End Gun Violence

We need to end gun violence.

Almost two-thirds of gun deaths are suicides. 80% of firearms suicides are white males. This means that about half of gun deaths are suicides by white males. If we’re serious about ending gun violence, we need to focus on preventing white males from wanting to kill themselves.

White male suicide rates peak in middle age, a group that used to have relatively lower risk of suicide.

What drives white male suicide?

Two of the biggest risk factors are not being married and being unemployed.

So, if we want to stop gun violence, we need to make it so that white men can get married and have a job.

If you’re serious about ending gun violence, you need to oppose the war on the family and the hook-up culture. You also need to oppose immigration, bureaucracy, regulation, high taxes, and out-sourcing which are destroying which destroy American jobs.

Stopping the denigration of white males and ending the false idea of white male privilege also wouldn’t hurt.

It’s the only way forward to a reduce gun violence.

H/T: CM from VP for the idea.


  1. I’m constantly surprised by the way that Canadians are so fluent in U.S. statistics, but I would think that U.S. culture is somewhat similar to that of Canadians.

    This is a good blogpost, by the way. It starts to get to the heart of the sickness that is Anti-Whitism and white anti-whites perpetrating a really insane White Genocide against their own.


  2. Many are also either recently taken to the cleaners in a divorce or in a dead sexless marriage. So just getting married isn’t a help per se. If the left knew more guns meant less white males they would make only white males pass the background check and do little to prevent gun ownership amongst white males while keeping their job prospects poor and the divorce laws harsh.

  3. Typo: looks like “which are destroying which destroy American jobs” has one or two extra words. (Feel free to delete this comment.)

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