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Lightning Round – 2015/05/20

Intermittent fasting.

The temptation of MGTOW.
Related: What MGTOW is.

Evaluating a potential wife.
Related: Understanding population models.

Courtly love as proto-homosexuality.
Related: Abnormal sexuality in ****.
Related: Homosexuality in 300.

Mike tries to dox SoBL and does other weird things. Post coming on Friday on issue.
Related: Building a network of trust.
Related: A storify of Mike’s meltdown.

Mike’s not a leader, but this shows why Mike should still be read: Neoreactionary accomplishments.

The modern world in a nutshell.

Ethnic cleansing in the US.
Related: Ethnic cleansing in American cities.
Related: Gentrification methods in New York.
Related: On self-hating gentrifiers.

The need for secession.
Related: States are larger than people realize.

Sailer rips apart Chetty’s analysis. Related chart.
Related: Sailer examines more and more info.

Progressive situational dominance.

Baselines for vice and virtue.

Sacrifice manufactures society.

Proposal: Social Matter for the sciences.

When did the US give up on itself?

An article on eugenics making the rounds.

Musings on sex and selection.

 Stopping people smuggling.

Austria-Hungary and identity politics.

SWPL imperialism.

A response to Rationalwiki on race.
Related: Wikipedia in action, SJW control.
Related: White-washing history at Wikipedia.
Related: Twitter’s racial hypocrisy.

HBD: know thyself.

The making of a communist.

Pope Francis’ coziness with commies.

Falling dominoes.

Atheism and nihilism.

A tale of modern courtship.
Related: The bitter harvest of feminism.

Congressmen protecting themselves from harassment charges is discrimination.

University student accused of harassment for waiting for an appointment.

University of Virginia sues Rolling Stone for false rape story. Related.

Emma Sulkowiscz, alleged false rape accuser, carried her mattress to graduation.

Vice on Aaron Clarey’s “boycott”, which is going big. Some unintentional amusement.

The difference between SJW’s and Puppies.
Related: A history of the Sad Puppies.
Related: The conflict underlying the SF ideological wars.
Related: SJW’s turn on GRRM.
Related: Conservatives more excluded than women in Hugos.
Related: Where it started.

Officer punished for anime reaction pic.
Related: Anime is racist.

High IQ exclusion.

Pre-modern life expectancy.

When lefty businesses meet taxes.

The Greek canary.

Why streetcars died.

White privilege in the National Post.

Just in case you forgot: the media lies.

H/T: CC, Wright, TRP, SDA

Lightning Round – 2015/05/13

Boundaries and saying no.

Aesthetics week closes out: Function and beauty.
Related: Banksy and the generational decay of modern art.
Related: From where art springs.
Related: Beauty and subversion.

Dark enlightenment, theory and practice.
Related: Focus on the demoralizing the progressive bourgeoisie.
Related: The Benedict option.

Mere reaction.

The weak Galt hypothesis.

The intelligence industry has been privatized.

Realism and ritual.

On the UK election. More.

Setting the frame.

Jacobin dreams.

Whole Foods and the decline.

Vox accidentally prints the truth on Russo-American relations.
Related: A Russian understands America.
Related: A summary can’t do this justice: read this.
Related: Putin is America’s creation.

The new antiquarianism tries to explain Baltimore. Related.
Related: A conversation with a Nigerian cabbie.
Related: Study finds black mayors hand out government spoils to other blacks.

A time for men.
Related: Cultural room to destroy.

Free vs hate speech is a who/whom question.

Egalitarianism: Functional families create unfair advantages.
Related: Egalitarianism ruins everything.

Freedom and the family crisis.
Related: Divorce and the pressures on men and women.
Related: If we care about poverty we should encourage marriage.

In defence of marriage.
Related: On marital consent.

Trust, leadership, and submission.
Related: How servant leadership is twisted.

Most Christians just don’t get it.
Related: A conversation with a blue-pilled churchian.

Why Paul wrote about women not speaking in church.

Feminism: The alphas won, everybody else lost.

What is neomasculinity?
Related: The Guardian: Boys are a mess.
Related: 10 harmful things mothers do to ruin their sons.

The faith militant.

Praying against temptation.

Is non-nihilist atheism possible? Response.
Related: The atheist morality debate continues. More. Even more.
Related: Lewis’ take.
Related: The need for the divine commander, but not divine command.

Why kids hate nerds and how school is a prison.

You can’t offer a truce to SJWs. Nope.
Related: What the Rabid Puppies are fighting for.
Related: A quick history of the Hugos and the Puppy campaigns.

SJW’s invading open source software.

Vox Day outlines his views on women, violence, and Malala Yousafzai for the particularly stupid.

Remember what I’ve said before: to liberals such as Yglesias, good regulation are those that increase government power at no personal cost, bad regulations are those that personally inconvenience a liberal.

The case for natural stupidity.

Kentucky CPS kidnaps 10 children.

Wind farm company sued for breaking into and destroying someone’s house.

Student failed for not affirming anti-Christian humanism.

Solving the California water crisis.

California failing to make all students above average.

Science: Only 39% of psychology’s studies are reproducible.

Some skeletons from Arthur Chu’s internet past.

H/T: SDA, SSC, Isegoria

Lightning Round – 2015/05/06

An alternative business education plan to the MBA.
Counterpoint: Maybe college does help the average person.

How to avoid being an average married chump.

A couple posts on overcoming the anger phase.

About the griping in the manosphere.

Aesthetics Week:
Cities need aesthetic harmony.
Government-funded art doesn’t have to be crap.

Follow the lady.

The middle class is exhausting itself.
Related: Kicking the can: the inventory build-up.

Federal terror against local peace.
Related: On counter-terrorism.
Related: On the police question.

Some of NRx’s big problems.

The four planks of a dissident party.

No enemies on the right.
Related: AltRight conflicts.

The last observations of an overeducated A/C repair man.

Kinds, classes, and No True Scotsman.

Swords and shields.

Antifa psychodrama.

Does US 2015 = Rome 44BC or Rome 440AD?

A few things from Sailer on income and geography.

Your choice: Racism (ie: civilization) or burnt-down cities.
Related: The corruption of a Baltimore paper.
Related: The matriarchy is now.

On being a tribal Christian.

The Soviets created liberation theology.

Frequent denial of sex breaks the marriage covenant.

It is not the right to marry being decided, but the definition of marriage.

The pope goes off on the pay gap.

Some women on child support.

You can trust the moderates, yes you can.

Puppie’s strategy.
Related: Two reviews illustrate the why of the Puppies’ campaigns.
Related: The enemies of puppies and #GG are in retreat.
Related: SJW’s always lie.
Related: John Ringo on SJB’s.
Related: Another example of why you should never apologize to SJWs.
Related: The mob turns on Joss Whedon.

In-depth on interview shenanigans.

How to argue like a liberal.

An apology to GamerGate.

GoFundMe shuts down fundraising for persecuted bakery and florist.

Holier than thou.

The findings of the Neanderthal project.

The effects of SF’s minimum wage on a comic book store.

Why CEO pay is increasing.
Related: Why billionaires buy so many paintings.

Protein World being investigated.

Searching for the soul of America.

Who supports free speech?

The Clinton Foundation lied? How shocking.

Modernity: Toronto is losing the raccoon war.

H/T: Land, Citadel, NBS, TRS

Lightning Round – 2015/04/29

Observations of the over-educated AC man: the HVAC man, the mystic, and the gamer.
Related: Some snippets of wisdom for millennials.
Related: Let God sort it out.

DS asks what is masculinity?

Some thoughts on marriage.

Jack Donovan reviews Professor in the Cage.

Homosexuality destroys male bonds.

SoBL’s weekly NRx reads.

NRx’s stock/flow problem.

The sanity of the king.
Related: On power and divine right: Aemon is the greatest villain in GoT.
Related: What of a Bush-Clinton monarchy?

Related: Charles Murray’s anti-big government idea.

The cultural differences between Europe and America. Part 2.

The left owns the universities; manning up is pointless.
Related: Critical thinking on campus.

The neoreactionary inquisition.

The cleansing instinct.

The middle is disappearing, you’ll have to pick a team.
Related: Black riots as proxies for cowardly leftists.
Related: Tales from the United Way and Head Start.
Related: Baltimore falling apart.
Related: Free speech space to burn.

On difference.

NBS is done with Anissimov. Related.

Some alt-right events.

The media’s lies on Russian economics.

Child support is debt slavery and debtors prisons are an essential public policy tool.

If Adelson bought Maxim.
Related: Sweden’s pop-culture influence due to cultural conservatives.

 Breed to win.

The state’s triumph over religion.

Kicking puppies.
Related: Eric Flint, a socialist author I enjoy, on the Hugos.
Related: Vox responds to Scalzi on Sad Puppies.
Related: The death of SF parts 1 & 2.
Related: An anti-puppy caught falsely reviewing.
Related: SJW’s, like Mary Robinette Kowal, always lie.

Vox Day on the Pakman show.
Related: The cowardice of talking of, not to.
Related: A clarification.

A TRP success story.

Benevolent sexism.

Man falsely accused of rape suing university. Related.

The real gender bias in hiring.

Roosh goes on Dr. Oz. Goes exactly as one would expect.

Idaho town forcing Christians to perform gay marriages.

Public schools getting your child young.
Related: 3-year-olds told to sign contract on sexual orientation.

Company stands up to SJW attacks, makes cash.

The liberal bubble in Silicon valley.

Stephen Jay Gould performing SJW science.

The usefulness of the lottery as a social experiment.

Enlisting in the military is mostly genetic.

Why people are skeptical of redistribution.

Petitions for “nonhuman” right for animals.

On cop cams.

High IQ outsiders.

Jewish humour is only for Jews.

How much is the US worth?

H/T: SDA, CC, File770, Pollack, Wright

Lightning Round – 2015/04/22

I just passed 1 million hits this week. Hurrah for the blog.

A eulogy for the Spearhead.

What a good job looks like.

Join the Puppies campaign and get some ‘free’ books here. Vote for what you enjoy.
Related: The SJW’s want extermination, so return it.
Related: What we’re up against.
Related: Tribalism in SF.

Rabid Puppies: Blacklisted but don’t care.
Related: Someone actually asked Vox what he believed. Vox comments.
Related: On libertarians and puppies. Related.
Related: Unpersoning.
Related: Psychological lies.

Why the leftists rage at Rabid Puppies.
Related: Why we fight.
Related: Correia responds to GRRM. Vox comments.
Related: Wright (futilely) calls for peace.
Related: Did you know Larry Correia is not Vox Day? Seems some people didn’t.
Related: The threat of nuking the Hugo’s only shows SP were right.

Popular science jumps on the lying bandwagon.
Related: A letter to PopSci.
Related: Wright on Chu’s visit to PBS. More.
Related: The message of the SJWs.
Related: The demographic realities of publishing. Related.

A response to what is neoreaction.
Related: Right-wing filtration.
Related: On the right-wing critics of neoreaction.
Related: On neoreactionary culture.
Related: Cane asks what is neoreaction? A short answer I wrote here.

An intro to evopsych.

Reaction cannot be coopted by the politics show.

Explaining pop kink.

The corporate slave class.

Authority, influence, and power.
Related: On power.
Related: Nobody wants to be king.

How progressives purge corporate culture.

On being a racist.

Punching down and liberal cosmology.

Techno-materialism as a drowning pool.

Rumination on death.

Not giving in to despair.

Why you shouldn’t respect the American state.

Hillary embodies America. Related.

A love letter to conservatives.

Demography is destiny.
Related: Minnesota’s population replacement.

US media silence on Russian finances.

Property taxes are inherently unjust.
Related: The left’s obsession with corporate taxes is futile.

HBD and the thrill of transgression.

On Daniel Moynihan.

Science: Executive functions are almost entirely heritable.
Related: IQ can be estimated using MRI’s.
Related: Being victimized as an adolescent is genetically heritable.
Related: Murray and Thompson on brain size.

Disease can be racial.

The view from Yuggoth.
Related: The protestant question.

Amateur reactionaries in the Orthosphere.
Related: An orthogonal turn at First Things.

Being loving is not the same as being nice.

Cane answers a comment on submission.

Cohabitation produces inferior outcomes to marriage.

Politician being charged with rape for having sex with his wife with Alzheimer’s.

Teacher sues BC school district after false rape accusation based on Law and Order episode.

Oral contraception alters the brain.

The left’s secret raids on conservatives in Wisconsin.

Pinker vs. the singularity. A response.

Nobody reads World Bank PDF reports.

The left is getting more stupid.

FBI admits two decades of “overstated” forensic hair matches.

RotC cadets allegedly forced to wear red high heels for political event.

On the science of sexism in STEM.

9000 Mainers receiving welfare would rather lose it than work.

Pell wrote some satire for Cracked.

The art of turf war.

Corruption is “colour-blind”.

H/T: SDA, SSC, Land, CC

Lightning Round – 2015/04/15

A couple mental exercises you could try.

Culture war rules of engagement.

Related: This year’s Hugo nominees are better. Related.
Related: A round-up of puppy slander.
Related: Wright’s work disqualified.
Related: GRRM on Hugo campaigning.
Related: GRRM questions the validity of Sad Puppies’ claims. Correia responds.
Related: GRRM on what next. Torgerson on what next. Both reasonable.
Related: Vox on what happen if reason doesn’t prevail.
Related: GRRM not being as reasonable: trying divide and conquer.
Related: Vox responds and issues a debate challenge. GRRM replies.
Related: Vox responds to the slander against him. He’s having too much fun.
Related: Correia replies to GRRM and GRRM responds.
Related: Wright wants people to lay off Tor.
Related: A question of ethics.

Reversing the demographic winter.
Related: After destroying marriage, Europe needs babies.
Related: Retiring from the game.

Looks like Bryce took himself out. Heard it was health related.
Related: Antidem is dropping Twitter.

More on anonymity.
Related: Anonymity & NRx in Turkey.


Christians need to grow a pair.
Related: The bakery incidences show how fast the leftward ratchet works.
Related: Anti-conscience laws only target Christians.
Related: DS with a different opinion on the bakery debate.

Germans and war.
Related: The Germanization of Christianity.

Germany does not have the will to be a great power.

Heroic reaction.

Blue-eyed privilege.

How Europeans evolved.

Kipling: The Wrath of the Awakened Saxon.

An amusing Fnord.

An alternative to the Gell-Mann hypothesis.

Every now and again a comments section turns up something amazing.

Why Rolling Stone is keeping Erdely.

How egalitarian education misleads parents.

Why women opposed women’s suffrage.

We aren’t running out of oil any time soon.

The wasted heart.

Estimating IQ with brain scans.

Civil service exams making a comeback.

Vancouver’s demographic destiny.

When you can escape the friendzone.

Lawyer claims 13 girls framed fellow student for rape because he was a player.

The NYT lies? How shocking.

Rise in children referred to NHS for transgender treatments.

Rand Paul demands laws against rape and murder be repealed.

How a malevolent AI could take over.


Lightning Round – 2015/04/08

Check out my appearance on Ascending the Tower.

Weightlifting routine and notes.

Self-composition over ‘authenticity’.

NRx is about truth.

Glanton’s Law.

The world is indifferent to you.

Anissimov attacks anonymity.
Related: Yuray disagrees.
Related: An “anonymous coward” speaks.

Our Sefton and the collapse of faith.

On moral panics and purges.

On the religious freedom bill.

Behold your new god: Dildolech.
Related: Bowing down.

Christians in the closet.
Related: Religious liberty is dead, stop bowing.
Related: Being pushed to war.

Bakeries allowed to refuse to make anti-homosexuality cakes. Related.
Related: Pizza chain attacked for simply talking to a reporter.

Marriage and underlying structures.

Holiness, chimps, and Cromwell.

Nixon saw what we see.
Related: When Nixon calls.

Carlyle excerpts.

Social justice momma’s boys.

Against singularityphiles.


An evisceration of a silly idea regarding poverty and brain size.

Anime and decadence.

California as a harbinger of death.

A review of the Power and the Glory.

Hybridization theory.

Some thoughts on Christ forsaken.

Why Ted Colt abandoned Christianity.

Resolving the manosphere’s and traditionalism’s views of women.

Romance, Mary, and Christianity.
Related: The idolization of romantic love.

On leadership in marriage.

The chain of corruption.

Wives and lovers.

Rolling Stone retracts UVA rape story.
Related: Sabrina Rubin Erdely apologizes for bad reporting.
Related: UVA frat to sue Rolling Stone.

Another false harassment case.

Pretty white women and Jews discriminate the most in dating.

10 hours a day plugged into the matrix.

Sad Puppies sweeps Hugo nominations.
Related: Vox on setting the trap.
Related: The rabbits respond and drag #GG in.
Related: Dat correction.
Related: Bloc voting in the Hugos. Related.

The purging of white males from the Avengers.

Putnam: the liberal Charles Murray.

Spending thousands of dollars of water on hundreds of dollars of almonds.