Lightning Round – 2017/03/03

There are no free societies.

Guilt is the SJW engine.

Another article on Moldbug and Urbit.

Jacobin, frogtwitter, and the new avante-garde.
Related: The left is ceding culture creation to the right.

Against dreams.

Defunding the left.
Related: Warmism and the old Mexican gods.
Related: Conservatives find their balls.

Denmark’s golden era of full employment.

Against CANZUK.

24-hour dissident radio.

Advice to the alt-right.

Civics 101 for the media.
Related: WaPo’s hypocrisy.

On balkanization.
Related: There is no us.

Trump bypasses the courts to deport them all.
Related: Laufman alleged to be the leaker.

Bannon: One of us?

Black Bloc cries.

Milo might have killed the pedo push.

Cucked CPAC.
Related: Schneider’s CPAC speech.

David Brooks: Pundit of the last men.

Bizarro Salon reveals RealNews.

CNN Leaks.

Cloud products, usury, and the death of property.

A god we must obey.
Related: NRO wants weddings, not marriages.
Related: Jim Geraghty on the beauty of the threatpoint.

Some relationship and marriage stats.

Alabama gets the state out of marriage.

How gammas help.

Trump goes to dinner.

Nick Land temporarily banned from Twitter.


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