Cultural Genocide

Cultural genocide has been in the news in Canada recently due to a report on the Canadian treatment of aboriginals. According to the Truth and Reconciliation Commission:

“Cultural genocide is the destruction of those structures and practices that allow the group to continue as a group,” the report reads. “States that engage in cultural genocide set out to destroy the political and social institutions of the targeted group. Land is seized, and populations are forcibly transferred and their movement is restricted. Languages are banned. Spiritual leaders are persecuted, spiritual practices are forbidden, and objects of spiritual value are con?scated and destroyed. And, most signi?cantly to the issue at hand, families are disrupted to prevent the transmission of cultural values and identity from one generation to the next.

That’s seems a fair and workable explanation of the concept, but today, I’m not planning to talk on the aboriginal cultural genocide.* I’m planning to talk about this:

As you’re probably aware, the Cathedral has been whipping up hatred against the symbol of the South. A bunch of private corporation have been banning the battle flag at the Cathedral’s behest. This is just the latest in anti-Southern activities whipped up by the North.

We all know of the Civil War, where the Yankees, primarily at the behest of the abolitionists of Massachusetts, refused to let the South to either run their own affairs or be independent. After killing almost half a million confederates, Massachusetts conquered America.

Of course, the US Civil War did not spring out of nowhere, but goes much earlier, to the English Civil War, where the roundheads and cavaliers fought over whether power should be held by the king or by the parliament. These groups carried their quarrels and ideologies over to the new continent. The North was settled by roundheads, a group of puritans, proto-anarcho-socialists, levellers, and apocalyptic Christians. The South was settled by royalists, cavaliers, and loyal Scotsmen. The northern puritans continues to wage their ancestral war on the cavaliers to this day.

After the US civil war, the US began reconstruction to ‘destroy the political and social institutions’ of the South and force the federal government’s agenda on it. Carpetbaggers swarmed the South to politically manipulate, seize land, loot the South, and forcibly conquer churches.

This has not ended. The Yankees continue to use their power to import foreign populations into the South. They continue to force their religious values on the South and suprress Southern religious values.  They continue to attack and ban symbols of the South. They enforce schooling where southern children are taught Yankee values. They use their media power to continually denigrate the South and southerners.

The descendents of the Roundheads are waging a very quiet, slow, and low-key cultural genocide against their historical enemies. Keeping it soft and slow prevents the South from realizing and rebelling against it (again). One flag, one religious desecration, one child, one small denigration at a time, the Yankees are gradually destroying Dixie culture to eventually turn them into good little puritans.


* Maybe I will a little, here’s a quick rundown: Yes, whites committed cultural genocide on aboriginals. No, it wasn’t because they hated aboriginals, but because they wanted to civilize aboriginals (the white man’s burden). Yes, it was wrong for Europeans to destroy traditional aboriginal cultures, excepting in cases where they were wholly evil (ex. the Aztec’s culture of human sacrifice probably needed destroying). No, modern whites don’t hold any guilt for it. Yes, aboriginals have a right to be angry, but what is done can’t be undone and fixing their own situation rather than complaining would be more beneficial to them. Yes, their current situation is, on an individual level, their own fault, but evil institutions such as INAAC need to be destroyed. As for what should be done, the same as with blacks and Jews, give them a fair allotment of land, and let them set up independent aboriginal states.


This was mostly written before NBS put up his piece on white genocide. I’m not sure how much traction the concept of cultural genocide gets in the US, but up here it’s a pretty big in intellectual/midbrow circles due to aboriginal issues. The WN’s may seem more reasonable and be more influential if they start calling it “white cultural genocide”, although I think “Western cultural suicide” is far more apt.

I think Steves is partially wrong. Whining about white genocide accomplishes nothing, but conservative/moderates whites do need to be informed of the ongoing cultural genocide/suicide and how leftists are purposefully carrying it out.

I also think NBS is wrong on this:

If you indict Cultural Marxists for White Genocide, then you can indict European Americans for the genocide of Native American and Australian peoples for exactly the same reasons. Strong peoples out-compete weak peoples. They always have and always will.

Just because something is does not mean that something is right. Dead European Americans are guilty of the cultural genocide, but those who committed the acts are mostly dead, those currently living are not guilty of the sins of their fathers and in fact have bent over backwards, too far backwards, to atone for them.


  1. Both you and Steves are wrong, because you’re both implying that conflicts-of-interest between warring tribes should be viewed through moral lenses and then trying to deduce a universal moral ethic to justify your positions. The truth of the matter is that both tribe X and tribe Y are wholly justified in their claims – *from their own perspective*. What White Advocacy should attempt to do, and is doing, is to raise the issue of White self-interest vs. non-White self-interest, disregarding the moralist paradoxes that cloud the issue. Ask “what is good for Whites?”, then do that. Only thus you can defeat your anti-White adversaries.

  2. “Albion’s Seed” is a fallacy pushed by papists for obvious and strident political ends. Ignoring this, the cultural andGENEtic GENOcide is real, and it’s based on the sort of urban versus rural conflict seen in many Republicanist countries, and the attack on the agriculturally based neighbourhoods and communities by the anti-clerical forces of the French Revolution is a good example.

    Many times the lower status farmers are seen as replaceable and interchangeable so the city-dwellers end up attacking the farmers’ traditions and community integrity in various ways. One of the popular ways is by bringing in the third-world, which will work for even lower wages. How often do anti-white politicians argue that “day-labourers” are needed to “do the jobs that Americans just won’t do” such as gathering crops during 100 degree summer weather?

    When the brown third-worlders have been brought in, the anti-whites will play a sick game where they insist that they are every bit as good, and sometimes better than the whites that are being screwed over by these changes (hence they are called anti-white). The anti-whites seek to prevent whites from continuing on into the future with further GENErations by encouraging interracial marriages or “assimilaton”. Any white who raises steady objection in the public square will be beaten up, fired from his job or, in places where free speech has been more brutally stomped out, imprisoned for “inciting hatred”…


  3. European descendants used to have 4+ children. Now 1 or 2. What is the term? SuiGenocide? Could out vote the marxists in 1 generation, even with immigrants.

  4. There’s NO cultural genocide. This is a ‘respectable conservative’ way to lie and avoid the issue.

    The issue is racial Genocide– the culture is what people’s ethnicity expresses.

    Its about White Genocide.

    AFrica for Africans, Asia for Asians, White Countries for Everyone IS White GeNOcide.

  5. Speaking as an American, I think part of this is an attempt – by the Corporate Media SJW Complex – to erase the history of the Democrat Party, which was the Party of Slavery. Curiously, they still are.

  6. Mudsharking is what will eliminate whites. Plenty of it to see around Seattle. As the women get older they look for a white male to help pay for their bastard children after they can no longer have children. Other white women here, the carousel riders, are starting to marry asian and east indian men as white men aren’t willing to do it. That’s not accounting for the large numbers of Africans being brought into this area as well.
    That said I married a Japanese woman as I’m not willing to marry someone with a large partner count and I’m blue collar (so not enough money for the whore/beta bux set). I can say Japan does have the right approach to immigration. If you aren’t Japanese you aren’t staying long and certainly can’t vote. They don’t import Africans into their country at all.

  7. I find the lie in the term is most often in the word cultural. I first noticed it when someone posted about some argument that Iggy Azalea was appropriating culture. Immediately I thought- wait, she’s not appropriating culture, she’s slumming. She’s taking advantage of little to no culture- because real cultures have standards. The term ‘cultural genocide’ makes sense here, in that there actually was a culture in the South, and they have gone out of their way to destroy all vestiges of nobility in favor of this multi-cult/redneck caricature.

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