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Lightning Round – 2015/10/07

A simple plan for improvement.

Setting your agenda.
Related: The media hall of mirrors.

On small work groups.

Salvaging America.

Levels of agency in society.
Related: Time preference and the hippocampus.

America’s most egalitarian ZIP code.

Reaction and technology.

On bikers and exit.

Smarts are a scarce natural resource.

The new blacklist.
Related: The comrades would like to confess.
Related:The state and homosexuals still attacking Christian businesses.

Hestia site redesigned.

Interview with the German identitarian movement.

Urbit white paper. Related.

The Awl on neoreaction, focusing mainly on Land.

Star Wars mythology as political allegory.

Economists and political structure.
Related: Pre-mercantile economics.

ZIRP and youth unemployment.

Interesting times.

30,000 infiltrators.
Related: Germany expects 1.5M immigrants in 2015.
Related: Still think they’re not invaders?
Related: Immigration: Gradually, then suddenly.

Asymmetrical multiculturalism.

America’s market dominant minority.

Genes mirror geography, nations, and culture.
Related: Study: Genetic diversity leads to social unrest and conflict.

Refuting 11 arguments against race.
Related: Racism in the Atlantic.

Zuckerberg’s $100-million donation to public schooling failed miserably.

Social mobility and discount mates.

A roadmap for cheap private education.

Hitlers everywhere. A Hitler they missed.

Sulla is worth admiring.

Mixed-race non-religious shooter singled out Christians in a gun-free zone. Muh narrative.
Related: Mass murderers profile.
Related: The curious case of the Oregon shooter.

Women in the military.

The wedding: a rebellion against modernity.

Book review: True History of the American Revolution.

A real rape culture in South Africa. Can’t wait ‘til the feminists get on this.

Arab Spring.
Related: Insanity in Syria.
Related: Russia has a plan in Syria, the US doesn’t.

The mind of Mr. Putin.
Related: Putin’s tight game.

 On conspiracy theories and endogenous problems.

Opting out of the Benedict Option.

A Chinese tale on male culture.

On cuckolding.

Rise of the soulmate.

Peak fake rape.

The sound of a rebellious woman.

RPing the white knight.

Women primarily to blame for collapse of Western civilization.

Please ignore women in public.
Related: The horrors of sweat-shaming.

Gamma humour.

The one sentence persuasion course.

Mangan has a new book: Muscle Up.

27 ways to be a fag.

In SSC news: Steve Johnson capriciously banned at SSC for triggering folks. The camel’s straw is an amusing thread; Steve talks in cold logical arguments and the others erupt in emotional outbursts, and Steve is the one banned. Rationalists are a funny bunch, they seem to have a hard time sticking to their purported beliefs.
Related comment: “Why is it that whenever we want to build a functional community, we always find ourselves using the neo’s system instead of the one we claim to believe in?”
Related comment: “Scott has decided that NRx is essentially the correct way to see the world but is not willing to pay the social cost required to say so publicly.”

Linux SJW fended off.

Is Milo the last responsible tech journalist?
Related: UN citations.

Crime, other than homicide, is more prevalent in Europe than the US.

Vox discovers anarcho-tyranny, only decades behind Sam Francis.

I don’t believe a word of what I am saying, it doesn’t reflect my current beliefs.

The real cause of global warming.

Ocala Post shows some spine.

Lesbian bishop calls churches to remove crosses, install Muslim prayer space.

Trump would revive Operation Wetback.
Related: Cracked going full Godwin on Trump.

Todd Nickerson, pedophile, writes another article.

Medieval fighting guide.

H/T: NBS, SDA, Isegoria, Roissy, SCC

Lightning Round – 2015/09/29

Come to the dark side.
Related: EX’s journey down the political abyss.

On no enemies to the right and HBD.
Related: NRx and metaphysical entryism.
Related: Life outside the padded walls.

Clickbait, clickfraud, and the open internet.

The individualist statist.

Evolutionist X responds on left-right polarization.

America’s Republican guard.

GDP and CPI are broken measures.

The gulag delta.

Immigration is rape culture.
Related: Finland is too boring for refugees.
Related: Trends in Muslim assimilation.
Related: Why corporate leaders push for immigration.

South Africa, democracy, and demographics. Part 2.
Related: African demographics.

On stolen land.

Genetic maps of the American nations.
Related: Whatever happened to German America?

Aggravated assault is increasing, contra Scott Alexander.

Why study aristocracy?

A church with no salvation.
Related: Where microaggressions come from.

Race, education, and funding.

Roissy on the Salon pedophile article.
Related: On the Salon pedophile: Todd Nickerson.
Related: Not so virtuous.
Related: Five people NRO hates more than admitted pedophile Todd Nickerson.

New OKCupid race attraction data.
Related: You have to have sex with who we tell you.

Jews struggled to be white, but must now give it up because white’s be racist. Related.

The principle of merited impossibility.

Creativity and psychotism.
Related: Feelings mode vs. logic mode.

Mapping the cathedral: Annie Besant.

O’Sullivan’s first law.

Gentrifying Cuba.

Utilitarianism and insect suffering.

The Pope’s bargain.

The shell game of expectations.

Love at first kidnapping.

Rejecting sex with HIV+ is discrimination.

On gender and sex.

Women Rangers were given special treatment to help them pass.

Movie review: Trainwreck.

How the FDA ruins the generic medication market.

A paper on the lack of political diversity.
Related: Cornell job listing: the only qualification is diverse.

Is Donald Rumsfeld a master strategist?

H/T: SoBL, Land, NBS

Lightning Round -2015/09/23

Scharlach made a new blog.
Related: New blog: Dividuals. Moldbug & Donovan.

Drones are weapons for individuals.

How to return heavy industry to the US.
Related: ZIRP forever.

The migrant crisis is Greek revenge.
Related: The rise of Golden Dawn.

Juncker’s high time preference gambit.
Related: A Swedish perspective on the migrant crisis.
Related: Rod Dreher and Camp of the Saints.

Between the brown noses and the brownshirts.

What to do in a restoration.

A tax proposal.

A hilarious rant on Rick Wilson.
Related: On the Daily Kos Trump/neoreaction article.
Related: Matt K. Lewis shows himself to be a cuck.
Related: A cuck doesn’t like #cuckservative.

Daddy’s boys.
Related: Jeb Bush: Insecure, beta boy.

Why the left will never get rid of rightest trolls.

The Trump poll revelation.

Clockboy and the human barnyard.
Related: Why they sent Ahmed to juvie.
Related: Ahmed is son of publicity hound.

Ann Coulter goes off the neocon reservation.
Related: Jewish Republicans and Trump.
Related: Jim on the Jewish question.
Related: Ann Coulter and the Jewish question.

The last reactionary schelling point: free speech.

What to do about the reproducibility crisis in the social sciences.
Related: Pinker: Replicability crisis doesn’t apply to IQ research.

Microaggressions and honour culture.

Governments of law and man.

The biggest prize is the Supreme Court.

The value of being cavalier.


Soros watch.

A recycled plan for Syria.
Related: Inside the Syrian War.

Haiti vs. the Dominican Republic.

Final lessons from Sparta.

School Choice: #Cuckservatism.

The soft belly of protestantism.

If there are so many invalid Catholic marriages

Clarity is charity.

We’re the real feminists.

Delta man: rise of the bots.
Related: Robolove or robolust?
Related: Why women should panic.

Leaning in on their daughters.

Demographics and dating crises.

The Trivium and SJW’s Always Lie.

Never apologize to SJW’s.

Toronto universities take down flyers supporting white student union.

Occam’s rubber room.

Study: Government-run daycare leads to negative outcomes.

Tin pacifists won’t do.

The loonie land of Canadian politics.

Japan closing social sciences and humanities faculties.

On politics and effective altruism.

The normalization of pedophilia continues.

Overlooking pederasty in Afghanistan.

Cardiologists and Chinese robbers.

R/T: Land, Rees,

Lightning Round – 2015/09/15

Thinking generationally.
Related: Wealth in 1500 AD is largely predictive of national wealth today.

Daily Kaos notices NRx.

Nick rounds up on William Bradford. A formerly hidden reactionary in West Point.

Lies and reaction.

A review of left singularities.
Related: Where does #BlackLivesMatter go?

Two equilibria.

Rule by protocol.

Ironies of democratic alienation.

On the mouse utopia experiment.

Zippy doesn’t see the current system falling any time soon.

Popular government is active government.

New Blog: The Grey Enlightenment. About.
Related: The Soviet Men: Ban recess.

Ban white men from college.
Related: Surviving academia. Part II.

Weaponized codes of conduct.
Related: Social justice contradictions.

The holy insanity of the immigrant invasion.
Related: Rotherham: The real migrant crisis.
Related: Britain’s Islamic future.
Related: Rent-seekers not refugees.
Related: The evil of encouraging refugees.
Related: The EU reveals its priorities.
Related: Refugees in the Roman era.
Related: Revenge of the rest against the west.
Related: Immigration and absolution.
Related: Maybe diversity ain’t so great for Jews.
Related: 6 ways to stop the migrant jihad.
Related: Orban’s defiance.

Diversity means defection.
Related: Liberty and ethnicity.
Related: 640 million adults want to migrate to first world.

White privilege: Cops and courts.

Order Force.


Entryists in neoreaction.

The decline of Darwin.

Why do aboriginals have so much Neanderthal DNA?
Related: The great Bantu migration.

Are liberals more competent than conservatives?

The proper role of moderates.

A lost military technology.

Reproducibility crisis  is a crisis of progressivism.
Related: Cancer research irreproducibility.

The tyranny of preferences.

On universals.

The Spartan empire.
Related: The fall of Sparta.

Some amusing videos.

The purpose of doxing.

Vox interviewed by Counter-Currents.

To the manosphere: a Christianity you can respect.

Rotten to the common core.

Divorce risks.

DS on his experiences meeting his gal’s father.

Both men and women are to blame for our ills.

New campaign in the UK to ban sex robots.

Capital campaigns do little to improve student achievement. Surprising.
Related: The Kansas City educational experiment.

Something not horrible from Vox on post-secondary education.

Books on how to fight.

Integrated task force experiment.

The Sad Puppies 4 website is live.
Related: An estimate of Puppy numbers.
Related: Winning against Tor.

AIPAC is losing its power.
Related: The NYT’s Jew tracker.

Sodomy is not diverse enough.

Scott Alexander reviews Manufacturing Consent.

Rhetoric in action.

Father of drowned child was a human trafficker.

Mexican government arrests vigilante who defeats mob bosses.

People respond to incentives: Chinese driver edition.


Lightning Round – 2015/09/09

A review and critique of SJW’s Always Lie.
Related: Reviews from a leftist and Counter-Currents of SJW’s Always Lie.
Related: A couple of reviews of SJW’s Always Lie.
Related: A review of SJW’s Always Lie.
Related: SJW’s wrote 2 parodies of Vox; the VFM wrote a parody of Scalzi in response.

Standing up to SJW’s.

Jobs the educated won’t do.

The American flag is not your symbol.

Ambijectivity, quality, and morality.

The need to replace Wikipedia.

Related: Club for Growth blackmails Trump.
Related: Trump and Corbyn.

Scott Adams has been running a number of interesting articles on Trump. You should read them. More.

A tale of two suburbs.
Related: 40 years to destroy Compton.

Genes, race, and IQ.

Solution to the migrant crisis.
Related: Mass immigration is more than just Mexican illegals.
Related: Why ISIS is winning.
Related: Send the “refugees” to Israel and Qatar.
Related: Why we should let Syrians in.
Related: More than half of immigrants on welfare.
Related: Family of women murdered by illegal sues sanctuary city.
Related: The Hispanicness of Jeb Bush.

The nation-state undermines itself.

Conor Friedersdorf (remember him?) writes about what I wrote about 3 years ago concerning white privilege and identity, in the Atlantic. It’s almost like this guy almost understands but just can’t go against his liberal programming.
Related: Henry finds a fairly even-handed article on white identity from Slate. They’re beginning to see.
Related: White privilege myths.
Related: Jesse Benn: Breeder of fascists.
Related: A tale of a “Chinese” poet. Heh.

The scale of WW1.

Provoking a war with #BlackLivesMatter.
Related: Indicting BLM.
Related: #BlackLivesMatter activist Shaun King isn’t black.

The dangerous faith.

An exegesis of the Bible on divorce.

DS runs the stats: they are pretty dark for finding an attractive Christian virgin.

Advice for Christian women on getting a spouse.

Serial monogamy is not any more moral than hit it & quit it.

Masculinity is not a social construct.

Marriage markets and demographics.

Anti-depressants: the other birth control.

The branding of sex slaves.

Related: A couple more books.

A basic FAQ on the Hugo controversy.
Related: Calculated insults at the Hugos.
Related: A leftist writes on how to stop Vox Day? Parts 2, 3, & 4. It’s solid, reasonable advice that theoretically would work, but won’t give holiness points, therefore, no anti-puppies will follow it.
Related: Hugo’s: What will Vox do?
Related: Proving Larry right.
Related: Two interviews.
Related: George RR Martin lies. More.
Related: On Patrick Nielson Hayden.

Anti-GamerGate is pro-pedophile.

Social scientists are discrediting themselves.

Why do they hate science so much?

Woman jailed for over 10 years for silent protest of abortion.

If you want to repeal the 2nd amendment, go ahead and do so.


Lightning Round – 2015/09/02

A primer on defending yourself.

The law of reciprocity.

The need for faith.
Related: Modern men must become aristocrats of the soul.

Fatherhood in occupied post-America.

The pathology of cowardice.
Related: A short review of SJW’s Always Lie.

Training a bureaucratic population.
Related: Liberals horrified by co-ed.

Everything adults say about bullying is BS. Part 2.

Building a NRx tribe.

NRx and propertarianism.

The DE as anti-choice.

No escape from a cucked society.

In defence of book-burning.

The Candy Crush career track.
Related: Pay to intern.

The topology of power.
Related: Horizontal oppression.
Related: Paying tribute to the kakistocracy.
Related: 2065.
Related: False tribes.
Related: The future belongs to whoever shows up for it.
Related: How permanent minority rhetoric backfires.

Culture wars and Mongol kings.

Losing battles and losing elections.
Related: Ancient democracies weren’t as terrible as modern ones.
Related: Sparta’s attempt at balancing innovation and tradition.

The Overton window is a decided by conservatives.
Related: Conservatives need to get over Burke.

The black knight.
Related: A demon of the establishment’s design.
Related: Is Trump in it to win?
Related: Trump and female journalism.
Related: Trump’s game.
Related: Trump makes Univision do the perp walk. More.
Related: CS Lewis on Trump.
Related: Trump frame control.
Related: Obama’s sons or Trump’s daughters?
Related: Trump is Batman.
Related: What’s scary about Trump?
Related: Trump’s fiercest enemies are on the right.

Trump lays down an immigration platform.

An immigration round-up.
Related: The Trump deportation plan.
Related: The ethnic cleansing of Europe begins.
Related: A letter to mass immigration advocates.
Relate: Immigration reform for normies.
Related: Who opened the borders?
Related: Common sense in Hungary.

Colonization did not make Africa poor.

On slavery.

We need Jewish wounding.

Humane, egalitarian terror.

What race were the Greeks and Romans?

Who plotted to destroy Nixon?

Another Cold War Soviet agent.

Is the evolution of human IQ self-limiting?

The chanernative right.

The cuckservative soul.
Related: Mictlantecuhtli Shrugs.

The uncucking.

Seems Haywire’s Trigger Warning magazine isn’t on the up and up.

The maturation of Roosh.

An ideological history of early Christianity.

Catholic defensiveness vs. pious humbug.

Never write a Christian novel.

A call to the Christian manosphere to be more Christian.

A review and criticism of modern courtship.

The 3 big elephants in the Christian dating and marriage room.
Related: Accusations of shallowness are false humility.

Marriage: 1.0 vs. 2.0.

A review of Cernovich’s Gorilla Mindset.

Women do and should think men’s sexuality is disgusting.
Related: Wimmins.

WN game.

Study: Most divorces initiated by women.

On Ashley Madison’s sex ratio skew.

The economics of waifu.

Science: Slim waists have always been attractive.
Related: Some data on BMI and being overweight.

Women aren’t born that way.

Board sex diversity hurts firms.

Computers be racist, yo.

Black gay reporter murders straight white journalists.

The gay community’s serial killer problem.

Some links on the Hugo’s.
Related: PN Hayden goes off on Wright’s wife.
Related: New SJW Marvel movie announced at Hugo’s.

Most psychology studies failed replication tests.

On defensiveness.

The War in Heaven II. Related.

The billions spent on teacher training is a waste.

The evolution of magazine covers.

Why not regulate guns like cars?

H/T: Jim, Isegoria, NBS. Land,

Lightning Round – 2015/08/18

I’m taking a blogging break, so I won’t be reading blogs or posting here for the next couple weeks.

Also, for whoever asked me which of Canada and the US are more reactionary friendly: Canada is much more receptive to monarchy than the US, but beyond that it is much the same, although, in Canada, opposition is generally more subdued: you are less likely to have an online mob try to destroy your life. On the other hand, “hate” speech is punishable in Canada, so certain expressions of reaction may wind up in court.

Delta: Don’t put up with it.

The wake-up moment is total destruction.
Related: The American era is over.

Post-historical bias.
Related: Not post-industrial.

Why kill the GOP?
Related: Erickson, Will, Buckley, and conservative purging.
Related: #Cuckservative in the NYT.

This American Life are low-T shitlibs. More.

Another study proving sexual differences in psychology are real.

Don’t let a riot go to waste.

Obama, Trump, and housing discrimination.


Christian masculinity: against the Benedict Option.

Building the body of Christ.

Marriage made more vile.

A sixth Planned Parenthood video is out.

Some hard truths.

Roosh in Canada.
Related: John Tory: beta male.
Related: Can’t be beat Roosh.
Related: You can’t destroy the economy and then threaten people with expulsion from it.

The hunt for he good bad guy.

Conservative video-maker repeatedly harassed at border by Homeland Security.

Canadian media bias in action.

Scott Adams: living by the odds.

H/T: SDA, Isegoria,