Lightning Round – 2016/03/16

The neoreactionary position on Tibet.

Teach truth.

Natalism and the rat utopia.
Related: People like money more than they like kids.

Biocognitive racial awareness.

IQ basics.

The central position of the family.

Ethnic cleansing in Ferguson.

Trump and assabiyah.
Related: The costs never accounted.
Related: What Republicans are voting on in Ohio.
Related: Trump and the American nations.
Related: Chronicles Magazine on Trump.
Related: What if Trump betrays us?
Related: Comedians, misery, and Trump.
Related: The Sea Island conspiracy.
Related: Donald Trump, trickster god.

Dreher is despairing.

Scott Adams: The Trump riots were mostly my fault.
Related: Civil war and the hard hat riots.
Related: What the Trump security moment does to a campaign.
Related: Trump and order.
Related: Why Trump is a bad dude.
Related: No safe space for the wicked.
Related: The establishment fear of Trump.
Related: The person who charged Trump.
Related: The cucks cuck for the left.
Related: What really happened at the Trump rally.
Related: Contrarian prediction of rally effects.

Cities and revolution.

Never be the last idiot.

The Spinoza strategy.

The need for reactionary social media alternatives.

On Guenon’s Crisis of the Modern World.

Principles without principals.

Kevin D Williamson writes racist screed.
Related: National Review hates working class whites.

The Breitbart hoax.
Related: Shapiro quits Breitbart as he white-knights. Related.
Related: And SJW at Breitbart is leaking.

Disraeli quotes.

On AlphaGo.

Thailand’s new friend.

An economist converts to Christianity.

Direct action by a Catholic.

Dealing with SJW’s. Related.

How to not raise a gamma.

Shapiro the chickenhawk.

On torture.

Cernovich is in Slate. Heh.

H/T: Land, SSC


  1. Whew! A man who converted to God after reading M.M.! I’d like to say I had something to do with that. At least one converted to the Vatican pontiff after reading M.M., but that was when the “Anarcho-Papist” was still around. When I saw A.P. being published at the Alternative Right website, writing nightmarish screeds about the “Protestant Formation” I knew something had to be done, so I galvanised, invading Twitter and other NRx spots such as blogs. A few years later, the rest is history (or at least a small bit of it). A.P. is out of the picture and the places I like best, probably due to their own pro-Anglo sympathies, are still running strongly!

    Glory to God – Father, Son and Holy Ghost!!

    Never forget where you came from (George III, I’m sorry things have turned out this way!)


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