Conservatives are Losers

Conservatives are losers.


This is not an insult, this is a statement of empirical fact.

Here’s one (((Noah Rothman))) who proves it beyond a reasonable doubt. He attempts to outline conservative wins to convince the base that the GOP leadership is awesome. His list of the epic accomplishments consists of 3 points:

  • Rolling back some of the worst of the Bush/GOP implemented No Child Left Behind national curriculum standards (and the resulting Common Core).
  • Preventing a $2.5-billion bailout of Obamacare, while failing to actually change the part of the Obamacare law he set out to eliminate.
  • Planning to give all illegals legalization, but not citizenship.

The conservative base should trust their GOP leaders because they undid part of what a previous GOP leader did, will legalize criminal immigrants, and temporarily, not permanently, halted some small portion of the funding of Obamacare.

What heroic leaders giving their all for the cause.

I’ve noted before how conservatism is always doomed, but never has anything I have written been so pathetically proven right. What kind of losers trumpet a record like that? If that was my record I’d commit seppuku in shame. Hell, I probably wouldn’t have enough honour left to be worthy of seppuku.

It will be a mercy to these people when the Sweet Meteor of Death puts them out of their perpetual misery.

Conservatism can not die fast or hard enough.


  1. That is true, however part of me still likes the terminology “classical conservatism” because it’s the right way, and the addition of the word “classical” means that should any clueless boobs try to use it, they’ll be given away when they invariably drop the added word as the opportunity presents itself.


  2. I respectfully take issue with a couple points here:

    – You should distinguish between the GOPe and the grassroots. The former have done very well for themselves and succeeded wildly at their goals, namely of being a false opposition and enriching themselves through pandering to donors and lobbyists. The latter have been getting their teeth kicked in for a few decades, but there are plenty of signs in the US and Europe that the winds are changing, and in the scheme of things this is arguably no more than the ebb and flow of politics (the 20th century was very strange and chaotic; to look at post-’65 America and say “Game over man, we lost, we’ll never get out of this mess” is badly lacking in historical perspective). The article you link to isn’t really about conservatism at all, it’s just GOPe flacks trying desperately to maintain the illusion that they actually represent their base, an illusion that’s getting increasingly tattered in the Age of Trump.

    – The tone is defeatist. Conservatives aren’t losers. Conservatism isn’t easy, and it isn’t perfect, but it runs very deep and when it gets roused there’s no telling how strong it will get (after all, it has the truth on its side). We haven’t had much real conservatism here in the US for decades, in large part due to the neocohens conspiring with the Left to undermine and scuttle any populist or nationalist tendencies, but there are many millions of armed people who are just now waking up and realizing the frog is getting boiled. Meanwhile the various leftist victim groups are increasingly at each others’ throats, and the lies of multiculturalism and sexual hedonism are getting out in the open for all to see for themselves. Whether Trump gets elected or not, he’s dealt a severe blow to the Republican party machine, maybe a lethal blow. If we can clear them out of the way then there’s an open field to clean house on our current financial-media-acadmic oligarchy and get some actual representative government. I’m telling you the lulz will be glorious, we will laugh all the way to victory.

  3. I take offense to this article. My family is conservative and we were glad to see Bush Jr as president, but we did NOT support the No Child Left Behind bill or whatever it was that put it into effect. The original reasoning behind it was right (we need to have a way to ensure children get a proper education) but what was implemented was wrong. Instead of something proper such as making sure all children have tutors available when and where needed, the result was to force teachers to pass them whether or not they’d earned the grades, and thus it was actually hurting children in the long run from being able to function in society.

    We morally can’t support Obama, but I believe that he honestly thinks he’s doing a good job.

    I even agree with some points that liberals make, I think it takes a proper balance from both sides of the spectrum. However, the common problem I’ve found with liberals is they are so haughty and reproachful in how they push their views. Where’s the love? Where’s the caring? If they showed some compassion and tried to be less offensive in shoving their views upon others, maybe their views would be received a lot better. Author of this article, before you point the finger and call conservatives losers, please look in the mirror and re-examine how you’re pushing your views.

  4. The only American ideology is Progressivism. There is an occasional ad hoc eruption of reaction to too much too fast Progressivism, but there has never been a coherent, principled, enduring opposition. (This is Trump in a nutshell.)

  5. @ NZT: The base has supported and continues to vote for the GOP. Hopefully it will turn around, but the last century has been nothing but a string of defeats.

    @ pczelda: The public education system is problem #1; an education from such an institution is why are losing. It is where the government takes your kids and turns them against their traditions, fathers, and faith. This is why conservatives lose: they believe that sending their kids to state indoctrination is good, rather than borderline child abuse.

    The liberals are haughty and reproachful and they usually win. Conservatives are compromising and respectful, and they always lose.

    As I said, it was not an insult, it is the cold hard truth. As people, conservatives are mostly decent, functional people, but politically they are losers. With the (partial) exception of gun freedoms they have lost every single battle they fought over the long term. People who always lose are definitionally losers.

  6. @NZT “– You should distinguish between the GOPe and the grassroots. The former have done very well for themselves and succeeded wildly at their goals, namely of being a false opposition and enriching themselves through pandering to donors and lobbyists.”

    This is exactly what I was thinking, but better articulated.

    Some of the conservatives I know truly value their morals and culture, and they lament a country that increasingly pulls away from them and everything they love. Other “conservatives” are really just in it for the economic policies, and they seem to be doing fine.

  7. Absolutely. I’ve been saying this for years. Conservatives lack courage, backbone, the ‘killer instinct’ that makes winning possible. Conservatives are losers and cowards. They’ve been losing for decades. Time for the Alternative Right, for Nationalism.

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