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Lightning Round – 2017/04/12

Constitutionalism is a myth.

Ethnonationalism and aristocladism.

Basic strategic concepts.

The rise of the reactionary: 1, 2, 3.

Against realism.

The inglorious revolution.

Political freedom and the banality singularity.
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The long romance of socialism and liberal democracy.

The Northern Dawn Symposium.

The WASP question.

Meet the beadles.

But mostly cars.

The Pentagon is making the CIA and State obsolete.

Sociobiology as the Freudianism of the right.

The SFSU strikes. Part 2.

Single white women are the undertow of legacy Americans.
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White privilege vs. white death.

Allying with far to destroy near.

The coordinated hit on hate.

Ignorance is strength.

Trump already remakes the world.
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The border-adjustment tax.
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The likely shape of a Trump autocoup.

Syrian gas attack persuasion.
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Trump: 4d chess master or puppet?
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My opinion: Wait and see. Trump has earned a measure of benefit of the doubt.

Copts murdered in Egypt.

Trump spied on by Obama administration.

The alt-lite’s fatal flaw.

The fantastic health care failure.
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The ideological cult of the SJW.

Brexit begins.

On usury.

No patriarchy without patriarchs.
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Men and women’s fates are bound.

Cuck nation.

Another victim of family courts.

The sexbot and robot revolutions.

Manufacturing the college rape scare.

On nazi art.

The Venezuelan judicial coup.

California criminalized undercover reporting, by conservatives.

Leftist mom enjoys tolerance.

The lizard people.

Modern science is non-science.
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On socialization.

Chesterton on AI Risk.

When both Taibbi and Chomsky think you’re nuts regarding Russia.

The #BLM Stanford kid.

The failure of Marvel’s progressive agenda.

On the Pepsi ad.