Lightning Round – 2016/06/29

The official NRx subreddit.

Owned government.

Brexit wins the referendum.
Related: The complications of Brexit.
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Related: Cracks in Babel.
Related: All slopes are slippery.
Related: Immigrants for Remain.
Related: Soros on Brexit.
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Mass shootings make sense in a democracy.
Related: 64% of the last 25 mass shooters were diverse.

Byzantium and the alt-right.

The Canadian tradition.

Restoring Brazil’s monarchy.

I’ve been listed in the nazi detector. Have you?

How many millions of Americans were internal refugees from crime?

Reflecting on a dead body.

The decline of entrepreneurship in America.

The death of white identitarian politics.
Counterpoint: The rise of nationalism.

Our evil elites.
Related: Elite disloyalty.

A short, illustrative tale.

The Ford Foundation New Voices Fellowship.

Literal cucks are mad.

Trump on Americanism and America First.
Related: Fact-checking Trump.

Xi’s purges.

On Garrison Keillor.

The Orthodox resist modernization.

The feminized police force and army.

The source of women’s discontent with housework.

A trainwreck of a marriage.

The problem of peer review.

AI’s “white guy problem”.

More on the pygmies.

SC blocks Obama’s amnesty plan.

Buzzfeed: Democrats literally crazier than Republicans.

Disney’s anti-father contempt.

USAF vet forcibly removed for mentioning God at flag-folding ceremony.


  1. As always, I look forward to your Lightning Round each go-round, and am never disappointed. Kudos for the work you do….I know it’s taxing to slog through all the crap you have to read in order to keep current with what’s going on out there….

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