Lightning Round – 2015/12/24

I’m taking a break over the holidays. I’ll be back in the new year, so here’s a Lightning Round to tide you over.

Zippy lays it all out: In the land of lies, every day is opposite day.

The lack of meaning of Christmas.

Nobody has a sense of numbers. Related.
Related: A voter’s guide to thinking.

Why men don’t get married?

Demographic statistics.
Related: Facts are useless.

Cities as culture killers.

De Jouvenel: Power and culture.

The strong horse.
Related: NYT threatens Trump.

GOP branding.
Related: What the people want from the GOP.
Related: There’s a market demand for free speech.

The pledge of media professionals.

Simon Gray with some reflections on Cuckservative and Islam.

Soft power is dangerous.
Related: The US military vs. the CIA.

A strange new respect for Orban.

Support for democracy declining.

On the Daily Show and Rumsfeld.

Baltimore is doomed.

To oppressed minorities: you’re welcome.

The despairing Marxist.

On Theranos.

What’s the point of the DHS?

Calling a criminal a criminal is offensive.

Chaucer and virtuous poverty.

Christian revival and charismatic churches.

Cartesian sex.

Servant leaders mind their own business.

Electricity and religion.

A pro-paganism screed.

Keeping your daughter off the pole.
Related: Demon mom of the year.

Widows aren’t single mothers.

How to critique women.

The Netherlands resist the invasion.
Related: Geert Wilders refuses to turn on his extremists.

Canadian Liberals to ban spanking.

An SJW tell.

Sailer connects the dots on Sioux County.

Sailer takes apart an NYT op-ed.

Intelligence genes found.


  1. Any chance of you making an appearance on millenial woes hangout this week? It would be good to see you make a case for a the more moderate wing along with the Hestia boys and Bruce. Have a great Xmas and thanks for helping me keep up with what’s happening in the sphere.

    P.s. Is Thinking Housewife going full Truther? Slightly worrying.

  2. L.O.L., the view-point of that article, which makes the assumption that those reading it would think that low-church Protestant Christianity could be bad, gives a sure indication of the reason that I’ve already been banned there…

    Happy Christmas, “Free Northerner”!

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