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Update: Theme Switching

Some of my readers have complained about the theme, they find the white text on a black background difficult to read. I’ve finally gotten around to fixing this.

In the bottom-left corner there’s a small bar that will allow you to switch themes.

Clicking Twenty Twelve will change the colours to a more standard black text on white background. Clicking suits will change it back.

I’m not gonna optimize or tweak the Twenty Twelve theme, although it looks okay as is, and I’m going to be doing what little formatting I do on my posts for the main theme, but this new theme will allow those of you who really hate white on black an easier read.

Not Dead Yet

Both D&P and Matt are distancing themselves from the manosphere. I’m not going to bother with Matt’s criticisms, which focus on two particular bloggers, other than to say, why would a man get in the middle of a cat fight? But I would like to comment on two of the reasons Mike cites, not out of disagreement, but because it provides a springboard for my thoughts.

Secondly, there are too many frauds in the manosphere to count.

There are probably frauds in the manosphere, as in any other internet community. For reasons I don’t understand, some people like to lie to strangers on the internet.

But I think another problem is people thinking bloggers have some kind of great insight on what they write about, when they probably aren’t. “Authorities” on subjects usually have better distribution channels than small blogs in marginal internet communities.

Since the beginning, I’ve tried to be as honest as possible about myself (of course, everyone’s self-image departs from reality to some degree, although, I try to be as objective as possible regarding myself), but even so, I do still try to paint myself in the best light the truth will allow. This blog started as a self-improvement blog because I was an unhappy loser; I still struggle with self-improvement, but it has since moved on to other topics, because if it didn’t this blog would simply become a log of my progress on squats.

My blog is mostly me figuring things out for myself or sharing ideas I’ve thought of.

I’m use it’s the same for many in the manosphere, or elsewhere.

In some cases, the perception of fraud could just be some people attributing more authority to a person than they’d claim for themselves.


Third, there are too many articles complaining about feminism.

This complaint and the related complaint of “everybody keeps rehashing the same things” are frequent around the manosphere.

We’ll deal with the latter first: the manosphere is primarily about self-improvement, but there is only so much you can say about self-improvement. How many different ways can you repeat buy Starting Strength and start lifting, eat better, and don’t be a pussy. At some point there’s simply nothing more to say that hasn’t already been said.

The manosphere’s well past the point of diminishing returns. Everything that needs to be said, has probably been said by someone else already. Each individual blogger is going to reach the point where they’ve shared all the knowledge of self-improvement they have.I most of my practical advice into a series of a dozen posts. Now, I’m sure I’ll probably be able to add small things in the future, but I’ve mostly blown my wad in that area.

After that point, it’s mostly repetition, but that doesn’t matter. The hard part of self-improvement has never been knowing what to do, everybody knows what to do: eat better, exercise, read more and better material, get some hobbies, and nut up and talk to that girl. Every blue-pill beta, every omega, knows they should do that. The problem isn’t knowing what to do, it’s doing it.

The repetition is necessary, because it motivates. I read the manosphere for a year and half before I started to life. I heard the message to lift uncountable times; but it wasn’t until the uncountable+1 times I read it that I actually got down to it and lifted.

All this repetition is needed more for encouragement and drive than for the actual knowledge itself.

In addition, new people are always cycling in and out of the manosphere. New people need to hear the basics just as much as those who’ve been here; what’s a repetition for some, may be new information for others.

As for the attacks on feminism, the answer is the same: you might have seen dozens of arguments concerning feminism, solipsism, the feminine imperative, hypergamy, and so on, but for most people, soft feminism is in everything they do and see; they have not been exposed to alternatives to it. People new to the manosphere need to discover these things as well.

Not to mention, that if we want to accomplish something for society rather than just getting our own, a sustained attack on false ideologies is necessary. We need to keep building our ideas, not just ourselves.

As well, sometimes you just need to vent and there’s nothing wrong with that.

Introducing: Reaction Times

Today, Free Northerner in conjunction with the Hestia Society announces Reaction Times at

Reaction Times is a combination aggregator/web portal for all things neoreactionary.

The front page is an aggregator of neoreactionary and Dark Enlightenment blogs.

Other pages include a list of NRx/DE blogs, the NRx Canon, a list of books from the intellectual giants upon whose shoulder’s we stand, a list of NRx/DE resources, a short intro to NRx/DE, a NRx/DE dictionary, and an NRx/DE twitter feed.

This is relatively new, so there’s probably some good blogs/Twitterers we missed, if so, send ’em my way to add. Also, drop me a note if you think you or someone else is miscategorized, or doesn’t belong. We want to avoid entryism.

Also, shout out to Empedocles who suggested the name Reaction Times.

So check out and bookmark Reaction Times to keep up to date on the latest in neoreaction.

New Site Subscription Notice

I’ve never used WP followers or e-mail subscription, so, I’m not fully sure what this is about, but for those of you who do I got this message:

Please keep in mind that while your email subscribers will continue to receive email notifications of new posts as before, followers will only see new posts in the Reader. They will not receive email updates unless they subscribe to receive those on your new site. You might want to post a notice on your old site about your upcoming move to keep your readers informed.

So, if you’re a follower and want to continue getting e-mail updates, you’ll have to resubscribe. For the e-mail subscribers, you should be transferred over without hassle soon.

The subscription box is at the bottom of the page.

Blog Updated

As you may have noticed the blog has been updated. I’ve finally gotten around to self-hosting.

We are now at So, if I’m on your blog roll, please update. And thanks for linking to me.

The old site has been redirected. (Thanks Gromar).

Subscriptions should be transferred soon, but feel free to resubscribe. Also, I don’t use RSS, but if you do, you may need to re-add me to your feed.

The theme has been changed, as they wouldn’t let me keep the old theme. Let me know what you think of it.

I think it is readable and without high contrast it’s easy on the eyes, but my aesthetic sense is not shared by all.  If many people find it hard to read I may fiddle with it more.

I’ve been thinking of making the grey slightly brighter and the link red slightly less bright.

There will be more updates now that I have a bit more control.

Holiday Break

It’s the holidays and I’ve got some stuff I’m trying to work on, so blogging will be very light for the next couple weeks.

I don’t have any major posts planned. There will be no Lightning Round on the 2nd; there might be one on the 9th, there might not, we’ll see. If you need to read something, enjoy previous Lightning Rounds here.

I might throw up some random garbage or post something substantial if the urge strikes, but don’t expect much.