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Lightning Round – 2014/04/16

Nick gives advice on marital sex.

What aren’t you doing?

Things that may be holding you back.

Rollo finishes his 4-part series on preventative medicine: 1, 2, 3, & 4.

Control your micro-environment.
Related: Enjoy the decline: Aaron as a modern Sisyphus.
Related: Francis’ thoughts on enjoying the decline: 1 & 2.

Lessons from the Iliad.

Everything is spiritual.

Some advice on what to take in university.

Matt attacks SSM and Danny. I hate internet drama because everything is based on non-verifiable anonymous comments. Also, why is Matt, or any man, involving themselves in a catfight?
Related: D&P is disassociating from the manosphere.

101 things I will teach my son so he will be a man, not a pussy.

Why Great Britain is filled with douchebags.
Related: Women rolling back the odometer in Tunisia.

Against critical thinking; taboos exist to give wisdom to the cognitively weak.
Related: Critical thinking is a specialized skill not made for everyone.
Related: Incurable STD’s and the Gods of the Copybook Headings.

Escalation: a response to my previous post.
Related: Another response and another.

Finding virtue in a rotted age.

Thoughts on r/K selection.

The psychic undercurrent.

In favour of the gender wage gap.
Related: Just another refutation of the wage gap and another. Maybe reality will sink in at some point.

Community building thoughts.

White men vote Republican because they’re suckers.

Diversity: Everybody looking different but thinking the same.
Related: White privilege: crazy and evil.

Jim’s thoughts on transsexuals.

The dishonesty of progressive institutions pretending not to be.
Related: The purpose of welfare programs.

Maidan is astroturf; Ukrainian rebels are not.

How the Obamacare website debacle came about.

SSM finds a good Christian book on female erotica.

On modesty.

Mutual submission in practice.

Feminist evangelicals celebrate their heresies.

A reminder of the evil influence of feminism.
Related: The civilization:womanization graph.

The empty cultural appropriations of the irreligious woman.

Feminism and the parallels of modern society and Saudi Arabia.

University of California requires mandatory trigger warnings.

The cost Is never too high when someone else is bearing it for older choice mommies.
Related: Women replacing babies with dogs.

18 ugly truths of modern dating.
Related: 5 dating conventions that women killed.

We need to teach boys not to shoot up schools. Heh…

The 1987 essay by gays on how to ideologically conquer America.

Humour: Cracked on nature vs. nurture.
Related: Infant IQ’s predict future test scores.

Humour: The Renaissance wasn’t all it’s cracked up to be.

On testosterone and heart attacks.

Why Game of Thrones makes a good history lesson.

The waste of not having the XL pipeline.

The abuse lottery of public school.

More info on the Mounties’ High River gun confiscation.

A few things you shouldn’t say on tax day.

Swords for SHTF? Nope.

Nerds will rule the world.

Are liberals beginning to clue in to the fact that diversity + proximity = war?

Yale forces thin woman to eat more and fatten up.

Matt reviews Dominate. Sounds interesting.

(H/T: RPR, Tam)

Lightning Round -2014/04/09

The twin pillars of alpha: pain and reading.

Getting shit done: the power through method.

A call for heroic virtue.

Dealing with information overload.

Attachment: the carrot and the stick.

Pictures and manliness.

Mission for the manosphere.

Men musty use wisdom and discernment in choosing their path.
Related: Words are powerful, control them. For women.

How to apologize.
Related: More on apologies.
Related: When not to apologize.

CR at GLP hangs up his hat.

Freedom, eugenics, and human nature.

The mechanics of Russian looting.

Honour over rationality.

The problem with ethnonationalism.

The US: third world country with first world infrastructure.

Progressive dissonance syndrome archive.

European abortion rates and the demographic crisis.

Why we don’t talk about police brutality.

White males are inventing too much.

In defence of racism.
Related: The church and seminary of anti-racism.

On conservatives.

Chinese corruption.

Leftism is the sin of pride disguised as compassion.

How long until we revive the crusade and the inquisition? The cease-fire has been broken, it is purge or be purged time. If you are a Republican business owner, start firing Democrats.
Related: Don’t be a soft target.
Related: We’re not in a rational debate; we’re fighting an ideological war.
Related: Letting the radicals push the moderates to us.
Related: Vox Day at both SDA and Day by Day.
Related: The left “abandoning” free speech.
Related: The end of the apolitical.
Related: The gay fascists will lose.
Related: Transitioning from Firefox to Pale Moon.
Related: A tale of two responses.

Jesus wasn’t nice or tolerant; you shouldn’t be either.

God’s grace and the law.

Christ called to the rich, as well as the poor.

Davis (an agnostic) on the need for Jesus and the lack of need for martyrdom.

The anti-contraception position is increasingly looking to be correct.

A month without responding to feminists. I’ll try it outside the Lightning Round.
Related: Feminism, the click-bait of the manosphere.

Remember: Never marry a single mother.
Related: The rough guide to single moms.
Related: A personal story just to drive the point home.

Men are more pro-life and more pro-marriage than women.

A review of Divorce Corp.
Related: Indianna creates a new debtor’s prison law for men.

8 politically incorrect facts on sex.

18 things females don’t understand because of female privilege. Response.

The evil patriarchy in action: Women don’t choose STEM because nerds are icky. Those oppressive patriarchal nerds.

The myth of female intelligence.

Survivor as an experiment in patriarchy.

Female guards giving control of prisons to inmates.

Women makes 11 false rape accusations to avoid bar exam.
Related: Woman who sent man to prison for 4 years on false rape charge gets two months.

Misogyny is a lack of benevolent sexism.

The sexual market place of the rodeo.

World War T in Japan.

It’s selfish to be a “choice daddy”.

Homeschooled kids are more tolerant of diverse views than the publicly schooled.

Why Jim is bored with Game of Thrones.

Classical family values.

On Leeland Yee and the media.
Related: Arms smuggling and media bias.

The Atlantic discovers what everyone already knew: destroying the family creates poverty.

Natural slaves in the wild.

Using rats to predict the future of our society.

Girl Scouts are evil.

Syrian Muslim rebels overrun Christian town, kill 80.
Related: Coptic women murdered by Egyptian Muslim mob.

The savagery in Detroit continues.

A possible constitutional convention in the future?

Why Norman Borlaug has almost been forgotten.

On junk science reporting.

Failed global warming predictions.

John Wright finds two commercials he likes.

Canadian jailed for handing out pamphlets.

Adventures in socialism: Venezuela issues national rationing cards.

Just when I thought Amanda Marcotte couldn’t get any more viciously stupid

Avoid protein bars.

Humour: 7 reasons Putin is a badass.

Obama the liar.

How long until bars that purposefully cockblock their guests go out of business?


Lightning Round – 2014/04/02

Top ten challenges you’ll face as a new entrepreneur.
Related: Become madly obsessed.

Influencing others.
Related: Examples of dealing with people from Jesus.

Complaining is a sin.

Women: How to mitigate the wall.

Are men the new Mexicans?

Will starts a series of blogs: Weirdness, Culture Wars, Anarcho-tyranny, and Sunny Side.

The struggle of our time.
Related: Our battle is spiritual
Related: Our new priests.

Great post: How to understand elite multiculturalism.
Related: Batman and the need for aristocracy.

The unified theory of leftists madness.

On Unwin’s Sex and Culture.
Related: A bit of slutology.

Fight despair: Pro-create.
Related: How to win a culture war.

New neoreaction aggregator: Reaction Times.

Why white nationalism is wrong.
Related: The unique universalism of whites.
Related: A bit more on the topic.

Pathologizing the normal.

Gromar has a bit of fun.

The modern “official idea”; language and the decline.

The rifts in neoreaction.
Related: Traditionalism is the future, not the past.
Related: The need for rejecting cosmopolitanism.

The upper crust cares more about the foreign poor.

China & India; growth and endarkenment.

A creeping coup in Ukraine.
Related: The Cathedral purge of rightests begins.
Related: How Russia won.

How to deal with the left.

Study: The incompatibility between diversity and community.

The crisis of absent men in the church.

Bad things don’t happen to Christians.
Related: A blessed day.

I’m going to have to reconsider donating to World Vision.
Related: They reversed their decision. Still

MGTOW in the Daily Mail.
Related: Roosh at the Awl.

Jenny Erickson’s travails as a divorcee continue.
Related: The kind of man Jenny is looking for.
Related: The need to confront public sinners like Jenny.
Related: Jenny Erickson is sorry.

Clever women conquer men easily; only stupid women can’t.

Check your privilege. My score is 175: Shitlord.

Hey ladies, short hair is rape. The comments are great; it went right over their heads.

Chivalry is dead and that’s the way millennial women want it.

RPR finds women telling the truth about their sexual counts.

Science: For 40% of women no can mean yes

Remember, supplication only enrages feminists more.

The self-inflicted martyrdom of Belle Knox.

Stories of a woman against dating and one sick of not dating.

Did you know you can get more women in tech by dumbing down the curriculum? Surprising. More.

Parenting science: divorce is bad and home care is better for the rich; day care for the poor.
Related: Home environment may effect children.

Raising a kid on paleo.

Reddit on serial monogamy.

A bit more on Tucker Max’s new site and how it hacked the manosphere.

More on the tuition bubble.

A summary of the viking sagas.

Who are the jihadis and why aren’t there more of them?

There is coordination within the Cathedral.

The future rise of Libertarianism+?

Ridding Detroit of crime through self-defence shootings.

State kidnaps girl; judge makes it legal.

What happens when workers just don’t care anymore?
Related: Titles that show you have a worthless job.

The climate change debate is about to radically change.

Gun control advocate arrested for trafficking firearms.

The real reason for Obamacare.

Stephen Colbert isn’t progressive enough.

Belgium bans sexist speech.

The germ theory of democracy.

Comforting thought: Those in charge of launching nuclear missiles have been cheating on their tests.

White liberal moves to white neighbourhood to escape minorities. Writes about how to indoctrinate kids in anti-racism.

Canadians, remember the CWB? A few years ago this would have been illegal. Rail car shortage for farmers exacerbated because trains too busy hauling crude oil.

Humour: How banks screw you.

H/T: Isegoria, HBDC, RWCG, RPR, Rex, SDA, Bryce, NSR, SCC

Lightning Round

Frost launches the Red Pill Review.
Related: LaidNYC calls it quits.

Three ways to stop being a little bitch.
Related: Don’t complain.

Castration is not the answer.

Dealing with loneliness.

Seek small victories.
Related: Fail faster.
Related: Ambition.
Related: I’m glad I was a sexless, hopeless, unattractive nerd.

The clash of masculinities.

Why male-only spaces matter.

Frame and blind spots.

The red pill can’t bring back what was lost.

Take responsibility for what you’re responsible for; don’t take it for what you are not.
Related: Christian nice guys are not good.

What love is.

Peers, elder, fathers, and sons.

A red pill: Cryonics and hostile wives.

Psychology Today on female desire.

Doc Illusion thinks Max Tucker is not bad for the manosphere.
Related: It’s just marketing.
Related: Critical mass has been reached.

It’s possible to get to a point in life where you are beyond help.

The public policy challenge of male motivation.
Related: The media and sex worker stories.

On the fissures appearing in neoreaction.
Related: Paleoreaction and neoreaction.
Related: Land vs. Anissimov.
Related: Neocameralism is autistic.
Related: Meta-neocameralism.
Related: Bryce does not think monarchy is in the cards.
Related: A good case for monarchy.

Focusing on realistic questions.
Related: Fields to study for neoreactionaries.
Related: Lessons from Alinsky.

The world will become nerd vs. non-nerd.

Chicago, democratic dysfunction, and fraud.

The milquetoast conservative squad.
Related: Reviewing the NRO.

Fertility and extrapolation.

Liberalism, Islam, and multiculturalism.
Related: Illegal immigration and anarcho-tyranny in California.
Related: Mascots of the elite

Real life examples of low-hanging fruit.

Cathedral coordination between reporters and PR flacks.

The puritan hypothesis goes mainstream.

Neoliberalism, Robert Strauss, and Robert Rubin.

The Russia, PRC, Saudi Arabia axis.

Language and the swim of Cthulu.

Jim on gay marriage.

Onward Christian bloggers.

Great read: The desolation of the autumn people. Vox comments.
Related: The intellectual pretensions of the nihilists.
Related: The anti-existence nihilism of liberalism.
Related: Stupidity in book reviews.

Is the Orthodox church going to self-annihilate?

Catholic schools being forced to teach all religions are equal.

A look at Fred Phelps.

Parenting is for the young.

Seems that weird red pill Christian BDSM blog that popped up months ago was a troll.

Some feminists realizing sex-positivism is not good for women.

The awesome temporary power of young attractive women.

The American bachelor as a Mexican fisherman.

The high cost of female coders.

Benevolent sexists happier.

The new morality: Lying to your paramour about being a man is ok, but someone else revealing that the liar is a man is not.

Science and peacocking.

The decline of the academy.

Should it really take 14 years to become a doctor?

Fuck GDP.

Banker suicides up to 11.
Humour: How banks screw you.

Economic bubbles disproportionately hurt women and minorities.

Intelligent people more likely to trust others.

Pay for your own birth control.

H/T: RoM, Nick, RPR

Lightning Round – 2014/03/19

There’s a new manosphere aggregator:
Related: Seems Viva la Manosphere has been ripping off others. Off the sidebar.

Looks like Tucker Max and Geoffrey Miller are manosphere entryists. Post coming Friday.

Some feminist is making a red pill documentary.

How to be lucky.
Related: Just show up.

Be superior.

If you did everything the manosphere said.

Dark knights rising.

Dominate yourself.
Related: Dominant body language and presence.

The Manosphere should study friendship. Already started here.
Related: Choose your friends carefully.

The Christian game 101 formula.

Donal looks at Sirach, women, and marriage. I still have to read the Deuterocanon.

Christian nice guys are abused.
Related: Faith is essentially fake it ‘til you make it in spiritual terms.

Every Christian man’s battle.

A discussion of Jesus at Cana and a reply.

Thinking too much is also one of my great problems.

Proud not to be a PUA.

A crib sheet of game.
Related: Speak less.

A taxonomy of haters.

The internet may be doing more harm than good.

The white knight landing page.

Some SMP graphs.

There’s more to success in marriage than just being hot.

An outline of a women’s relationship timeline.

New reactionary project: Hestia Society.

Neoreactionary plans for the future.

The reactionary oath has a permanent page.

Who are the neoreactionaries?

The purpose of reactionary politics if to end politics.
Related: Exit over voice.

Neoreaction and social order.

The decline of social trust.

A short introduction to HBD.

A criticism of neoreaction and a response.

Monarchy and SovCorp.

Reactionaries and inequality.

Roosh answers reactionary criticisms levelled against him.

Clannishness vs. state-dependent individualism.

A big summary of the hajnal line.
Related: A bit more on the Hajnal line.
Related: Hypothesis on why NW Europe began outbreeding.
Related: The low fertility of urban liberals is a boon.

The pathogenic theory of culture.

Laidnyc has probably the best ‘yo mama’ joke I’ve read.
Related: The risks of dimorphism.

Neoreactionary subversion.

A crime prevention proposal.

The composition of the Ukrainian government.

Offense as an intellectual allergy.

Low interest rates are a sign and cause of moral decay.

The consequences of the US’ debts.

Progressive hypocrisy on democracy.

Sociopathic patriotism.

Why foreign aid produces bad results.

The degeneration of evangelicalism.

The desolation of the marital altar.

A plea for mercy for adulterers.
Related: The cruelty of the proposed ‘pastoral exception.’

Problems with the church and recovery seminars.

Morality and adrongyny.

There’s a patron saint of shooters and handgunners. Nice.

The patriarch of Georgia singlehandedly raised birth rates by 20%.

Church leaders denying the existence of feminism.

Men’s predation on women is not the problem, women becoming feral is.

The rot goes deep.
Related: Sluts, daughters, and tuition costs.
Related: Roissy comments on the same.
Related: Why does it hurt when I pee?

Young women, older women are trying to throw you under the bus.

Chesterton on women in the workplace.

Women in STEM & MBTI:  Women just don’t have programmer personalities.
Related: Vox starts a Twitter outrage. #iamdoingprogramming

SJW’s deny female agency: bitcoin edition.

Jailing the long-term unemployed.

On female libertarians.

Hook-up culture and campus rape accusations: everyone loses except professional feminists.

Girls don’t have it any worse than boys.

Your tax dollars pay for feminist Mireille Miller-Young to violently assault teenage girls.

Writing and literacy are patriarchal. Guess that means we should keep women illiterate?

Affirmative action for her but never for him.

Triggers warnings silence dissent and protect fragile egos.

A guy wrote a satire for Thought Catalog.

Jewish woman sad that she can’t get a religious divorce because she’s withholding visitation rights from the father.

Amusing story: Lottery winner’s mom wants reunion after 7 years of estrangement.

Woman marries dog. You’d think there’d be a law?

A review of 50 Shades of Grey.

Work on male birth control continues.

A recap of why global warming is a sham.

Private citizens stopped 1/6 mass shootings.

Target shooting in America.

A guide to the gun control debate.

The statistical incomprehension of the masses.

Learning to loathe the USA.

A TRP guide to choosing kindergartens. (Better yet, home-school).

Poor whites are discriminated against in college admissions.
Related: SAT scores by income and race.

Anti-racism is code for anti-white.

Tribalism comes to California.

The racist origins of modern progressive politics.

Can animals distinguish between human races?

Democrats want bureaucrats to visit parent’s homes at birth.

The hypocrisy of leftists in SF.
Related: Winning the culture war in SF.

Demented liberals protest a $100-million donation to a hospital.

Leftist mental illness.

Is American approaching an event horizon in industry?

Eating the young: Global debt reaches $100 trillion.

Voting is an illusion of power.

Why gravitational waves are a big deal.

Socialized medicine and socialist politician killing a little girl.

The lies of homosexual activists.

H/T: Outside In, Phineas, Zippy, RPR, Nick, SDA,

Lightning Round -2013/03/12

Radish finally finished his Pump & Dump post. Read it, it is amazing.

The manosphere and masculine excellence.
Related: Game vs. the reactosphere.

On powertalk and how it applies to the RP. Read the series a long time ago, a good reread.

Follow God, not other’s passions.

Grow or stagnate.
Related: How to accomplish anything.

I’m just somewhat above untrained for the main 4. Much more work to do.

Body language: Hands down. Simple but, from experience, hard to implement.

You’re lonely but you’re not alone.

The truth industry.

Don’t be a nice guy.

Manosphere Omertà.

Applying the pareto principle in life.

Porn replaces our burning to fight. Related.

Man up, church. A biblical defense of giving offense.
Related: The good Christians do in the world.

Advice for short men.

Why men don’t marry, labour force edition.
Related: A Japanese MGTOW’s take on herbivore men.
Related: The ‘mysterious’ rise in youth unemployment.

Roosh is experiencing why marriage is important.

A discussion of God at RoK.

Who cares what women think.

Feminine and masculine communication.

Love your wife through words.

Don’t marry an overeducated woman.

A letter to ABlack spade (cards)’s daughter.

An oldie for good Christian women.

Wifely submission.
Related: Sex should not be weaponized in marriage.

A study on why men marry some women and not others. Good advice for women; some red pill stuff in there. The editor’s note amused me.
Related: A blunt message for women on fertility.

A reactionary oath.

An excellent analysis of the mess of our current legal system.

Our popped culture.

A big summary of the hajnal line.

The death of honour.

On groupthink.
Related: Human cognition and groupthink.

How the media promotes terrorism.

Minority tipping points.

Racial voting in Texas.

A reactionary look at the Lone Ranger.

Seems some ‘medievalist’ got in a ‘debate’ about HBD and made himself look foolish.

The rot goes deep.

Gromar attends CPAC.

Food labels for the retarded.
Related: The decadence of food glorification.

Russia not Right Sector.
Related: Neoreaction and the ascendency of Russia.
Related: The incompetence and moral bankruptcy of the US in Ukraine.
Related: Urkaine: Were snipers from Euromaiden?

The EU isn’t a nation, no one will die for it.

Remember Libya?

I kinda wish Ballista had made that post. Harsh criticism is good for the soul.

Pope could support homosexual civil unions.

The church needs to re-evaluate its conception of gender.

The failure of the bodily autonomy argument for abortion.

The reason women act in certain ways men don’t understand: Women fear being cast from the tribe.

Two women’s funerals.

Men in America are an interruption.

New word: Bureaugamy. (Although, I think I’ve heard it before.)

Horses, fat, and healthiness. Dressing it up in ponies might help some girls get it.

Canadian man found guilty of sexual assault for poking holes in condom; SC makes sure ruling does not apply to women lying about taking birth control.
Related: Remember, even if she says yes, it might still be rape.

Breastfeeding may not be best.

How transgenderism could divide feminism.

“As a result, twice as many women as men passed their genes to the next generation.”

Car status and number closes.

Student loan fraud and mass delusion.
Related: OWS continues their stupidity.

4 harsh truths you need to learn.

The government cannot distinguish between the shiftless and the unfortunate.

What world do journalists live in? Obama’s “era of austerity”???

The decline of the US military.

A second bitcoin exchange goes bankrupt.


A left-wing glossary.

Venezuela food lines.

Global warming in 1922.

App to read novels in under 90 minutes.

Vox on entryism is SF.

Facebook cracks down on guns.

Amanda Marcotte notices something right-wingers have been saying for ages, but, of course, doesn’t acknowledge that her and her kind are the reason this idiocy exists.

Bo-meme-ian Rhapsody.

(H/T: SDA, RPR, Outside In)

Lightning Round – 2014/03/05

You’re only as good as your final act.

The treatment of inferiors is the measure of a man.

Be qualified, not entitled.

You need boundaries.
Related: On being a godly leader.

Reflections on the Christian manosphere.
Related: The wake-up call narrative.

Have a holy fear of God, not a fear of man.

You need to repent of being a Christian nice guy. Part 2.

Physical attraction should not be ignored.

When real hierarchy and vulnerability aren’t allowed, people will pursue soiciopaths.

Talking like a retard in the manosphere.

For wives: use actions not words.

The women RoM respects.

Preparing for the collapse.

A review of Crossfit.

The destruction of men in the political class.

Why rats conquer empires.

When did healthy communities become illegal.

Gentrification, immigration, and colonization are the same thing.
Related: Spike Lee’s lack of historical awareness.

Five cheers for monarchy talk.
Related: The success of Polish monarchs and Frankish kings.

The southernization of white America.

The Democratic election strategy.

Democracy is doomed.
Related: The aristocracy of outrage.

On right to work legislation.

On allocative mechanisms.

The Cathedral and the Ukraine.
Related: Ukraine predictions.
Related: Seems Palin predicted Russian invasion in 2008.

A summary of the foundations of modern civilization.
Related: A civilizational breaking point at 97 IQ.

What if HBD is true?

Libertarians ain’t so bad.
Related: The power of liberty.
Related: The death of libertarianism.

The Last Psychiatrist drops another gooder on how the system is eating you.

Pastoral exceptionalism and Cthulhu’s leftward movement in the Catholic church.
Related: Hammer-and-nails Christians.

Christians need to judge to call people to repentance.

Gay marriage is used as a purposeful tool to destroy traditional marriage.
Related: More of the lies and hatred of the gay agenda.

We all have doubt; some are simply better at hiding it.

When women face divorce theft.

It’s things like this that turn you off marriage. How much of a hateful bitch to you have to be to regularly sexually reject the person you “love”?

Why you should feel no sympathy for a woman in an abusive relationship.

The most important point for the “privileged” in social justice: “shutting the fuck up”.  Lovely.
Related: Seems feminists have their own version of NAWALT.

What do you notice about the 25 hottest girls on OKC? Other than bunnies girl being adorable.

Jenny Erickson’s husband refused to be a beta orbiter.
Related: Some humour.

When was the last time you saw a happy feminist?

Observations of fat people.
Science: Fat and healthy is a myth. Shocking!

The economic rape of Russia.

Generation debt-slave.

The failings of our legal system.

The paradox of socialism.

Middle class not dying in Canada.

Judges rule America.

The crocodile humour of modern comedy.

Counter Currents is under attack by the SPLC.

Teachers R Dum.

It’s not safe to wear an American flag in an American high school.

Wusses more likely to be left-wing.
Related: The breakdown of a mentally ill leftist.

Canada: You can’t trust the Conservative party with guns.

Don’t bother fighting ebook piracy.

Rules of Writing: Maintain viability.

The 10 most psychopathic jobs in America.

H/T: SDA, Clarissa, Gromar, RPR, Roissy

Lightning Round – 2014/02/26

An excellent post of advice to the single young man.
Related: There may not be a solution for Christian manospherians.

The importance of mindset.
Related: Women are gambling addicts, be the house.

Being beta to an ordered alpha may be preferable to disordered alpha.

How to live a life of choice.

Faith is action.
Related: Lessons from Jesus’ interactions.

Meet women, don’t put them on a pedestal.
Related: Make her say please.

Women who don’t love men.

Learn to take criticism or be prepared to fail.

When we say beta, we really mean omega.

Matt Forney is One Bad-Assed Amygdala Hijacker.
Related: Matt starts juicing.

Securing your WP blog from hackers.

Get in the trades.

7 reasons to quit your job.
Related: 7 reasons not to buy a house.

Why Conan the Barbarian is a great movie.

What Wintery Knight wants from marriage.

Your husband doesn’t have to earn your respect.
Related: If you see a wife disrespect her husband, call it out.
Related: WK comments.

“Christian wives should revel in being an êzer, as she is created to be the physical representation of the help of the Lord to her husband.”

Males clubs don’t exist because males don’t want them.

The linking of joy, grace, forgiveness, and charisma.

You were made for paradise; women weren’t.

Women do have more “dating power”.

The effects of the theology of the body.

The 1920’s communist attack on the Russian family. How familiar it seems.

What is wrong with modernity.

Monarchy FAQ: Leadership.
Related: Why a traditional monarchy over SovCorp.
Related: Answering two common objections to monarchy.

When discussing the best government type, you must ask, “for whom?”

Advice for new reactionaries: when the time comes, be ready.

Equality is injustice.

Dark Matter Journal has launched.

A list of Julius Evola postings.

Euromaiden from a neoreactionary perspective. I’m conflicted, but I vaguely support Euromaiden because Svoboda is taking a leading role, but are they being hijacked by America?
Related: From 2011, Ukranian leader says Soro’s preparing Libyan scenario for Ukraine.
Related: No dice for the west.
Related: The I am Ukrainian video was not grass roots.

Neoreactionary debate tips.
Related: Ideological in-group dynamics.

The structured ignorance of progress.

The USG immigration problem.
Related: The immigration is a false solution to the made-up demographic crisis.

WW1 propaganda posters show how far we’ve fallen.

Immigration and the possibility of war.

The amount of neoreactionary exosemantics necessary to understand this piece is astounding. Would this be too high a bar for a neoreactionary Turing test?

The choice is occultionism or neocameralism.
Related: Social norms and community.

Exit for all is unattainable.
Related: Land thinks neocameralism is neoreaction.
Related: Neocameralism is reality.
Related: Exit in France.

Counterpoint to exit: The reactionary view of the economy.

How disaster sneaks up.

Some Twitter developments in neoreaction: anarchy?

The parade of humiliations.
Related: Why a good slur can’t be found for whites.

Anissimov’s opinion on the manosphere.

The difference between the Daily Mail and the NYT.

The envious orcs mean exactly what they say.

What happened to the left-wing cry of ‘keep the state out of the bedroom’?

Gay activists are liars, schemers, and frauds.
Related: Sexual slavery in Africa and the LGBT agenda.

The Canadian brahmins.

Harvard Crimson writer explicitly calls to end academic freedom.
Related: Academic justice already rules, bring it out in the open.

The lifetime chance of a false rape accusation is at least 0.3%, but probably about 3%. Also, feminists lie a lot.
Related: James Taranto on college sexual assault and alcohol.

Chicks dig Right Sector.

Men should not help sluts; help decent people instead.

These evil men won’t help this businesswomen with her bag.
Related: Chivalry is dead.

Science: Men cheat more because they have stronger sex drives.

The androgenisation of society.

Being married with child at 23 is an ‘alternative lifestyle’. We’re boned.

Something we already knew: Mom’s boyfriend greatest risk of child sex abuse.

Why young women should avoid college.

“On average, women tend to take more selfies than men… After approximately age 40, men are more likely to take and post selfies on Instagram than women.” The red pill shows up everywhere. (Goldstein)

Black propaganda in feminism.

Aurini analyzes the Feminist Mystique. Part 2.
Related: So does SSM.

Marriage has increasingly become all or nothing.

How much would you bet this wife had a lot of pre-marital sex partners?

Men think sexual affairs are worse, women think emotional ones are.

One of the more over-worked hamsters I’ve read of.

Science: Ovulation and attraction.

Another story of CPS kidnapping. Maybe some parents need to start taking justice into their own hands.

Women’s capacity for moral agency.

Intelligence and equality.

Modern women bringing feminism to the family farm.

If you’re fat, it’s your own fault.
Related: We’re fatter than we thought and the standard BMI is too high.

Being abused in porn is a feminist act.

“How can a so-called progressive population stand the fact that we still have people in charge who think that you can tell someone’s gender based on a physical examination?” One of the most insane sentences written by man.
Related: How dare they use reason!?!

Some videos of a woman playing semi-pro football; about what you’d expect.

CC doesn’t like ‘idea guys’.

The uselessness of ideology.

Salon discovers Roissy and RoK.

God, language, and secularism.

Another banker commits suicide. A trend?

The NYT admitting genetics plays a strong role in inequality.

You forgo a house payment for 10 years for an average student loan payment.

The problem of modern science.
Related: The statistical bankruptcy of modern science.
Related: How science can go wrong.

Why white man’s burden volunteering is pointless.

People receiving means-tested government benefits outnumber full-time workers.

Cracks in Pax Americana.

Resistance in France.

Venezuela reaping the consequences of socialism.

Education in Singapore.

Against the 4 rules of gun safety. Related.

Did you know the Olympic sport with guns has the least injuries?

Science: Liberals are humourless.

Humour: 5 unexpected things about Gitmo.

Women in combat are more likely to get pregnant than killed.

Many “trafficked” young women are not.

A Russian’s take on Pussy Riot.

What did Captain Capitalism used to say about aspiring rappers?

Partisanship and reality.
Related: More liberals than conservatives believe in astrology.

The difference between psychopaths and sociopaths.

H/T: SSC, SDA, 28 Sherman, GLP,

Lightning Round – 2014/02/19


Been busy this week, so I haven’t done my normal reading. It will be a bit shorter, but that only means more for next week.

Instead of repeatedly failing the same way, try something different.

The basis of godly masculinity.
Related: Offensive and defensive masculinity.
Related: Unselfish masculinity and teasing.

Godly humility – submit and obey.
Related: Fear and sin.

Joseph’s story of game.
Related: Don’t be a loser, don’t be a jerk, don’t be a nice guy.

The great game debate again.
Related: Christians and game.
Related: Defining game.

Advice for women on avoiding players.
Related: Advice for good girls looking for marriage.
Related: No one has it easy in the marriage marketplace.

Advice for younger women from an older one.
Related: Don’t feel pity for the lonely cat lady; she was warned.

Some advice for raising a boy. More advice.

Be the superhero of your neighbourhood.

There are no feminists in the real world. Matt misses the structural issues.

Radish has a special Valentine’s Day post. What a romantic.

The Neoreactionary Canon in book form.

Democracy, authority, and moral order.

More Mark Shea; getting trolled hard. Although, I must say, I do want to try out “Hey girl! I want to inspect your phenotype” some time.
Related: He got trolled, but that doesn’t matter because we’re all evil racissses.
Related: Gromar comments on the punking.

The sanity of alt-right debate.

A bit of red pill in NRO.

Russia 2014 vs. Africa 2010.

How media workers get paid.

Will Norway follow the Swiss?

A short history of the misuse of the word fascism.

All Christians have doubt; that does not make the faith any less true.

The Christian focus on correcting men is misfocused.

A tale of two churches.

Wright does not like the newest Hobbit movie. This is why I go into movies based on existing works not expecting accuracy it to be true to the source.

Digital mobs and the outrage generation.

Science:  Aloof indifference.
Science: An intelligence gene found.

“Sex addiction” (ie. normal male desires) may become the new reason for divorce.

Woman saves sperm from oral sex, impregnates herself. Man forced to pay child support.

The parasitic human bubble.
Related: Who receives government benefits.

Health “science” isn’t.

Government laying groundwork to take your retirement account.

A farmer vs. PETA.

Euthanasia of the young.

Some people are just too stupid to get it.

Anil Dash does something else stupid.

Vox analyzes self-published genre fictions sales.
Related: The original report.

(H/T: SDA, CC, Outside In, GLP, RPR)


Lightning Round – 2014/02/12

On the Christianization of game.

The godly masculinity compendium.

Judge by the fruits.

Six habits that make you a man.

Only speak when you have something of value to add.

Dominance is not something to be turned on and off at will.

If you’re failing to find a mate, deal with your one obvious problem.
Related: You have bigger things to work on then game.
Related: Game starts from vulnerable beginnings.

Life on hard mode.
Related: Understanding the world and the mission.

Why patriarchy is the greatest social system ever created.
Related: Mating disruption.

The importance of the old testament patriarchs.
Related: False teachings around humility.

Never beg, never plead.
Related: Guard your strength.
Related: Don’t try to placate her emotions, bring her closer to God.
Related: The socialization of men and women.

3 ways a Christian woman can help herself be attracted to a Christian man.
Related: Looks have nothing to do with women being unable to “find” husbands.
Related: A woman can know a player as he is that perfect boyfriend she’s been searching for.

Confusing value and attraction.

Best way to survive a street fight? Don’t start one.

Neoreaction vs. the manosphere.
Manosphere vs. neoreaction commentary.
Related: The manosphere and reactionaries should get along.
Related: Defending the manosphere.

Reaction does nothing; there is little to be done as our path is more or less inevitable. We are pointing out error so that restoration can take place when the inevitable occurs.

Neoreaction is diagnostics not advocacy. Entryists can be seen because they are lying.

The point of a monarch is not to rule. The absolute monarch fills the highest position of authority, so no one else can. The monarch dicking around instead of ruling is a positive, not a negative.

That Adam Gurri guy just made his piece on neoreaction.

Hierarchy is kinder to the poor than equality.
Related: Thinking people are equal will create more inequality.
Related: Wright questioning modern feudalism.

Magic: more real than you think.

The leftist is defined by his unyielding despair.

Feminist having problems with the leftist singularity. You’d think she’d have some self-awareness.
Related: Will Wheaton can never appease the gods of equality.
Related: The left continues to eat its own.

Our civilization is not guaranteed; it lives by an edge.

Morality and evolution.

A nice example of the Cathedral spin machine in action.

Discrimination against conservatives in social psychology.

How anti-nazi activity creates nazi signalling.

Here Mark Shea commits the association fallacy. Movin’ on up in his criticisms of neoreaction.

Swiss citizenism and American racialism.
Related: Vox comments on the Swiss vote.

Catholic social teaching and economics.

Advertising, individuality, consumerism, and feminism.

Three articles from the NYT; is there an opinion shift in the making?
The NYT reconsiders equal marriages.
The NYT on how the modern sexual culture destroys love.
The NYT realizes that single motherhood hurts children.
Related: The continued decline of the NYT.

Despite the typo, I made one of the top 15 #backtothekitchen tweets.
Related: Both sexes need to work to make traditional sex roles workable.
Related: 10 changes that need to happen to do so.
Related: The 20 articles of traditional sex roles week.
Related: To cook is to love.
Related: 9 ways a woman can make herself more attractive.

The negative effects of fatherlessness can’t be attributed solely to poverty.

Science: Sex differences in the brain.

Gender and religiosity.

Feminism is simply “I want”.
Related: The “I need feminism” hall of fame.

60% of working moms would work less if they could afford to.

Science: Equality and feminism are a female mating strategy.

A timeline for women who want to have it all.

A fun Christian hamster on divorce.

The hamster is strong in Jenny Erickson: She slept around before marriage, so it’s the churches fault she’s divorced.
Related: A manosphere cliché.

The difference between an intelligent woman and a smart woman.

Savagery in the city.

Psychopathy and game.

Matt doxxes Cynthia Gockley, whose been stalking manospherians.

Never write a girl a poem.

A story of a man at retirement.

Seems the MGTOW forum went down.

How long until paternity tests lead to cries of “paternalism”?
Related: An advance in male birth control.

Remember, alimony is evil when women have to pay it.

Bright girls believe that their abilities are innate and unchangeable, while bright boys believe that they can develop ability through effort and practice.”

Dear E-Harmony, fuck you. Hilarious.

Kipling’s Cold Iron. Haven’t read this one before; excellent.

Why all the self-esteem talk? Nihilism.

Welfare stories; the lie no one prefers welfare to work.

Some rules for obeying your minority masters.

Why are we so unhappy when we have so many good things?

Some basic advice on discharging student loans.

The wired man’s burden.

When FDR betrayed his allies.

More Obamacare stupidity in the USSA.

Karl Marx was insane, but people are even more insane for listening to him.

Beards are racist.

NAACP demands photo ID for those attending protest against photo ID laws.

A convenient fire in Argentina.

Slate notices some conservatives are opposed to expanding voting.

(H/T: Outside In, RPR, Anissimov, SDA, Isegoria)