No One Will Help You

Going around is the story of a Democratic activist who encountered diversity on the subway and was culturally enriched with a folding knife. The Federalist goes on some kind of shaming rant of the beta males who watched his encounter with vibrancy, but this is misguided. The better question is why would we expect anyone to help?

The freedom of self-defence has been under full-court attack, particularly by the progressive types of whom Sutherland was a part. If you read his blog and look at the voting record of the man he interned with, Sutherland was in favour of removing people’s ability to protect themselves and others. Why would anyone protect a man who not only is unwilling to protect himself but is dedicated to preventing others from protecting themselves?

Beyond the why, is the how. Contrary to what you see in the movies, fighting off a knife attack is very difficult if you’re unarmed and don’t have training. Davidson has no clue what he’s talking about when he says, “Any two adult men in that subway car could have stopped him, no matter how crazy or strong he was.” Thanks to Democrats like Sutherland, DC has very restrictive concealed carry laws and bans open carry, among other restrictive gun laws.

The only effective means of stopping stopping a knife attacker is practically illegal in Washington, so how exactly was someone supposed to intervene?

Further, the progressive types of Sutherland was a part have been actively trying to remove the ability to prevent these types of attacks from police. Look at what Jim Himes, the Democrat for whom Sutherland interned, has to say on the issue of Ferguson and policing black crime:

One indisputable fact in the United States of America today, and there’s no argument about this, is that the judicial system, from stop and frisk to who gets arrested to what crimes they get charged with to how long they get sentenced to all the way to the application of the death penalty is dramatically discriminatory against our African American population, There’s no argument about that. National data shows that if you’re an 18-year-old African American man arrested with marijuana in your pocket versus a white 18-year-old with marijuana in your pocket you’re treated totally different by the judicial system. The African American community in Ferguson knew that.

Well, we can see what supporting that opinion got Sutherland. Did you know that Jasper Spires may have been high on synthetic marijuana and had been arrested for felony robbery a week earlier, but was released only the Friday before the stabbing? Sometimes, you have to learn the hard way that ideas have consequences; sadly, Sutherland learned the hardest way.

Finally, why would anybody want to intervene to stop a black criminal from violence. Why would anybody volunteer to be the next George Zimmerman? Who wants to be the next Darren Wilson? Why would someone want to have risk having their life destroyed to protect some random stranger?

Did you know that Jim Himes, the person Himes interned for, attended an “I am Trayvon Martin” rally back in 2012?

It seems the demonization of those who protect their neighbours and themselves didn’t turn out too well for Sutherland.

Now, none of this is an accident. There has been a campaign (intentional or not) to get you to stop helping your neighbours so that the atomization of society can continue. As a Democratic operative, Sutherland was on the front lines of this campaign. It’s too bad the atomization worked against him when the time came.

We can’t atomize society and attack those who help others then expect others to help when people are in need. Jesus might help, but we’re not Jesus. A person might help family and friends, but strangers? Probably not. Why would anybody help a random stranger when helping is impossible and will lead to a lynch mob?

Congratulations, you won. No one will help you.


  1. He sewed the wind and reaped the whirlwind, and being who he was could neither believe not understand what was happening to him. The wise will take it to heart and keep his powder dry.

  2. Reminds me of the hippie who was in Ferguson helping the vibrants up there when they turned on him. Reaping and sewing….Not simply on the gun control issue but I am sure the victim supports the civil rights amendment/ ending Jim Crow and unleashing feral negroes. Though generally those people never run into them and never pay the price for it. The price is supposed to be paid by traditional minded Southern Whites, or really any Southern White….me and mine, which is why I shrug about black on White crime up north and on Yankees.

    On a personal note, I am able to end the attack quickly. Been stabbed before and likely will be again but I would have watched that city boy get gutted by some urban diversity. knowing what city boys and damnyankees have done to my people over the years, why should I side with one? Neither are my people or my concern. I intervened in something like that in Dubai once. #1 I had no worries about the local law, who thanked me, and the Hindu couple had been very kind to me earlier on. That kindness earned some humanitarian treatment. City boys and yankees? Not so much. Said groups want to run down men like me, then hide behind us when need be. Well they can do the running down but doesn’t mean I have to help them out when the reap whirlwind they an theirs sewed

  3. There is nothing “unfortunate” about Sutherland’s killing. He got what he, and all other Democrats deserved.

  4. FreeNortherner does it again. The irony is especially eyebrow-raising. Amazing how the Radical Progressives construct their own little rat trap, first building the kind of society that will churn out street trash minorities, then making sure that any white witnesses to crime are castrated and docile before the vaunted minority race careful to check their white privilege before intervening in anything, and finally sure enough finding this trap snap on their little necks as they squeal for help. No help is coming, you horribly misguided Kaliist stooges. Prepare to be culturally enriched!

    Don’t worry though. We’ll mop up once you’ve finally paid your debt to reality. We’ve been holding this damned mop since the 1700s and can hardly wait to put it to use with a sigh of relief.

  5. “We asked the police if we could/should have done something differently, and they said that we did the right thing—get to safety and get help.”

    “This is beta male rationalizing at its finest—and it is terrifying”

    Seriously, Mr. Pundit? “The cop agreed” is a terrifying rationalization? Only if you realize it means the problem is the system, not the people. Which you don’t.

    “I, for one, would want someone to help me if a man with a knife attacked me on the subway, especially if he were winning the fight.”

    I, for one, train in martial arts so it doesn’t matter if someone helps me. In fact, being a Californian I would prefer if nobody witnessed the fight at all. It keeps prosecutors from second-guessing my decisions.

    Gov’t scares me much more than vibrant youths.

    Besides, the fact that I CAN defend myself might show any bystanding guys that I’m a real man and not some elitist UMC whose idea of fighting is a malicious lawsuit. No man is going to protect an gov’t-employed androgyne but a fellow jiujitsu artist could be worth the effort.

    Getting help is all about being recognized by your own people.

  6. And, guys? In a reaping context it’s “sowing”. Sewing is stuff you do to put buttons back on your shirts. (Well, that’s what *I* do. Self-reliance ftw.)

    NRx needs more English teachers.

  7. Preach it Gunner

    LOL @ the grammar lesson. Got better things to do with my time. Like put my girls and dogs on the boat and the boat into the water

    What the movement needs in numbers and.strength not petty grammar disputes

  8. Sadly it’s not just the vibrants they are empowering. It’s the illegals and muslim’s too.

    Like SFC Ton said .. help a pacifist / northerner .. nah I’ve got better things to do.

    As for me .. I avoid gun free zones .. errr I mean criminal safe working area’s .. everybody wants a safe work environment .. right?!?!?!?!

    As for me .. I be packin yo!

  9. I’m happy to live in that northern state with the finest gun laws in existence – open or concealed carry at age 16 – younger with parental permission. Strangely enough, while I was wearing a US Navy uniform for 25 years, I never considered myself a ‘Northerner’ or ‘Yankee’ – just an American.

  10. It is a free country. You are free to live and let die, baby. No loss to civilization, based on my read of this guy.

  11. knife attacks are the worst. this instructor basically says he’d rather get attacked by someone with a gun at close quarters than a knife.

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