Lightning Round – 2015/07/22

How to be the greatest.
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Social justice and ideological hijackings.
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Related: SJW-weaponized law.
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About exit.

Embrace your extremists.

Democracy and the clerical class.

Going home.

Racial kryptonite.

I don’t care about black people.

Annex Mexico.
Related: Mexican crime and the border.

No such thing as racism.

Neanderthals, Japanese, and diversity.

Sick of false empathy.

The human operating system.



Guns, words, and feels.

Land is wary of the Trump enthusiasm.
Related: Trump and the shitlord insurgency.
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State society.

Some history of communists in America.

Reality TV and the difference between men and women.

Welcome to the new America.

A liberal test from Suicide of the West.

Anti-Dem with some anecdotes of a friend.

Disney NRx.

Kicking the Greek can.

CC discovering academia’s role in the Cathedral.

The Benedict Option: the parallel society.

Biomechanics of walking.

City girls are Elaine, not Carrie Bradshaw.

Sexual liberalism consuming itself.

You’re independent; your safety is not our problem.

Weev: Misogyny and Ellen Pao.

Alcohol and casual sex, and some other stuff.

Feminism is being happy your wife is cucking you.

UK: Marriage and children are legal slavery.

Feminist misses the catcalls.

Planned Parenthood sells victims body parts. Yum.

World War V starts rolling.

Women couldn’t own property.

 Beware the grasshoppers.

Hate crime and free speech.

The density divide.

Looks like Gawker’s in trouble. Good. Related.
Related: The 10 most unpleasant Gawker writers.
Related: Gawker lets two people go.

Democrat apologizes for saying ‘all lives matter’.

A brainstorm with Wright is upcoming.

The prosecution of Dinesh D’Souza.

The NYT lies (surprising).

No to nets and meds, yes to Mercedes and private jets.

The falling sun. Heh.

5 hours of TV a day.

Stuff on WW2 Japan military training.

Anti-Chinese sentiment growing in Vancouver.

Canada Green Party for population replacement.

H/T: NBS, Isegoria, TRP, SDA


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