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I was asked if I was going to write something on the French Attacks. I wasn’t planning to, but I will now.

Anyone could have told France these attacks were inevitable, and in fact many have. The French invited diversity in and were culturally enriched. Following 9/11, Charlie Hebdo, Rotherham, 7/7, Burgas, Madrid, numerous riots, and the untold other incedences, this is not unexpected.

However, unlike in Charlie Hebdo, these were not leftists, these were just normal people going about their lives, so I do have sympathy and wish their families the best; may God have mercy on the victims in the next life.

And yet, while the individual victims deserve sympathy, France as a corporate body doesn’t. France is a democracy. Theoretically, the people rule and, in actuality, the people are able to vote for their government in relatively fair elections. The people even have a party dedicated to preventing foreign invasion and mass murder. Yet, the people refuse to vote for that party. France has willfully chosen pro-immigration policies and has once again received the natural consequences of their actions. If the French don’t want to be mass-murdered by savages, they should stop inviting savages in.

France chose to suffer these attacks. Not just once, but repeatedly, the French have overwhelmingly voted to aid savages in attacking France. If the French wish to play status games rather than defend themselves, no amount of sympathy in the world will help them. They have chosen their fate.

Now, I doubt the French are going to lay prostrate forever. They probably won’t do anything real now, the status games are too entrenched, but at some point something will happen.

The rational, compassionate thing to do, would be to find and execute everyone somewhat involved in these attacks, then end (Muslim) immigration and (humanely) mass deport Muslims from France. This would be a calm, measured respone and could be done with minimal bloodshed and suffering.

But equal and opposite reactions are the thing of physics. Humans work differently, especially when aggregated. They tend not to take measured and appropriate responses. Instead, they tend to keep doing what they are doing, ignoring or downplaying tensions as they build. Political inertia is a powerful force. Things will keep chugging along as they are right now.

Then suddenly, they won’t.

Humanity does not work like a spherical cow in a vacuum, it works more like man’s most base act. The act begins, tension mounts over time, then the pent-up pressure is released in a singular explosive moment.

In the case of Muslim immigration, the act has already begun. We are in the tensions mounting phase. Attacks, assaults, and riots and the occasional counter-attack (a la Breivik) will create continual friction between the French and their invaders, but nothing will be solved by these thrusts and counter-thrusts. Instead, at some point, the French tensions will reach their breaking point, and the French will release themselves in an orgasm of violence.

This will be an explosive release, not a calm, measured response. Cracked had a recent article about the Bosnian genocide, and an earlier one about the Rwandan genocide, the first point of each is how sudden it was. So it will be in France.

Contrary to these articles, these types of violence are never sudden or shocking, however quickly they may occur. They are the final result of long-standing tensions. They can be prevented if action is taken before the release, but once the release occurs it can not be stopped until it is fully spent.

The French will play their status games, ignoring the low-level guerrilla war and avoiding taking necessary measures, then, at some unknowable point for some unforeseeable reason, the dam will burst and genocidal violence will release all over the country. Rather than enacting a preventative policy now, while it will be comparatively clean and merciful, the French will bloody their hands in brutality when the situation has gone beyond reason.

After the violent release, they will look back and realize a little part of them died in that brutality. Their sons and daughters will look back and wonder how neighbour could turn against neighbour so suddenly.  People will be shocked at how violence like that could happen so suddenly.

Now, as I said before, I want to prevent this violence. I don’t want the white man to be broken and forced into this brutality simply to be able to enjoy their own civilization and culture in peace.

So, France, please stop the status games and act now while you can do so with clean hands. Don’t wait until fields of blood are your only recourse. If nothing is done now, the blood will be on your hands, because you valued status more than peace and justice.


  1. Democracy is a fraud. Stalin said it doesn’t matter who the people vote for, but only who counts the votes that matter. Every time there are elections now, people are shocked and asked how it happened. The parties nominate candidates who hate the people and people wonder why they are not represented. If voting changed anything they would have outlawed it ages ago. The founding Fathers of america wanted Freedom and they got it. The way they got it is the only way it can be had. Freedon is not given, it is taken. Those who rule need to use force, or lose it. That’s the way it always has been, and the way it always will be. Man is fallen, be a Real Man and stand up.

  2. One part of me thinks the French people don’t really want massive floods of Muslims. Another part of me has been marveling at the hideously short-sighted, self-destructive behavior of the Western World post-WW2. A third part of me has begun to think reality now feels like Disneyland, where the course of events has been predetermined by outside forces and the ride will proceed on its rails no matter how much we try to nudge its direction.

  3. Don’t think it’s just a “status game,” the situation is desperate due to population decline and the welfare state pyramid scheme.

  4. We wouldn’t be forced into brutality. We’d revert to our real natures which can be as nasty as the Mohammedans are.

  5. Accurate as expected, and the French should take this warning seriously. We’ve seen how explosions of violence can stain a nation long after the fact. I don’t think anyone wants to see this occur, but I fear it will, and in fact it may even be necessary for there to be any resolution to these matters. What seems clear however is that while the dominant religious memeplex in France remains Progressivism (and this has been the case now for almost 300 years, longer than in any other state) they are doomed to be increasingly disadvantaged in the violence to come.

    The invaders are far more monolithic than a French resistance could ever hope to be, because any such resistance would not only have to battle the invading army, but its own men willing to die to protect their ideology. Are the French right willing to fight that battle? It doesn’t seem that way at present.

    There are good reasons to say France as a nation has a less than 60% chance of surviving the end of Modernity, while Poland has somewhere closer to 94%.

  6. There are non leftist in France?

    Also, the best I can tell Le Pen does not want to remove the moslems already in France so its not much a vote for a different direction

  7. B-but this is silly! Genocide only happens in uncivilized countries!


    And even if that’s wrong, surely the French would never resort to mob violence, blood running in the streets, mass executions, and a descent into everyday Terreur. Surely not the French, of all people.

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