Lightning Round – 2016/06/10

A combination of sickness, business, and forgetfulness has made this a week late, but in exchange, it’s a double edition.

The voice of the dead.
Related: Deconstructing Maoist Jesus.

Rules for reactionaries.

WeSearchr is live. Land’s comments.
Related: The bounty on Nick Denton.
Related: The coming information wars.
Related: An interview with Pax.

Don’t despair.
Related: Breaking the feedback loop.

Echoes and coincidence.
Related: Vox debated Louise Mensch on anti-semitism.


A reply to Josephine Armistead’s “The Silicon Ideology”.
Related: Anissimov on the absorption of NRx into the alt-right.
Related: Tyler Cowan misunderstands “neo-reaction”.

Baby boomers fail two generations.
Related: Dan Quayle was right.

The second part of the US cannot balkanize.

Trump for king.
Related: The white prole party.
Related: Trump as a tribal leader.
Related: Your skin is your uniform. Related.
Related: Your name is HUD.
Related: Collapse traps people.
Related: SA: Faster and more effective.
Related: The colour of crime.
Related: Ejecting the cult of nice.
Related: Rod Dreher on re-tribalizing America. Not here yet, but a little closer.
Related: The Mexican invasion is defensive.

The evil alt-right.
Related: Cuckservative self-labelling.

Inside the Trump rally riot in Chicago.
Related: Trump feeling the pressure.

Germans migrating to Christian Hungary.

Who killed conservatism?
Related: The right-liberal dance steps.
Related: The central conservative insight?
Related: Why Jonah hates Milo.
Related: Ace disavows #NeverTrump.
Related: Saruman was a true cuckservative.

Hoppe, skip, and a jump from libertarianism.

Against Harvard.
Related: Harvard’s eugenics era.

The managerial revolution.

Humanity is in the details.

Against utilitarianism.

EsotericTrad takes his exit.

Pardon me, ze.

Poverty and complexity.

Weaponizing billionaires.
Related: Countrywide bank takeover.

The ticking Nigerian time bomb.

Have you seen Angry Birds?

Weaponized ambiguity.

The Spirit of the Age.
Related: Decay is a time of pruning.

On Genesis 3.

On Theranos.
Related: The Theranos devaluation.
Related: Style over substance: Elizabeth Holmes and Amelia Earhart.
Related: The pettiness of pointing out feminist’s envy.

Striking back at the press.

Scott Adam’s endorses Hillary.
Related: Hillary, America’s mother-in-law.

Why even conservatives deserve the decline.

Captain America chooses the right side.

Overlapping bell curves and being an outsider.

The hominin braid.

Elizer Yudkowsky “quotes”. Heh.

SJW’s attack Warhammer.

The city of Benin.

The fall of Salon.

Fire Katie Couric (out of a cannon).

A review of Age of Em.
Related: The ascended economy.

Women’s Olympic soccer team loses to 14-year-old boys.
Related: Transsexual beats women in track and field event. Heh.

H/T: Land, SSC, Wright


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