Lightning Round – 2015/07/15

The delta perspective on dating: part 1 and part 2.

How to act when you’re fired.

Monkey politics and political entrepreneurship.
Related: Building an organizational ladder.
Related: Thoughts on creating an antiversity.

It’s time to kill conservatism.

Notes on our war: Never give up.

Status and deviancy.
Related: They stripped marriage of its sacredness.
Related book review: Death of the Family.
Related: Gawker keeping track of who stopped clapping first.
Related: Russia unveils ‘straight flag’.

The difference between a totalitarian and an authoritarian.

Non-discriminatory lending. Read Handle’s comment as well.

They drove you from the cities, now they want to drive you from the suburbs.
Related: The banlieuification of Chicago.
Related: Some history of neighbourhood destruction.

Embracing race.
Related: The praxoleogy of privilege.

Economists fail at basic math on open borders.

The density divide.

Innovation propaganda.

Share your pedoteacher links.

Anti-Dem with some anecdotes of a friend.

Public choice+.

NRx schism.

On the noble lie.

Working for protection from “hostile environment” firings.


Walmart, the hoodrat hatchery.

The Benedict Option: the parallel society.

What Bonald’s blog is for.

SCOTUS and the love of Jesus, part 2.

Roissy points out the horrors of the Christian adoption scene.

Disrespecting the respectable.
Related: Young, male, and single: The gender imbalance.
Related: Revenge of the lost boys.
Related: Why would someone intervene to prevent a shitlib from being culturally enriched?

The playa’s paradise.

Weev: Misogyny and Ellen Pao.
Related: Pao is gone from Reddit.

UK: Marriage and children are legal slavery.

Sexual liberalism consuming itself.

Marines: Accountability is abuse.

Female singers and the sexual market.

World War V starts rolling.

Crime and IQ negatively linked. Surprising.

How to ruin batgirl.

The social media shaming of Pax Dickinson.

Time for European Jews to find safety in Israel.

Dissecting Politifact’s smear of Trump.

The bias of Wikipedia.

Microsoft fires local and hires global.

The NYT lies (surprising).

A brainstorm with Wright is upcoming.

Planned Parenthood sells baby parts.

Dune: 50 years on.

SCIENCE!: Ice age on the way.

The Greeks surrender to the Euros.



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