Preventing the Killing Fields

There was a discussion on Twitter of which I was not a part concerning Anders Breivik. Alice Teller made the following point:

I agree, it is better to lose to chaos than to become chaos ourselves. While killing children under the direct command of God may be acceptable, we do not have and likely will never have that divine command and hoping we can receive it is abhorrent. A divine command that horrific is something that should be feared, not desired.

I bring this up because just last week while reading of Rotherham I wrote a rash Tweet in anger to the effect of: ‘Where is England’s Breivik to cleanse Rotherham? No jury in the world would convict you.’ I deleted it a little while later because while I still support crucifying everybody who was involved with supporting foreigners in sexually enslaving English children, holding up a child murderer as a positive example is simply wrong.

Which brings me to my point: the goal of neoreaction is to prevent Breivik-style mass murders.

Eventually, there will be a reaction against the current order as white men lose their trust in government officials as they watch them support foreigners as they rape their daughters, murder their sons, steal their jobs, destroy their freedoms, and ransack the national treasury. They will feel rage, as it is only natural to feel rage, and they respond to this rage with right-wing folk activism. Breivik was not a madman, he was the first reaction of the powerless white working-class against their masters and their masters’ imported voting-class.

Right now, violence is the only response available to the white working class. If the situation stays as is, eventually the white working class will respond the only way they can. When one’s own are threatened, a violent response is the natural response; it is currently not white men’s response because white men are unnaturally generous and their ethnic identity has been repressed. But this could rapidly change if their good nature is abused.

The goal of the neoreactionary project is to ensure that it never comes to the point where working-class white males need to slaughter imported foreigners en masse to be able to be able to celebrate their own culture and ethnicity and be treated justly in their own lands.


Sidenote: When I’ve written on this before, some of whined that I’m making threats. I am not. This is not a threat, this is reality. Most men need a few things to be content: a wife, a family, meaningful work, and a cultural space into which he can fit. The modern progressive order is robbing men of all of this. When the white man realizes he has no place, he will become discontent. Enough discontent among the working-class will lead to violence, it always has and always will.

This is the way it is. It is not a threat, it is simply the way reality works.


  1. Presenting the idea that those two options are what’s on the table is not doing the pro-white side favours, in fact it is supporting the anti-whites. So we need at least a third option which is why the majority of this blogpost is still pretty good.

  2. Given how lousy the lands the various foreigners come from are, I don’t think they’ll go back voluntarily. That doesn’t leave many good options if say Norway is to belong to Norwegians .

    Also re: Brevik I won’t condone what he did but those weren’t children. The youngest was 14 and as they were voluntarily choosing to participate in organizational treason and old enough to have moral agency to him it was essentially malicide

    Now I think there are better ways and frankly am heartily sick of Euro Folk killing Euro Folk but conflating these young people with kids is disingenuous. It still heinous political murder just not child murder.

    Now re: generosity. That won’t last much longer. My only hope is that the people who exploit our old traditions of hospitality for political ends haven’t woken up a monster. Given our paradoxical blood lust (for example, half the population of Germany dying in the 30’s years war) once the Saxon starts to hate, look out.

  3. Breivik killed boys and men of military age. In total war they perfectly acceptable targets. Not that I think he’d balk at murdering children. The guy is a real nutso.

    However, his crimes are far less than the average state department employee who keeps the slaughters of Syria and Congo going or CIA and their drone strike war.

  4. I don’t know about you, but my Northern European ancestors left their homelands a couple hundred years ago and came to the homeland of the American Indians. We won’t know peace here until we’re willing to restore the peace by making good on our treaties and returning their places of worship to them — not because they are threatening us with war, but because the human spirit can’t thrive until we reach a place of mutual respect and reverence for one another.

  5. I was just over at the Legionnaire, and his latest post concerned how the newest adult generation – his and mine – will be a generation of monsters and of heroes, probably in equal proportion (excluding the 90% or so who won’t amount to much). Uncle Ted and Breivik are merely foreshadowing what might happen if somebody doesn’t do something to give us direction and purpose. We’re all waiting for something. We’re not sure what. Every day we’re squeezed a bit more, and one day we’ll collectively realize that whatever it was we were waiting for has come. We feel like anything, even murder and terrorism, are preferable to rotting away in the progressive purgatory which is all we’ve ever known since birth. So, you’re right to say that your mission, if you choose to accept it, is to give us young men something productive to do with our frustration. Calling us a bunch of shiftless faggots over the internet is not a part of that; we already know we’re worthless. You would be very surprised how self-aware and self-loathing we are. The trouble is that nobody wants to lead us, to take the time to do the hard work of rehabilitating a generation of men who were never taught to be men. It’s easier to write us off and make fun of us. But that would be a very big mistake.

  6. Brevik was killing what I’ve heard called “larval leftists.” That’s what is horrible when there’s a war going on – children and teenagers get killed. After all, we’re killing women, pregnant women, children and babies by remote control, so who the hell we to judge Brevik?

  7. Our kind’s modern motto should be “acceptance thru passivity”… Political correctness and left-wing, yellow journalism have emasculated the white man.

  8. Alan, the American Indians aren’t asking for ethnic cleansing — mainly they want to be able to worship at their sacred sites, such as the Black Hills of South Dakota for the Lakota. For a nation that was supposedly founded on principles of religious freedom, we’ve been amazingly slow to honor the religious freedoms of those who were here first.

    I was responding to any whites who seem to be feeling rage over previously white areas becoming more colorful. This doesn’t mean that crime should be handled differently based on the color of the person committing it, or the color of the victim, either.

    I’m just saying that for any whites who aren’t actually citizens of a Northern European country today (and I’m in this group, too) — your country isn’t your sole property any more than it’s the sole property of those that a arrived a hundred or so years later. In my own case, the German half of my family came less than two hundred years ago — that’s later than arrival of many African Americans’ ancestors.

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