Lightning Round – 2015/06/17

NAACP leader outed as white.
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The empire’s man in Brooklyn.

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Man is raped by woman, then expelled for sexual assault.

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Tor continues to attacking customers.
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Guest Post: Strategy

Today we have a guest post from Curt Doolittle, the advocate for propertarianism.

Our opponents attacked us with better leadership, better organization, outright lies, obscurant rationalism, pseudoscience, and propaganda: repeated over and over again. Most effectively by achieving by judicial activism and immigration, what could not be achieved by persuasion. And of those who could be persuaded, it was predominantly women who, like they were by Christianity in Rome, most easily fooled. And who, being fooled in large numbers, tilted votes, taught children in schools, provided income and incentives to universities as a new customer base, and staffed marketing departments and advertising agencies.

Contrary to current opinion, it is very easy to do something about it. It is merely costly, not hard. Because contemporary civilization is fragile.

But to succeed in any campaign, we must have a better idea, better articulated, better leaders, better organization, and a means of persecuting lying, deceit, pseudoscience, and propaganda. Because gossip and deceit are cheap and easily made plentiful. That is their tactic. Women evolved to use gossip to rally against alphas.

By contrast, violence and truth are expensive and hard to make plentiful. But that is both our tactic and our objective: truth and the threat of violence for those who gossip and deceive.

We require: A goal. A plan. A moral justification for violence. And the will to pay the high cost of saving our civilization from the age of lies and propaganda made possible by the introduction of women into the politics of our high trust polity under open enfranchisement representative democracy, without houses of government that represent our competing class and gender interests.

Our opponents’ strategy is purely verbal – so they need numbers. We don’t. We need a few good men willing to risk life and liberty. Because the liars have created pervasive fragility that can easily be exploited.

Once we have actionable demands, we can raise the cost of not meeting those demands by taking advantage of that fragility. Whether it be nullification, secession, revolution, or civil war, is merely a measure of the cost that the people are willing to pay to preserve their tyranny of the masses. We need a solution to post-democratic equalitarian government, the construction of immoral laws, judicial activism in order to do something other than just rebel.

Which is what I work on full time.

Thankfully, success is more possible now than it has ever been.

Liberty, truth and rule of law and natural aristocracy in our lifetime, or tyranny, deceit, propaganda, Brazil and castes in the next.

Curt Doolittle

Steve Klabnik and Alex Payne, Support of Terror and Mass Murder

The brown scare has come for Moldbug, he was banned from Strange Loop. Two of the ringleaders of this particular round of left-wing McCarthyism are Steve Klabnik and Alex Payne. Yarvin was banned for his political writing, so let’s look at the kind of political writing these two are involved with and judge them in a manner similar to the way they have judged Moldbug.

I had a tweet where Steve Klabnik wrote in support of looting that I was going to link to, but he’s since protected his Twitter account, so I’ll just state here that he’s come out in support of the use of looting as a form of political violence. But beyond advocating political violence, Steve Klabnik has written in support of Marxism and calls himself a communist.

For those who are unaware, communism is the single deadliest ideology in history. In all, about 150,000,000 people (estimates vary) have been murdered by communists in just the last century, far more than the mere 21,000,000 killed by nazis. Communists were responsible for the Holodomor (the genocide which killed about 4 million Ukranians), the Great Leap Forward (which killed about 20-30 million), the Cultural Revolution (which killed 1-3 million and persecuted 36 million), the Red Terror (which kill 1-2 million), the Great Purge (which killed about 1 million), and the Cambodian genocide (which killed 2 million, a quarter of the Cambodian population), just some of the mass killings they have enacted.

Steve proudly and openly supports an ideology who’s primary legacy is mass murder, political terrorism, and totalitarian government. Like most communists, Steve equivocates. He supports communism and calls himself a communist but says he disagrees with the dictatorship of the proletariat. A very useful and disingenuous motte & bailey communists like to hide behind when somehow, every communist regime implemented ever somehow leads to the same violence and repression. I’m sure Steve’s particular brand of communism will miraculously avoid the violence of every other attempt at communism.  If someone claimed to be a nazi, but said he wasn’t into the whole Jew-killing thing, would that be a sufficient defence to those who would excuse this?

Of course, we can see that given that Steve uses his very limited power to suppress those he disagrees with, such as Curtis Yarvin, it would not seem amiss to think that he would gladly use stronger methods of suppression had he the power, just like all the communists who preceded him.

This is whom Strange Loop believes should dictate the morality of tech conferences, a man who openly flies the same banner as the greatest mass murderers in history, who proudly believes in an ideology of violence, terror, totalitarianism, and genocide?

Alex Payne is on the advisory board of and has written for a magazine called the Jacobin. For those who don’t know, the Jacobins were the leaders of the French Revolution and the appropriately named Reign of Terror. The  French Revolution was a revolt that killed 100,000 people. Following the revolution, the Jacobins put a despotism in place and instituted the Reign of Terror which arrested 300,000 people and 27,000 people killed by the Jacobins, including women who were raped and tortured to death. About 40,000 people died in total. In addition, the Jacobins exhibited extreme bigotry and violence against Christians, murdering and exiling priests and destroying churches.

So, this is the moral leader to whom Strange Loop bows? Someone who proudly identifies himself with mass murderers and rapists. A man who aligns himself with the ideals of political terror, tyranny, and religious bigotry and suppression.

Given that he uses his minor influence to suppress those who don’t agree with his, it would seem Alex Payne’s ‘democratic socialism’ is only differing from the Jacobin terrors by degree, not kind. If he had more power, would he hesitate to use it as the Jacobins before him?

So, to Alex Miller and Strange Loop organizers, I am going to ask, are supporters of movements of mass murder, genocide, political terror, and bigotry really the kind of people you want dictating who can and can not speak at your conference?

Why are these supporters of violence accepted at tech conferences? Why are these who give support to terror and murder allowed to dictate who is allowed to speak about technology issues? So you want to give more power to those who support oppressive and violent ideologues when they have already shown they will use what little power they have to suppress people they don’t like?

So, Alex Miller and Strange Loop, take a stand against these violent ideologies and do not let their supporters use your conference as a tool to suppress those who disagree with their murderous ideologies.

Lightning Round – 2015/06/10

The updated NRx canon.


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H/T: AG, NBS, SSC, Land

Nihilism and Utopianism

Someone’s been going around asking NRx’s about utopianism and nihilism, so I’m going to write a bit on that.

Reaction is foremost about embracing reality. An objective reality exists apart whatever stories men may tell themselves. This reality is harsh and bitter as we live in a fallen world. Reality can be denied temporarily, but will always win in the end.

Utopianism is a denial of reality, the attempt to create heaven on earth. It is the belief that somehow fallen man can be perfected if we simply change societal institutions. This has been attempted numerous times and has failed every time, usually with disastrous results. Social engineering is the mechanism through which leftists attempt to implement utopianism.

Both utopianism and social engineering are inherently leftist and antithetical to reaction.

Nihilism is the rejection of meaningfulness. It is purposelessness. The core of reaction is that civilization is meaningful and worth preserving, so nihilism is inherently antithetical to reaction.

On the other hand, it is reality that we have lost. Civilization is an undending war against barbarism and chaos, and at this historical point, the latter are winning. By definition, reaction has lost, if it hadn’t lost it would be conservatism. Western civilization is, at least temporarily, mostly hopeless, mired in existential despair, and everybody knows it on a gut level. The collapse is coming.

But simply because the situation is currently hopeless doesn’t mean giving into despair or nihilism. Holding to a meaningful lost cause is itself honourable and meaningful. But beyond that, all earthly things pass, eventually the gods of the copybook heading will have had their fill. Then there will be time to rebuild. By holding on now we can at least provide future generations with an analysis of what went wrong. Maybe it will help them rebuild, maybe it will mitigate the extent of chaos, maybe they will be able to avoid or mitigate chaos in the future, we can not know. But the watchmen must watch and sound the alert.

Reaction is knowing doom approaches, but holding our values strong and sounding the alarm, so that once the doom has passed, civilziation can be rebuilt.


* For Christians the fallen world is a result of spiritual seperation from God due to sin, for non-Christians the fallen world is a result of harsh, uncaring evolutionary forces. The practical result of both beliefs is the same, the world is harsh.

On Homosexuals

I had a conversation with Anissimov, Bayne, and Mandrake on homosexuals. So I thought I’d write some.

Obviously, homosexuality is a sin and a perversion. That’s clear in the Bible. A man committing homosexual acts or lusts should stop, repent, and fall on the mercy of Christ.

On a societal level, ideally, homosexuality would be illegal, but the social mores and laws would make the privacy of individuals and the ability of police intrusion into the home and workplace so constrained that unless men were riding each other on the side of the street, nobody would get arrested for it. In fact, this is my position on most degeneracies, be it drugs, pornography, drunkenness, masturbation, gambling, prostitution, etc. Technically illegal, but as long as you keep it private there’s no way you could get charged..

This is not because I hate homosexuals (or johns or druggies or gamblers, etc.), but because it is what it best for society as a whole and for homosexuals. For society, these sorts of degeneracies tear at the edges of civilization: civilization is the family and sexuality is meant to bring husband and wife together to produce families and civilization.

For homosexuals, this behaviour is self-destructive. I don’t really have to explain the prevalence of AID’s and STD’s. But even just beyond the physical problems, the acceptance of this behaviour is psychologically destructive. I wrote on identity recently, when homosexuality is publicly accepted, as it is now, a homosexual can’t just be a guy who privately has sex other men, he must be out of the closet displaying his pride. It’s not that disconcerting, at least on a societal level, that some men like sticking their dicks in other men’s anuses, but what is is that these men base their identity, their sense of self, their spiritual sense of place, around the fact that they take hedonic pleasure is sticking their dicks in other men’s anuses. This is the true personal horror of the homosexual movement, that it pushes men into reducing themselves to their base hedonic tastes rather than identifying themselves with something more valuable.

(As for those who argue homosexual “marriage” will tame these effects, most don’t get married and most homosexual “marriages” are open. So, the impact is minimal, if it even exists.)

On a personal level, as I’ve written of clinical pedophiles, being predisposed to a particular sin is just a predisposition, and I don’t judge people for thought crime. As for friendships with homosexuals, I’ve answered this on before, it depends on their beliefs and how they go about it. If they are non-Christian I wouldn’t care as long as they kept it to themselves and weren’t annoyingly ‘flamboyant’ or creepy about it; Christ hung-out with degenerates. If they were Christian it would depend on their position: if they accepted it was sinful and were struggling with temptation I would support them and nothing would change. If they started to accept it as non-sinful I would cut Christian fellowship with them (after requisite admonitions). Although, I may still hang out with them in secular contexts (given the earlier caveats on flamboyancy), although, I’m not sure on this.

This is not entirely theoretical. When I was younger, I had a Christian friend come out as gay. At first, nothing really changed; he accepted that gay sex was sinful. Sadly, he slowly went down the dark path of acceptance. He let his whole identity get wrapped up in his homosexuality, to the point it was probably his main identity and he was alienating himself from others. He then started saying it wasn’t the sin. It got to the point where the friendship ended more or less mutually (he lost a number of other friends around the same time). He is the only gay I’ve ever really known.

In regards to (neo)reaction, I have no problems with a person who has predisposition and resists it being a part of, or even a leader in, (neo)reaction (assuming they didn’t act effeminate). Someone who is acting on a predisposition it can not be a leader, but as long as they aren’t promoting it, aren’t letting it taint their work, aren’t causing other troubles, and are keeping it private, I wouldn’t necessarily boot or shun them. For example, I read and respect Jack Donovan, despite his homosexuality, because he mostly keeps it to himself. I didn’t even know he was gay until some time after I had already read his work. I still wouldn’t follow him though.

Anybody who is trying to turn (neo)reaction pro-gay or is trying to normalize homosexuality should be immediately booted. There is a difference between tolerating or over-looking a personal degeneracy and accepting or promoting said degeneracy. The line can not be crossed.

As for working with those outside (neo)reaction I am willing to make limited alliances with useful homosexuals, just as I am willing to make limited alliances with anybody useful. An example mentioned was Milo. He’s not a close ally and I wouldn’t trust him elsewhere, I would consider him a loose ally on the issues of Gamergate and Sad Puppies, which may include linking to or retweeting him on that issue and trying to avoid attacking him unnecessarily.

So, there it is. My current thoughts on homosexuality.

Lightning Round – 2015/06/02

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