Lightning Round – 2014/10/08

Self-defence and situational awareness.
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How to conquer the fear of success.

Where the sexes work and some career advice.
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Avoiding seasonal affective disorder. Not something I get, but maybe it will help someone.

The need for hope.

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5 bench press mistakes which will stall your progress.

A primer on Canadian commonlaw relationships. (ie. Don’t let a gal move in).

Inspiration: A truly strong woman.

Single men with jobs becoming a scarce commodity.
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How to treat rebellious spouses.

Neoreactionaries don’t plan to be a ruling class.
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Libertarians ask: What is neoreaction?

Towards organization.
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Scot writes an excellent post on out-groups and the blue tribe. More feces to fling.

The red and blue empires.

The social justice industrial complex.
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Shut them up twice as hard.

Secession will not be clean.
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The free speech entryist strategy.

The totalist media.
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Ebola and leftism as the great filter.
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Evola versus evo-psych on ethics.

The presumption of racism.
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Why immigration matters.

The silver linings to the long march through sports and games.

Gamersgate hits back: Intel pulls ads from Gamasutra.
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The principles of sorcery.
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FSD vs. 4GW.
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Hong Kong needs an inquisition.
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If Dwight Eisenhower could see us now.

Linguistic functional fixedness.

The inevitability of infertility eugenics.
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The validity of twin studies.

Songs about killing teachers and simpler times.

Do you live in London? The Nietzche club is looking for members.

There’s been some debate between Christians and ethno-nats recently. I’ve already addressed the issue here.
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The demolition of what remains of Catholicism begins.
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It isn’t mercy to send someone down the road to hell.

Atheists Kickstarting their own religion. Hilarious.

Young, churchy evangelicals actually believe the Bible.

What keeps men out of church?

Give the rebellious wife what she ‘needs’ or the baby gets it.

Heartiste on California’s affirmative consent law.

Feminism is on the retreat.

Men continue to oppress women by working hard for free.

Male and female predators.

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Anti-feminism morphing into the new feminism.

Transgender and transage. I think Vox is nudging against Poe’s Law there, though.

I’m gonna save the NIH $466,642: Fat girls get less dates because they’re less attractive and they engage in riskier sexual behaviour because they’re more desperate and therefore more likely to give into male demands for risky behaviour.

The Onion: ‘I’m sorry to say this but you’re just not the man I blindly hoped you would transform into.’

An article advising women to lower give themselves better standards.

The anti-dowry.

Slavery and buying children.

An idiot’s guide to the right.

Another firearms incident.

Obama and the bell curve.

Political correctness and anti-harassment efforts create mistrust in the navy.

4 females guards ‘rape’ prisoner.

The college experience isn’t worth it.

The incredible shrinking labour force.

A captcha program defines human as a liberal.

Did you know: Norway and Finland had the highest per capita rampage shooting fatalities.

16-year-old goes to jail for 3-years without trial for being (falsely) accused of stealing backpack.

Preferred music style is tied to personality.

10% of Americans are alcoholics.

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Dear Dianna Anderson

You recently responded to some criticism we here in the Christian manosphere have pointed your way. There are a few points I would like to make.

First, the most important point:

In their eyes, I was a “slut,” a “whore,” and a “temple prostitute,” as well as a “liar,” and a “deceived, wicked jezebel,” all for having the gall to fool around with someone on a loveseat before I was married to them.

You are not a wicked Jezebel or a false teacher for having pre-marital sex. We all commit sins, which is why Christ died in the first place. Forgiveness can be had by all through repentance.

This leads to the actual reason you are a wicked Jezebel and a false teacher: you do not repent your sins. In fact you do not even state that you probably should repent but are struggling, instead you proudly proclaim no repentance for sin is necessary for you have not sinned, calling your sins holy. Not content even with this, you even go farther by declaring your sins a form of sacrament.

This is what makes you a false teacher. You lead the flock or rather, given that you have been writing these pieces for secular audiences, non-Christians into damnation. Not content to repent, or at least keep your sins private, you publicly flaunt them to draw others away from Christ and his message of salvation.

For the sake of your own soul, please repent your sins and declaim them as sins as publicly as you have previously lauded them.


With the most important matter out of the way, I’ll note a few other concerns.

Your article is little more than ‘those evil, white, sexist, cishets!’ I must admit I’m kinda disappointed you missed racist, homophobic, transphobic, and classist from the litany of crimethink we have committed. That being said, something more substantial, using reason and the Bible would have been preferable.

Second, we are (mostly) not MRA’s and, in fact, we mostly reject the MRA label. Although we do share some MRA concerns and goals, particularly in the area of family law, a degenerate pro-male liberal modernity is no more desirable than a degenerate pro-female liberal modernity.


If you are assigned female at birth, you must live with this burden of motherhood and servanthood.

All Christian are called to “the burden” of servanthood. The difference is only in whom they most immediately serve on this earth. As well, not all woman are assigned the burden of motherhood, some, those called to singleness, may be workers for the Lord in other ways, just as some men are not called to fatherhood.


One would think that such a view of women would be checked simply by the idea that identifying as Christian means that we are part of a Body, with one God. Moreover, the Bible explicitly calls Christian brothers to respect their sisters. That seems to be hugely overruled, however, by masculinists’ so-called distress that sisters aren’t doing the same for their brothers.

Christians are to respect their brothers and sisters, yes, but respect requires correcting people on their sin. Calling out sinning Christians on their sin is the respectful and loving thing to do, and sometimes harsh words are encessary to do so, especially in an age where less harsh words have been deprived of their meaning and/or emotional impact.


Conservative Christians need to confront the extremes to which their movement has been taken and the things that are being said in the name of their God. Conservative Christianity and the Christian manosphere have different intentions—supporters of the former ostensibly just want to put the world back on track, while those of the latter are using their theology to fuel explicit hate for women.

Our goal is to put the world back on track as well, we have just realized that the mealy-mouthed liberalism-of-30-years-ago we now call “conservatism” is the wrong way to go about doing so.

Also, it is not about hate. Women have been hurt just as much as men by feminism and progressivism and we wish for them to have godly, happy, healthy lives rather than the unsatisfying lives of loneliness, bitterness, and pill-popping unhappiness they have now.

You yourself missed out on a loving marriage to a man you cared about while following what feminism indoctrinated into you, causing you to feel “totally abandoned and misled by this God”. We would like other young women to not have to go through that as well.

Teenagers Don’t Exist

Recently the topic of teenagers, and how awful they are, came up in a Twitter conversation I involved myself in. While I’ve mentioned the topic in the past, I thought I’d write a bit more on them here.

Adolescence is a modern invention/perversion. Until about the 1800s or so, a person of about the age 13 was considered an adult. Since about that time, better nutrition has led to puberty occurring earlier (in the 1800s it occurred at about 15-16, it now occurs at about 12-13), but at the same time independence has also decreased. A teenager is a biological adult. (Mentally, a person continues maturing until sometime in their mid-20s).

The problem of rebellious or destructive teenagers is not a fault of the teenagers, but rather a fault of society. A teenager is an adult being treated as a child. A 14-year-old should be learning independence and self-sufficiency by going out into the world on his own (on an apprenticeship, to college, to his own shack on the family farm, etc.) and should be looking for a wife shortly therefore after. Instead, in our modern world teenagers live under the dominion of their parents as a child.

Therefore a man shall leave his father and his mother and hold fast to his wife, and they shall become one flesh. (Genesis 2:24 ESV)

Of course teenagers rebel, any adult treated as child will rebel against being infantilized. They lash out because they know at some level that their parents having dominion over them is wrong, because an adult still under their parents is against the natural order. It is not teenagers that are the problem, it is the parents and the society.

Now of course, teenagers are not always going to make the best decisions because they are new at being adults and are learning the basics of adulthood, but in our current order, instead of learning about adulthood at age 15 so they are responsible adults by their 20s, people are now making the same failings in their early-20s and sometimes even their late-20s/early-30s, so your average person is not a responsible adult until their 30s.

Despite this, most modern teenagers would probably break is left on their own. This is, again, not the fault of the teenagers, but most children nowadays are so thoroughly over-protected and over-controlled by their parents and infantilized by the school system that they have never been learning the kinds of independence a healthy adult needs.

Children nowadays are being raised to learn a horrible combination of lack of freedom and lack of discipline. A child learning both will be the most self-actualized and most successful. A child with freedom but no discipline will generally pick up some level of discipline through trial and error, and a child of of discipline but no freedom will usually be able to survive although possibly not thrive, but one with neither will drown.

Ideally, we should start training our children to become adults when they should do so, in their mid-teens.


This is not going to happen on a society wide scale because infantalized adults are useful for the long march.

Adolescence gives the public school system an extra 4-6 years (8-12 extra if he goes to university) to condition a person to the docility and obedience necessary to get a man to be willing to work in a cubicle or factory for 3-4 decades of his life. It conditions a man to accept schooling and academics as being the primary measures of worth, so that he is willing to feed his mind, time, and money into the progressive college system. It prevents early family formation and helps keep the squeeze on the family so the state can continue to interject itself. It conditions dependence and a slave mentality in a man so he is more likely to see dependence on the state as normal. Adolescence is just another case of how its all related; the long march continues.

Lightning Round – 2014/10/01

Drinks and gendering objects.

Never trust a man who hasn’t been punched in the face.
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Mangan has a new book on supplements.

Being from a large family reduces divorce risk.
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On the Iliad.

The culture war is turning.
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Men don’t share feelings.
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Weimar Germany and America.

The way of the gang.

The lumpenintelligentsia.

Reaction, Jews, and Christianity.
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Ordinary racism and future hyper-racism.

Hawks, doves, and game theory.
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Neoreaction as an analytical rightward synthesis.

The real culprit is the government.

Pulling the centre.

How standardized testing undervalues men.

Ethnic cleansing in Europe.

Britain: the sick man of Europe.
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A brief history of black riots.

Woman is culturally enriched, diverse vibrant stopped by armed man.

Repatriation is off the table.

Land has some fun with one Michael Rectenwald on Twitter.

Disconnected NYT alienated from Christianity.

White evangelicals and discrimination.

Philosophy vs. tradition.

Truth, love, and tolerance.

Christian college’s accreditation threatened because it adheres to Christian values.

More on our previous conversations on the Israelite genocides. My opinion remains as it was. I still need more than ‘it’s wrong because it’s wrong’ to be convinced.

“There are 65 employed [unmarried] men for every 100 [unmarried] women.”
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A war on men waged through false accusations and courts.
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University of Michigan: Withholding sex and ignoring feelings are abuse.
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Women commit domestic violence as much as men.

The BETA shield.

How feminism holds women back from high achievement.

Men unemployed; women hurt worst.

Why there are so many marriage problems today.

Modern women follow those with indifferent contempt for them, rather than their loving husbands.
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Those aging eyeballs.
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Science discredits feminism.

An anecdote of why you should avoid loose women. Another.
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Remember: Women self-admittedly bang the assholes & losers, while making responsible men pay full price.
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Feminist: Feeding illegal, potentially unsafe drugs to your child is awesome if it’s to do an abortion.

25 signs of the destruction of modern women by the sexual revolution.

The back-up plan. Half of women have a plan B.

“Emma Watson wants you to know her life – that of a pretty, rich, famous, popular female megastar – has been monstrously traumatic, because of sexism.”
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Laci Green is trying to censor Youtube.

Trolling and the business of rage.

Transgender man joins women’s MMA, seriously injures woman.

College allows old perverts to expose themselves to little girls.

Female secret service agent overpowered.

No fault divorce hurts women as well.

An actual objective mainstream article on #gamersgate. Bravo TechCrunch.
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The bureaucracy of a bulldozer.

China has fewer bureaucrats than us, but still let go of 100,000 employees who did no work.

Gladwell was wrong: 10,000 hours won’t make you great.

One of my friends once recommended Mister to me.

German Ethics Council: Incest a fundamental right.

On asexuals.

Nerds, science, and testosterone.

Streetlight psychology.

Scientist argues black holes don’t exist.

The leftism of Wikipedia.

Neil Degrasse Tyson: ‘Maybe you can’t find that quote in official records, but I cite the highest authority: me.’
Related: Criticize Neil Degrasse Tyson and they’ll delete your Wikipedia page.

Buzzfeed has a list of evil authors. Wright is number 6.

Appearing on the Daily Show is a bad idea.

Global warming ‘97%’ figure is a lie.
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On cannon fodder.

An amusing twitter conversation.

H/T: RPR, SCC, SDA, RoM, VD, Dalrock

Euler and Tradition

Scott writes on what he calls getting Eulered: when someone tries to convince you of something or rebut something you believe using arguments (particularly mathematical ones) you are either not intelligent or not trained enough to understand.

I’ve never heard the term before, but I’ve thought of this. I am intelligent, but not exceedingly so, there are a number of things I won’t be able to understand, at least not fully or without much more effort and time than I am willing to put in.

So, I follow a simple heuristic: what does someone smarter than me who agrees with me on things I understand and is willing to put in time/effort think on the issue?

If you know he agrees with you on the things you understand for similar reasons as you, you know he reasons in similar fashion to you from similar presupoositions. If he reasons in a similar fashion as you, you then know that his thoughts on another issue you don’t understand will be the most reasonable approximation of what you would think if you were either smart or knowledgeable enough to be able to form an informed opinion on the matter.

No matter how smart you are you can’t know or understand all things. In the case where you can’t, the wise course of action is to fall back on those who think the same as you, but are either more intelligent or more knowledgeable on the subject matter.

All rational organizations outsource when it’s more efficient, so why not outsource your thinking when it is more likely to be correct if someone else does it for you?

Agreeing with someone because he generally agrees with you when you don’t understand the argument in question is usually the most rational form of action.

Of course, this is not an original heuristic, and is no different than asking, ‘what does my father, my priest, my teacher, etc. say?

But what if you move your intellectual outsourcing beyond a known individual to something greater. This is where tradition comes in: why outsource your thinking to a single individual when you can outsource your thinking to the collective reasoning of every single previously-existing mind of your society?

Is it not much more efficient and wise to follow the collective wisdom of thousands of minds much more intelligent and knowledgeable than yourself than to go through the intellectual labour of thinking something through for yourself and likely arriving at a rationally inferior position?

From this, is not the person saying, “I believe what my ancestors, the magisterium, my intellectual forebears believe” being more rational than the one who tries to reason everything out for himself?

Maybe, argument from authority, if the authority stands firmly upon a mount of tradition, is the most rational argument of all.

Ruining Games

I didn’t really have anything to write about today, but it’s post day, so I’ll say just a bit more on gamersgate, inspired once again by Cracked and Mark Hill. Two articles were up today.

One was yet another anti-gamergate piece, (sadly, Cracked has now reached my Unvisit list) this one so stupid. For someone who is as supposedly pro-reason as Luke McKinney this is based very strongly in unreason. Despite this I’m going to engage it from points 7 to 1: genetic fallacy, irrelevant ad hominem, fallacy of composition/anecdotal, irrelevant to anything (his argument in #4 boils down to ‘people shouldn’t be allowed to discuss’), ambiguity fallacy, straw man, and, finally, genetic fallacy again. I should also note that the asinine immaturity of Luke McKinney in this piece is rather ironically humourous given that point #1 in last week’s article on gamersgate was “We’re Incapable of Mature Conversations About Gender”.


At this point, I’m going to make a small aside on the term Social Justice Warrior (SJW), as Luke McKinney is not the only one I’ve seen commenting on how SJW sounds awesome.

SJW is a term of pointed mockery. The mockery comes exactly from the fact that SJW’s are the farthest things possible from warriors. Fatties who revel in their obesity, feminists that go into conniptions when its pointed out that sluttery and tattoos go hand in hand, women that become physically ill from words, people who try to ban trashtalk from games because it hurts their feewings, and psychologically ill perverts who can not tell fantasy from reality are as unlike warriors as is humanely possible.

Using the term social justice warrior simply points out, in an ironic fashion, the pathetic weakness of the SJW’s (on an individual level; as a screaming, anonymous lynch mob they do have some social power).


Cracked and the rest of the SJW’s seem so very confused by gamers’ motivations against SJW’s that they can posit no explanation but ‘those evil mysoginists hate women’. Which bring us to the second article, where Mark Hill goes on about why video game narratives need to change. At first glance, this article seems relatively benign, what’s wrong with making suggestions to improve video games, but if we look at it closely, his arguments essentially boil down to:

6: Stories should have fewer sociopaths. He specifically points people who do things that make games fun as sociopaths, but, in context of other anti-gamersgate Cracked articles, it is clear that anyone deviating from SJW orthodoxy is a sociopath.

5: Villains should be made more morally grey, so the difference between heroes and villains are less stark (ie. break down traditional morality and replace with prog morality).

4: Games should decide your character’s emotions and reactions for you, the game should think for you, rather than you reacting to the game yourself.

3: The reason we’re shooting at people can not be ‘fun’, there must be a justifiable reason that is very easy to understand without reading.

2: Suggestions having to do with pacing and structure, which are not relevant, one way or the other, to my point.

1: Games should dictate morality, particularly SJW morality, rather than let gamers figure out moral quandaries for themselves.

Why, oh why, would gamers be against this? Why would gamers be against people trying to remove the fun parts of games and turn games into morality lectures?

Mark Hill is a perfect demonstration of why gamers are against the SJW’s entering gaming, and it has nothing to do with misogyny. They want to turn games away from the objective of fun and towards the objective of forcing their SJW moral system on people who just want to relax for a few hours.

Lightning Round – 2014/09/24

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The media is the true power.

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Before slavery.

On the ISIS beheading videos. Related.

50 ways millenials are subhuman troglodytes.

The truth about the Spanish Inqisition.

The roots of marriage counselling.

Defending women who let evil men near their children.

Go to college to become a better whore.

Study: Women ignorant of fertility reality. (Also 1/8 couples struggle with fertility).

Why women are rejecting perfect men.
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I wonder why no one replies to her messages.

More on the stupidity of pushing women into STEM.

Women have agency.
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NYT: Who runs the girls?

Teach women not to rape.
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A false rape accusation over $20.

Prostitutes with college degrees earn 31% more.

WW2 solipsism.

Homeless man uses game to find a place to sleep each night.

Even if you got it made, your kid still might not call you daddy.

Lying to the government.

Some links on Neil Degrasse Tyson.
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A small mistake on Mao by the Economist.

The ebola exponent.

Japanese positioning against the yen.

World population likely to expand, mostly in Africa.

36 killed by vaccines in Syria.

Ted Cruz’s lying circus.

Democrats and Republicans are different. Vox discovers the ratchet.

Ancient DNA re-writing genetic history.

Ad for reliable workers banned as discriminatory.

How to decipher a book review.

On fake bestsellers.

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What evolutionary biology can learn from creationists.

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