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It is well-documented that blacks commit more crime, score lower on tests measuring intelligence, and generally rank lower on most major indicators of life success in the US than the white majority. There is likely a strong genetic component to these differences. The new book, A Troublesome Inheritance, has recently brought racial genetics to the fore. (Book ordered and in the reading queue).

Some will some deny this reality, some will take this as an opportunity to hate,  and others use it to tout the moral superiority of whites or the moral inferiority of whites. All are wrong responses.

Instead, we should examine the situation so that we can sympathize with the other and address reality for the betterment of all.

The simple fact is blacks and whites evolved in different environments. Whites generally evolved in northern climates where cold winters and the resulting lack of foodstuffs was the gravest danger, blacks generally evolved in warm climates of plenty where the greatest dangers were the flora and fauna.

While I am not an expert on the issue, it stands to reason people in these differing environments would evolve differently. Foresight and preparation are the most important attributes for combating winter; quick reaction and physicality were the most important attributes for avoiding and combating dangerous animals. If we look at rates of success today, we see whites more successful in areas requiring planning and foresight, blacks more successful in areas involving reaction and physicality.

Blacks had/have a biology and culture adapted for their particular environment.

HBD has a series of posts out-breeding and manoralism indicating how long a process of evolution and culture (evolution and culture work together, influencing each other) it took for Europeans adapt to their civilizational environment. Even after centuries of adaptation whites still have difficulty making modernity work.

Blacks have not had this multi-century process of biological and cultural evolution adapting them towards our modern civilization, yet those living in Western countries have been thrown into an environment for which they are not fitted. Those blacks living in African countries have had the traditional cultures and environment they are adapted for destroyed by meddling whites bringing them civilization, “freedom”, and “democracy”, generally for the worse of blacks.

The proper response to blacks is not hate, it is not to take on a sense of arrogant supremacy, it is not to force blacks into a culture and environment for which they are not adapted, it is not to destroy the culture into which they have been forced, but rather it is to take compassion on them, recognize that they are not adapted for for Western civilization and stop trying to force it on them.

In Africa, whites should stop meddling in African affairs. They should end both humanitarian and military interventions and leave Africans to their traditional ways. We should stop trying to force our culture, our civilization, and our ideas on people for whom it was not created for. Those whites living in Africa should segregate themselves from blacks and vice versa, leaving each to pursue their own governance and culture.

In Western countries, we should recognize that whites and blacks are adapted to different cultures and environments and instead of forcing clashes between them to the detriment of both, we should allow blacks and whites to go their separate ways and pursue their own cultures (where they want to).

There are two primary ways in which this could be done:

Subsidiarity: This would allow local racial groups to each pursue the culture and society to which they were most adapted, while still maintaining current major political structures.

Patchwork: Blacks (or various groups of blacks) could be given a fair and proportional-to-population allotment of land in which to build their own independent nation free from the influence and meddling of whites.


  1. If Whites remove ourselves from the lives of negros, the negro population will decimate each other.

    I am for racial separation, inculding among ethnic Whites
    but let’s not deluded ourselves either.

  2. Before the arrival of whites Africans were doing fine without decimating each other. Why do whites have the narcissistic need to have other races dependant on them? You are the architects of your own demise.

  3. LOL they were doing fine? LOL

    Maybe North Afrcia where the people are Semitic/ Caucasian.

    Blacks have inherited great cities like Detroit and thriving nations like Rhodesia and ran them all into the ground.

    Peddle your nonsense to someone else

  4. Did you even read the blog? The whole point is that blacks were not designed to live in great cities. They are designed to run around in the savannah killing animals.

    They had their own systems of society that had lasted for tens of thousands of years. Men were judged by their reactions, speed and physicality. Not by their ability to do calculus.

    Your logic is also flawed. If blacks decimate themselves without white people to rule them then Africa would have been nothing but an empty continent when the white man arrived.

  5. You commenters really, really need a lesson in world history, not just european history. Your views show an amazing ignorance of historical perspective. Or ( and I think this is more the case ) you all have an agenda of promoting white superiority. There will be comment after comment echoing the same dull, dumb ideology. This is hard to fathom that there are sooo many silly, stupid folks, so there must be another reason behing the calvalcade of falsehoods stated as fact.

  6. @Mike

    Most of Africa (at least the nations America is so hell-bent on saving through pouring money into) was an empty continent when Europeans arrived. There was no technology, no infrastructure, no specialized vocations (or prevailing art, literature or music for that matter, products of specialization), and no tendency towards education for anything else than subsistence, as noted in the OP. The only thing there was people. Black “decimation” implies black construction. We simply don’t have evidence for that. Tellingly, all African civilizations existed above the Sahara on the Western and Eastern coasts. Whether it’s the Ethiopians, the Songhai, the Mali, the Ghanans, the Aksum, the Mossi or the Benin, none of the kingdoms’ developments lasted longer than 500 years without entering into decline and none of them surpassed even the least accomplished Western European nation in terms of intellectual, architectural, technological, or governmental achievement, and these are the creme de la creme of African civilization.

    These aren’t moral value assignments, they’re facts.


    Then give us a lesson. Provide sources. Do research. Being offended doesn’t count. Predicting somebody will call you out on your bullshit is hardly prophetic when one is a bullshit artist.

  7. Not offended, just amazed. Not my job to educate. Commenters profess to show a level of knowledge and then make odd untrue atatements to prove a false point. It’s just fascinating to watch, and sad at the same time. Be clear, I didn’t say ” it makes me sad “, before you magically leap to that conclusion.

    I have a background in world history. I’ve done research, thanks for playing. The ” bullshit ” attack is quite common. You state false facts, ask to be corrected, refer to all corrections as bullshit.

    It’s boring, infantile and ridiculous.

    And yet, it’s entertaining. Like watching 5 year olds describe a lunar eclipse.

  8. Then please, Mr. Historian, educate us. Otherwise your credentials are indeed bullshit. You’re just another insulted armchair pissant. You presented no facts. I made a case. You neglected to answer it. It appears you are the one playing the “bullshit” attack.

  9. …. and btw, you have access to the internet. One of the greatest learning tools known to man in the last century. Don’t be so damn lazy. Read something that doesn’t start lamenting the latest ” scientific paper noting blacks/africans are lessintelligent/ had no ahcievements etc. etc. You have a narrow-assed view of the world and life. A super-bias that can only be borne from a serious intellect deficiency.

    Not attacking here, just wasting time trying to get you to see more than one perspective. Doesn’t affect me one way or another in the big picture.

  10. Wow.. someone’s butt-hurt. It’s okay. You know it all my man. You ” win “.

  11. I don’t mean to be a dick, but this is a pretty bad example of vulgar HBD. The truthful part on gene-culture coevolution could be expressed much more tactfully and the solutions are bunk. If anything, they need a culture imposed upon them to help them succeed in the modern world and those who deviate from what benefits modern successes should be suppressed in ways they don’t pass their genes onto the future.

  12. I agree with your principle of subsidiarity (thanks for new word!). Your idea of patchwork conflicts with it, in the sense that separation of blacks and whites to some extent will take institutional force. Institutional force too big to fail (at the hands of we the people) IS the problem, which is why foreign aid and military intervention are bog problems. I would choose subsidiarity over segregation, but nature give each evolutionary unit INDIVIDUAL agency and thus subsidiarity is the general fact regardless of the ups and downs of segregation vs. integration, or else culture and people would not evolve. I think its better for us to agree with (God’s) nature than to try to get reality to agree with us.

  13. The rule of the world is civilize or die. And to be civilized means culling harmful characteristics from the populace as the Ashanti were doing before the British stopped them. Civilizing blacks is also what the south was doing through promoting a black middle class reproduction and by oppressing blacks worse characteristics. Frankly after watching town after town and life after life destroyed by blacks, I’d rather ship them back to Africa and let the Chinese genocide over the next century or see groups like the Ashanti take another shot at the civilized process.

  14. Any way you cut it, the experiment in black liberation has failed. At one they were the economic engines of empires, now they ruin whatever they touch. It is time to separate, let them sink or swim on their own, though I doubt their ability to survive.

    I have way to much experience with blacks in the usa and africa to think otherwise

  15. Great article. I was prepared to be offended but amazingly…I wasn’t.

    @jimmy @sfcton

    Google Rosewood and Tulsa Race Riots for a little insight into the way civilized white people react to sustaining/affluent black communities. Just saying.

  16. @prattle Taking the Wikipedia account of the Tulsa Race Riots at face value (and it’s likely full of lies) a mob of armed blacks threatened and then attacked a large group whites. It was an armed insurrection by the blacks of Tulsa and was put down as such.

    The fact of the mater is if it haddent been put down Tulsa would now be more of a disaster than Detroit is.

  17. @Jimmy,… and there it is. An example why it’s fruitless to get people like you with a “mindset” to accept facts and not just racial ( faulty ) science, is an exercise in futility. No fact will penetrate your brain that is contrary to what you WANT to believe.

    You don’t have to take ONE account of Tulsa. There are hundreds. You seem to have been ignorant of what happened there before now, or it doesn’t fit you little narrative.

    FACT: Tulsa was the first time an arial bomb was used on an American city. Seems historically significant as an American ( .. more significant than what cavemen did in europe, which has little bearing on present society actually ).

    And Rosewood… I’ll leave that up to you to ignore and deride.

    There are dozens of stories like Tulsa and Rosewood. Where ” blacks ” seperated from whites for the most part, and the whites rioted and murdered and destroyed. Not pretty. Hard to justify, so it goes unmentioned, just like it never happened.

    Grasp for reasons why these things happened Jimmy. Fit it into your own narrative. Everything that doesn’t suit your pinheaded ideals is a LIE. Truth has no bearing on you, right? Thought not.

    Even the time I took typing this response is wasted on you. It doesn’t matter though, because in the long haul, you don’t matter.

  18. @Anonymous. Funny how well you project your own thought processes.

    History has been my guide and I learned how to tell lies from facts by looking at the fruits of current generations. Blacks are free now. Where’s your black wall street? Blacks have preferential hiring and education, yet their wealth so much lower today than it was in the 1950s? Why the black family dead today and yet was so very strong during segregation? Most of all, if whites where running around murdering blacks at will because they were successful, why are blacks committing and suffering a hundred times the violence at their own hands now that they are free from white oppression? That story for Tulsa is starting to stink, isn’t it?

    If the official story of Tulsa was true, why didn’t blacks create utopias when they conquered cities like Detroit, Buffalo, NYC, and Chicago? Do you know the history of Haiti? Blacks threw off their chains and took the richest island in the Caribbean for themselves. They won a military victory against the forces of Napoleon who came to reclaim the island! What did they do with this great victory? Well first they destroyed almost everything of value on the island (including the forests) and then they slaughtered and ate the few whites left alive. Then they invited in other whites to build plantations to get farming going again, but ended up eating the new plantation farmers. Hell eventually they got around to killing and eating the half white leadership class and descended into full grass hut living again. Everything on Haiti was a straight line down the moment blacks gained control.

    You sound like someone who always believes the official line and who has never put yourself out there to really experience “the other”. Take it from me, I’ve experienced the black underclass first hand and all my ideas of evil white men holding them down, or bad culture fucking them up, or even racism went up in smoke. My ideas have been forged in the flames of experience while yours are all from reading books full of pretty lies and never taking a risk to think outside your mental prison.

    So I’ll do you a favor and point you to where you can start educating yourself:

    Read the whole blog if you have the balls for it.

  19. Lol @ jimmy. Talking so stern to a black man about black historial issues. Step outside mental prison? Im black, I am over 50, Ive lived what I speak, dont have to read it. Ive seen jim crow first hand, not in a book. Im not trying to convince you of anything. Your words betray you. Ive known many like you, so I know your self agenda makes you warp facts into lies and vice versa ( grass huts in Haiti…. Really, Eating the white population…. Etc.) Thats an exagerration of epic proportions and a misrepresentation of the facts. Your willful and hateful ignorance renders you so dumb that its sad. Get educated. Theres enough truth out there for you to still make derrogatory statements about.

  20. … Oh yeah, fuck your dickhead link to more assholery. You read that silly shit. Makes you feel better about yourself.

  21. You sir are a liar. I’ve known my fair share older civilized black men. They’ve objected to nothing I listed above because they’ve experienced it all first hand. When blacks start moving into an area, they’re the first to ‘white flight’ out because they’ve seen blacks fuck up area after area. No, I’m betting that your an early 20s white college student who isn’t well read or hasn’t experience reality yet.

  22. LOL, ” you sir are a liar ” huh? Never been a 20s white college student. You have proven just how amazingly and stubbornly stupid a man can be.

    As I said before, it doesn’t matter to me what you think or believe in the big sense of things. You’re funny and entertaining, the same way a clown is. It’s all funny until it’s not, then it’s time to move on.


  23. I’m black and I feel sorry for white people who feel that way cause your throwing off your balance the world is of balance white people are only in power cause those are there intentions. No other race really wants to control and suppress lives , life is about freedom and survival and when it comes to those basic things if you don’t have some sort of technology your chances of survival are a lot lower with you not willing to be a team player. You will lose i’m not hateful toward any race but when you compare statistics look at your source and the facts behind it if there is a lack of knowledge its from 100 years of dehumanization and where still here. Your country i mean My country we built this shit wouldn’t be America without a Moorish influence (DO YOUR RESEARCH TO FIND WHAT A MOORE IS I KNOW YOU DON’T KNOW IT WILL BLOW YOUR LITTLE WHITE MIND AND YOU HAVE A BLACK GENE SO DON’T HATE THE CREATOR ) so have fun trying to figure out your purpose but you just exposed that i am naturally a stronger being then you are my friend I will eat you alive and I say that with purpose stay in the woods. White Supremacy is coming to an end and you know it and your scared just remember we have NOTHING TO LOSE WE HAVEN’T ALREADY LOST SO HOPEFULLY YOU DON’T HAVE KIDS YOU NEVER KNOW WHAT YOUR GOING TO GET LOL.

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