Lightning Round – 2015/11/25

The official neoreaction forum.

On pseudonymity.
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History never ended.
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The Confucian heuristic.

Underclass coddling.

Whiteness as liberalism.

The Jewish role in the NAACP.

Hispanic migration makes secession more difficult.

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The Daily Beast has a retarded article on #NRx up.

Technological responsibility.

The rise of obesity and anorexia.

Yet another PC outrage.

On North Korea.

The mammon trap.

Urban tactics: survival. Related Brainstorm.

Quebec and Sanders.

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  1. When I hear of offical NRx anything, I am reminded about the way, during Trannygate, people were insistent that Neo-Reaction was not an organisation but a school of thought. This is hypocrisy, and while I do hope that forums are set up, can’t legitimise them automatically. Let time be the judge of such ventures from people who, when the going got rough, decided that they were not an organisation but merely a school of political science…


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