Lightning Round – 2015/11/18

Status point theory.
Related: Paris and signalling.
Related: The madness of the social signalling game.

Controversial: A letter to France.
Related: Observations on Paris.
Related: Yes, we are at war with Islam.
Related: A difficult question.
Related: A look at the stats of Islam and terror.
Related: Not with gold.
Related: The attacks and the future of Europe.

Servants without masters.
Related: On The Economy?
Related: The system, SCALE, and scams.

Corrosive individualism?

The day they tore down The Future and the sinking of the working class.

Curt adds a third point to What is Neoreaction? I think that it is simply an outflow of the first two.

Mike released his Idaho Project book.

Propaganda in standardized tests.

The end of Rex Americana.

China, Forex, and Rubin.

Against neo-paganism.

On the Bay of Pigs.
Related: Communications architecture.

Women can serve because the state doesn’t need combat units.

BW Rabbit is closing up and starting anew.

On the Puritans. More.
Related: Irish and Germans in America.

The unintended consequences of recording the police.


The wages of female pastorship.

Live and let live.

Who owns the red pill?

The slow drift from marriage.
Related: The daddy-go-round and the family-go-round.

Nobody believes porn is adultery.

Martel returns with a couple of stories.

Scientist: Peer review doesn’t work. Related.

These candidate questions are fairly amusing.

GOP prefers Hillary to Trump.

The collapse of the publishing industry.



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