Sex Ed Hypocrisy

I found this both amusing and angering:

EDMONTON – An Edmonton teenager and her mother have successfully filed a complaint with the Alberta Human Rights Commission, alleging the Edmonton Public School District’s use of a Christian fundamentalist abstinence education program infringed upon their rights as non-Christians.

Dawson’s mother Kathy, an agnostic who supports sex education, signed the permission slip for Emily to attend CALM’s sexual education classes. She was shocked when Emily texted her to say the “sex ed” class was being taught by an anti-abortion activist, from the American-based Pregnancy Care Centre.

The leftist theocrats spent decades ramming “sexual education” into the public education system against the vocal opposition of Christians, the right, and anybody with any sanity because indoctrinating elementary-school children in the joys of sodomy and pedophilia is essential for the leftist goal of destroying the family.

One pro-life Christian group manages to infiltrate their sexual indoctrination sessions and make it vaguely pro-family and suddenly it becomes a human rights issue that must be dealt with in court.

It’s funny how suddenly teaching children about sex is wrong when it comes from a point of view of Christian morality rather than nihilistic hedonism.

Remember, its all about forcing their views and destroying traditional values, nothing more.

To add even more joy, this is how the article ends:

It’s absurd. CALM isn’t religion class. That’s not what parents sign up for. Sex education in our local public schools should be delivered in a scientific, non-judgmental way, by qualified professionals, not outsourced to an American-based pro-life lobby group.

Emily and Kathy Dawson have inspired an important public debate about the nature of our public schools. They deserve our thanks for their courage in speaking out.

This left-wing moralizing BS is a part of the news story. It’s not an editorial, it’s in the national news section. The priests of progressivism aren’t even trying to hide that the news is simply propaganda any more.

The gloves are coming off, they’re coming into the open, and they won’t stop until they’ve devoured your children’s souls and destroyed whatever is left of the family.


  1. And the National Post is ostensibly a ‘conservative’ publication – same as the Sun Media, the Globe and Mail, Maclean’s Magazine – all are certainly vaguely to the right of the Toronto Star in being slightly more pro-business, but that’s it; notwithstanding that they will have some token conservative columnists, the editorial lines of all of them are exactly the same on sexual morality and life-and-death issues. There is no opposition. All are part of the Cathedral. And sometimes they’re as sloppy as to editorialize right in the news story, as if it were Pravda.

    This is a good thing, though, ultimately: it will expose, to any Christians foolish enough to still keep their children in public education and think they’ll get some positive guidance from a few embedded Christians teaching good morality on the sly: no longer. Now, the pretense will be dropped, and any who are smart enough, should read the writing on the wall, and see it’s time to homeschool / private school / church school their kids (i.e. non-taxpayer-funded church schools; not Catholic schools on the public teat).

    Otherwise, they’re letting turning over care and instruction of their kids to demons.

  2. @ infowarrior1: Do y’all have to conduct standardized testing if you homeschool / private school / church school?

  3. The Edmonton Journal’s sly propaganda add ins are one of the main reasons I abandoned that publication years ago. Freedom for me but not for thee. Yeesh.

  4. The fact that her daughter texted her to complain about the content of the course makes me wonder whether she needs “sex ed” at all. It comes across to me like she’s actually saying “Moooommy, they’re telling me I have to stop doing something I really like doing!”

  5. “Sex education in our local public schools should be delivered in a scientific, non-judgmental way, by qualified professionals…”

    And who – exactly – is a “qualified professional” when it comes to sex? A porn actor? A medical doctor who specializes in STDs? A parent, who’s employed sex successfully in a marriage? A philosopher who’s written on aesthetics? A theologian who’s familiar with all the practical attitudes towards sex which are shared between cultures and religions? A historian who’s traced family lineages?

    I’m sick of these lefties constantly talking about “qualified professionals”; half the time, there’s no “expert” to be found (are you an expert on blogging? Am I? Is Matt Forney?); and the other half of the time, it’s an excuse to ignore common sense, and slavishly follow whatever “Massa” says.

  6. Strangely, I was given a highly informative and accurate sex ed talk that no one would object to, covered everything that needed to be covered, and it was over with in fifteen minutes.

    Unfortunately, the class was conducted by a Drill Instructor during my stay at Parris Island, and we can’t just expose someone’s precious snowflake to that environment. It’d be a little too real.

  7. If you think that’s bad and you haven’t seen this, you should take a look at it.

    Colorado was my home state. I’m glad I don’t live there anymore; Oklahoma is much more sensible in some ways and has a strong Home School scene. I wouldn’t put any child of mine in a school that doesn’t enforce such simple boundaries based on the truth of sex of a child. If a child doesn’t understand those boundaries, how can they understand what kind of behavior (sexual or even simply non-sexual) is acceptable between individuals? And if teachers don’t see such boundaries, what’s going to stop them from breaking those boundaries? All of this is suddenly acceptable in a private room where various states of dress are realities for bodily functions.

    Simply put, I wouldn’t trust anyone that doesn’t accept such boundaries with a spoon without first putting them in a straight jacket; let alone leave them to influence a child in any way.

  8. Oh, I should mention that it was Aurini and Matt Forney that brought the article to my attention via facebook. I simply have personal connections to the state and a family member that is a fifth grade teacher. I think it’s disgusting.

  9. @Chad.
    The soviets did not use straight jackets on the antisoviet refuseniks. They used haloperidol.

    G’day. I find it ironic that Aussie is a far more regulated place than Kiwiland, when the Kiwis are generally to the left. But we will get charter schools — despite the left and their unions screaming and gnashing teeth. We will have to put up with some wahabite schools as a cost of this — the Saudis are already building them.

    The Roman Catholic and church schools over here are just as liberal.

    On home schooling — you need to marry a competent woman. An incompetent, disorganized or psychopathic mother (and that is a LOT of them in this age of hypergamy) is going to be worse than useless. Those kids need somewhere with boundaries: of course, the fact that these women send their thugspawn to school is a reason to keep your kids out of those sink schools.

    Which means paying — either homeschooling, or private schools, or a good school district and the associated property prices.

    FWIW, I send my boys to a single sex state school. And taught them how to subvert things.

  10. @ Chris: The Catholic ones are pretty bad, here; see this and the embedded linked posts within…

    Other church schools are not on the public teat, and are thus better…

  11. @Will.
    The Catholic and Protestant church schools in my town are basically state schools with a “special character”. I thought the secular school was at least honest in its opposition to the gospel. It is far easier to deal with that than teachers in a church school practicing and preaching heresy.

  12. @ Chris: Ah… That’s like the situation in Alberta, where the mostly-secular public schools are descendents of Protestant, state-funded schools, basically – and so you get the situation FN described here, of some residual Protestant Christianity causing offense…

    @ infowarrior1: That’s unfortunate. I figured this kind of thing would happen; it has elsewhere…

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