A Winning Conservative Strategy

I had a couple Twitter conversations on how the GOP can significantly cripple the Democratics and gain some actual permanent wins. One single PAC spent $142 million on Romney and received nothing to show for it in the end. With that much money I could signficantly cripple the Dems and win the next decade or two for the Republicans.

Being a reactionary monarchist, I generally avoid partisan politics here, but I thought this would be an enjoyable intellectual exercise.

Since I’m in a generous mood, I’ve decided to share the basic strategy for the GOP to steal and use (or more likely ignore) however they want, but first a little groundwork.


The most interesting fact about American politics is how the Republicans totally dominate all levels of violence, yet are always in a perpetual state of losing. The military is primarily Republican, the police are more split but, at least in terms of front-line workers, are generally Republican, and the NRA, while officially non-partisan, is primarily composed of Republicans. The vast majority of people who own and can use a gun are conservative, yet, in the long run, conservatives always lose to their weaker, unarmed brethren.

It is baffling until you realize it is because conservatives refuse to play by the rules the progressives have set. Democrats can steal bags of votes, implement gang-run politics, destroy crimethinker’s careers, and stage shit-ins (among many other things) with impunity and the Republicans refuse to respond with anything worse than requiring ID to vote (and then getting called evil when doing so).


First, some theory. In “To Win a Nuclear War” Michio Kaku outlined the concept of ‘escalation dominance’.

Escalation dominance essentially means the actor controlling the highest level of violence (in the book’s case, nuclear weapons) can control all lower levels of violence by threatening to escalate the conflict to a higher level of violence. By controlling the tempo and threat of escalation, this actor can steer a conflict in such ways as to win lower level conflicts even in areas where he may be weaker.

As I stated above, the military, the police, and the NRA are conservative institutions. Conservatives, and thereby the Republican party, control the highest level of violence in American political disputes.

Using this, the Republicans should be able to control the escalation and tempo of lower-violence political conflicts.


Note: This does not mean Republicans should start shooting Democrats. The primary point of escalation dominance is to control the lower levels of violence so you don’t have to escalate.

The primary reason for controlling nuclear weapons is not to use nuclear weapons. Controlling lower levels of violence without having to resort to using nuclear weapons through the implied threat of nuclear escalation is the purpose of nuclear weapons.

Controlling the highest level of violence in American politics means that Conservative can control the tempo of lower-violence political conflicts (voting, law-making, regulation enforcement, etc.) and control the escalation of political violence (ie: voting to voter fraud; debate to ideological firings) through the implied threat of further escalation (you witch hunt me and take my job, I witch hunt you and take your job and reputation; you escalate to assault, I escalate to shooting).

I repeat: I am not advocating shooting liberals or doing anything illegal. My strategy does not include physical violence or criminality. I am simply explaining a concept that will under-gird the strategy.

Also, for the purposes of this post any political act, whether it’s voting, protesting, debate, law-making, etc., will be considered a form of violence.


Conservatives already have implied a willingness to escalate. “Cold dead hands” is pretty clear, the occasional fringe rant by people like Alex Jones shows that conservatives can be pushed too far, and liberals still bring up McVeigh and the abortion shootings from the 90’s.

So, the base has created a climate where the implication of escalation is clear. Republicans need to use this implied threat to control lower levels of violence so violence does not escalate, but they don’t.

Despite controlling the highest level of violence, Republicans are allowing the Democrats to set the tempo of escalation. In fact, Republicans are allowing the Democrats to escalate while never responding in kind.

This is why they lose. This is why they always lose.

If they want to win they need to match the Democrats escalation, then control the further tempo of escalation.


Enough groundwork, now we get to the real stuff. Let’s say I had the $142-million Restore Our Future wasted on Romney or the $54-million American Crossroads used opposing Democrats. $142M over four years is $35.5M each year. Here’s how I’d spend $35M.

Create an information network. $3M*

Instead of wasting money on ads, support the dissemination over the internet. You can reach more people through FB than through some network cable slot. Create a network of cross-linking quasi-official aggregators of content and a quasi-official Republican news source.There are tons of young ideologues willing to do the Republicans propaganda grunt work for them for peanuts. Create a small fund to pay some of the best of them, say $25k each, to do it full-time. Create a small emergency fund for unpaid amateurs (your computer busted and you need a new one, here’s $1000, that kind of thing.) This could all be done for less than $1M. Easy enough.

Create an investigation network. $5M

Create a small fund (say $500k) that the aforementioned bloggers (or just regular Joes) can apply to have expenses paid for doing investigative work on a potential anti-leftist/Democrat lead.

Next, hire a couple dozen ideologically conservative reporters at $50k a piece (plus investigative expenses)  and have their sole job to dig up and publish dirt on Democrats, Democrat supproters, liberals, liberal organizations, and the like. Have them work in concert with aforementioned information network.

Next hire a few dozen private investigators. Dedicate them to uncovering the personal information and secrets of leftists. Everybody has secrets they don’t want others to know; find it if possible. Do they cheat on their spouses or their taxes, do they look at weird or illegal pornography, any “emberassing” photographs or incidents in their past, any criminal actions in the past, etc. Have them find it.

Create a quasi-official Enemies List $200k

Create and maintain a database site that’s a catalogue of the the personal information of every remotely public Democrat, liberal, or anti-Republican person or organization. Keep it inside the realms legality of privacy laws, but absolutely no more than that. If it would give more latitude make it a private operation with no official ties to the party. It would include pictures, phone numbers, addresses, family, any wrongdoing or humiliating things from their past, etc.

Publish all the personal/organizational information gained from the investigation network on this list.

Create a legal war team. $20M

The leftists are engaging in lawfare, hit back but harder and more organized. Create two Republican legal firms (make them legally independent if need be).

Have one whose sole responsibility is defending any conservative/Republican who’s in trouble due to their politics (such as any troubles that may happen while enacting this plan). Make this firm small but top quality. Defend your own with the best.

Have a second firm that’s large, sacrifice on quality. Have this team find and bring to court any actionable lawsuits against Democrats, leftists, left-wing organizations, leftists’ businesses, etc. The purpose here is not to win, it is to use the courts as methods of persecution and to drag court cases out. Remember, in lawfare the trial is the punishment and you are looking to punish these people/organizations for being leftists. These cases can be anything; any kind of civil suit that can be concocted to be actionable.

Also, create a fund for paying the legal fees for cases that are lost and avoid cases that would get summarily thrown out.

Create a street team. $2M

As Kate always says, failing to show up for a riot is a failed conservative policy. Hire a bunch of young conservative/Republicans (at low wages) as organizers. Anytime leftists protest, the hired organizers would create a counter-protest. They would then organize their own protests. Do what leftists have learned; don’t protest in public streets, target. Is there a particular individual, protest in front of his house/place of employment for a week; is there an organization, protest outside the organization during the day, outside the home of the CEO/Director/Manager during the evenings. Remember, the leftists made the personal political.

Make sure to give clear instructions to avoid illegal actions and avoid stepping frmo “free speech” into “”harassment”.

Create a phone/e-mail team. $2M

Hire a few coordinators for different ideological areas to create a lists of volunteers. Every time it becomes necessary, have the coordinators coordinate a phone team. Have the each volunteer phone a leftist being targeted once a week (make the call polite: “Hi, sir, I would like to respectfully disagree with you or your organization’s policy on), but have enough volunteers that the person is getting a phone call every hour for the entire week. Keep this up for a few weeks. You are not phoning the PR people, you are not phoning secretaries, you are phoning these people directly. Get their numbers from above. Then have the volunteers phone their boss, the organization they volunteer with, etc. to register their displeasure.

Also, if there’s a leftist being targeted, have everybody e-mail bomb them and where they work registering displeasure.

Create an employment network. $300k

Spend a few hundred thousand to hire a few guys whose sole job is to help Republicans/conservatives who lose their jobs due to their ideology find new ones. One advantage the left has is that a leftist who does something leftist and stupid can always find employment with some leftist organization. Many conservatives don’t have that, so they are forced to curtail their political activities or hide behind screennames. All these guys have to do is find some Republican employers to participate, then link cosnervatives in need to them.

Hire a coordination office. $1M

Hire a coordinator to coordinator, and if necessary some office staff, to coordinate all these different teams.

Ad Hoc. $2M

A small fund for the coordinator to take advantage of any unforeseen opportunities that may present themselves.

With more, simply do all this, but bigger.


With everything in place, have the coordinator run ruthless personal campaign after ruthless personal campaign.

Find a leftist and destroy him/her on a personal level. Targets can include actual elected officials, bureaucrats abusing their positions for partisan reasons (ie. the IRS), leftist bloggers, leftist media figures, leftist academics, leftist activists, leftist businesses, leftists NGO’s and non-profits.

The investigation network will find out everything they can about it, they will pass it to the information network who will distribute it, and it will be logged in the enemies list. If the pesron has done anything actionable, the legal war team will pounce on it. The street and phone team will protest in their own manners.

You could have dozens of these campaigns running at once.

For an example of how it could look, let’s go back to John Cook, who published the names of every gun owner in New York and let’s pretend this network is in place.

The investigation network would find his address, his personal phone number, pictures of his home and kids, his porn habits, his marriage therapy sessions, whatever they legally could find. The information network would distribute this widely. A dossier of him and his family would be written up on the enemies list. So, now everything about him is freely available on the internet.

The legal war team would find whatever arcane law or “injured” they could to make a civil action of this. They’d bring John to court personally and tie him up in months of legal battles. Every hour of every day for weeks, both him and his wife would receive a polite phone call from a different person expressing polite disapproval; their personal inboxes would load with polite e-mail expressing disapproval. His boss at Gawker would be receiving continual calls and e-mails to fire him.

A small group of (non-harassing) protesters would show up on the sidewalk outside his house in the morning as his children are leaving for school and in the evening as they are getting home from school, having dinner, going to bed. They’d be in front of his place of work during the day.

After a month of that peaceful, legal attack, do you think anybody would be stupid enough to try to publish gun owners name’s again. Even after the rather weak, uncoordinated response to John the alst time no one has since published another gun owners list. Now repeat that for every offending leftist, every offending organization, and the occasional random leftist, how long until the public action of the leftists can’t sustain itself anymore.

Without the constant leftist campaigns and organizations, the electoral support of leftists begins to whither over time. A few elections down the road, Republicans are consistently winning and getting their agenda through because most leftists are too cowed to fight back.


Now, if you find this distasteful, remember, leftists are already doing this. They already fully agree that this is kind of personal action is acceptable practice. They’ve done it many times, and will continue to do it. The recent dust-up at Mozilla makes that clear. So, it is either respond in kind or lose.

Right now, the leftists have escalated to a higher level of political violence than the Republicans; the Republicans need to match it and escalate a step further.


The obvious question then becomes, why won’t the leftists/Democrats organize, then escalate further?

They will, to which the Republicans respond by escalating again.

This is where we get to escalation dominance.

At some point of escalation, the left will be to afraid to escalate further, because the right controls the highest level of violence.

While the reaction to the Gawker story wasn’t enough to do more than irritate John Cook, a similar reaction to a similar piece in for a newspaper, resulted in the paper hiring armed guards.

Once the escalation has been pushed high enough, the left will blink at the implied threat of physical violence and then perhaps deescalation can occur.


That’s the basic outline for a long-term win for the GOP.

If any higher placed GOP flak with the funds would like to win, win hard, and win permanently rather than throw massive amounts of money down the RINO-hole, I am willing to sell my services. I will gladly be hired to write up a detailed plan and I would be happy to be hired to implement it (for appropriate compensation of course). I might not believe in democracy, but Democrat tears are their own reward.

Also, my offer of selling my services applies to other country’s conservative parties. I do live in Canada after all.

Think about it GOP operative or rich conservative donor reading this. You can hire me for peanuts (relatively speaking) and win, or you can continue to throw millions upon millions at candidates that always seem to let the country continue left.


For this strategy, I’ve stayed within the realm of legality.

Now the Democrats have already escalated into illegality through ballot-stuffing, voter fraud, voter intimidation, and gang politics. If certain GOP operatives were willing to escalate into the realm of illegality the possibilities would be near endless.

I am not going to give any advice on illegality and will not condone or encourage illegal actions, but I would note I do love intellectual challenges and might be willing to engage in hypotheticals for a hefty payment.


*All numbers are very quick and rough estimates. I’d need to be paid more than nothing for greater accuracy.


  1. Please change your format back to white background / dark text. I like your work, but it is physically painful to read the inverted format. Sure – your IP, your decision, but this has to be affecting more of your readers than just me.

  2. Problem is the Republican leadership wants to lose. How else can the ability to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory over and over again? The blue blood republicans are neo cons aka Trotskites. The pedigree is there. Look at the current amesty push that with destroy any possible Democrat opposition, a push coming from the GOP to permanently destroy itself.

  3. The methods of the left don’t work for the right because the left controls the courts, law schools and media entirely. You’re kidding yourself if you think anything “legal” can work against the left.

    To be effective the right would need to actually escalate – like for real.

    John Cook – don’t just politely call him – burn his house down. When they arrest the perpetrators shoot the prosecutors.and the judge.

    That sort of thing would work (in the sense of getting rid of the current regime) . If you’re not willing to go to that extent, then surrender – kill the GOP. At least the left won’t have to import Mexicans to out vote Republicans if there was no Republican party.

  4. A very solid strategy.

    However, it is futile when you see that most of the GOP elites are more concerned about acceptance/backslapping from the Beltway than to discharge their duties to the electorate/upholding the constitution.

    How the GOP manage to be so ineffectual and cowardly in fighting Democrats, despite the strong military core of their constituents, is a disgrace. This is especially galling when we see that their opponents are a cobbled coalition of broken, self-important individuals (LGBT, PC Police, aggrieved minorities) with moneyed elites who are using it to plunder Americans dry.

    The so-called funding by PACs should not be seen as funding for elections, they are essentially bribes for their insiders to push for their preferred policies, Amnesty and Gay Marriage, once the nasty business of elections are done with and they can play their tit-for-tat game in Congress.



    As far as I’m concerned, the GOP lost when they had Rubio made a reply to the State of the Union in Spanish.

    On Media:

    Have you seen the Breitbart media group?

    It is loud. It reaches their target and did a few scoops, but it is utterly ineffectual.

    Reading Big Hollywood is an exercise in cringe. You come away with the feeling that their contributors are like dogs who are so used to a kicking that a whack with a stick was grounds for celebration and a national holiday. Witness their coverage for the 2014 Oscar – http://www.breitbart.com/Big-Hollywood/2014/03/02/oscars-no-surprises-no-sucker-punches

    And the GOP do have a social media presence, Jenny Eriksson is one of them.

    Kind Regards

  5. The job bank for crimetalking conservatives is the only viable aspect of your entire post and you think “a few guys” is well enough for something that would require serious infrastructure and social network commitments.

    You don’t really understand just how much time and money and labor is on the left-wing end of things. Because if you did, you’d understand that turning off some of those money spigots is how conservatives might have a chance at winning politically. And turning off the money spigots doesn’t even require very much money or political action.

  6. This is brilliant. Someone needs to forward this to Brendan Eich!

    One other free and legal action that could be done to increase the escalation dominance: organize random days for widespread open carry of handguns. Perfectly legal, and massively intimidating for progressives who would walk around all day, and see scary armed conservatives everywhere they go.

  7. Your browser should be able to display as you like, k-dog, though the white space will probably be a little blinding

  8. I just tweeted you, I know this is coming out of left field but I have been active in creating a strategy for fighting gun control using Game theory and r/K selection theory (evolutionary psychology which you may or may not agree with…) for a couple of years. I delivered my strategy outline to a major 2A advocacy organization this past December. Then yesterday I saw where Aurini and Capt Capitalism were going on a “new content” drive and I suggested they cover control control … hoping they use some of my material. I’d be thrilled to pass it all onto you as well, to help spread the word. Thanks.

  9. This is one of your best posts. I hope it gains traction.

    The tactics you describe go beyond politics and would work for any social movement.

    The question is… who else would want to use them?

    Also… scary thought… imagine what a political party could do with this mindset… and the NSA’s data.

    Third parties can see the Healthcare.gov info. NSA shares data with law enforcement. What would it take to create “private contractor” shell company whose job is to leak relevant government data on political targets?

    Scarier thought… how do we know this isn’t already happening?

  10. The Alt right does not have to wait for a Sith-minded sugar daddy to get the ball rolling. Parts of this can be implemented cheap and easily.

    First, create some sort of credible central node in the Dark Enlightenment that can act as an attractor for mobilizing collective action. Hestia.org has accomplished this already.

    Second, develop a private and secure communications network that could enable dispersed DE participants to communicate and brainstorm outside of public internet scrutiny. User friendly, but with wall to wall, encryption, that sort of thing. Friendica.com is a fully baked verion of such a platform, but there are other options out there like Pump.io, and eventually Urbit. Behind the firewall, discuss and develops a scaled down set of strategies and tactics that lever a little money and manpower for maximum effectiveness.

    Some starter ideas:

    Instead of hiring private detectives, consider using services like Intelius that aggregates all forms of public data with social media identities.

    Use these information sources to expose, identify, and make very public their “private” information.

    Adapt a banner advertising system for the purposes of the alt right. This system would enable the package of exposure information to effortlessly be syndicated throughout participating altright blogs. The banner system would lay dormant, but upon a flip of the switch the package of information would get instant dissemination. Offshore the hub of the banner network to prevent takedown.

    While DE does not have the numbers for putting feet on the street, the distributed network of the DE is capable of mailing creepy but in NO way “threatening” letters to the target’s neighbors, friends, and family. Snail mail is useless, but there is still a shock of revulsion to realize that there are anonymous people out there who are displeased, and know where you live.

    (I have argued here http://bit.ly/OiXoey to drag friends, family, and business partners into the exposure process. It is admittedly a scumbag tactic. But it does extract a significant cost for purgers when their activism drags their immediate personal network into some senseless ideological feud. YMMV.)

    Anyways, you get the idea. Off the public internet, more creative ideas will likely get proposed.

    Finally, use a crowdfunding mechanism to raise the capital to put this plan into action. A service like crowd tilt makes participation easy. Other services using various bitcurrencies might offer greater anonymity at the cost of imposing a barrier to contribution.

    No part of Plan X should be illegal. Inconvenenience, and the creepy factor might be all that can be achieved on a tight budget.

    Successful implementation may offer a proof of concept that could attract the interest of funders interested in bootstrapping more labor and capital intensive phases of the strategy that you outlined in your post.

  11. I never hesitate to remind marxists who owns, maintains, and practices with firearms in this country. The gay activists are the worst. They go on and on about “your kids will grow up to hate your bigotry” and “the entire country disagrees with you.” Mention Russia’s reaction to their homosexuals coupled with the fact that the Average conservative under the current onslaught of homosexual propaganda and workplace warfare has anywhere between 3-10 guns and knows how to use them and they accuse you of being a paranoid conspiracy gun fetishist. Notice they don’t deny it’s true.

    Blessed is the peacemaker. Your recognition of conservative roots for our forces of order (police military) is correct and key. The Golden Dawn would have been cut down years ago if a good portion of the police in Greece weren’t members. But we’re agents of order, are we not? And we are drawn to organizations which protect order.

  12. This is an interesting post, and I’m sure your ideas would be effective, but something about this seems to go fundamentally against the conservative spirit. It all seems so dishonorable. I am sure it would be effective, but it’s smarmy, which is what I hate about leftists (among other things) in the first place.

    Naturally I don’t advocate violence, but at least violence is straightforward and can be honorable when there are some rules of engagement.

    Democracy is just yucky, and trying to work within a yucky system does not inspire one to feel loyalty or as if one is working for something glorious.

  13. @ k-dog: When I have the time, I’ll look into theme splitting, so people can choose a theme they like.

    @ Steve: That’s what the escalation part is for. Force them into a position where violence is inevitable unless they relent and play nice.

    @ NK: “you seen the Breitbart media group?” I have. They’ve had a couple minor successes. Didn’t they help get Acorn defunded and get one or two race baiters fired?

    @ Stirner: I like those ideas.

    @ Mina: E-mail it to me and I’ll have a look. If I think it’s interesting, I could put it up as a guest post.

    @ SSM: It is kind of scummy, but the right either has to start engaging the left in nastiness, or lose.

  14. The gop could win if it would do on thing… explicitly appeal to White voters, but republicans are liberals/ cowards and would never do such a thing

  15. The “escalation of force” theory ONLY works if those involved believe that those with the power will ACTUALLY USE IT. The liberal progtards are convinced that conservatives will DO NOTHING. And to date that belief is a valid one. If the conservatives…the ones “with the guns and the knowledge on how to use them”…..wish to actually influence the liberals then enough
    liberals will have to be shot to convince them that the conservatives not only HAVE the upper hand of violence but more importantly WILL USE IT. Power is impotent unless those subject to it believe those who control it WILL USE IT.

  16. @FN

    The expose and subsequent defunding of ACORN was a scalp. But for every one hit Breitbart managed to score, many other opportunities were missed. It didn’t help that with the passing away of Breitbart, the websites’ content began to degrade into low-rent tabloid rags more inclined to inflame gut reaction than creating content that contributes to American Conservative thought. Breitbart started as a safe space for Conservative commentary of American affairs, mainly by allowing Conservatives to point at the absurdity and hypocrisy of the Liberals in the public sphere. It has not grown past that and instead it has become an echo chamber.

    Again, not all parts of Breitbart are good, I just think they have been co-opted and turned into a catchment area for the Conservative-leaning adclicks. As is, they will remain ineffective and will eventually die out when we have Hillary 2016. Anger is effective at mobilizing a mob, but lack of effectiveness kills it as quickly.

    If we want to win, we have to reclaim the children. Lenin once said “Give me four years to teach the children and the seed I have sown will never be uprooted.”, and the West has been brainwashing their children into having progressive modes of thinking. This is their main advantage, that our children will be turned against us, and we have to attack this paradigm if we are to eventually prevail.

    Kind Regards

  17. With regard to breitbart, I’m of the opinion a website can best be judged by the caliber of its readership. Where do you find them? In the comment section.

    Breitbart = Low-IQ antiracist antisexist israel-firster pro-gun advocates

    Daily Caller = Slightly higher IQ but mostly the same with a higher peppering of social-libertarians

    Takimag = Extreme sophisticated discussion of topics, actual scholarship and data linking in the comments, solid argumentation, high IQs

    I read these three sites regularly and the first two never fail to disappoint me with their simplistic political renderings. Listen to Israel no matter what because Pat Robertson and Jerry Falwell said you can’t go to Heaven if you don’t! Putin is a communist! Police are evil no exceptions!

    I tend to direct the anti-police nuts to the Dark Knight Rises. Police are a function of order. We are to take issue with corruption and corruption of the system. There are many good police officers prepared to give their bodies to preserve our safety. This is lost on anti-authoritarians.

    Our political narrative has officially become totalitarian socialists vs. anti-authoritarian anarchists (with no sense of fairness or acknowledgement of the need for governance).

  18. This is a great post. Lots of good ideas throughout. But I’m thinking of this as a strategy *against* progressives, not *for* Conservatives/Republicans. Severely hobbling progressives is the first goal. After that, I imagine we’d get to work on pushing the Republicans out so that real conservatives could take the helm–whatever that might look like. Before we even get started on an ambitious plan like this, there are relatively easy things we could do with a limited network and resources. You know, if your place is full of ants, what good does it do to keep spraying them inside the house when there’s a giant anthill right outside your back door? The schools are the source of a lot of the cultural infection. The majority of these schools are state run. Throw some monkeywrenches into their systems. If you’re a member of a college community–student, staff, faculty, townie, whatever–and you see communist symbols around campus, complain to the administration. For example, agitate to get Che Guevara posters and T-shirts banned. Red stars, hammer and sickles, Che Guevara–for some, these are the equivalent of swastikas. I’m surprised no one has taken this on before.

    There are small vulnerabilities like this all over the Cathedral that can be exploited without a huge investment of time, money, or people. It seems like good prep work for future offensives.

  19. Agree on the campaign level, this is good strategy.
    Then there’s also the maxim ‘the best defense is a good offense.’
    On that note, the most bang-for-the-buck can be had by going after local
    Democrats and issues. For example, in the reddest of states, harass
    the campus leftist academics daily, and get state funding for PC courses
    removed (ethnic studies, gender studies etc).
    Now imagine, simultaneous rotating campaigns for such small but very effective
    issues in 20-25 states. Even if most lose, a few wins are enough, and more importantly, it would deplete leftist money rapidly to defend against these attacks
    which are very easy for local conservatives to mount.

    Another action would be to constantly nullify federal regulations at the local level
    and if possible at the state level for everything from raw milk sale and consumption
    to firearms regulations.

  20. The GOP isn’t interested in this kind of effort to combat leftists because the GOP basically accepts the liberal moral worldview. They are basically the relatively financially sensible wing of the liberal political wing. The GOP is uncomfortable with the direction things is going, but since they don’t have a defensible (in their minds) basis for objecting to the tenets of liberalism (egalitarianism, democracy), they can make only weak noises in opposition.

    The next couple decades are going to be the period in the US where the GOP is torn apart as it tries to gradually move leftward to stay electorally viable. It is going to try to capture the middle ground and leave the Democrats with nothing but the hard left. This leaves actual right-wingers with no party to support. The GOP will walk a tightrope trying not to lose too many actual right-wingers as it shifts leftward, and it may succeed for a while, and may succeed in becoming the new center-left that wins elections now and then, while never doing anything that the actual right wing wants. So there is no point in trying to help the GOP. They are a lost cause.

    The real group to be interested in is whatever forms on the right wing from the people who abandon the GOP. And I don’t think this group is going to be oriented towards winning elections, since winning elections will be something that white right-wingers can never do again as the country browns. It’s going to be about separatism, defacto or dejure, and the strategies necessary to achieve that.

  21. This is certainly a winning prescription for any opposition party to the Democrats, but I’m not sure it’s a winning prescription for anyone favoring an opposing ideology, if said opposing ideology disagrees with common Democrat tactics such as dragging someone’s wife and kids into the tactical considerations of a political debate.

    It might be argued that in the modern version of a representative democracy politics is mob violence expanded to a national scale, such that claims such as “Right is right and left is wrong,” lose any meaning they might have once had and the only thing that matters is power. In that case we get the situation at present: those who derive power and/or satisfaction from winning identify with the Left and those who derive power and/or satisfaction from losing identify with the opposition.

    I, too, am a reactionary monarchist — one who also supports democratic institutions. That’s why I think the best strategy is prayer.

  22. the Left would love to fight this battle. It would be socialists and Nazis in the streets again, like Weimar Germany, but this time no judges would coddle the Nazis, and everyone would be afraid to let the Nazis win lest they kill six million and go all gestapo on everyone; instead, people will see the socialists as safe.

    You start like this, you give the Left exactly what they need to implement everything on their wishlist immediately.

  23. I like you. I like THIS.

    The only Prog rules we play by now are reciprocity. An Iron Law of Conflict.

    The only thing I’d add is co-opt the Pro-Guns Name&Shame [and intimidate] bunch immediately. Get in bed with the NRA people [the organization is the people, you just need them. Anyone can have several memberships in many organizations, just like the Left] get in bed with 2d Amendment crowd right up front.

    And be ready; because the difference is the Cathedral actually is cornered now by their own terrible mistakes with money.

    PS – 2d Amendment is well past cold dead fingers, they started saying Molon Labe 3 years ago. That’s an ultimatum.

  24. @Peppermint – “the Left would love to fight this battle. ” No Peppermint, above all the 2d Amendment Crowd even saying NO [never mind MOLON LABE] renders them quite speechless. They don’t want to fight any battle, they want to bully and in any case are quite undone when they hear NO.

    They have no way of winning other than a sudden capitulation by tens of millions who are trending the other way.

    They don’t have the muscle past the Judges, Free Northerner is quite correct in his assessment of the situation. Outside a courtroom they can rely on the media, academic codes. That’s it.

    They for whatever reason corrupted every department of the government except the military and police. Folly and Fear= Fatal Mistake.

  25. Who cares what the GOP elites or [gag] leadership thinks?

    In fact look up, this isn’t about elections anymore.

    Our politics isn’t about elections anymore, that’s not where power lies.

    To whoever – of course discussions on politics are about POWER.

    to everyone and all humanity for all time: Any political matter is about POWER.

  26. Want to know why the left wins?

    The left wins because deep down inside we (white men) root for the underdog.

    And we root for the underdog because deep down inside that’s how we view ourselves.

    Women, blacks, Hispanics, etc win because they ‘sense’ this on an unconscious level.

  27. hey terrorist sympathizers! how do you like the recent terrorism in Kentucky? Is it only as bad for us as the FRC shooter was for the lefties a few years ago? Would it be less bad for us if we were following this terrorist strategy?

    Go on, explain to me how terrorism can possibly be good for us.

  28. This strategy assumes the long run viability of a system any potential GOP could win, assisted or not by your tactics. A short run win is worthless.

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