Lightning Round – 2015/12/16

I just plumb forgot to post this yesterday. So, here it is a day late.

Mannerbund 101.
Related: Patriarchal culture.

Nationalism vs. globalism.


Obama’s NRx activism.

An aesthetic declaration of independence.

The end of the radical centrist.

A strategic default on white debt.

The death of France.
Related: Genocide-by-attrition at the funeral parlour.
Related: The establishment betrays France, as the anti-nationalist conspiracy succeeds.
Related: Leftist word games.
Related: Finland resists the invasion.
Related: America and France move right.
Related: A grave moment for France.

On Houellebecq’s Submission.

Why we culturally profile Muslims. Lots of data.
Related: 95% of child rape/molestation convictions in the UK were Muslims.
Related: Political correctness crippled national security.
Related: Islam and peace.
Related: Right-wing terrorism vs. Muslim terrorism.

When the Russian mafia is not a Russian mafia.

On neoconservatism.
Related: The Feinbergs and Kleinbergs.
Related: Multiculturalism in Australia and Israel.

Citadel on the Trumpening.
Related: Trump is running against the media. Related.
Related: Trump the SMOD.
Related: Donald Trump is Adolf Hitler.
Related: Why Trump?
Related: Preventing Muslim immigration is constitutional.
Related: Will elites blow up the GOP?
Related: Values and interest.
Related: Esoteric Trad on a few things.

Sum Ting Wong.
Related: Flooding the racism market.

Birth of a religion.

When SJW’s attack, we are all Spartacus.

Keoni reviews Cuckservative.
Related: Cuckservatives embrace immigration.

A new book coming on the right-wing critics of American Conservatism.

The benefits of foreign labour are a lie.

The state vs. bandits.

Peace sells, don’t buy it.

Grifting climate change.
Related: From the Senate hearing on climate change.

The left lies about not wanting to take your guns.

Chinchillas and modernity.
Related: Evo X on pets, dogs, and cats.

Bring back antitrust?

There’s been a dust-up over monarchy at Wright’s. Malcolm responds.
Related: Zippy joins in.

Conservative uncertainty under liberalism.
Related: Liberal mass killing and parasitism.
Related: Guns, liberalism, and liberty.
Related: Liberalism as a Predator.

The fads of liberalism.

Nothing new under the sun. Congrats to Moose.

James Deen rape and porn.

Is it ok to be obsessed with sex or not?

Birth control makes women unattractive.

Parental choice in marriage. More.

An in-depth look at the Bible on divorce.
Related: God only hates divorce without financial rape.

Complementarian women’s studies.

The expectation of assistance.

Women outperforming men.
Related: On women soldiers.

The amazing trend in smiles.

On the Santa Clause.

Keoni regrets listening to satanic metal.

British most prejudiced against young white men.

The 2015 punchable shitlib face tournament.

China bred out high IQs.

Japan’s 105-hour workweek.

The removed part of Sam Harris’ interview with Salon.

Writing is a hobby.

Gavin McInnes gives some dressing advice to young men.

Small-game fallacies.

Hive mind and national IQ.
Related: Some passages from Hive Mind.

Puppygate on Jeopardy.

H/T: VD, NBS, AG, Land


  1. Would an NRx blogger consider doing a comparison of Kaiser’s Prussia vs. Fuhrer’s (3rd reich) Germany?

    Too many nazi-boos on /pol/ don’t realise the glories of Prussia, I.M.O.


  2. I clicked into the article labeled “Hollobeq’s Submission” and found a fairly grotesque photo. A white woman in Mahometan garb. This turned me off the article.

    Pro-whites would be well-advised.


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