Lightning Round – 2017/02/21

A guide to reactionary political theory.

Politics is war.
Related: The conservation of group conflict.

Punching Nazis.
Related: Everyone is fair game.
Related: SJW’s double-down on promoting violence.
Related: Beatings are not hateful.
Related: Kicking the hornet’s nest.
Related: BLM: White people are sub-human.

Carlyle considered.

Efficient political order.

Cost disease. (I have a post on the topic coming this week).
Related: Jim on cost disease and Spandrell.
Related: More on cost disease.

Why people go to class.

On virtue signalling.

Asceticism of the wagecuck.

Northern Reaction: the book.

Infogalactic news.

“Boldmug” reappears briefly in the comments.


Politico on Bannon, Taleb, Moldbug, and Decius.
Related: Moldbug trolls the Atlantic.
Related: Moldbug is secretly manipulating the Trump administration. Or not.
Related: Bannon cites Evola.

The petro-dollar and its consequences.

Measures of meaning.
Related: Deep identity in the American wasteland.

Race: The social construction of biological reality: parts 1, 2, & 3.
Related: The genetics of the American nations.

False dogmas and founding myths.

The longing for communism.

America’s colour revolutionaries.
Related: Entropic hysteria.

On stopping singularities.

Behaviourism in context.

Reactionary ideas in SF.

When Romans accepted refugees.

Immigration flash-point.

The psychological benefits of protectionism.
Related: Kristol wants to replace lazy whites with foreigners.

Immigration, gentrification, and segregation.
Related: It’s not a driver.
Related: You’ll never guess how this farmed solved it’s labour problem!
Related: A landlord’s account.

Chronicles of the kritarchy.

Calculating the cost of diversity.

Never look a gay Mexican in the mouth.

#CalExit narrative pushing.

Why are people poor?

Designing a Christian welfare system.

How Trump should tax the rich.

Notes from the gulag state.

Berkeley’s anti-free speech riots.
Related: Become un-plea-bargainable.
Related: 92% of left-wing activists live with their parents; 1/3 are unemployed.

No deferred action for childhood arrivals.
Related: Children being protected from deportation.

Labour mobility destroying nations.

The first confrontation between Trump and the permanent government.
Related: King of the Cascades.

After the Flight 93 election.

Trump derangement syndrome and status.

Trump reveals reality.

The winning will continue.
Related: 3rd generation politics.
Related: Trump warns the CIA.
Related: Drain the swamp.
Related: Trump saves Lena Dunham’s life.

Dumping Flynn looks weak, but he was expendable.
Related: Flynn as a cave by Trump?

Leftists are tools of the deep state.

Trump’s health care plan.

Trump’s wins are not the #NeverTrumpers’.
Related: #NeverTrump lies.

Someone at Harvard Review seem to actually get the white working class’ struggles.
Related: Our miserable 21st century.

Don’t resist the truth.
Related: Some social justice site wrote a surprisingly not grossly inaccurate history of the alt-right.

The alt-right, dissident right, and multi-culturalism.

Related: Israel, Russia, the CIA, and pedogate.
Related: The UK Prime Pedophile.

UK millennial men earning like women.

Dunbar feminism.
Related: Penis envy.

The Duluth model works.
Related: Defending Duluth.

Weak men screwing up the sexual revolution.

Denying feminist rebellion.

More on shotgun dads.
Related: Scaring bad boys and more.

Focus on the Family culls an SJW.

Study: Hillary received 800,000 votes from non-citizens.

The opposition media is fake news.
Related: CNN’s reaction to being called fake news.

The three kings.

Jerusalem Post on fake Jews.

The censorship of Roissy.
Related: Twitter’s enemies list.

SJW’s have no loyalty.
Related: Wil Wheaton being eaten.

The submission of Ross Douthat.

Dreher’s cucking intensifies.

Russell Moore is a Soros tool.

PewDiePie dropped; build your own platforms.

Operation destroy Milo. He resigns.

Normalizing degeneracy.

On Eichmann in Jerusalem.


  1. Watching Moldbug wield the rhetorical epee again is a beautiful thing, especially when he has a clumsy opponent to dance around and stick full of holes.


    Exclusive: United States could become an ‘associate member’ of the Commonwealth

    >The Royal Commonwealth Society is making plans to open a branch in the United States, with a view to one day bringing America into the fold as an “associate member”.

    >The project, which is said to be backed by the Queen, has come about in part as a result of Donald Trump’s fondness for Britain and the Royal Family.

    >It comes amid efforts to develop the Commonwealth as a tool for building relationships on everything from foreign policy to trade, following Britain’s exit from the European Union.

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