Lightning Round – 2016/07/06

Finding your mission.

Why the world is rebelling against experts.
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On hate.

On neocameralism.

Francis on McCarthy.

America is dead.

Give education to the RCC.


She hates to say it.

Magical thinking doomed the Eurogeist.
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Austrian election nulled after anti-nationalist electoral irregularities.

When State tried to end Vietnam in ’63.

Acquiring immunity to magic.
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The collapse of the Israeli left.

US options in the Ukraine.

What the 6-point star insanity is about.

Liberal club.

Right-wing Gramscism.

Despair in pastel.

Teaching boys to be beta.

In defence of all-male spaces.

Are young women sincere about wanting to be married?

Dalrock and Wilson on marriage counseling.

Eat, Pray, Love women divorces man she abandoned family for.

New book argues Europeans settled the America’s first.

MRI’s create too many false positives, rending thousands of papers wrong.

How to handle entryism.

On anti-GG wiki-editor Gamaliel.

On Yvette Felarca and BAMN.

Possible SJW convergence at Baen?

On Game of Thrones demographics.

Trump’s job plan speech.



  1. ‘Across Atlantic Ice’ isn’t a new book. Even the review you posted is from 2012.

    Circumstantially it smells bad. The Solutreans are many millennia earlier than the Clovis. And as for the route these Solutreans allegedly took, which would fill in those millennia, that route (conveniently) traverses the edge of a then-glacier upon a deep ocean, and is therefore untestable (= not even wrong).

    Some years ago some geneticists tested the hypothesis, and found that there too there was no Palaeolithic west European DNA in the Americas. Not now; not in ancient human remains.

    The thesis is a dog, a mangy whining dog at that, and deserves to be put out of its misery.

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