Lightning Round – 2015/12/09

When a man should start looking for marriage.


Rise of the shitlords.

Setting things right.
Related: Neocolonial on greater realities. I disagree with one point. Plain reaction is order; neocamerialism (and formalism) is the particular order that puts the neo in neoreaction.

Regarding servants without masters.

McCarthy was right.

Point deer, make horse.
Related: How to win.
Related: The long cold civil war.
Related: The media and public are at war.
Related: How much terror the police state has stopped.
Related: Paternity leave caused the shooting.
Related: How many mass shootings are there, really?
Related: Heartiste on the San Bernardina shootings.
Related: Leading you off a cliff.
Related: We stand with you.
Related: New York Daily News: liking the NRA is as hateful as shooting  a dozen people.
Related: Manson family fears backlash.

Trump wins if nothing insane is done to stop him.
Related: Why the media hates Trump.
Related: A proposed Trump cabinet.

Trump to ban Muslim immigration, says “I don’t care”.
Related: How many dead Americans are you willing to pay?
Related: France’s new Joan of Arc.

“Refugees” don’t want to come to Canada. They’re desperate, but not desperate enough to move here.
Related: Sweden’s immigrant dream is over.

Importing ethnic tensions.

On territorialism.

The US supports ISIS.

Day’s Cuckservative has been released.
Related: Cuckservative responses and why no footnotes.

Heredity matters, parents, not as much. Read the original article.
Related: The Quillette. A new online mag, that’s somewhat DE adjacent.

Ethnic competition and defection.
Related: How to increase cooperation and decrease defection.
Related: Culture wars and setting the default.


Culture and civilization are statistically white and male.

The media will hide the decline.
Related: Technological decay.
Related: Infrastructure.

The satanic core of liberal niceness.

Being a bad follower guarantees bad leaders.

We live in white supremacy.
Related: Leftism assigns all agency to whites.
Related: In-bred liberals.

What the alt-left is?

The Daily Beast on the alt-right.

Lynch law. Read the whole story.


Huge analysis of the achievement gap. Conclusion: Not (concentrated) poverty.
Related: What do Black Autumn protestors want? To never have to leave campus.
Related: On black names.

Superheroes and princesses.

Lessons from Tim Tebow’s break-up. More. Maybe a false story.

Countries where women don’t work outside the home have comparatively happier women.

Feminism is a status game.

Failed leadership in the US.

Finland may implement basic income plan.

The Ainu and the fringe.

Why English is weird.

David Marcus gets cucky. On Twitter.

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