Lightning Round – 2015/11/11

There won’t be any other posts this week and the LR is short, but here goes:

Primary loyalties.

Social Matter at NPI.
Related: Amusing NPI silly string video.

Ruminations on pan-whitism.

Mass migration is war.
Related: The Europeans guide to helping refugees.
Related: The rape feminists will ignore.

Stereotype accuracy is one of the most robust social science findings.

Keep manhood in the bargain.
Related: The forgotten men.
Related: Why are middle-aged white male deaths rising?
Related: Whites down, diversity up.
Related: Why this trend from 1999-2002 wasn’t noticed until 2015.

Corrosive individualism.

SJW “rights” are anti-rights.

Why the web is disappointing.

Oppression is in the eye of the beholder.

The cultural revolution in the US.
Related: Anti-intellectualism is good.

Why fat activism is a godsend for the right.

Currency debasement is immoral, but not in the way you think.

Are you a nut?

On ambiguous proverbs.

Ranger School cover-up.

Most educated women have rape fantasies and 40% of rape victims continue to date their attacker.

The feminist backlash against the red pill documentary.

A review of Cernovich’s new book.

SJW’s using honey-pot traps in tech.

Trudeau literally makes the “because it is 2015” argument.



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