Hail the Donald!

Land is wary of the Trump enthusiasm from some of the NRx crowd, and rightfully so, we can’t become demotist around here. Being one who occasionally joins in on the Trump enthusiasm, I thought I’d respond. I should note that I’m Canadian and can’t vote in the US and that I wouldn’t vote even if I could, but here’s why NRx should support Trump.

Before I begin, Trump won’t win and even if he does, not much will change (except maybe the wall). No matter how popular Trump becomes, he won’t win the presidency. I doubt he’ll even win the Republican primary. There is no way the Cathedral will let him win; they will do everything in their power to destroy him, and it will work. If, by some miracle, their efforts fail, Trump will lose against the bureaucracy and if he manages to get past the bureaucracy, the Supreme Court will shut him down. Nothing real will change (except maybe the wall). Whatever minor changes he gets through will be reversed a decade later.

#1: lulz: Everybody worth hating hates Trump. Lapping up their tears as he succeeds beyond what anybody expected is a worthwhile endeavour in its own right. There are two things that makes me consider voting and liberal tears is the second (gun freedom is the first). Sure voting means nothing, but it sure is fun to watch liberals suffer when their candidate loses.

#2: The destruction of the Republican Party. The Republican establishment are afraid and are doing what they can to try to stop him, but Trump speaks for the base. By trying to destroy him the GOP will destroy itself. If Trump somehow wins the nomination, the establishment will have suffered a huge blow and maybe the base can use it to clean house and heighten the ideological conflict. But in the more likely event the GOP rigs things against Trump (as they did with Ron Paul) and Trump loses, the GOP’s credibility will be destroyed. How many libertarians were alienated by the GOP’s treatment of Ron Paul? (How much did his treatment do to drive some to NRx?) And he was just a small side candidate. How fully will the base be alienated when the GOP destroys Trump? Unless Trump pussies out (and he does not seem the type to do so), Trump’s run could spark a bloodbath in the GOP no matter what the result. One of NRx’s goals is to get conservatives to realize that the GOP is no more than the controlled opposition who exist to lose and Trump could be a catalyst for endarkenment.

#3: Immigration. Immigration is the issue all the elites try to suppress. Trump is bringing it to the forefront and the people are responding. When he gets shut down and it is further drilled in that their elites hate them, how much endarkenment will that engender among the masses?

#4: Flowing from this: the truth of democracy. If the Trump train starts chugging for real: the Cathedral will bring all the rigging, all the slandering, all the viciousness, all the lawfare, etc. it can against Trump and his supporters and he will almost inevitably lose. How many of his supporters will realize how much of a sham democracy is as this occurs? How many people will people will come to understand the Cathedral and its ways through this?

#5: The Wall. If against all odds Trump wins, the wall will go up. There is no way I could see him back down from it, as the wall is his campaign, and I can’t see anybody who will be able to bring a clear enough threat against him to stop him. Once the wall is up, bureaucratic self-preservation will keep it up.  The wall is good because collapse is coming; it is nigh unavoidable. The question is the conditions under which the collapse comes. Living out in Asia, Land may be mostly insulated when the American Empire (and its dependencies: the Commonwealth and the EU) implode, but for those of us who refuse to leave our homeland the on-the-ground conditions when the collapse occurs do matter quite a bit. There are two main issues relevant to collapse: immigration and guns. Guns is obvious: will we have the ability to defend and hold our own when the happening goes down? This issue has mostly been won in the US and is the only real victory conservatives have ever achieved. When the happening occurs, people will inevitably split along tribal lines: when this happens how many of them will there be at war with us? The wall will lessen the number of them and maybe savagery can be prevented or at least mitigated.

#6: The punishment. Trump is both rich enough and bombastic enough to punish those activists attacking him. He’s already suing Univision for $500M and is threatening to sue the Hispanic Media Coalition and NBC for dropping him. Trump has the resources to really bring the heat against those who cave to activists and show that there are consequences for bowing to liberalism.

#7: The fluke. Have you read Caliphate by Tom Kratman? In it, a future-history tells of not-Patrick Buchanan winning the presidency and establishing a dictatorship through manipulation of presidential powers that freezes the decline. While he probably won’t do that, Trump is a wild card. I wouldn’t put much past him if he had the opportunity. If somehow he wins, you never know what could happen. (King Trump, anyone?)

As for the man himself:

Sure, Trump may be clownish, arrogant, and self-aggrandizing, but it’s an honest arrogance. The entire system holds you in contempt and wants to destroy your culture; every wanna-be chekist, SJW, bureaucrat, and politician is arrogant enough to think they should be able to dictate what you think, what you say, what you eat, what guns you can own, what you buy, what you drive, etc. Compared to that contempt, that insufferable, smug, all-consuming arrogance hidden under a thin veil of ‘the greater good’, a bit of honest old-fashioned arrogance is a breath of fresh air. As for clownishness, nothing Trump has done or could do could possibly compare to ‘a thrill up my leg’ and the outright worship everybody bestowed upon Obama 8 years ago. Democratic politics is clownish by its very nature; Trump is the only influential person awake enough to see it.

Sure, it’s hard to tell what is theatre and what is real, but it’s honest theatre. Everybody knows Trump is playing to the audience and he’s not even trying to conceal that he is. Compare that to the democratic theatre we regularly have. The GOP pretending to stand for something, the barely concealed corruption of the iron triangle, the farce of a democracy where Judge Roberts can single-handedly rewrite the law, the delusion we are free when we pay taxes even serfs and slaves of bygone days would think harsh. At least Trump’s show is a fun spectacle, rather than mind-killing, soul-draining drudgery of lies that is our normal politics.

So, however much you hate democracy, however useless you know politics is, however doomed you think we are, you should still agree:

Viva la Trump!


  1. If some how Trump pulls off the primary, I’ll vote for him

    Will be the 1st.time I vote in a federal election sense Jessie Helms died.

  2. Agree with all your points FN, though I think 6 doesn’t does much for the larger cause. I read Caliphate (recommended, but not for the squeamish) , but can’t really recall much about that political scenario. Trump threatens to bring down the curtain on the Kabuki production that is the modern 2 party system in the U.S. Lou Dobbs was interviewed a while back and was asked what he thought about government in Washington D.C. being broken. He replied (something to the effect of) that its not broken at all, its working perfectly as far as the Democrats and Republican parties are concerned.

  3. No matter what you think about Trump, we have to thank him for publicly raising issues that no other candidate dares. The 2014 elections proved that federal elections are a fraud and a scam, and I am done with them. Unless the GOP nominee is Trump or Walker. However IMO, it has already been decided that Hillary will be the next President. That is why she and her handlers don’t care how she looks or sounds.

  4. He’s nice for political incorrectness, but ultimately I think giving any politicians a boost is a bad idea. I perpetuates democracy’s myths. We should perhaps cheer on the divisive message that Trump is broadcasting because it does give a kind of green light for these views (many of which we justify ourselves in intellectual terms) to come out into the open a little more. Trump’s message may be a positive force for radicalization, but Trump the actual candidate I have little time for at all.

  5. I feel out of the loop. What is NRx ? And I don’t fully comprehend “the wall.”

    But I do agree with what I understood. The power of our vote has been rendered nothing more than illusion.

  6. The problem is, with Trump’s criticism of John McCain, he surely will have lost a good chunk of the Tea Party support that he had gotten until now. Strategically, that does not seem to have been well thought out on his part. (Not that I care; I’m Canadian, and don’t like the Republicans any more than I like the Democrats; I’m just noting that it doesn’t seem smart – unless his intent was to self-sabotage, in which case he may have succeeded.)

  7. Great analysis, #1 and #2 are my favorites. It’s been absolutely delightful watching both Dems and Repubs completely shit their pants over Trump’s comments (“he shouldn’t be so meeeeeeeeeaaaaan!”), and the way he shows backbone and doesn’t apologize or back down. The media points and sputters, and Trump laughs and calls them liars and pussies. It is refreshing.

    And you’re right, he almost certainly won’t win, but he’s doing a stellar job pointing out how useless Republican leaders have been, how much they ignore the issues their base cares about in favor of slurping donors’ balls, and how quickly they cave whenever a shrill Dem pundit plays the racism/sexism/homophobia card. Hopefully he does a lot of damage before they finally manage to shut him down.

  8. The McCain thing is utterly ridiculous. There exist few more despicable lowlifes in the whole US senate (one being perhaps the screechy little thing from California) than John “we must kill Bashar Al Assad” McCain

  9. Lol the media has launched a full-court 100%-coordinated assault over the McCain comments, just like they did over the illegal alien rapist comment from his announcement speech, and it just isn’t sticking at all. The people can spot a fraudulent hatchet job when they see one, and are frankly sick of being told by a bunch of J-school dweebs who is and is not an acceptable human being. Plus McCain is eminently hateable anyway, a sleazy political entrepreneur who couldn’t even beat Obama and never saw a sandbox war or an illegal alien he didn’t love. From what I’ve seen most vets hate McCain with good reason, and appreciate Trump’s brass-balls response to the kerfuffle. The latest polls show him gaining momentum, this hasn’t hurt him at all, it’s just made the desperation of his enemies even more palpable.

    I absolutely cannot get over how awesome it is seeing Trump hit back when these media assholes flail their limp wrists at him. “Arianna Huffington? She’s a liberal clown and her glorified blog loses money”. “The Wall Street Journal? Are they even still in business? Nobody cares what they think”. I would gladly pay PPV rates to see him in a debate with Jeb and Cruz and Rubio, it would be a literal LOLocaust.

  10. Good write up, and I am inclined to agree with all points. I am also not eligible to vote but would vote for him if I could. I will be watching from a distance and relishing the lulz that DT will provide.

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