Lightning Round -2016/11/02

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The average American.

There is always a king; how to find him.

Narrative vs. reality.

Cognitive dissonance judo.

Passivism and struggle.

Related: Most of the Bundy occupation were federal informants.

What happened to the samurai?

How to implement patriarchy.

Maybe a relatively painless Soviet–style collapse?
Related: Aesthetics of decline.


The rise of white identity: I warned of this years ago.
Related: The great white suicide.
Related: Ethnic cleansing in Santa Ana.
Related: Restoring the West or bringing the next stage?
Related: The demographic conquest of America.
Related: Through ground-covered glasses.
Related: Saving nature’s diversity.
Related: Immigrants cost the US $231,000 each.
Related: Immigrants are not American.

An open letter to Jews.

A Wikileaks summary.
Related: What if the rot is too deep?
Related: The shadow government mentioned.

The Trumpslide.
Related: Trump’s revenge.
Related: On the Trump master persuader theory.
Related: Trump’s knowledge and prescience.
Related: Trump, the third black president.
Related: The dam is breaking.
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Related: The smear job on Trump.
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Related: Contempt in stone.
Related: The bimbo that didn’t bark.
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The house always wins elections.
Related: Voting is rational for the ruling class and heroin for the people.
Related: Rigging elections.

Some conspiracy theory: The revived investigation; rumours of pedophile ring.
Related: NYPD discovers Weiner’s “life insurance” folder. More.
Related: The fatal shot and FBI Anon.

The two-bullet theory of Comey.
Related: DoJ source: Almost everyone wanted to prosecute Hillary.

No muscles in Brussels.

US contemplates WW3.
Related: Game theory and Putin’s gamble.
Related: Front-line Europe.
Related: The Russian no-fly zone.

Is Duterte a deep state Chinese Communist agent or a reaction against Filipino elites.
Related: The Philippines abandons the US.

4GW in Syria.
Related: On the Free Syrian Army.

On Maine and Moldbug.

On Dugin’s Last War of the World Island.

On charter school foundations.

The new Trudeaupia.

No collusion here at all. None.

Leftward drift: Bill Bradley to Hillary Clinton.

Obamacare working as designed.

SS receipts confirm no recovery.

Reality and gun control.

How rule by banker manifests itself.

On the gold standard. More. More.

There is no national debt. Comments discuss Moldbug’s work on sovereign debt. More.
Related: A trillion for your thoughts.

PoC is a terrible term.

Most American Christians are heretics.

Brining murderesses to the gospel through accompaniment.

On tithing.

The paradox of modern masculinity.

Lottery perverts.

The unspoken lesson.

Jobs and education make women unattractive.

The suicidal altruism of Western women.

Malice in Blunderland.

Small lies lead to bigger lies.

A belated surrender.

Winning Gamergate.
Related: Why the left is winning.

Violence in the name of compassion.

The church of Chick.

Adventures in missing the point.

Tears of a cuck.

Hillary supports rigged elections.

Degeneracy of type.




  1. Yes thanks for the links. I do wish you would stop linking zippy’s views on financial matters, which happen to be wrong, inapposite, or both, and rather smugly, too. (Exception made for his discussions of biblical commands regarding finance, which I am not competent to judge. That said, that same tone, which I’m sure he regards as ‘uncompromising’ but which often comes off as ‘unconvincing,’ is present in those posts.)

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