An Anecdote

Recently, I was downtown walking to my truck after an evening out. An aboriginal women in her 30’s approached. She was obviously either somewhat drunk or high (or possibly mentally ill). She could talk clearly and walk straight, but was noticeably ‘off’, she tended to repeat herself and seemed paranoid. I haven’t had enough experience with drug users to determine what she had partook in. She asked me for cab fare. I offered a couple of loonies and twonies ($1 and $2 coins, for you Yanks) in my pocket, but she refused.

She then told me, she didn’t need cab fair, she needed me to call her a cab. She said she was afraid and didn’t trust anyone, but she needed to get back to her hotel. Which was odd, because she was trusting me and I was a complete stranger and probably not especially trustworthy-seeming as I looked exceedingly redneck-prol at the time. She didn’t want to call the cab herself because she was afraid they would be “mean” (her word, but by the intonation of it she clearly meant something darker) to her and would not come for her, but they would listen to me. She repeated herself often as we talked, and at one point even offered me $20 to call a cab (after I was already on the phone and which I did not take).

I phoned a cab, as she continued on. She repeated multiple times she was afraid of dying and didn’t trust anyone. She didn’t want to be downtown because bad men might do something to her. (As she talked to me, a strange man with a redneck beard, a heavy metal shirt, and camo jacket), but didn’t want to phone a cab herself, because she didn’t trust them.

The call finished, a cab was coming. She thanked me, repeatedly and profusely, with obvious relief in her eyes. Then offered a handshake, which I took and she held for much longer than normal. She spent the next minute or two switching between thanking me and saying she was afraid. In the middle of her ramblings, she said something in the neighbourhood of ‘I knew I could trust you because you’re white’.

The cab showed up on the other side of the, it was, as usual, being driven by a man from the Indian subcontinent.

The women turned to me and thanked me again, and asked me to work her across the street and talk to the driver. She said she was afraid of the driver, that he would do something to her, but if a white man like me told him I was her friend and asked him to take her to the hotel she would be fine. So, I took her across the street (as she held my arm like an old lady did a boy scout’s) and helped her into the cab. I then told the driver to ‘please take my friend to her hotel’. She thanked me a couple times more through the open door, then off they went.


For those who aren’t from Canada, aboriginal-white relations are akin to black-white relations in the US. Our ghettos are aboriginal neighbourhoods (although, not as bad as American ghettoes), aboriginals have high poverty rates, and aboriginals make up a disproportionately large number of criminals. The aboriginals are our designated primary oppressed group, so the media/academy/bureaucracy goes to great lengths to pump up white guilt about our historic treatment of aboriginals and fan the flames of racial greivance in aboriginals. All this is especially so in the western provinces because we have a comparatively high number of aboriginal.

Despite all this, a white man was the one this women turned to when she was afraid. She was afraid of the licensed cab driver, but turned to the random white stranger for help. She also thought the cab drivers would trust me, but would not trust her. She used me, a white man as an intermediary/shield between her and the cab drivers and her and the dangerous/frightening downtown (mainly frightening/dangerous because of those sharing her ethnicity).

While this is just one random incident with a women who was probably high and may not be indicative of anything, it does lead to ask, despite all the oppribrium sent our way, are we white men particularly trusted, particularly when it comes to inter-ethnic interactions? I looked, but a search didn’t turn up any studies or data on how much the different races trust other races.


  1. Guess some Indians (with the feathers) don’t trust the Indians (with the dots). ;)

    More seriously, she knew, despite her state of mind, that a white guy downtown was far more likely to be a normal person and not someone with potentially ill intents; she knew that anyone else downtown at night was far less likely to be ‘safe’.

  2. As for the cab driver, she probably thought he might refuse her business, which he well might have, having perhaps been ripped off by one of her kind before, or something.

  3. I’m probably missing the point, but I recommend some training in “managing unknown contacts”. Craig Douglas (shiv works) addresses this in his classes, and I recall Rory Miller has some useful techniques too. And there’s plenty of free stuff on the web.

  4. More than likely the nutty wastrel was looking for an opening to use you for something, anything. Like all white women do. Sounds like she knew her drug of dependence well – white knight ‘safeness’, it’s corrosive ‘safeness’ driving her to the edge of self-medicating insanity. White women are addicted to the way of the cuck, like heroin. You’ve been had.

    The cab driver, inoculated by his race and having to deal with her kind every day, was probably unsafe to her in the way disinfectant is ‘unsafe’ to disease.

    “I haven’t had enough experience with drug users to determine what she had partook in.”

    Really? The Indian cab driver would probably have had better grammar.

  5. White civilisation is unique in its core tenant being honesty and truth. It’s a unique thing we all think everyone shares, but not every culture does. For example Asian cultures value conformity above all else, including honesty. White races are unique in this respect.

    Reminds me of an old skit some years back from one of those popular US black comedians, the joke was that any African American who was proud of his Africa heritage if transplanted to Africa would have less in common with the locals and seek out the nearest white people for familiarity and/or protection.

  6. Here is an interesting a incident. Some family members with kids in school mentioned the new high school their son is attending. They were pleased.

    In a separate comment they asked me to guess what was ‘unusual’ about the school.

    I suspected the answer but would not absolve them of making the observation: namely that the school was over 95% White. And that was unusual.

    I just commented on White genocide and instead of denunciations, I got a placid silence. They would of never made such a comment 5 years ago.

  7. I recall reading Africans regarded the European groups ruling as more honest despite whatever else happened. What you wrote is known, in other words, and no surprise to me.

    But studies? What study in today’s world would confirm such a thing?

  8. Maybe she had stiffed the cab company or cussed out several drivers or dispatchers and knew they would not want to pick her up anymore.

  9. I’ve been targeted by black women (I’m an American) for help because I’m white. It’s was as obvious as can be. A store full of black men and she heads straight to the only white man in the store.

  10. Bob W – I’ve been tagged as the designated broker / advocate for the middle-aged black woman too – she wanted her car fixed, the guys at the shop didn’t believe she could afford it, I came down and vouched. In this case I guess we were friends before that though (I knew she could afford it).
    I’m redpilled enough to know why inner-city economics is like this; why it’s Jim Crow at the local level, and will probably be like this for as long as I live. It still has to suck for the people on the wrong side of the colour-line, especially if they’re black people and not n!99ers (in the Chris Rock sense).

  11. When I was travelling in Spain as a young man in the early 80s, I was constantly being approached at the railway stations by little old peasant women dressed in black, who asked me about the trains and the timetables – not because they took me for a native, but because they could tell from a hundred paces, in spite of their poor eyesight, that I am Scandinavian. They seemed to assume that even a casual visitor from northern Europe would have a better grasp of the Spanish railway system and be more trustworthy than their fellow countrymen. Sadly, I could not help them, since my Spanish was not good enough.

  12. It’s a reasonable consequence of white man’s egalitarianism and general lack of tribalism. A vibrant always puts his clan first but when his clan isn’t around, I can see him preferring an impartial white man to receiving from another clan the attitude he’s been happily giving them. Not unlike the way wives chafe under their husbands while being secretly pleased she at least isn’t under another woman like herself. Perhaps the British Empire did it best with its blend of Christian morality and Dreadnought diplomacy.

    Although California’s Latino population was integrating until the borders were opened. They’re big on family ties like Africans and Arabs but without their malice towards outsiders. The coming race wars are going to mistreat a lot of pro-American brown guys… not happy about that.

  13. I think the opprobrium comes our way because we’re honest and good to strangers. Think about it – what could would it do to harangue and guilt Africans or Asians? They have no problem stereotyping blacks, Aborigines, etc. as rude customers, bad tippers, and so on and avoiding openly or through some pretext. Thus you have the haranguing on the macro scale for benefits from guilt-prone white majorities, but in individual cases when they need help, they seek out the trustworthy white man. Two sides of the same coin. It’s like a normal, nice guy having a manipulative who alternates between praise and ugliness as it suits her.

    The white people – friend of everyone but themselves.

  14. Dude, you are a self-conscious mf with a serious lack of social skills. On top of that, your writing is uninspiring and vacuous, with no discernible sense of genuine purpose. Please review your life/material before you contribute- the woe is me because of my whiteness is tiresome.

  15. “Free Northerner”,

    L.O.L., she was only messing with you, man, you know, how gamesters test for compliance with different parlour-tricks and whatever else they call it. Talking about race was another test for compliance since most people think that discussion of such a topic is too rude, especially for strangers.

    This is another indictment against spending too much time focusing on “game”, I suppose: congratulations, you now have a similar mentality as a decrepit Indian woman, enjoying extremely petty contests and victories..

    Best regards,


  16. “Proud Mother” is screaming about something. Chances are he’s upset that he sees something he disagrees with. It’s only screaming, only noise.

  17. The 5th president of Zambia Michael Sata said “We want the Chinese to leave and the old colonial rulers to return. They exploited our natural recourses too, but at least they took good care of us. They built schools, taught us their language and brought us British civilization. At least western capitalism has a human face; the Chinese are only out to exploit us.”

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