Lightning Round – 2016/04/27

Alcohol is the truth serum.

The US can’t balkanize.
Related: Polarization.
Related: Another battlefield in the diversity wars.
Related: Science: Diversity kills community.

Hate facts.

Fixing housing, health, and education.

GenX Vision 20/20.
Related: The new singularity.
Related: The VR decline.
Related: Adulting.
Related: Going against consensus.

Signalling spirals.
Related: The collapsing star of the left.

Reaction and the BS industry.
Related: Douthat writes on (neo)reaction.

Evolan tripartite race.

Market perfection tends to monarchy.

Poverty and socialism.

The stone wall of conservatism.
Related: Fleeing power.
Related: The symbolism of Jackson’s replacement.

Religion’s memetic conservatism.

Cognitive stratification.

Against white nationalism.


The Song Dynasty: golden age, decline and fall.

The Austrian hospitality business.

Buying an island and building rapture.
Related: Exit tech.

The professional intelligentsia.
Related: Our enemy, the university.

The rankling of the business community.

Jack Donovan’s Becoming a Barbarian review.

Pro-life is pro-choice.
Related: The shared essence.
Related: How liars come to believe their own lies.
Related: Goddess idols.
Related: Christian goddess worship.
Related: Peak cuck.

Learning from a puppy.
Related: Don’t marry a fixer-upper.

Transforming sex into legal rape.

Science: American women becoming less feminine.


Blockbots and blacklists.

SJW convergence at Wikipedia.
Related: SJW convergence at ESPN.

Williamson references, but does not rebut, my critique, without a link.

EvoX on the election.
Related: Why VD supports Trump.

The conservative media meltdown.

Neanderthal DNA map.

Taking down #StandwithScience.

Vancouver debate shut down by racism card.

Georgia goes after Christian medical doctor.

Wargaming in the classroom.

The sugar conspiracy.

Is the whole SJW vs. anti-SJW fight, an outgrowth of the 4chan/Something Awful rivalry?


  1. Just, F.Y.I., it appears that my comments are getting deleted from the Social Matter web-site.

    The Vatican hegemony there is not to be challenged, as I pointed out the obvious that naturally perturbed all Trentian heretics… That the United States is becoming Latin America, and the Vatican-Romans are to be thanked for it…

    Omininous. The real work must be done in pointing out that so called “Catholics” are censoring the discussion of real ideas due to their own in-group loyalties. It is then worthwhile to ask whether whites of Europe should be glomming onto the Mahometan faith the same way that Vatican-sympathetic places like Social Matter encourage un-contested Vatican dominance, ie. the religion of the browns that are being brought which differentiate the Americas and Europe.

    Lines are being drawn, clearly. And, those who are interested in solutions will have to find them out as well, if there is going to be problem-solving beyond mere dabbling.


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