Lightning Round – 2014/05/07

Best supplements for men’s health.

The results of the player lifestyle.

Dodging bullets and advice for guys in their 30’s.

Donal comments on Rollo’s Preventative Medicine posts.

Husbands and wives.
Related: Put the marriage first.

Marrying a divorced single mother is adultery.

Will comments on my recent post.

On meekness.

Related: Excuses and explanations.

On the “man-whore epidemic”.

New neoreaction site: Social Matter.
Related: The decline of the West is social, springing from the end of the family.

Charles Murray reviews A Troublesome Inheritance.
Related: So does Bryce.

The Paul Rubins banking clique.

The need for patchwork.

You cannot have both autonomy and security.

Political correctness as a positional good.
Related: Vox comments.
Related: Peak racism.
Related: UKIP and the devaluing of racism.
Related: Privilege as the neutron bomb of moral warfare.

Another response to the Prussians anti-racialist FAQ.

The tribalization of politics.

The management of emotional constipation.

Racism: There are an awful lot of witchhunters but few witches.
Related: The SPLC fascists are attempting to blacklist “racists” from Paypal and Amazon.
Related: Proposal to begin government-orchestrated ‘hate crime’ witchhunts.

Jim on infinite leftism.
Related: The ever-faster movement leftward.
Related: Liberal goal: destroy logic, destroy debate, and destroy discourse.

The overwhelmingly unequal power of liberals.
Related: Hobbes, the church, and the university.

Anarcho-tyranny: Civil forfeiture.

Ukraine and the shooting of Gennady Kerns.

On capitalism.

Phyletism and the need to put God before worldly matters.

On meekness.

Why Cane writes.

Opportunity costs are not real.

First openly gay episcocal ‘bishop’ ‘divorces’ his ‘husband’.

On a Barna survey on women and religion.

Bullying the bullies.

A compilation of rape myths.

Judgy Bitch does what she does best to an entitled slut.

Christian historian: Allowing women to vote hurts culture and society.

The results of weaponizing girls.

The evolution of Nobel prize winners.

Parental involvement is overrated.

Boys, schools, and achievement.

The Sudbury Valley school model.
Related: Just another example of the joy of public school.

What we can do to help low-skilled workers.

The coming sickness.

The decline of the meritocracy under the bureaucratic state.

The fetish of psychiatry exams.

White men aren’t allowed opinions.

A cladogram of religion.

The problem with science: control groups and parapsychology.

Science: Rats fear human males.

Covering up meaninglessness with empty ideologies.

Discrimination against Christian universities.

Canada is evil because we criminalize not disclosing having HIV before having unprotected sex.

David Cameron finds religion.

British may have lied about Lusitania.
Related: Humour: 5 BS “facts” about WW2.

An open letter to bearded hipsters.

The lies of the SFWA president, Steven Gould.

If Upworthy covered the Bible.

H/T: Outside In, SDA, VD, RPR, CC


  1. I rarely comment here but I can’t tell you how much I appreciate these lighting rounds.

    Also, why is the Call of Duty video embedded? Is it an ad or did you put it there on purpose?

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