Calling a white person a racist is the the functional equivalent of calling a black person a nigger.

Racist is a racial disparagement aimed at whites, and only whites.

This is not me saying it. This is not a reactionary view, this is the vanguard of social justice saying this.

Now, some racists will say, “but the dictionary says…”

To use the dictionary definition of racism is racism and you are a racist if you use it.

The proper definition of racism, by those who use the word the most is “prejudice plus power“. Racism requires not just prejudice, it also requires privilege. Racism can only flow down from the powerful to the less powerful, it can never flow up. Because non-whites have less power, they can never be racist. They may be bigoted, but not racist. Only whites can be racist because only they have privilege and power.

Before a bunch of “liberals” can bring up their racist individualism, in this case, power only refers to structural power. So, while a specific non-white individual may have more power than a specific white individual, the white individual is part of the structure of power the black individual is not a part of, and therefore has the privilege of that structure. So, even in that case the white can be racist.

Practically all whites have a racial prefence for other whites. 70% of those who have taken the IAT are prejudiced and that’s only among test-takers who, for obvious reasons (ie. those who care most about knowing if they’re prejudiced are likely those least prejudiced), are probably less prejudiced than the average person. As well, just because I person doesn’t exhibit prejudice

All whites are white and therefore benefit from white privilege. All whites have more power than non-whites. Therefore, practically all whites have both power and prejudice. Therefore practically all whites are racist.

Combine with the fact that no non-whites can be racist and it is obvious that racist is racial term that can only be applied to whites.

Racist is definitely a negative term. Nobody is ever called a racist as a compliment. People get fired for being called racist and racists (ie: whites) are generally ashamed to be racists.

The conclusion is inescable: racist is a vicious term of racial disparagement aimed at white people.

Calling a white person a racist is the functional equivalant of calling a black person a nigger.


  1. This is an excellent meme. “Would you call a black person a nigger? Then don’t call a white person a racist. It’s the same thing. And I’ll treat it as the same thing. By reacting the same way.”

  2. I now call all my White Homies racist. “How are you doing today Racist.” Followed by secret white handshake. We can use it, but I take great offence when others call me the “R” word.

  3. No matter what you do, you will be called a racist. You can never be ‘unracist’. The very term is intended to silence and manipulate whites. So embrace it.

  4. Calling a contemporary White person a “racist” is actually the equivalent of calling a woman a “witch” in pre-modern times. Neither “racism” nor “witchcraft’ denotes anything real. In both cases the terms judge the accused as both mistaken about reality and evil for holding that mistaken view. “Racist” attitudes, beliefs or behaviors are no more –no more– than those which the accuser rejects. They have nothing to do with truth or ethics. Many “racist” ideas, attitudes and actions are in fact both accurate and rational. Whites need to refuse to use “racism” in any sense at all, even to deny that you suffer from it or that it insults you. As long as the word is used, it will only ever be used against us.

  5. Calling a white person a racist is the the functional equivalent of calling a black person a nigger…..

    really? I always take it as a complement

  6. I’m a racist, and you’re a nigger/gook/spic/kike/fag/etc. So I am still better than you.

    The Shadowed Knight

  7. Joseph, I’m afraid your examples just aren’t up to date. It’s 2015, get with the program. The fact that you object to the definition of racism proves you’re a dirty racist.

  8. For a more serious response: your counterexamples are in fact true – in their own countries, where they are a sizable portion of the population. However, in the US (and many other Western countries), neither the Japanese nor any of the peoples native to the Indian subcontinent are ethnic majorities, grouped or otherwise. Therefore, in those countries, the term is de facto aimed at Whites and Whites only.

    Setting aside the ‘only’ portion of the argument, you still must agree that it is used to define white relations to other ethne, and not vice versa, most of the time.

    Your “Japanese and Hindi are racists too!” argument boils down in the last analysis to claiming that ‘kike’ isn’t aimed at Ashkenazim because it also applies to the Sephardim and Krymchaks.

    As for identifying the RWA as a racist movement…congratulations. Maybe that’s part of your path to sanity, when you realize that no-one of any social cachet thinks of ‘African genocide’ and ‘racism’ as related concepts.

  9. “Bob” says behind the scenes that people who use that word to you, when talking to you, are bullies. He says on the front lines, “Define what ‘racist’ means.”


  10. I’m not sure that I want to give in on a definition of racism. I find, that for trolling, asking someone politely “would you mind giving me a quickie definition of racism so I can be sure I know what you mean,? Ta!” never draws an answer except maybe a few expletives. Because even if they cut and paste the dictionary definition, it never fits the context in which they just used it. … How can it?

  11. This was pretty remarkable, both content-wise and just rhetorically. Well done, FN. Key to the next stage of the rightist advance on this bitter terrain is the extinguishing of the killswitch lexicon, those words used to shut down the left’s enemies. Maybe I’ll write something on this.

  12. “except you can’t ‘out’ a black person as a nigger and get them fired.”
    You could out someone as a ‘nigger-lover’ and get them fired. The same goes with racist. You can’t out someone as white but if they show support for white identity that is grounds for ostracism.

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