
Related: Harvard’s eugenics era.

The managerial revolution.

Humanity is in the details.

Against utilitarianism.

EsotericTrad takes his exit.

Pardon me, ze.

Poverty and complexity.

Weaponizing billionaires.
Related: Countrywide bank takeover.

The ticking Nigerian time bomb.

Have you seen Angry Birds?

Weaponized ambiguity.

The Spirit of the Age.
Related: Decay is a time of pruning.

On Genesis 3.

On Theranos.
Related: The Theranos devaluation.
Related: Style over substance: Elizabeth Holmes and Amelia Earhart.
Related: The pettiness of pointing out feminist’s envy.

Striking back at the press.

Scott Adam’s endorses Hillary.
Related: Hillary, America’s mother-in-law.

Why even conservatives deserve the decline.

Captain America chooses the right side.

Overlapping bell curves and being an outsider.

The hominin braid.

Elizer Yudkowsky “quotes”. Heh.

SJW’s attack Warhammer.

The city of Benin.

The fall of Salon.

Fire Katie Couric (out of a cannon).

A review of Age of Em.
Related: The ascended economy.

Women’s Olympic soccer team loses to 14-year-old boys.
Related: Transsexual beats women in track and field event. Heh.

H/T: Land, SSC, Wright

Lightning Round – 2016/05/25

Don’t wait on the church.

Inference with the vampire.

A list of unmentionable nations.

The types of property.

Anarcho-tyranny and Duerte Harry.

NRx is gearing up for the next step and wants your help.

All slopes are slippery.

Ghostbusters, women, and Hillary.

The pope of moldbuggians.

Marcuse’s deep state ties.
Related: Comments on Marcuse and Marxism.

East Asians: Between a rock and a hard place.
Related: On google-doodle Yuri Kochiyama.

Counterintelligence in the mindwar.

Free speech cannot be given.

The rise of the white tribe.

The terror begins.

Trump’s Supreme Court picks. I thinking Trump actually gets it.
Related: Trump is normal, the Republican’s aren’t.

The demographic nightmare as a symptom.

The NRx presidency.

Sam Francis: Beautiful Losers.

Against LLC’s.

The biosemantics of representation.

Holiness escalation.

Whose bathroom is it anyway?

The bow of the king of Chu.

The Austrian flashpoint.

The alt-right and the chans.

Who should Christian female bloggers be?

The hidden costs of dual income relationships.

Diversity is our vibrancy.

Red State surrenders the GOP to the alt-right.

Thiel is funding Hogan’s anti-Gawker lawsuit.

Looks like a pedophile scandal in Hollywood may be brewing.
Related: The child-toucher checklist.

A Jew accusing another Jew of not being sufficiently pro-Jew is anti-Semitism.


On teacher impact.

How to protect SF from Bad People.

Roosh made an SF story.

World War Zero, the sea people. Related.

H/T: Land, VD