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Lightning Round – 2013/07/23

The 60-second guide to a BS free life.

Study: Self-control more likely to lead to happiness than self-indulgence.

How to improve reading comprehension and retention.

Remember to keep your internet use in check.

How to create your own online book store.
Related: How to publish a book for real.
Related: Making money on Fiverr.

Victor recommends Kratom.

The secret to the most mind-blowing sex ever.

Moose Norseman doesn’t go on dates.
Related: Isolating dating from character.

Peace and silence.
Related: The need for noise.

Christian feminism and real beauty.

On chemical castration and teaching young men about sex and marriage.

Madonna’s, whores, and free-riders.
Related: Science: “if there were no returns to career choices in the marriage market, men would tend to work less, study less, and choose blue‐collar jobs over white‐collar jobs.”
Related: A paper on marriage and male incentives.
Related: Young men giving up on marriage.
Related: Belief in marriage is dying.
Related: Study: Pre-marital sex increases odds of divorce.
Related: Half of married women’s ‘best sex’ was not with their husband and 2/3 married women would rather read or nap than have sex.

Far-right activist judo.
Related: Agree, amplify, and accelerate.
Related: Accelerate the ratchet.
Related: Agree and amplify science.
Related: Poe’s law and Salon.
Related: Using electronic trivia.

IQ shredders.
Related: Domestic IQ shredders.
Related: The cure for IQ shredders.
Related: Cities as verbal IQ shredders.

“The whole of human history does not contain a single instance of a group becoming civilized unless it has been absolutely monogamous, nor is there any example of a group retaining its culture after it has adopted less rigorous customs.”

Barbarism and decadence.
Related: Cycles and history.
Related: Empires collapse after 10 generations, but differently.
Related: The world is going to become hard; we are not hard.
Related: Social security to be bankrupt by 2030.

Related: The faces of Gnon.

Decadence is the disintegration of a system, not individuals.
Related: 7 reasons American culture is the most degenerate in the world.

On capitalism.

My parents were criminals.
Related: The nationalization of childhood.

Clickbait country.
Related: Why Bryce doesn’t read the news.
Related: The stupidity of Rolling Stone and Kristen Gwynne.

Rome and immigration.

Reaction and the poor.

Anti-NRx FAQ: Suicide and crime.

Another idiot hit piece on NRx (and TRP) written by someone ignorant of them.
Related: The Grey Enlightenment.

Holiness, Gaza, and suicide.
Related: On the Israel conflict.
Related: Did Jews start the riots in France?

Conspiracies don’t need a man behind the curtain.

The tech industry and immigration.

On VR and the Oculus Rift.

Zizek and the politics of plagiarism.

The BRIC bank and the dollar decline.

Scott comments on the technological decline.

Racism as a perpetual motion machine.

Thede blindness.

On vote-buying.

The 11 tenets of progressivism.

His grandmother had no tattoos.

Husband keeps a spreadsheet of his hateful wife denying him sex.
Related: Hateful women defend woman.
Related: Mortification game.
Related: Radio silence.

Science: A woman’s looks matter more than a man’s.

The false life plan.
Related: The feminist goal is an unhappy woman.
Related: Women’s mating optimism in youth.
Related: The unhappiest workers of all.
Related: New birth control ads show moderns’ screwed-up priorities.

Rape, diversity, and communication.

Sex disparities in criminal prosecutions and convictions.

I’m sure she’ll make a fine Christian wife.

Homosexuals and public health.

Man gets arrested for sex crime due to scheduling error.

A review of How to Deal with Narcissists.
Related: Seems such a thing as a selfie stick exists.

The facets of false rhetoric.

End aboriginal welfare: stop the genocide.

The Flynn effect and aging.

The use of child robots to treat pedophiles.

Slate notices Roko’s Basilisk.

Vox’s ideas go mainstream.

The fall of SF.
Related: Winning the war in SF.

Thor to be made a woman.

The evils of Thomas the Train.

SoBL supports Frozen.

Balance – Wolfgang Christoph Lauenstein – 1989 by SezerAymaz

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Lightning Round – 2014/07/16

Practice is 1/3, talent is 2/3.

How to make money online.
Related: How to get rich.
Related: How not to handle your finances.

3 charisma tips.

Don’t die like a mouse.

Telling a man his fiancé is cheating on him is the decent thing to do.

Women’s mating strategies and polygamy.
Related: The new sexual morality.
Related: Why women are no longer attracted to providers.
Related: Female education is dysgenic.

A little advice for protecting yourself from the knock-out game.

Related: Motte-busting.
Related: Why you need to respond to the left.

Capturing Gnon.

A Cathedral link compilation.

You are the counter-culture: Turn on, tune in, drop out.

We can’t save the system, but we can preserve pieces of civilization.

Civilization’s precipice.

The welfare state: a sign of civilizational decline.
Related: Rising civilizations are different; declining the same.
Related: Salon headlines.
Related: Women, pop music, and the Arab decline.
Related: American Pie: How much the culture has declined in only 15 years.
Related: Our narcissistic society in action.
Related: Frivolity accompanies pessimism.
Related: An influx of foreigners into the capital is a sign of decline.
Related: Peter and Jane at the art museum.

The decline in global IQ.

Explaining the decline in fertility.
Related: Fertility rates are dropping worldwide.

How leftism and homosexuality are destroying male friendship.

Jim and Anissimov on the economics of children.
Related: A response to criticism of the original article.

Judge argues in favour of incest using homosexuality as an example. The slippery slope is real.

Colonialism benefited the colonized.

On the ENR.
Related: Dialogues on evo-psych and Kevin MacDonald.

Libertarianism and consumerism.
Related: The capture of conservatism by libertarianism.

How communism was funded.

On social spaces.

The inverted samurai ethic of racial politics.

The only way to have diversity is through fascism.

‘Controversy’ generally means something progs hate.

Demography and dysgenics.

The paradox of ecclesiology.

On immigration and charity.
Related: Mexico makes deal to send more illegal to the US.

The importance of silence.

The end of the Anglican Church.

Younger evangelicals still hold to social conservatism.

More churchian male-shaming.

On Joan of Arc.

Feminism is a sin against children.

If you are irreligious man in the West, there is no reason to get married.

A message from a man in a dead bedroom.
Related: An evil slut defends hating her husband.

The ravages of time.
Related: Humour: A few more items off the list of desirable traits.
Related: The sad fate of Stacey Hacker-Hessler, professional crusader.

Even in film, you can never satisfy a feminist.

Man spends 9 years in jail after daughter falsely accuses him of rape. Daughter let off without punishment.
Related: Two teens exchange nudes. Male charged, female not; state wants to sexually assault male.
Related: NZ will presume those accused of rape guilty.

Sex difference in spacial reasoning greater in more egalitarian societies.

Is Jezebel racist or lookist?

Hiring and political correctness.

Some “men” are beyond hope.

The religious beliefs of the 10 smartest people.
Related: Godel’s proof for God proved true.

An estimate of the death toll of the Cold War.

Traditional sleep patterns.

Inflation being disguised by putting wood pulp in your burger.

Science: Chimp IQ is genetic.

On left-wing “refutations”.

Leftists still devour their own.

On Tiananmen Square.

Iraq has informed the UN that ISIS has taken control of thousands of chemical weapons.

Rolling Stone’s top 5 most dangerous guns. Are these people really this stupid?

Vox comments on literary propaganda in SF/F.

H/T: VD, RPR, SCC, Land, SDA, TH

Lightning Round – 2014/07/09

Victor gives advice on marketing.

How to get out of the friendzone.

PUA’s thinking like women.

One red pill is not enough, if you’ve been deceived by one thing, you can be deceived by others.

We’ve already lost.
Related: The solution to civilizational collapse.
Related: The end of the left-ward ratchet?
Related: Outprogressing the progressives.

The watch must be manned.

The smearing of McCarthy.
Related: The WB makes a pro-Stalin film at FDR’s behest, which is glowingly reviewed by the NYT.

Related: Why people used to have children.

A round-up of the capitalism talks.
Related: Capitalism and entrepreneurial capitalism.

The Flores Hobbit and evolution.
Related: The deep ruin of Detroit.
Related: The wasted century.

Metal is right-wing.

The development of social norms.

Persons fleeing concept: removing the actor from the act.

Scott notices that to the social justice nominalists, words are weapons.

The anger at the Hobby Lobby is because their act of cultural war failed.

The religion of liberalism.

Religion and social trust.

Aristocracy as a tool for decreasing time preference.

Life history theory.
Related: A bunch of science links.

Gender mainstreaming is deliberate social engineering.

How IQ relates to personality.

It seems that Jayman, while right on many things, is wrong on this one: fatherhood does matter, even apart from genes.

The transition of civilization.

White working-class British children marginalized by focus on diversity.

The Africanization of America.
Related: Brazil: The future US.
Related: The Feds side with the illegal invaders.
Related: The “declining” labour force.

Civilization as an iterated prisoners dilemma.

Defensiveness marks civilizational decline.

There were four American revolutions.

The brainwashing of colleges.

Mises vs. Jesus.

You can’t get the cultural aspects of religion without the religious belief.
Related: On religious pluralism.

Christians need better art.
Related: Robbed of beauty by the left.
Related: Why modernists think ‘beauty is in the eye of the beholder’.

What humility is.

The problem of the Pharisees.

Against relevance in church.

Positivism and meaning.

Ontario “Catholic” schools, aren’t so Catholic.

The culture warriors are almost as progressive as their enemies.

Control and conflict resolution.

Why chivalry is dead.

No truth for men.

The feminist humiliations and suspicion reach everywhere.

Feminism is a spiritual disease which will run its course.

Tracy-Clarke Flory has noticed us.

TRP, looks, and ONS.

Science: Pre-selection exists.

A hamster on abandoning her children to work.
Related: Modern womanhood in all its glory.

The Veeck effect.

Physicist: Humans will not be the dominant species by 2045.

Why liberals should stop trying to help blacks.

A thorough post on guns and violence.

US military bans Bibles, but enforces Ramadan rules.

On writing with an axe to grind.

The lies of the anti-Amazon SFWA.

The decline in SF is due to pink SF/F.

On raising virtuous children.

Tips for making your kid a billionaire.

Pretend the dead lion is a baby so you won’t be as upset.

Universities raise tuition while paying hundreds of thousands for Clinton to speak.

Black lesbian privilege.

Religious people are as discriminated against in employment as blacks.

How medicine works.

H/T: Pollack, VD, Land, RPR, SDA

Lightning Round – 2014/07/02

How to settle conflicts like a man.

Some simple advice for young men.

There is no ‘true self’, so become what you want to become.

Remember, avoid women with a ticking biological clock.

The problems of social conservatism and the necessity of PUAs.

Political policy doesn’t matter when the polis is broken.

Evola on capitalism.
Related: Jim responds.
Related: Land responds.
Related: I’ve always found it odd when people point to an example of socialism and label it capitalism. It’s very common; in fact, almost any time I see someone criticize ‘capitalism’ they are criticizing socialism.

Reactionaries need more elitism.

On exit.

An interview by Gary Oldman has been making the rounds.

Zippy responds to me.
Related: Catholicism, Protestantism, and cladistics.
Related: Atheist Religion.

Poe’s law, hoaxes, and gullibility.

Nuke the UK from orbit.

Anti-semitism is everywhere. Check under the bed.

Colonialism is the solution.

HBD truths necessitate Nazism for the liberal.

The savagery of the Jacobins.

Fact Rape: Gavin McGinnes shows how much the media lies.

Italian Vatacinist: “open season on conservatives.”

Is Catholic Answers even Catholic anymore?

Lessons Christian parents need.

The convergence of feminists and conservatives.

For a woman to find a man, she needs to make the investment worth it.

Science: Criminality is adaptive in industrial society.

The two-income trap. (Echoes of what I’ve already written).
Related: Why did women entering the workforce have no effect on GDP?

Feminists trivialize rape: angry that false rape claimant is jailed.

Hehe… The year 2032.

Don’t flatter a woman if you want her to stay pretty.

Physical attractiveness means good health.

Captain Capitalism’s thoughts on post-scarcity.

The purposes of government pension plans.

Why Mark Steyn isn’t keeping a donor’s list.

Tolerance in action in Denmark.

Section 13 of the CHRA  is repealed.

Maybe stocks aren’t such a great investment.

NCAA coaches deserve their pay.

The creation of the British underclass.

Immigrants have taken all new job gains since 2000.
Related: Immigration is the main reason for the increase in sexual exploitation.

Hipster Nazis.

EPA employees told to stop pooping in the hallways.

Female Dem kills driverless car because she can’t resist pushing button.

Manipulated temperature data.

The SFWA is circling the wagons around a pedophile.




Lightning Round – 2014/06/25

Drill it and kill it.
Related: Making money online.

10 FBI techniques for building quick rapport.
Related: Three phrases to become charismatic.
Related: Value vs. comfort shit tests.

Simon Grey remarks on a previous post of mine.
Related: Marriage is more than a piece of paper.

Alpha body language exercises.

Where “man up” goes wrong.

How to save on your cell phone bill.

The second issue of Dark Matter.

The neoreactionary project: creating healthy memes.

The law of Gnon.

Be ready to take the sword at the right time.

Whiter intellectual conservatism?

The sacrifice of vitality for life.

Civilization is domestication is feminization.

The illusion of government.
Related: Empires last about 250 years.
Related: Let it burn.

America: Harmless as an enemy, treacherous as a friend.
Related: America is fighting itself in the ME.

The cause of anarcho-tyranny in schools.
Related: Common core is not meant to educate kids.
Related: The chaos wrought by progressive education.
Related: Study: Free public housing doesn’t help the poor.
Related: High school filters block pro-gun and conservative sites, but allow through anti-gun and liberal sites.

How tolerance destroys a city.

All 30 “Swedish” girls in a classroom found to have been genitally mutilated.

Genetic diversity in Mexico.

The politicization of climate science.

The modern hivemind at work.

The cognitive dissonance of tech ‘diversity’.

The limits of expertise.

Ideological backfire in Britain.

Do progs hate rural folks because the latter are authentic?

The pains of the open office.

On why to speak the truth bluntly.
Related: Leftists think truth is not true.

Satan is a liberal.

Secularists fail to see the consequences of their beliefs.

What evangelicals should be learning from sex realism.

Wintery Knight’s experience with single Christian women.

The common scolds of America.
Related: Women are more manipulative.

An article outlining the hypocritical entitlement of the modern female.

The naïve idiocy of teaching rapists not to rape.
Related: Feminists don’t want women to be able to defend themselves.

On women who give men they ‘love’ less than the cads of the past.
Related: The Daily Mail notices incentives have consequences.
Related: Judge orders deployed sub sailor to attend hearing or lose daughter.
Related: A third of married women say they haven’t met Mr. Right.
Related: Another thing for men to watch for: bride hides $250k in debt from groom.

David Futrelle covers for violent feminists.

Mommy blogger poisons son with salt.

Marriage and kindness.

Seems I’m a rape-supporter.

The history of the connection between abuse and obestity.

Science: Men and women have different personalities.
Related: Study: The personality differences between the sexes are huge.

Hard limits and electric cars.

Afrikaner denied refugee status.

Redskins stripped of trademark because it’s ‘disparaging.’
Related: 12 trademarks considered less offensive than Redskins.

Lego still hasn’t learned you can’t please the savages.

Minimum wage increase will increase daycare costs.

The SFWA kicks out conservatives, but will harbor convicted child molesters.
Related: The left-wing hypocrites attacking a man for saying pussy, but praising child rapists.
Related: Leftism as a sign of institutional death.

Walmart fact-checks the NYT.

Eliminate corporate tax.

Third-world socialist medical care: coming soon to a country near you.

The Guardian: “The only serious black mark against the NHS was its poor record on keeping people alive.”

Atheism among Christian bands.

An almost fair article on the goals of the Tea Party; it’s for subsidiarity, or patchwork-lite.

Hillary is ignorant and tyrannical.
Related: Hillary Clinton thinks the minority should not be allowed to hold opinions.

H/T: SDA, RPR, Donal, Wright, VD

Lightning Round – 2014/06/18

Take dominion; create attraction.
Related: A few practical demeanour changes.

A boy is born: The red pill tries to save men.

A tribe outside the system.

Fathers are a civilizing force.

Matt and D&P make book lists for men.

A test for solipsism.

Mangan has a free book on supplements.

Women send signals; learn to pay attention to them.

Defining marriage.
Related: Defending the lie that is counterfeit marriage.
Related: Marriage: general and particular risks.
Related: 4 reasons to get married at 21.
Related: Women want marriage, the whole package, while men want the woman.

Some advice for a rejected Catholic husband.

You should write if it needs to be written.

Supporter of mass-murdering socialism “thinks” neoreaction is evil in idiot article.
Related: The DE is mentioned on io9; we’re still evil wingnuts.
Related: PZ Myers is either a liar or an idiot. He falls for the admitted Mark Shea DE hoax.

New NRx blog: New International Outlook.

Hate, language, and thought.

The inculcation of pacifism in boys.

Dump capitalism; keep free commerce.

Conservatives need to understand social technology.

America’s ruling class and the perils of revolution.

Malicious inter-community transfer.
Related: A border fence would have been cheaper.

The assortative atomization of America.

Against pandering to youth in church and in conservatism.

Education as genetic signaling.
Related: The idiocy of the BA.
Related: England is enjoying the wonders of diversity.

Permanent record paranoia.

News: the great distractor.

Insights on education and race from 1984.

Liberalism: Man should be free as long as he is not a part of something greater.

The need for a military coup.

The Jacobins are executing each other. Maybe Twitter will make it so infinite leftism only destroy leftists on Twitter and leave normal people alone. Scott: I hope you don’t mind the link here, if you do I’ll remove it.

The Daily Beast on the Cathedral.
Related: Roosh on fighting the Cathedral.

The rotted empire of lies.

Media discusses Mexican drug cartels because leader is an attractive woman.

Ashamed of the Faith.
Related: Deception in Christianity.
Related: Unashamed of the Faith.

Remember, married men can’t expect help from anywhere: Husband pleads for Catholic Answers to stop sowing discord.

On the stoning of the adulteress.

Mormons excommunicate feminist heretic.

Denmark makes it mandatory for churches to “wed” gays.

Some passages on religion and trust from the Righteous Mind.

Some science on women’s sexuality.

Psychology Today writes about alpha fux/beta bux.
Related: PT on why men are frustrated.

Leftist magazine on sex-bots: degeneracy for me but not for thee.

You cannot end rape culture without ending hook-up culture.

Feminist theory is stuck in Groundhog Day.

The SJW’s should check their privilege: progressivism and university.

Man kills himself after family court abuse.

Feminists jump on #endfathersday.

The War Nerd on ISIS and Iraq.

I am so very surprised that a process designed around bragging rewards braggarts.

A story of a man defending his family.

A father-son marathon team.

Speculation on life history theory and food consumption.

Environmentalists still trying to kill children.

Canada has biggest housing bubble in the world.

The bureaucrat’s sick day scam.

Keynesianism doesn’t work (if people go minimalist).
Related: Keynesians are idiots: One chart (ie. the Greek outlier) “proves” austerity doesn’t work.

The mystery of Go.

Defining Pink SF.
Related: Pink SF celebrates child molesters while condemning conservatives.

H/T: RPR, SDA, Orthosphere

Lightning Round – 2014/06/11

Basic nootropics.

How to handle ball-busting and shit-tests.

The myth of Krav Maga.

Understanding the educated young woman’s perspective.

The modern church doesn’t believe God’s ways are good.

Deep Strength on marital rape.
Related: Marital rape and Deuteronomy.

Feminists loathe male desire.

Matt reviews the Inevitability of Patriarchy.

The saddest man-up rant ever.

On the female cooption of male space.

The chaos theory of signalling.
Related: The Potemkin Village of progress.

The letter and the spirit of the law.

A warning against right-wing democratic politics.
Related: Another warning.

The Christian right is left.

SSC argues patchwork is liberal.

Avoiding falling into left-wing rhetoric traps.

The crushing of Tory dissent in the American revolution.

Women demonstrates the problem with democracy and liberalism.

Matt Forney reviews Lament for a Nation. I might have to read this.

Decline is the wrong metaphor; storm is better.

How Asians and Westerners think different.

The Infinite Brats.

Washington Post: Marriage is the best way to prevent violence against women.
Related: The decline of marriage in the UK.

Science magazine begs scientists to stop doing science on psychological differences between sexes.

The hierarchical equalism of feminism.

Half of 10-14-year-old girls have cut themselves.

The lies of the ‘gender theory’ people.

Women should choose divorced men because they’re already broken down.

New Republic writes on PUA’s.

Related: TRS makes fun.

Entry-level drone required. Heh.

The culture war continues to be waged against Christians. These Christians should all make a concerted effort to join and take over an LGBT group.
Related: The homosexual Jacobins continue their revolution.

Coming soon to a country near you: Venezuela has drinking water shortages.

Jay Carney decorates his home with communist propaganda posters.

County Sheriff: “America has become a war zone.”

Putin vs. Obama: workout edition.

In praise of anonymity and the silent mass.

The Butterfield Effect.

Is it impossible to lose weight?

On liberal hatred.
Related: The lies of liberal conspiracy theories.

UCLU bans Nietzsche club for being anti-marxist.

Pseudoteaching and real teaching.

Graduation wear for your kindergartener.

Why Amazon are the good guys.

Gladwell pulls back on his 10,000 hour rule.


Lightning Round – 2014/06/04

Elliot Rodger: Foreshadowing something bigger.
Related: Elliot Rodger’s problems were deeper than game.
Related: Advice for a younger Elliot Rodger.
Related: Patriarchy would have saved them.
Related: Roosh thinks Eliot Rodger was a feminist.
Related: An analysis of Elliot Rodger.
Related: More analysis of Elliot Rodger.

Caitlin Dewey is a journalistic fraud.
Related: BBC smears the manosphere.
Related: The media is lying about the manosphere.
Related: Why the media is lying.
Related: Amanda Marcotte lies.

It’s time for a change.

Why there are fewer early marriage divorces.
Related: Dalrock comments.

Being nice vs. being loving.

Creativity is a masculine indicator of sexual fitness.

No equality between complements.

Neoreaction is a salon, not a movement.

Reactionaries need to stand up for family and healthy societies.
Related: Anissimov starts drawing some lines.
Related: Anissimov with more on rejecting Tunney.
Related: Nick responds.
Related: Nick writes on social conservatism.
Related: The final word on trannygate.
Related: There is no neoreaction, there are neoreactions.
Related: A parable.
Related: Spandrell comments on the issue.

Status, pay-off matrices, and civilization.

Seems people are still debating ‘the Cathedral‘ terminology.

A little neoreaction humour.

Seeking educational alpha.

How to cheat at employment.

Mark Shea notices the DE once again.
Related; The SPLC notices us as well.

A neoreactionary view of Canada.

How the Tudors destroyed the Catholic faith in England.

A historical perspective: the 1970’s and now.

Nicholas Wade defends his book.

The opportunistic ‘we’ in that Coates article.

The credibility shock roiling Europe.

On Thailand’s coup.

Borders prevent religious and political violence.

Irrational atheism.
Related: On atheism and morality.

You cannot be a pro-abortion Christian.

Female rebellion is the result of male rebellion.

Careers can wait; babies can’t.

The lie of the war on women in chart format.

Science: Men’s sexual frequency and satisfaction linked to slimmer waists and younger women.

“Don’t yuck my yums” sounds like an idiot phrase for retarded toddlers.

A good example of the sickness I described earlier: a 30+ Christian women on maintaining purity despite sexual struggle. Get married.

#YesAllWomen and the toxic gender war.

Liberal activist in Haiti raped by black man, blames white men.

Female hamsters on sluttiness.

Someone at Cracked rights an article about MRA’s; gets it all wrong of course. If you can’t tell the difference between the Red Pill Reddit and MRA’s, you’re too ignorant to be talking about said things.

The sterile wasteland of modern literature.

The WisCon guest-of-honor speech and why Wright is no longer in the SFWA.

Concern trolling in SF.
Related: Wright responds.
Related: Correia has fun with liar Damien Walter.
Related: Correia has more fun with liar Damien Walter.

Study: Before you spend a decade warping their minds, children understand the differences between the sexes.

The quiet prosperity of the Amish.

The courts give the Jacobins another purge list.

Once again, John Calhoun’s “Mice Utopia” experiment.

California state finances confuse a million and a billion.

Lottery winners who lost everything.

The NYT pushes illegitimacy to increase Japanese birth rates.

Adam Corolla gets left behind by Cthulhu.




Lightning Round – 2014/05/28

To nice guys: Be a man.
Related: The corruptions of the world men fall into.
Related: Avoid becoming a caricature of masculinity.
Related: 10 lessons for the sons of single moms.
Related: Honour and respect.

Rules for living in the Kali Yuga.

How to be a professional badass.

Mike Rowe on dating and finding a job.

The friendzone is a self-inflicted mental state.
Related: The only way out of the friendzone is to stop being her friend.

Both Manboobz and Patheos have critiqued my work. Seems I’m a leader in the Quiverfull movement, an MRA, and a premeditated rapist.

Hugging is beta.

The narcissism of Elliot Rodger.
Related: The psychosis of the effeminate male.
Related: A psych analysis of Elliot Rodger.
Related: Game could have saved lives.
Related: Who is helping the youth?
Related: Don’t be a raging incel.
Related: The parallel between radical feminism and Elliot Rodger.
Related: Game and Elliot Rodger.

The DE Reading List gets a mention in the Imaginative Conservative.
Related: Land rounds up some of the latest press on DE/neoreaction.
Related: nydwracu gets the point of these articles.
Related: Anissimov responds to the Baffler and to the Imaginative Conservative.

The regress of social technology.

A neoreactionary analysis of Canada.
Related: Whig history around the magna carta.

Liberté means all men are slaves of the frenzied mob; Egalité means success is punished and failure rewarded until all outcomes are equal and all efforts are vain; Fraternité means all “comrade citizens” are wards of the Napoleon, the Fuhrer, the Lightworker, or whatever they are calling the Glorious Leader this month.”

SSC plays with dangerous ideas.

On ‘racist’.
Related: The cult of anti-racism.

High-IQ among the races.

NPR: Europeans aren’t afraid of blacks.

Front National and UKIP win big in Europe.
Related: Why the elites hate Farage.

More thoughts on the anti-modern university.

Entitlement as a millennial disease.

The slippery “we”.

Reflecting on neoreaction is a good thing.
Related: How fringe politics generates infighting.

A revealing internet exchange. The communists won’t let others leave with bloodshed.
Related: E > V.

How to survive a witch hunt.
Related: Employment advice: Make them fire you.

You are not required to forgive someone who does not repent.

Attributing agency to divorce.

Rape culture is about power and emasculating men.

The strange madness of trigger warnings.

An oldie of men in bad marriages. Be careful who you marry.

Is RoK really the worst site on the internet?

Letter to a wayward woman.

An open letter to feminist women of colour.

HuffPo and Rebecca Watson triumph paid menstruation leave.

The world of white knights.

How CPS abducts your children.

The personality differences between conservatives and liberals.

A great post on education and post-scarcity.

The modern campus left.

The problem of character-based education.

Obama is not a rare political talent.

The Jacobins never learn from history.

The US can’t help dying veterans, but it can give a criminal a sex change.
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The war between Amazon and major publishers.

Vox proved right on one of his early claims in the current SF struggle.
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Making chili. I should try.

H/T: Outside In, GCBH, RPR, Rex

Lightning Round – 2014/05/21

Frame your problems.

Forney starts the cold shower trend.

The ad hominem landing page.

Deep Strength’s list is evolving. My list has become more stringent as I’ve evolved.

Lighten up.

An unpublished study on the misery of a househusband.

What tattoos signify.

PUA’s, status, and game theory. Part 2.

The Baffler on neoreaction. “Moldbug is as prolific as he is incomprehensible.”

Radish with another great piece on free speech.

Neoreaction’s darkest power.

40 years of declining wages.
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The economic effects of declining trust.

On illegal immigration.

Racism is an anti-concept.

Bryce interviews Nicholas Wade.
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Jayman puts out a great HBD FAQ.
Related: Gene found that could account for 3% of IQ variation.
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African women, HIV, and NYT.

Handle has a solid money-making idea.

Northeastern states more segregated than southern ones.

The selective commentary from Obama.
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On net neutrality.

Was Euch’s purging due to Mozilla’s desire to add DRM to Firefox.

Reactive, proactive, and truth.

Realistic moral alignments.

The misplaced advocacy of the church.

A comment on Daniel and raising kids.

A ‘nice guy’ parody of the Louis CK fat girl scene.

The effects of women voting.
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A feminist refuses to hire women after discovering the troubles of having women in the workplace.

Humour: 6 ways you’re about to get screwed by the job market.

The scourge of relevance in education.

Seems like they’ve started drugging toddlers.

The misery of contemporary conversation.
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Rush Limbaugh wins children’s book award.

The wages of socialism.

Department of Agriculture orders submachine guns.

Florida: No religion outside the state.

It’s easy to make a scientific consensus if you purge everyone who disagrees.

Banning drug testing hurts blacks.

Heh. Spanish to retain ‘culturally important’ inquisition.

Ancient and modern combat and confidence.

A fun example of double-speak from the Canadian state broadcaster supporters.

Weak men are superweapons. Gotta be a way to use that.