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Conservatives are Losers

Conservatives are losers.


This is not an insult, this is a statement of empirical fact.

Here’s one (((Noah Rothman))) who proves it beyond a reasonable doubt. He attempts to outline conservative wins to convince the base that the GOP leadership is awesome. His list of the epic accomplishments consists of 3 points:

  • Rolling back some of the worst of the Bush/GOP implemented No Child Left Behind national curriculum standards (and the resulting Common Core).
  • Preventing a $2.5-billion bailout of Obamacare, while failing to actually change the part of the Obamacare law he set out to eliminate.
  • Planning to give all illegals legalization, but not citizenship.

The conservative base should trust their GOP leaders because they undid part of what a previous GOP leader did, will legalize criminal immigrants, and temporarily, not permanently, halted some small portion of the funding of Obamacare.

What heroic leaders giving their all for the cause.

I’ve noted before how conservatism is always doomed, but never has anything I have written been so pathetically proven right. What kind of losers trumpet a record like that? If that was my record I’d commit seppuku in shame. Hell, I probably wouldn’t have enough honour left to be worthy of seppuku.

It will be a mercy to these people when the Sweet Meteor of Death puts them out of their perpetual misery.

Conservatism can not die fast or hard enough.

Lightning Round – 2012/08/29

Patheos discovers the fruits of feminism and they don’t like it.
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Religion makes you beta. Not overly surprising, given the state of modern churchianity.

Masculinity and civilization.

The Red Pill for the manosphere: Each man must decide which is more important, love or sex.

If you marry, marry someone with a low partner count.

So, your parent’s divorcing decreases your life span by 5 years.
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O’Rourke on the baby boomers. Excellent like most of O’Rourke’s stuff.

The real war is on children, not on women.

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Why don’t men just get it?

Eye contact is important.

How not to be a racist: hehe.

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Let’s have more teen pregnancy.

Why boys don’t read.

As a conservative who also listens to Rage Against the Machine, I found this to be very interesting.

Once you sell your soul once, it’s easy to sell it again.

Atheists demonstrate their open-mindedness.

And yet the socialists still want to have the government control the US’ and Canada’s resource industry. How stupid can they be?
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I can’t believe that it took 7 years to find that standing in front of a bulldozer like an idiot makes you responsible for your own death. Stupid crusaders.

The former editor of the NYT admits to the NYT’s bias. Will wonders never cease?
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Surprisingly, the NYT writes critically of single-motherhood. Unsurprisingly, the lack of “marriageable men” is blamed.
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Hey, slutwalkers

This is the mainstream article of the week. Read it; it’s awesome satire and highly enjoyable. It’s got all the feminists, and other assorted idiots against it.
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Student loans are a cancer.

To liberals, the real conservatives are the centrists.

The war on dihydrogen monoxide.

Paul Krugman is wrong? I think it would be more newsworthy if he was actually right.

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