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Metal Moment – Seven Kingdoms

I’m busy this week, so here’s another metal moment. Today’s band is the less well-known Seven Kingdoms, a power metal band from the US that sings primarily about the Song of Ice and Fire books. They have one official music video that I know of for the song After the Fall from the CD the Fire is Mine:

My favourite song of theirs is Forever Brave, from the same CD:

For their first CD, they actually had a male vocalist and were more thrashy, making for a different sound. Here’s We Do Not Sow, celebrating everybody’s favourite fictional reavers:

The second of their three CD’s is self-titled, and is similar in sound to the Fire is Mine, but with a few hints of their earlier thrashiness. Here’s Thunder of the Hammer:

Finally, here’s the obligatory power ballad, A Murder Never Dead from the same:

Metal Moment – Epica

Haven’t had one of these in a while, so here’s an introduction to Epica, a operatic metal band from the Netherlands. The main vocalist, Simone Simons has probably the most beautiful voice I have heard and she is definitely my favourite female singer. Here’s Mother of Light from their 2005 album Consign to Oblivion:

Here’s Cry for the Moon from their first CD:

Their general sound hasn’t changed much over the years: a beautiful operatic soprano mixed with rough growls over a excellent metal with heavy symphonic elements, but they’ve always managed to keep it fresh and interesting. Here’s Quantum Enigma from their most recent CD:

Here’s something a bit slower and softer, Feint, also from Phantom Agony:

Finally, from their live album, a metal version of Dies Irae. It’s one of the very few live albums I’ve ever felt worth purchasing:





Metal Moment – Turisas

It’s the long weekend (Canadian thanksgiving, baby), and it’s been a busy week. I may have been able to pump out the next section of the Omega’s Guide, but it would have been crap, even crappier than my poorly proofread last piece. So, instead here’s another metal band I thoroughly enjoy.

I present to you Turisas, purveyors of Battle Metal. Their music is a hybrid of folk metal, power metal, epic metal, and death metal, and is all awesome.

This first track is my favourite of theirs from their first CD: Battle Metal. It’s a roaring anthem to violence.

This second song is from their third CD: Fear the Fear. It’s has little more social commentary than their usual fare of vikings and war, but it’s great.

Here’s a strange one form their most recent CD: No Good Story Ever Started with Drinking Tea. Their newest CD isn’t as good as their others, but it’s more oriented towards stupid fun than the previous ones.

Finally, here’s a single that comes as a bonus track on certain re-releases of their second CD (sadly I can’t find the particular re-release on Amazon). It’s a cover of the Boney M song Rasputin, and is great fun on a CD that is otherwise very serious and very epic. (It’s an amazing CD, but should be listened to as a whole).

Metal Moment – Grave Digger

I’ve been busy with things this week, so I don’t have a real post today. Enjoy some Grave Digger, a band that’s been producing solid heavy metal for 3 decades now.

First up, for all the neoreactionaries and Scots, comes the classic  Jacobite song, Rebellion (the Clans are Marching):

For the neo-pagans out there comes a newer song, Valhalla:

For the Brits and Christians, Excalibur:

Finally,  for the sappier readers, a power ballad from one of their more recent albums, When Rain Turns to Blood:

Metal Moment: Theocracy

Today’s metal moment highlights my favourite Christian band: Theocracy.

They play some excellent power metal with progressive metal undertones.

Here’s probably their heaviest song:

Here’s the best track off their newest album and probably tied for my favourite track of theirs with the third one I’m posting. It starts slow and builds up over time until awesomeness:

Here’s their 22-minute epic: