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Lightning Round – 2016/11/30

The slow history methodology.

Western civilization is European.

Chesterton’s fence and democracy.

The need for Inquisitor Trump.

Creating souls in a laboratory.
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Is the orthosphere alt-right?

The 16 points of the alt-right for those of modest IQ.

No enemies to the right. Counterpoint.
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On the NPI debacle. More.
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The art of the word.
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The party of Reagan is dead.

The awful mask of the alt-right.
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Hardcore and softcore Trump appointments.
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The Overton bubble.

Progressives need nurture.

On SA’s Trump piece.

Fracture the CIA.

Defeating ISIS.

The great man vs. cliodynamics.

Infiltration of the church.

A rational response to high divorce rates.

A case of divorce rape.

More on Pizzagate.

Reddit CEO modifies r/The_Donald posts and conspires against the subreddit.

FB deleting pro-Trump pages.

65 “journalists” who colluded with the Clinton campaign.

An experiment on experts.

NATO cannot stop Russia.

Lightning Round – 2016/11/23

The racial hatred of the election.
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Trump’s victory as a reaction to the White Death.

A new Mahout in town.

Debt + diversity = community death.

Fraying in the core. Although, NRx is generally in favour of patchwork.

Trump viewed from the right.
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Stories from people who have met President Trump.

Wrath of the god-emperor.
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Lugenpresse strategy.
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Terminal frame.

It’s not about you.

A mass Twitter purge of the alt-right.

Richard Spencer’s media indiscipline.


 In praise of mediocracy.

The churchian corruption.

Working for poor governance.

Divorce: a cold calculation.

Acting normal.

Physiogamy is real.

The alarmed and the anxious.

Study: Illegals have effected US elections.

Shapiro: An enemy of Christendom.

Dreher contemplates the red pill, while Mark Shea remains himself. Also, Shea was fired from the NCR.

Football in America.

Lightning Round – 2016/11/16

Welcome to the Trump Triumphant edition of the Lightning Round.

But first, a new project to establish a true Canadian Right is starting up:
Check out Northern Dawn.
Here’s the call to action for all right-thinking Canadians.
Also, check out the FB page.

Hail Trump, but let’s not lose our heads.
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Best election ever.
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How Trump already saved the world.
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Counterpoint: A victory for liberalism and white supremacy.
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In favour of helicopter rides.

How GamerGate crowned the god-emperor.

Inquisition 2.0.

Modelling failures.

Chimps and riots.

Destination Baltimore.

On Straussian entryism.

Social turbulence.

The 7 sacraments of progress.

The mirage of localism.

Recap on global warming.

Hillary in the bunker.

To the Left on Trump

You are the reason Trump won.

Trump is a gamechanger, not necessarily because of what he’ll do, but because of what he represents. Trump is the first time white Americans in the US have voted, somewhat tentatively, as a tribe. Prior to this election, white Americans voted primarily against other whites based upon values, ideology, and intra-white tribal affiliations. This is the first time whites have voted tribally against non-whites.

Or to be more accurate, this is the first time white males and their wives have voted as a group against single females and non-whites.

This is a massive shift in American politics with potentially huge consequences.

Until recently American politics has been defined by a number of varying, but overlapping, ideogical and tribal cleavages and the alliances between them: southern vs northern, coastal elites vs the American heartland, rural vs urban, religious right vs secularists, business vs unions, left vs right, interventionists vs isolationists vs peaceniks, and so on.

Racial and sexual politics were but one cleavage among dozens. Some feminists voted based on sexual politics, but most men and women generally voted based on other loyalties. Nationally, inter-racial politics was a subset of some greater intra-white ideological or tribal conflict. Blacks were clients of northern coastal elites, latinos were loose clients of big business and coastal elites (due to the immigration issue), Asians kept themselves out of the spotlight, Jews were part of the coastal elites, and Cubans were the clients of anti-communists.

This has changed. Over the last decade or so, the left started pushing intersectionalism and social justice very hard. Ideological niceties aside, what this practically resulted in is non-whites, single women, gays, etc. seeing themselves as oppressed by the white male patriarchy. This intersectionality has essential made minority group band together to attack white males.

At first this was confined to universities and liberal neighbourhoods, so nobody really cared, but the over the last few years, it’s moved into the real life. You went after their enterainment. Real people started getting fired for your liberal crusades. The major turning point was the bakeries; not content to get gay “marriage”, you had to sadistically force your beliefs on normal people and destroy their businesses if they didn’t bend the knee.

But every political action has a reaction. White men are realizing you’re not content with winning, your goal is to humiliate us, hunt us down, and destroy us. W’re realizing their is no live and let live, there’s not go along to get along. We either have bend the knee to your false religion or be destroyed.

So now white males are waking up, they’re tribalizing, just as I warned. Soon, unless things change, the US politics will be only have a single tribal : white males and their wives against everybody else.

You are the reason white consciousness has risen.

If you had been content with winning, white males would probably have surrendered. You could have had everything you wanted had you shown the slightest magnanimity. Whites are long-suffering and slow to anger.

But you chose not to let us alone. You chose to attack us, to not just win, but to try to personally destroy us and rub our noses in the wreckage.

We’re starting to realize we have no choice but to fight. If we’re going to persecuted as white males, we’ll identify as white males and act as white males. The white male tribe will grow, and we are still the majority.

You the left have only yourselves to blame for Trump. Trump is your creation and he’s your fault.

I tell you this, because there’s still time. Trump is just the first salvo and he’s not going to hurt you all that badly. He’ll still conserve liberalism, he’s just going to eliminate some of the worst excesses. If you repent now, and stop your persecution of white males, in 8 years, you could elect a Democrat and things could go back to normal, your victories would be conserved and we could have peace. Most whites still don’t really want to do this and will back off if you let off.

If you continue though, you will enrage whites and their conciousness will grow. Then we whites will truly come for there will be very few options for you to avoid future horrors.

I doubt this will change anything, but it must be said. Don’t say you weren’t warned.

Lightning Round – 2016/11/09

As of my posting this, Trump just got Pennsylvania and 264 electoral votes, with Wisconsin, Michigan, Alaska, and Arizona all looking safely Trump as well. It’s safe to say, Trump won. We won. Hopefully we will see King Trump in a few years.

Trump needs friends.
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Miss Congeniality no more.
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Meet the new cuck, same as the old cuck. He’s right, but stopping white genocide is worthwhile.
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Long-term election changes.

The treason of McAuliffe, Obama, and Clinton.

Spandrell on faith.

From Frost and Enoch to NPR.

The wicked flee when no man pursueth.

The French colour revolution. More.

Is America done?

Nixon’s election eve call.

Islam’s cowardly critics.

Material evil.

The lie of parenting.

Women as responders.

Women’s desire to teach.
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The average woman extorts $150k in taxes from the average man.

Reading  Jessica Valenti’s book confirms much manosphere wisdom.

Counter-BLM demonstration in Chicago.

Migrant nightmares in Sweden and Germany.

Brexit blocked.

The marriage gap.

More conspiracy: Cheese, pasta, and Podesta.
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What are TERFs?


Lightning Round -2016/11/02

Remember to use InfoGalactic instead of Wikipedia.

The average American.

There is always a king; how to find him.

Narrative vs. reality.

Cognitive dissonance judo.

Passivism and struggle.

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What happened to the samurai?

How to implement patriarchy.

Maybe a relatively painless Soviet–style collapse?
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The rise of white identity: I warned of this years ago.
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An open letter to Jews.

A Wikileaks summary.
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The Trumpslide.
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The house always wins elections.
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Some conspiracy theory: The revived investigation; rumours of pedophile ring.
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The two-bullet theory of Comey.
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No muscles in Brussels.

US contemplates WW3.
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Is Duterte a deep state Chinese Communist agent or a reaction against Filipino elites.
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4GW in Syria.
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On Maine and Moldbug.

On Dugin’s Last War of the World Island.

On charter school foundations.

The new Trudeaupia.

No collusion here at all. None.

Leftward drift: Bill Bradley to Hillary Clinton.

Obamacare working as designed.

SS receipts confirm no recovery.

Reality and gun control.

How rule by banker manifests itself.

On the gold standard. More. More.

There is no national debt. Comments discuss Moldbug’s work on sovereign debt. More.
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PoC is a terrible term.

Most American Christians are heretics.

Brining murderesses to the gospel through accompaniment.

On tithing.

The paradox of modern masculinity.

Lottery perverts.

The unspoken lesson.

Jobs and education make women unattractive.

The suicidal altruism of Western women.

Malice in Blunderland.

Small lies lead to bigger lies.

A belated surrender.

Winning Gamergate.
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Violence in the name of compassion.

The church of Chick.

Adventures in missing the point.

Tears of a cuck.

Hillary supports rigged elections.

Degeneracy of type.