Lightning Round – 2016/01/27

The Duck twittercides fantastically.
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In God we Trust.

Bad government.

The decline of community.
Related: An idle class that can only dream.

Against WN leftists.

We are not smart.
Related: Obama: Vaguely smart.

The goal is soft genocide.
Related: Denmark without the Danes.

Neither hot nor cold.
Related: Healthy xenophilia.
Related: Europe is the cost of signalling.
Related: All our times have come.
Related: The Orc refugee problem.

Useful, scarce, ownable.

NRx and the alt-right.
Related: What is the alt-right?
Related: The utility of extremism.
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The daycare fractal of modern politics.

The expert is a pre-fabricated voice.

Alt-right trolls explained.

Consequence time for moderates and nihilists.

On Trump and the collapse.
Related: Trump has had enough.

National Review hoists the white flag.
Related: The NRO takes a firm stand for cuckservatism.
Related: Chickens coming home to roost.
Related: In mala fide.
Related: Opposite day.
Related: NRO risks non-profit status.
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Dorian Gray conservatism.


Bernie and the death of progress.

Will Putin purge the 5th column?

On right-wing Poland.

The death cult.

The new creationists. Related.

Zippy on King AI.

Dark ancap.
Related: Capital as an AI.

Sportsball: white cancer.
Related: The heroism of football.

Somebody else who hates Imagine.

On Hillary.

Women and gays as military strategy.

All’s fair in the skin game.

The death of an institution.

Feeding the One Bob. Hehe. More.

Christ-centred preaching.

Fearing those working to destroy your family.
Related: Focus on respect not fairness.
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SJW’s and direct confrontation.

An SJW attack on open source.
Related: The silencing of tech.
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Facebook is silencing anti-genocide advocates.

Linux: No SJW’s allowed.

Brendan Eich creates new web browser: Brave. Supposedly, it’s fast, stops harmful adverts and helps privacy. Hopefully it works as advertised.

Mobile affirmation devices.

There is no need to worry about wasting food.

The Vasconic language.

The Zika virus hits Latin America.

MDE (Sam Hyde) gets a TV pilot.

More on the Kabloona.

Southern hospitality.

Eastern English are about 3/8ths Anglo-Saxon.