Lightning Round – 2016/10/12

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Activism vs. territorialism.

The ritual humiliation of misunderstanding power.

Yesterday’s liberal is today’s conservative.
Related: Fascism is modernism.

Where did it all go wrong?

On the current path.
Related: Balancing the natural and the social world.
Realted: The will of the people is a farce.

Cathedral decision-making.
Related: On Aleppo.
Related: WW3 by proxy.
Related: Who’s the outlaw?

The Hungary games.

Misreading the reactionary mind.

On meritocracy and experts.

The asset-bubble cements the high-low alliance.

Donald Trump is a great man.
Related: Presidential temperament.

Et tu parte?
Related: The loudspeaker.

This won’t end well.

Clowns expose American Anxiety.

On Francis’ the Leviathan.

The business of Harvard.

Modern art was CIA propaganda.

The long shadow of decolonization.
Related: SA learns the wonders of equality.

Immigration trumps law.
Related: Fake refugees on vacation.

Unboxing the fiat dollar.

Possible chaos at future protests.

On hate.
Related: Crime as a euphemism for lynching.

Cowards are for tolerance.

The nationalization of police.

Personal and collective power.

The pain of Kaine.

Retreat is pointless.

Respect for murderesses Sunday.

Reworking Malachi 2Part 2.

Learning from the mistakes of others.

Sex discrimination at Yahoo.

For younger readers: Little known, lucrative career paths.

Noblesse Oblige.

Sticky brains and forgiveness.

When Scott Adams became a target.

On Buckley.

Obamacare in action.

Government shuts down free online courses because they aren’t accessible.

A brief history of the replication crisis.
Related: 13% of papers contain a mathematical error.

When memes become real.

The broken freaks of fandom.

Clearing up the Gab drama.

The Twitter purges continue.

Memory-holes on Wiki.

Download Brave.



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