Lightning Round -2016/01/06

Identity, civilization, and ethnoculture.

Newton’s third law of politics.
Related: Islam and game theory.
Related: The western immune system.
Related: Diversity is a process, not an end state.
Related: Collapse or correction.

Immigrant rape culture.

Race is not a social construct.
Related: Whites exist genetically and culturally.

Emancipate yourself.

Ethnocentrism and oxytocin.

In favor of a repressive state religion.

Stereotypes are more accurate than most psychology.

The alt-right at Buzzfeed.

Capitalism and tradition.

The truth is not immediately useful.

Intellectual alchemy.

It’s the degeneracy, stupid.

What to do about censorship.

Americans are losing faith in democracy.

New years and schelling points.

Men doing their own thing.

Towards a white student union.

Amerikanskiy zones.

Raising money for Africa.

Cafeteria realism.

MPC on nerds.
Related: Subcultures and status.

Elite cosmopolitanism.

Lesbians (and feminists) as imitation men.

The Slattery report: our lying media.

The Guardian.

Kathy Keller: Unhinged. More.
Related: Shades of rebellion.

Authority and marriage.

A review of Christian movie, War Room.

Why SJW’s always lie.

Star Wars and the lack of manly pride.

A response to the Hateful Eight.

Race in Hawaii.

Stuff on metformin.

Life is shitty for a lot of people.


  1. Indeed, a lot of interesting and, to my tastes, agreeable articles and blogposts this time.

    “Spandrell” is back with more information about Schelling Points and that concept is a useful one in shaping a worldview.


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