Lightning Round – 2016/05/25

Don’t wait on the church.

Inference with the vampire.

A list of unmentionable nations.

The types of property.

Anarcho-tyranny and Duerte Harry.

NRx is gearing up for the next step and wants your help.

All slopes are slippery.

Ghostbusters, women, and Hillary.

The pope of moldbuggians.

Marcuse’s deep state ties.
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East Asians: Between a rock and a hard place.
Related: On google-doodle Yuri Kochiyama.

Counterintelligence in the mindwar.

Free speech cannot be given.

The rise of the white tribe.

The terror begins.

Trump’s Supreme Court picks. I thinking Trump actually gets it.
Related: Trump is normal, the Republican’s aren’t.

The demographic nightmare as a symptom.

The NRx presidency.

Sam Francis: Beautiful Losers.

Against LLC’s.

The biosemantics of representation.

Holiness escalation.

Whose bathroom is it anyway?

The bow of the king of Chu.

The Austrian flashpoint.

The alt-right and the chans.

Who should Christian female bloggers be?

The hidden costs of dual income relationships.

Diversity is our vibrancy.

Red State surrenders the GOP to the alt-right.

Thiel is funding Hogan’s anti-Gawker lawsuit.

Looks like a pedophile scandal in Hollywood may be brewing.
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A Jew accusing another Jew of not being sufficiently pro-Jew is anti-Semitism.


On teacher impact.

How to protect SF from Bad People.

Roosh made an SF story.

World War Zero, the sea people. Related.

H/T: Land, VD


  1. A lot of good thinking in these links. Some less so. But some good serious thought

  2. Anti-Whig means letting your country be run over by mestizos because the theology or perhaps daemonology is “right”.


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