Accept Power

A lot of the criticism of passivism comes from Step 2: Accept Power. Critics correctly point out that accepting power is a vague, almost magical, “something happens” that is undefined. Like Anti-Dem, I’m also highly skeptical we’ll convert the current elites in any significant number, but we don’t need to.

Accepting power is what we must do, and it is necessarily vague because I’m not a wizard, nor is anyone else in NRx. We can make predictions and educated guesses of what might happen in the future, but nobody really knows how any restoration will come about because there is no real model for how this happens.

Society moves by the combination of large, underlying, occult economic, demographic, and social forces, the occasional great man, and pure random chance, a combination that makes a joke of any planning for specifics.

The restoration will be a black swan event: an unpredictable event of highly improbable circumstances.

From the direction of the large, occult forces, we can discern that Western society is degrading before our eyes, but how this disintegration will play out is unknowable. All that is knowable is that institutional legitimacy, social bonds, and social trust are plummeting and a society without them is not a society that can maintain itself. Barring some major, unexpected occurrence at some unforeseeable point in the future, the illusion that is America will shatter and things will disintegrate in some way.

And that is all we can know. You can’t make specific plans because we don’t know what the situation will be. That’s why we do passivism. We build up our support, legitimacy, and strength, so that we are ready when opportunity presents itself.

Did Gorbachev and East German officials think the Berlin Wall would fall and the USSR would collapse because one official misunderstood a note? No. No one had any idea that the communist world would collapse so quickly and what stupid little event would set it off, even though everybody knew the USSR was decaying, hence Gorbachev’s earlier reforms.

After the collapse of the USSR, Harvard, USG, and their many imperial tools were on hand to economically rape Russia and install an American order under Yeltsin. There will be no outside force to install order, even rapacious order, after the US collapses. So somebody internally will need to restore order. That will be whoever has best positioned itself to respond to the black swan.

Social entropy in the US will not be reversed little by little, there is no internal or external power centre or force that can push an incremental reverse, such as the socialist media and the Soviet regime which supported the long march of American communists and liberalization. The introduction of mass propoganda through TV and radio and the introduction of mass education were singular historical events which the communsists took advantage of and we didn’t. We will have not have these advantages which allowed the left to win. The internet doesn’t present us the same opportunity due to its distributed nature and its already completed infiltration by progs.

If entropy is reversed, it will be reversed in one big reset, this will happen when the Cathedral’s legitimacy and authority disappears. What will trigger that and what the circumstances on the ground will be, is unknowable.

Then best strategy in this case is to build: build a power base, build legitimacy, and build authority so that when the black swan occurs, we are ready to move and have a set alternative to chaos. The great man will be whoever finds the right timing and uses what has been built to restore order.

I already quoted this, but I’ll do so again:

Hence the skillful fighter puts himself into a position which makes defeat impossible, and does not miss the moment for defeating the enemy. Thus it is that in war the victorious strategist only seeks battle after the victory has been won, whereas he who is destined to defeat first fights and afterwards looks for victory.
Sun Tzu

Those committing activism are seeking fights now and looking for victories afterwards. They wish to squander resources where they can not and will not win.

Passivism is about seeking victory through building and preserving resources and taking battle after victory has been achieved. That is why it is called accepting power. If we become worthy, ie: if we build our power bases, legitimacy, and authority to the extent necessary, then when the time comes, there will be nothing to do but for the great man to accept what is rightfully his. Lord Monck will walk into London unopposed and restore the king to his rightful place.

Alternatively, the more resources we squander now and the less we build, the greater the fight and the lesser the odds of victory will be when the black swan flies.


  1. In any case *someone* will accept power after the progressive theocracy collapses. It won’t be MS-13, Crips or Bloods — they lack the organizational ability, and their civilian base is wholly dependent on EBT cards. If not us, our new rulers will be white guys with swastika tattoos on their necks (think Jack Welker from “Breaking Bad”).

    Cities will be cut off from food, water, fuel, and electricity until their residents are evacuated to various rural camps. After the cities are cleared, white residents will return as avowed white supremacists who only pretended to believe progressive nonsense, and no one will ask where the nonwhite residents went.

    Americans will go with the flow as East Germans do — in 1910 all monarchists, in 1925 all democrats, in 1935 all Nazis, in 1955 all Communists, in 1995 all democrats again.

  2. Yet again and again and again you have to create justifications for doing nothing. You are a passivist activist. You are actually wasting your own time with these persistent justifications for impotence. It’s a sad sight.

    What lows will you reach next? What dredges will you decline to? Why even keep writing?

    You think hiding out and being a coward will get you ready for any “Happening” you fantasize about? By default, any organization that engages in activism will will be more ready than you because they are prepared to take on power, as opposed to some absurd “passivism cabal” which you support, which is masturbatory, and will be trampled on. It’s utterly laughable, embarrassing to anyone paying attention.

    Continue to desperately justify your inability to do anything of importance awhile you deny that you are yourself engaged in activism by even maintaining this public propaganda site. Sad days when even the “far right extremists” have nothing to offer but sorry-ass rationalizations for being useless “passives.” Shame.

  3. “Then best strategy in this case is to build: build a power base, build legitimacy, and build authority so that when the black swan occurs, we are ready to move and have a set alternative to chaos. ”

    Apologies for copy pasting a comment from another blog ( but it is highly relevant, particularly the part about C4ISR entities being a necessary precondition for successful revolution:

    The enemy strategy is:
    a) Create attack label for target, e.g., racist, homophobe, sexist, islamophobic, transphobic etc.
    b) Create blacklists of targets
    c) Persecute targets through shaming and disemployment
    d) Sit back as the chilling effect caused by b) and c) cowers entire target group into silence

    In order to counter-attack the SAME blacklist sequence must be implemented against the enemy except disemployment must be substituted with something more practical given lack of institutional resources.

    Please observe how Vox Day’s recent creation of has SJW (i.e. cultural marxist fanatics) in panic all over twitter. Expect to see their activity (getting people disemployed for disagreeing with them) decline going forward because of this chilling effect.

    2. C4ISR THEORY:
    The American Revolution was led by freemasons not because of their freemasonic hocus pocus beliefs but because freemasonry is a C4ISR structure.

    When the winds of anti loyalist secession started blowing there were untold thousands of Americans with better leadership qualities than George Washington. What did they do?

    Some went out to the local pub to start recruiting revolutionaries. They got arrested.

    Other started creating their own revolutionary cells. By the time they developed their own…

    a) pre-defined hierarchical structure (command)
    b) pre-defined hierarchical relations (control)
    c) secret sign communication system (communications)
    d) dossier archive of enemy agents (computers)
    e) internal traitor discovery systems (intel)
    f) agents assigned to monitor enemy (surveillance)
    g) entryists into judiciary, police, port authority, etc (recon)

    … the war was already over.

    What made George Washington a successful revolutionary was that he was sitting inside a C4ISR structure BEFORE the action started. That’s it.

    I’ll repeat: The key criterion for the successful revolutionary is: BE SEATED INSIDE A FUNCTIONAL C4ISR STRUCTURE BEFORE THE ACTION STARTS.

    Contemporary C4ISR structures:
    a) freemasonry
    b) criminal syndicates
    c) government intel
    d) religious orders
    e) ((them))

    A C4ISR structure is no good unless it
    a) is cellular and distributed
    b) allows anonymous participation

    Combining blacklist theory with C4ISR theory suggests that what is needed is a C4ISR structure that blacklists and persecutes white traitors in order to cower them into silence via chilling effect.

  4. “nobody really knows how any restoration will come about because there is no real model for how this happens.”

    Actually there is in fact a model. Copy pasting again from same thread:

    The current crisis is leading to a state known as anarcho-tyranny wherein society is divided into two groups; one is allowed to be lawless while the other is ruthlessly held in check by the state.

    A historic parallel is post-civil war Southern Reconstruction. And what happened there? Five destitute people got together to form a social club, quote:

    “devoid of practical, humanitarian, or political significance” (Wade 1987: 34). Its members were obligated only to “have fun, make mischief, and play pranks on the public” (Wade 1987: 34)..

    And then, because there was a desperate demand for a C4ISR structure to protect the people, the silly social club’s membership suddenly went exponential and led to a successful revolution against Reconstruction.

    In fact demand for C4ISR entities was so insane that a whole army of them mushroomed out of nowhere: Knights of the White Camelia, the White Brotherhood, the White League, Pale Faces, Constitutional Union Guards, Black Cavalry, White Rose, The ’76 Association, the Redshirts and hundreds of other smaller ones.

    Conclusion: anarcho-tyranny will in and of itself incite the creation of reactionary C4ISR structures to oppose and defeat it. The klan case study illustrates that demand becomes so desperate that practically anything will do, whether it includes wizards, goblins or gremlins, provided it has C4ISR characteristics including anonymity and cellularity. This further confirms that developing our own C4ISR entities is a necessary precondition to solving this crisis.

  5. You see, FN, Reed has a window into your soul: He knows when you describe eminently practical things to do, you actually mean “do nothing”. “Something” is only something when it involves public ceremonial acts in defiance of “the system”. That counts as something. Everything else is nothing. And I’m sure the Jews in Charge wouldn’t want it any other way.

  6. > The internet doesn’t present us the same opportunity due to its distributed nature and its already completed infiltration by progs.

    What is a “prog,” please?

    A progressive? A program? A prerogative? A p-frog (whatever that is)?

    If it’s a code to ensure that readers of my generation do not understand, carry on. It’s working. Otherwise, please do tell.

  7. The funny thing is that “#2 there is the easiest thing in the world. Very simply, you have want power Its not even difficult to get there

    . The European Right (such FN in France or the others ) understand this, they want power and are willing to use it. They are just being kept from it and are not quite strong enough to take it yet.

    Why it seems so hard for the US and Canada perhaps is a huge chunk of the Right especially in the US is “libertarian” “small state” “minarchist” or just afraid of what they might do with power .

    Its a very middle class “back to Monticello” value set which is exactly the wrong one in a crisis. We can’t all be Cinncinatus .

    If you aren’t willing to sacrifice for power, your happy peaceful life and the life of others, and live with dirty hands you can’t have power.

    Even the US Founding Fathers learned this rapidly resorted to crushing rebellion and doing awful stuff like the Alien and Sedition act.

    The new Right will have to as well and the interregnum, the 20-40 years of near dictatorship will be miserable for some ,the new state will seem a tyrant to some but so long as it stays worthy it can restore civilization.

  8. A.B. Prosper:

    Unlike some commenters, I believe that I am more or less on your wavelength. However, all my reading suggests that the chaos of the kind of revolution of which you speak would very likely deliver power into the hands of someone of a very different kind than you and I had in mind. Dictatorship by a Robespierre would not help as far as I know.

    I quite understand that the present Leftist U.S. regime (which the youngsters here seem, fittingly, to dub USG) is not exactly the Bourbon monarchy, but does my fear not still stand?

    Does the black swan really have to be an all-out revolution? Because, if it does, you might gladly back the Great Man who would plunge us all into the maelstrom, but I fear that I would not. Call me weak: I have something to lose; and I doubt that the chosen Great Man would end up in charge. Therefore, I actually prefer to endure the Cathedral, if all-out revolution is my sole alternative.

    I was under the impression that Free Northerner was not *necessarily* talking about an all-out revolution, but rather about an operation more or less within the structure of the existing order. Did I misunderstand?

  9. Howard, that’s an insightful honest post. Your fear of being led or maybe mislead is shared by a lot of Americans. as is still having something to lose. Still the frog pot we live in is warming up. It will boil soon.

    And no it doesn’t have to be an all out revolution, the general consensus is that would be a bloody affair, the rebel class 3% types seem to figure WW2 level or worse 100 million dead if that occurs.

    However you can’t even get started on peaceful change till you want power and if you can’t or won’t take it, must take orders. At that point, when everyone isn’t so afraid you can make change.

    Importantly, if the system will not allow you to get power as we see in Europe, you will have to take it anyway, you can’t do that till you meet the standards,

    Also re: a Great Man. Assuming he and it will certainly be a he is at least nominally on our side is probably going to be something like Trump meets Jeff Sessions meets General Mattias with , mass deportation more firing squads and an abortion ban .

    Having studied Right Wing takeovers I am hard pressed to see how he could truly do that bad a job compared to what is upcoming

    Even the worst Rightist villains are less cruel, less murderous and more moral than Leftist ones.

    I won’t say decent people have nothing to fear, that’s a lie but in a Leftist world they have everything to fear and while right now the Cathedral is semi benign, once the economic follies are over, that will end and you especially if you are White will see the fangs.

    I’ll take my chances with a tyrant in that case.

  10. @Howard:

    Prog = Progressive. It’s both shorthand and a bit pejorative but not as contemptuous as Regressive Left.

    The collapse does not necessitate bloody revolution. We could collapse like the USSR rather than like the French monarchy. Most white Americans don’t have it in them to be violent. Hopefully they have enough in them to be violent with cause, but my own fear at the sad state of the Caucasian ethnicities who are West of the Hajnal Line worries me about their future survival as a race/ethnicity of mankind.

    Also, America is fairly large for a country. The collapse will likely be experienced differently depending on location and demographics. If your sensitive soul is worried about bloodshed, then I suggest you find a place to lay low during the collapse that is fairly rural, and the majority of the local demographic is ethnically and religiously similar to you (or at least show that you respect the local ethnic/religion). But if you live in a city or in a suburb that is near a depressed area/section 8 housing, I’d not stick around there unless you are willing to shoot people committing crimes on your local street.

    @FN and Nick

    It seems to me that many of the dissenters to Passivism might stem from word association and asking that people resist engaging in public demonstrations (for now). Might be worth to breakdown how the Cathedral used Passivism since the 1960s to takeover structures and institutions so that they can now participate in activism because, as Sun Tzu was quoted above, they have already won the battle.

    Another thing, beyond the mannerbunds and parallel structures and societies, what about building some semi-public competing structures? Say Vox is successful with creating a parallel to Wikipedia that overtakes it. Is that not a minor victory worth obtaining but destroying one venue of the Cathedral’s lies? What if a parallel to Facebook or Twitter could be made to destroy them? When we see opportunities to change the sheeples’ perspectives, to make them question the Cathedral, should we not take it if the risk is minimal? Maybe such efforts would be useful to direct the fighting energies of our more “activist” thought brethern as we bide our time for the right moment?

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