Lightning Round -2016/08/11

Church, mannerbund, militia.

Spain’s cautionary tale.
Related: Towards civil war.

Going for the throat.

Natural and artificial.
Related: Social constructs.

A nation’s future in one number.

Trump has intrinsic geopolitical value.
Related: Trump, Hillary, and who we are.
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How small-scale, but intense action works.

Americanism is expanded Anglo-Saxonism.
Related: Lovecraft’s prophecy.

Why the alt-right isn’t wrong.
Related: The alt-right as an antidote to neocon warmongering.

Ideological inertia in institutions.

Social media is a state tool.

The horror of rising wages in Hungary.

Japan shifting right.

End of Jewish rule.

Quick student loan forgiveness program.

There is no such thing as moderate Islam.

New Jersey enjoys the fruits of tolerance.

NRx and the orthosphere.

The West should consider Christ’s victory.

The pope is not the pope.

Let them go their wicked ways.

Today’s women are yesterday’s prostitutes.

The smart girl penalty.

Before patriarchal fire and writing.

Feminist Atlantic waxes conservative on men’s gender roles.

The stock market is too small for boomers to retire.

The bait-and-switch confusopoly economy.

The philosophy of failure.

The value extractors.

Is martial law coming?

The Trump media narrative.
Related: Listening to Trump voters.
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Gadsden flag declared racist.

Obscure deep-stater tapped to stump Trump.

Hillary’s handler.
Related: Hillary’s condition.
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The privilege of Bret Stevens and Fareed Zakaria.
Related: The lies of Bret Stevens.

Murdered DNC staffer may have been a whistleblower.
Related: More mysterious deaths around Clinton.

Lewis on reading old books.

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