Lightning Round – 2016/11/09

As of my posting this, Trump just got Pennsylvania and 264 electoral votes, with Wisconsin, Michigan, Alaska, and Arizona all looking safely Trump as well. It’s safe to say, Trump won. We won. Hopefully we will see King Trump in a few years.

Trump needs friends.
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Miss Congeniality no more.
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Meet the new cuck, same as the old cuck. He’s right, but stopping white genocide is worthwhile.
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Long-term election changes.

The treason of McAuliffe, Obama, and Clinton.

Spandrell on faith.

From Frost and Enoch to NPR.

The wicked flee when no man pursueth.

The French colour revolution. More.

Is America done?

Nixon’s election eve call.

Islam’s cowardly critics.

Material evil.

The lie of parenting.

Women as responders.

Women’s desire to teach.
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The average woman extorts $150k in taxes from the average man.

Reading  Jessica Valenti’s book confirms much manosphere wisdom.

Counter-BLM demonstration in Chicago.

Migrant nightmares in Sweden and Germany.

Brexit blocked.

The marriage gap.

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What are TERFs?



  1. Happy Trumpening… I guess. The best write-up of that event was from Mr Peter Hitchens, at his blog. He also is somebody strongly against democracy. Maybe Mr Trump can help to stop White Genocide, but in fact, his going against Political Correctness, should he proceed in that manner, is the bigger part of stopping that crime against the white race.


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