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Lightning Round – 2016/05/04

Against universalism.

Eastern European underperformance.

Spiritual security.

Progressive faith and the trial of victimhood.

Art of the media ambush.

The Elbonian zombie virus.

The new right reception centre.

The dissidence of dissidents.

Human nature and politics.

Trump’s foreign policy speech.
Related: Trump rally revival.
Related: Trump’s the alt-right’s guy.
Related: Andrew Sullivan fears Trump.
Related: Mexican protesters outside Trump rally.

The 2016 Sydney Trads Symposium.

Power lies.

The Song dynasty’s surrender.

Dysgenic technology.

What do terrorists want?

Francis, Buckley, and NRx.

What is an American?

American slavery.

Protestants, progs, and Islam.

Why doesn’t the 28-year-old manboy want to become respectable?

The headship conversation.

Real life Ruths.

Pro-life: Throwing out the baby to conserve the bathwater.
Related: On not confronting women about abortion.

We’re all rapists now.

Atavisionary talks about personal stuff and the dark triad.

Sexual selection and Teen Mom.

Rabid Puppies make the Hugos great again. Reactions. It was worth filling out the ballot.
Related: Rabid puppies and My Little Pony.
Related: Some Hugo stuff.

Why traditional publishers are terrified.

China: Mission accomplished.

SA reviews Albion’s Seed.

Target suffering for trans bathrooms.

The inhumanness of political correctness.

Infographics and our brains’ blind spots.

Ron Unz running for Harvard Board of Overseers.

Lawyers and salesmen.

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Lightning Round – 2016/04/27

Alcohol is the truth serum.

The US can’t balkanize.
Related: Polarization.
Related: Another battlefield in the diversity wars.
Related: Science: Diversity kills community.

Hate facts.

Fixing housing, health, and education.

GenX Vision 20/20.
Related: The new singularity.
Related: The VR decline.
Related: Adulting.
Related: Going against consensus.

Signalling spirals.
Related: The collapsing star of the left.

Reaction and the BS industry.
Related: Douthat writes on (neo)reaction.

Evolan tripartite race.

Market perfection tends to monarchy.

Poverty and socialism.

The stone wall of conservatism.
Related: Fleeing power.
Related: The symbolism of Jackson’s replacement.

Religion’s memetic conservatism.

Cognitive stratification.

Against white nationalism.


The Song Dynasty: golden age, decline and fall.

The Austrian hospitality business.

Buying an island and building rapture.
Related: Exit tech.

The professional intelligentsia.
Related: Our enemy, the university.

The rankling of the business community.

Jack Donovan’s Becoming a Barbarian review.

Pro-life is pro-choice.
Related: The shared essence.
Related: How liars come to believe their own lies.
Related: Goddess idols.
Related: Christian goddess worship.
Related: Peak cuck.

Learning from a puppy.
Related: Don’t marry a fixer-upper.

Transforming sex into legal rape.

Science: American women becoming less feminine.


Blockbots and blacklists.

SJW convergence at Wikipedia.
Related: SJW convergence at ESPN.

Williamson references, but does not rebut, my critique, without a link.

EvoX on the election.
Related: Why VD supports Trump.

The conservative media meltdown.

Neanderthal DNA map.

Taking down #StandwithScience.

Vancouver debate shut down by racism card.

Georgia goes after Christian medical doctor.

Wargaming in the classroom.

The sugar conspiracy.

Is the whole SJW vs. anti-SJW fight, an outgrowth of the 4chan/Something Awful rivalry?

Lightning Round – 2016/04/20

How to passivism.
Related: Passivism, Salafism, and Trump.
Related: A bit on passivism.

Rules for brotherhood.

A poem of successful revolution.

Moldbug adds a coda to his blog.
Related: Vox writes a piece on the alt-right and neoreaction that is not totally retarded.

Between a cuck and a hard place.


The myth of female oppression.

Putin’s ratings firm.

Nydwracu has a good twitter rant.

The decline of America was not an accident.

The three pillars of the West.

On corruption.

The Libyan deep state.

Keeping up on the news.

Presidential poison.

The Innsmouth deal.

What ails Appalachia? Part 2, part 3.

A Chinese story about the law.

European niceness.
Related: Free Tibet, but what about us?

ET and Muslims.
Related: Advertising and ignorance.

Tactical Freudianism.

Leftist rhetorical sucker punches.

On criticisms of Christianity.

More on aborting mothers.
Related: How to end political conflict over abortion.
Related: The pro-abortion, pro-life movement.

Feminist rape laws in Sweden.

The need for sexenomics.

A warning to young men.

Vox Day interviewed.

When is firing justified?
Related: The moderates don’t know how to deal with SJW’s.
Related: No-platforming from SJW’s.
Related: Status 451 is not on our side.

Why it’s called virtue signalling, not virtue.

A guide to popular social justice hashtags.

University of Missouri feels the effects of hiring SJW’s.

Looking for a way out.

Income and household demographics.

The federalist cucks it up.

The Saudi’s threaten the US.

The global warming hiatus is real.

Fields case against Lewandowski dropped.

The Sailer gap.

The intrinsic unreliability of science.

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Lightning Round – 2016/04/13

Vox Day launches the SJW list. Ben Shapiro is on it.
Related: SJW’s like Tim Chevalier already crying wolf. Their fear.

Amoral counter-signalling is retarded.
Related: Anti-Dem on abortion and leftism.
Related: Anti-left is not right.
Related: Signalling games.
Related: Contract hits on babies.
Related: Zippy always has the best post titles.
Related: Aborting the working class.

Classical liberalism is not Western Civilization.

Status wire-heading.

Alt-tech and alt-society.

Why intelligence matters.

The optimal tariff.

The invasion continues.
Related: Burying the truth on moderate refugees.

Do you get fired for being right or wrong?
Related: Clinton denounced for condemning black murderers.

Pay the crime away.

The myth of freedom.

The Goodperson problem.

Modernity in a nutshell.

Tyndale and the English language.

Leftism and Christianity.
Related: American civic religion.

The Dalia Lama selling out his country’s traditions.

Do progs know where Sesame Street is?

The regressive left.

The democratic peace.


The problem ahead for the church.

Religious liberty in Britain.

Generosity and finance porn.

Churchianity and the veneer of self-righteousness.

The fear of confronting women’s sexual sin.

Cuckoldry culture.

Scientistry and sciensophy.
Related: The replacement of science with marketing.

Regression to the mean.

Fear and loathing at a Trump rally.

Beamdog CEO on Baldur’s Gate controversy.
Related: The reality of SJW’s in games.


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Lightning Round – 2016/04/06

Right-wing activism always fails.
Related: This is not the neoreactionary moment.

A remedy for ressentiment.

Why your attention span sucks.

The enemy endgame.

Ethnic cleansing numbers.

Danegeld to the domestic savages.

Why universities love grievance studies.

Deportation is cheap.

The migration of the rich.

How many Muslims support Islamic terrorism?
Related: Why we can’t have nice things.

Trump, abortion, and the pre-collapse.
Related: Trump’s abortion misstep.
Related: The “pro-life” movement doesn’t believe their own rhetoric. More.
Related: Pro-life motivation.
Related: More irrationalism from Wilson and Russell Moore.
Related: Pro-lifers think women are not moral agents.
related: How does Saletan at Slate make more sense than conservatives?
Related: Spandrell comments on abortion.

The feminine imperative.


A government program that actually works.
Related: The subway vigilante on policing.

Conservativism and electoral politics.
Related: Elections choose for the ability to win elections.
Related: Supreme Court: Illegals deserve representation.

Foreign masters.

Intelligence and capitalism.

An open letter to Pope Francis.

Kristor on Gnon.

Rob Ford is dead, although, SoBL gets him wrong. Post coming.

The establishment conservatives guide to the alt-right.
Related: Cuck, Robert Tracinski, make enemies to the right.

On Michelle Fields.
Related: Feminist faux-cons.

 The cisgender genie.

On SJW’s.

An ancient battle.

Medicine as a pseudoscience.

Henrietta Lacks and black mysticism.

The case for Trump.

A heaping helping of Hitlers.

Japanese problems.

On the Chinese economy.

Liberals hate science.

Racist dress shirts.

Milo might not be real.

A scalp for #Gamergate.

ClarkHat knocks back SJWs.

Tribalism and ideology.

On regional scatterplots.

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Lightning Round -2016/03/30

The esoteric masculine journey.

Yarvin responds to controversy over his appearance at Lambda. His AMA.
Related: RIP programming.

The neoreactionary position on Akhenaton.

The lion and the ox.

Terrorism matters less than demographic changes.
Related: Brussels.
Related: Backlash in Brussels.
Related: In Flanders Fields.
Related: Keep digging.
Related: Ants of Islam.
Related: The fruits of compassion.

A speech from Orban.

The evolution of equality.

Do #WhiteTrashLivesMatter?

Toxoplasmosis and Marx.

Anti-PC is a fool’s errand.

Microsoft’s Tay of pigs.
Related: Microsoft AI chatbot turns nazi. Mecha-Hitler.
Related: “They also appeared to shut down her learning capabilities and she quickly became a feminist:”

Dysgenic idiocracy.

The hammer of tolerance in the furnace of liberty.

Land on liberalism.

Conservatism in Georgia.

Wahhabism: the world’s most successful revolutionary ideology.

On New York slashing attacks.

An excerpt from Popular Government.

Social signalling through megaliths.

The collapse of nationalist China.
Related: How America crippled South Korea.

We only believe what we carry into practice.

For witch-burning.

How the pope got pwned.

Bulgakov on Good Friday.

Complementarianism is egalitarianism with a veneer of headship.

Why rich people are miserable.

Vox releases “On the Existence of Gods”.

A world of niches.

How to tweet like Trump.

Scott Alexander talks about my High-IQ Homo Economicus post.

The science of slurs.

An analysis of an update to the Colour of Crime.

The FDNY’s new entry exam.

Lightning Round – 2016/03/23

The American colonial office.

How your ancestors would view the 21st century.

An old one from Foseti as a reminder: Harry Dexter White.

Rightward Ho!
Related: Order and economics.
Related: The cephalization of man.

The sliding scale of BS jobs.

Male territoriality.

The nu-male.

Training yourself out of confirmation bias.

Leftists lying.

Pay up or face the consequences.
Related: One last chance for leftists to wake up.

Monarchists for Trump.
Related: Trump is a flashlight.
Related: The Trumpening.
Related: Why Trump will crush Hillary.
Related: Brownshirts and Republican wimps.
Related: Why Kasich?
Related: Trump’s troll army.
Related: Conservative losers.
Related: An anecdote from Schwarzenegger’s governorship.
Related: Trump’s speech to AIPAC.
Related: Scott Alexander reviews Art of the Deal. In the comments, people are turning towards Trump.
Related: The hypocrisy of Trump’s enemies.
Related: The Chicago police union on the irregularities of the anti-Trump protests.
Related: People prefer lecturing to results.

How recent are open borders?

Sons of immigrants.
Related: The challenge of Hispanics to blacks.

Belgian terror and evolving police tactics.
Related: Bombs in Brussels.

Sins of the fatherland.
Related: Swedes cancel virtue signalling event due to rape fears.

The Weimer elections.
Related: What is brittle breaks.


The social conservatives alliance with the business class.

American Icarus.

Techno-commercialism and markets in morality.

Against universalism.

Roman morals.
Related: Europe before Rome.
Related: On Gotland.
Related: Economics old and new.

A review of Do we need God to be Good?

Related: Female self-sufficiency decreases marriage.
Related: Roissy comments an amusing article.

Hillary the scold.

Lessons from otome games.

A custody dispute in Canada.

Rule or ruin Republicans.

The terrified enemy.

Breeding with Neanderthals and Denisovans.

Non-shared environment doesn’t just mean schools and peers.

American College of Pediatricians: Gender Ideology Harms Children.

Many scientific “truths” are false.

The Rabid Puppies 2016 list. I’m voting for Space Raptor Butt Invasion and My Little Pony.

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