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Lightning Round – 2016/11/23

The racial hatred of the election.
Related: Hate letters from coastal elites to middle American whites.
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Trump’s victory as a reaction to the White Death.

A new Mahout in town.

Debt + diversity = community death.

Fraying in the core. Although, NRx is generally in favour of patchwork.

Trump viewed from the right.
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Stories from people who have met President Trump.

Wrath of the god-emperor.
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Lugenpresse strategy.
Related: Still crying wolf.
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Terminal frame.

It’s not about you.

A mass Twitter purge of the alt-right.

Richard Spencer’s media indiscipline.


 In praise of mediocracy.

The churchian corruption.

Working for poor governance.

Divorce: a cold calculation.

Acting normal.

Physiogamy is real.

The alarmed and the anxious.

Study: Illegals have effected US elections.

Shapiro: An enemy of Christendom.

Dreher contemplates the red pill, while Mark Shea remains himself. Also, Shea was fired from the NCR.

Football in America.

Lightning Round – 2016/11/16

Welcome to the Trump Triumphant edition of the Lightning Round.

But first, a new project to establish a true Canadian Right is starting up:
Check out Northern Dawn.
Here’s the call to action for all right-thinking Canadians.
Also, check out the FB page.

Hail Trump, but let’s not lose our heads.
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Best election ever.
Related: President Trump.
Related: Trump wins.
Related: Trump reforges FDR’s alliance.
Related: Winds of freedom already blow.

How Trump already saved the world.
Related: Trump already lessening illegal immigration.

Counterpoint: A victory for liberalism and white supremacy.
Related: Immigration restriction as liberal self-preservation.

In favour of helicopter rides.

How GamerGate crowned the god-emperor.

Inquisition 2.0.

Modelling failures.

Chimps and riots.

Destination Baltimore.

On Straussian entryism.

Social turbulence.

The 7 sacraments of progress.

The mirage of localism.

Recap on global warming.

Hillary in the bunker.

Lightning Round – 2016/11/09

As of my posting this, Trump just got Pennsylvania and 264 electoral votes, with Wisconsin, Michigan, Alaska, and Arizona all looking safely Trump as well. It’s safe to say, Trump won. We won. Hopefully we will see King Trump in a few years.

Trump needs friends.
Related: Nobody rules alone.

Miss Congeniality no more.
Related: The strife of the party.
Related: Carpe Collum.

Meet the new cuck, same as the old cuck. He’s right, but stopping white genocide is worthwhile.
Related: The alt-right is liberalism.

Long-term election changes.

The treason of McAuliffe, Obama, and Clinton.

Spandrell on faith.

From Frost and Enoch to NPR.

The wicked flee when no man pursueth.

The French colour revolution. More.

Is America done?

Nixon’s election eve call.

Islam’s cowardly critics.

Material evil.

The lie of parenting.

Women as responders.

Women’s desire to teach.
Related: Why there is controversy.
Related: What does it mean to teach?

The average woman extorts $150k in taxes from the average man.

Reading  Jessica Valenti’s book confirms much manosphere wisdom.

Counter-BLM demonstration in Chicago.

Migrant nightmares in Sweden and Germany.

Brexit blocked.

The marriage gap.

More conspiracy: Cheese, pasta, and Podesta.
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What are TERFs?


Lightning Round -2016/11/02

Remember to use InfoGalactic instead of Wikipedia.

The average American.

There is always a king; how to find him.

Narrative vs. reality.

Cognitive dissonance judo.

Passivism and struggle.

Related: Most of the Bundy occupation were federal informants.

What happened to the samurai?

How to implement patriarchy.

Maybe a relatively painless Soviet–style collapse?
Related: Aesthetics of decline.


The rise of white identity: I warned of this years ago.
Related: The great white suicide.
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Related: Restoring the West or bringing the next stage?
Related: The demographic conquest of America.
Related: Through ground-covered glasses.
Related: Saving nature’s diversity.
Related: Immigrants cost the US $231,000 each.
Related: Immigrants are not American.

An open letter to Jews.

A Wikileaks summary.
Related: What if the rot is too deep?
Related: The shadow government mentioned.

The Trumpslide.
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The house always wins elections.
Related: Voting is rational for the ruling class and heroin for the people.
Related: Rigging elections.

Some conspiracy theory: The revived investigation; rumours of pedophile ring.
Related: NYPD discovers Weiner’s “life insurance” folder. More.
Related: The fatal shot and FBI Anon.

The two-bullet theory of Comey.
Related: DoJ source: Almost everyone wanted to prosecute Hillary.

No muscles in Brussels.

US contemplates WW3.
Related: Game theory and Putin’s gamble.
Related: Front-line Europe.
Related: The Russian no-fly zone.

Is Duterte a deep state Chinese Communist agent or a reaction against Filipino elites.
Related: The Philippines abandons the US.

4GW in Syria.
Related: On the Free Syrian Army.

On Maine and Moldbug.

On Dugin’s Last War of the World Island.

On charter school foundations.

The new Trudeaupia.

No collusion here at all. None.

Leftward drift: Bill Bradley to Hillary Clinton.

Obamacare working as designed.

SS receipts confirm no recovery.

Reality and gun control.

How rule by banker manifests itself.

On the gold standard. More. More.

There is no national debt. Comments discuss Moldbug’s work on sovereign debt. More.
Related: A trillion for your thoughts.

PoC is a terrible term.

Most American Christians are heretics.

Brining murderesses to the gospel through accompaniment.

On tithing.

The paradox of modern masculinity.

Lottery perverts.

The unspoken lesson.

Jobs and education make women unattractive.

The suicidal altruism of Western women.

Malice in Blunderland.

Small lies lead to bigger lies.

A belated surrender.

Winning Gamergate.
Related: Why the left is winning.

Violence in the name of compassion.

The church of Chick.

Adventures in missing the point.

Tears of a cuck.

Hillary supports rigged elections.

Degeneracy of type.



Lightning Round – 2016/10/12

Infogalactic has been launched. Check it here.

Activism vs. territorialism.

The ritual humiliation of misunderstanding power.

Yesterday’s liberal is today’s conservative.
Related: Fascism is modernism.

Where did it all go wrong?

On the current path.
Related: Balancing the natural and the social world.
Realted: The will of the people is a farce.

Cathedral decision-making.
Related: On Aleppo.
Related: WW3 by proxy.
Related: Who’s the outlaw?

The Hungary games.

Misreading the reactionary mind.

On meritocracy and experts.

The asset-bubble cements the high-low alliance.

Donald Trump is a great man.
Related: Presidential temperament.

Et tu parte?
Related: The loudspeaker.

This won’t end well.

Clowns expose American Anxiety.

On Francis’ the Leviathan.

The business of Harvard.

Modern art was CIA propaganda.

The long shadow of decolonization.
Related: SA learns the wonders of equality.

Immigration trumps law.
Related: Fake refugees on vacation.

Unboxing the fiat dollar.

Possible chaos at future protests.

On hate.
Related: Crime as a euphemism for lynching.

Cowards are for tolerance.

The nationalization of police.

Personal and collective power.

The pain of Kaine.

Retreat is pointless.

Respect for murderesses Sunday.

Reworking Malachi 2Part 2.

Learning from the mistakes of others.

Sex discrimination at Yahoo.

For younger readers: Little known, lucrative career paths.

Noblesse Oblige.

Sticky brains and forgiveness.

When Scott Adams became a target.

On Buckley.

Obamacare in action.

Government shuts down free online courses because they aren’t accessible.

A brief history of the replication crisis.
Related: 13% of papers contain a mathematical error.

When memes become real.

The broken freaks of fandom.

Clearing up the Gab drama.

The Twitter purges continue.

Memory-holes on Wiki.

Download Brave.


Lightning Round – 2016/09/29

The alt-west and alt-white.

Two kinds of nationalism.

Power, authority, and legitimacy.

Esoteric populism.

On physical removal.

How to survive the mob.

How to determine the price you’re sold for on the slave market.
Related: Crypto-currency: Fool’s gold.

On kings and accidents of birth.
Related: Forgotten crowns of Europe.

What is the natural aristocracy?

On dysgenics.

Understanding the 20th century.

Nitrocellulose illegalized.

Venezuelan socialism.

Section 207.
Related: Hillary will let in 37 million more foreigners than Trump.

The black-white crime ratio is worse than official stats show.

Using the term google.

The politicization of medicine.

On Ancient Sparta.

Ethnonymic creep.

Disney’s smart purchase of Marvel and Star Wars.

The Twitter lockdown.
Related: Twitter locked out VD, Roissy, and Instapundit.
Related: Instapundit is being investigated by his university for a tweet.

Christian denominations indicting themselves.

Christian teaching on immigration.

A draft war manual against the necropolis.

Hierarchy equals abuse.
Related: On complementarianism.
Related: Complementarians are worse than egalitarians.

Frequent denial of sex breaks the marriage covenant.

On whores.

My sides: Trump has liberals in fear.
Related: Scott Adams switches his endorsement to Trump.

The waste of teaching children what they already know.


Lightning Round – 2016/09/21

Open now: Counter-Search.

Babylon the necropolis.

A response to the Flight 93 election.

The High Tory tradition.

On socialism kills.

How to inquisition.

Why the memes are strong.
Related: Hillary running scared from meme magic.

The alt-lite.

The slow death of English.

How to remove 11 million illegals.

Politics is war.
Related: Tensions over identity well contained.

The suicide of the neocons.

The Soviet’s CIA head.
Related: Hidden history: Black mutinies in WW2.

Some right-wing news.

What’s the value of the Bill of Rights?

Shia geopolitics.

Yes, Trump can fire the bastards.
Related: Rumours that Trump would appoint Thiel to the SC.
Related: Thiel on effective government.
Related: Is Trump’s endorsement by 88 retired general a neo-nazi code?

The origins of the Anglo-Saxon.

The puritan hypothesis in short.
Related: Against the puritan hypothesis.

Full automation.

A return to noblesse oblige.

Real news and fake news.

Politics is upstream of AI.

The rot of positivism.
Related: The seven deplorable sins of secularism.

Value change.

William Glaston lays out hard truths.

Cryptocurrency as cuck finance.

Literally shaking.

Google erases white inventors.

Being a white minority in Georgia.

When did whites evolve?

CNN: Math is racist.

The diverse are using BDS to discriminate against Jewish SJW’s.

Concentration and IQ tests.

On the NFL.

The surrender-by-death of ethno-nationalism.

When your church converges.

On Rome in Revelations.
Related: RC and canonicity.
Related: More on Protestantism.

Cane changes his mind on some things.

Special might be destroying you.

Age of cross-dressing.

Marriage: Bearing a double burden.

The problems with “intelligent” submission.
Related: Submission is easy.
Related: She’s in control.
Related: To the defenders of rebellion.
Related: Starting with the right question.
Related: Jenny Erickson: Warning signs.

Are real men attracted to boisterous women?

A sexual market oddity.

Why modern women are angry all the time. Related.

Feeding off the hatred of others.

The idiot intellectuals.

Electoral classism.

These people really do control our society.

Keoni Galt got vaxxed.

Smells like victory.
Related: Trump handling the media.
Related: A question for Never Trumpers.

A note on Clinton.
Related: The shifting narrative.
Related: Clinton is worried Trump will hang her.

James D Watson still banned from polite society.

Fragile infrastructure.

The Hakka market dominant minority.

Pedoface exists.

On early mapsMore.

Chesterton on the Civil War and honour.

On communist atrocities.

Synthetic heroin.

Brand-name drugs.