Purging Roosh

Continuing on in my run of alt-right posts.Yet another intra-alt-right battle has begun. The WN’s (mainly) are trying to purge Roosh because he’s a degenerate and not white.

First, Roosh is a part of the alt-right. You may not like that he is, or his part of the alt-right, but the alt-right is a catch all-term for dissident rightests, and Roosh is a dissident rightest.

Second, he can not be purged from the alt-right because there is nothing to purge him from. The alt-right is a loose alliance, not an organization. You could possibly ban him from the next NPI conference, because the NPI is an actual organization, but beyond that what exactly do you plan to purge him from? His own website? Twitter? You can’t purge someone from the alt-right because there is nothing there to purge someone from. The best you can do is ignore someone.

If you want to purge somebody, you have to establish your authority, create an organization, and establish legitimate ownership over the alt-right through that organization. After all that, then you can purge someone. That’s what Hestia had to do to purge Anissimov from neoreaction. Until you do that, talk of kicking someone out of the alt-right is meaningless.

Third, the white-knighting is pathetic. Why are WN’s going crazy about protecting white sluts from him? He’s not raping these women (and no, whatever feminists may say, drunken sex is not rape; stop acting like feminists), they are sluts who are willingly going to bed with him. If you view him as invading foreigner, you should be disgusted with these women, not white-knighting for them. If he is your enemy, you don’t defend women who “collaborate” with them, you shame them:

All that being said, Roosh is a degenerate. I read his book in which he makes it clear that he is, and I doubt he’d even deny he’s a degenerate. He’s a unhappy, lonely, empty person (that comes through quite clearly in his work) who has sacrificed everything for the pleasures of the flesh. He is not a model of behaviour anyone should follow and he should never be given a position of leadership in the alt-right beyond what he has carved for himself as a PUA. If you do have an organization, you probably shouldn’t let him influence it.

But as I’ve stated before, the PUA’s aren’t the problem, they are a symptom. I again reject the war people are trying to brew between the alt-right and PUA’s. In any decent society, they’d be run out of town with a bull-whip, but we don’t live in a decent society and our allies are few. The PUA’s are useful tools for reaching disaffected young men and inducting them into the alt-right. There has probably been no greater recruitment for the alt-right than then the red pill.

Strategically, we should just leave him and the other PUA’s alone and let them do their thing. The right people will filter through them into us. The rest can keep spreading herpes to club sluts until the restoration, after which we can suppress them like other degenerates. Until then, they’re too useful to go attacking for no good reason.


  1. F.N.,

    No… Many manosphere personalities even take a non-political stance because they want to appeal to “both sides of the aisle”. They’re hardly rightists. They’re about culture and research.

    There is more to this, but it pays to stay at the basic level when the disagreement is at the basic level.

    Best regards,


  2. I believe that Roosh has come a long way since his 30 Bangs days.

    Of late, he is less about seducing sluts, and more about building masculinity, restoring patriarchy & worshipping God.

  3. White Nationalists are coming dangerously close to being the Mutualists of the Alt-Right, with their crazy anti-capitalist antics and attachment to failed nation-state systems. They are very low-brow, for the most part, and its better lights tend to actually be something other than WNs but just have a pro-white attitude. I hope you can suss out the distinction there, basically WNs are the proles and proles always get everything stupid-wrong.

  4. To make it clear what that has to do with anything: WN and Stormfags sub 130IQ are now infiltrating and distorting the character of the Alt-Right. Same with the religious weirdos. I was more into Nietzsche and Feudalism, not ensuring a future for white trash and gay tartiff walls and moralizing about stupid fat chicks fucking darkies.

  5. I’m fine with racial profiling and full-blown eugenics. I just have no attachment whatsoever to stupid people or proles, of any race or place, and think they should be replaced with robots, not expanded. Too many dumb white people is what got us here. We need capitalism with no charity, or something.

  6. Hello,

    I found this through the manosphere.com aggregator. I post both in the manosphere and on alt-Right Twitter. I agree with the general point made here, but just a few things:

    * Regarding not being able to purge, I think the idea is to make people not follow him on Twitter, and encourage people not to visit Return of Kings.

    * I see people who in the same breath denounce the manosphere, PUAs, WN, Stormfront, and whatever else they can think of. To these people I say, you don’t know what you are talking about. You follow the media line. Of course there are weirdos in every political camp on earth, but I have visited and read these different camps for a long time, and have seen a lot that you don’t know about. I have seen absolutely brilliant writers, and much information that I wouldn’t have otherwise. Yet you only mention the weirdest you can find – the media’s tactic. It should give you pause that the media use the exact same tactic against the alt-Right.

    * Over the years I have read dozens of essays by Roosh or by other people at Return of Kings, even though I’m not a frequent visitor. RoK’s main problem is that there are too many writers; many of them should only be blog commenters, not blog authors. Roosh is a mixed case. He speaks plain bullshit about Northern Europe and Britain, but praises East Europe to the skies, which is simply because he can afford to go to the East and pay women there to pose in pics with him so he can sell books. This is inexcusable. But he has in 2015 exposed the overwhelming Jewish role in feminism and the media, to a RoK audience that the alt-Right normally wouldn’t reach. To Whites as well as non-Whites. He has also opposed mass immigration, readily noting that he wouldn’t be in the U.S. without it, but opposing it all the same because he sees the effects. He does this under his own name. Most leisure readers here cannot imagine the sacrifices made by those who go public.

    * So my stance is: I don’t read Roosh now, but I don’t denounce him either. In his own corner he can be of use. I wouldn’t want him as a friend but it would not be good to attack him either.

    * I also suspect that those who want to denounce Roosh would come for Chateau Heartiste and many others next. They don’t want a fluid alt-Right with many anchors to outside interests. And I note that those who are fond of this denouncing aren’t the most prominent actors. It seems that leading the denouncing is a way for them to gain a standing.

    * Who SHOULD be denounced? Those who attack the basis of the alt-Right, which is opposition to mass immigration, opposition to cultural Marxism, and opposition to the Jewish-led cabal that hijacked the Right. As usual Jews only join a nationalist movement or party once it has gotten off the ground. So it is with parties in Europe, and so it is with the alt-Right. Someone like the Jewish homosexual Milo would never, ever have joined nationalism from the beginning, when good White men sacrificed careers and social life to inform their people. Milo and Breitbart jump in late in the game, attack some easy SJW targets, and then proceed to attack “extremists”. Milo attacks “White supremacists” and takes a dump at those who oppose perversion. His agenda is clear: Provoke, slander, take control of the nascent movement.

    Breitbart/Milo can do this because Drudge consistently links to Breitbart, so people say, finally a dissenting right-wing website that gets attention! Drudge is Jewish of course, and Breitbart used to work for him. Drudge can provide that attention because the Jewish media owners just happened to declare him the “right-wing rebel of note”. There was another man with the same kind of news aggregator back in the days, but the media ignored him. This way they even shape the dissent in a safe way.

    It is the exact same thing as in European nationalist parties: The Jews join when a party has existed for fifteen years and finally started gaining ground in elections. And their targets are always the “racists”, who happen to be the founding members, who know too much. Who have read too much. The Jewish newcomers use the masses of new members, who aren’t well-read in nationalist literature, and tell them: “I have media contacts! I can bring you to the mainstream! But we must win the battle against the extremists who are holding us back!” Some greedy and clever individuals among the newcomers ally with them in order to remove the old leaders, so that these new leaders will get the well-paid parliament seats come election success.

    And so the process begins. Soon the party is okay with immigration “as long as they are not Islamists!”, ties itself to Israel “because they simply fight Muslim fanatics just like we do!”, and promotes neocon lies about the wars against Israel’s critics. And anyone who knows the truth is attacked and expelled, despite having spent years, even decades, working for the party.

    THESE are the types who should be denounced. Not Roosh, who has helped expose their kind.

  7. I just want to point out, the incident I was commenting on featured Roosh only as a minor factor for criticism from the 14/88 white knights. Apparently there is something called the ‘Alt-Reich’ which is where the really pure and jew-wise are the masterminds. We are subservient to them and must essentially stay on the reservation (which means we have to say white women currently are perfect, among other things, and the only problem with the West is the jews).


    Also, on an amusing note, Michael Anissimov is for some reason now asserting that I’m not white. This is odd, as I haven’t really attacked him at all, and I appreciate a lot of his work as highly intellectually competent.

  8. Roosh has his uses. The Alt-Right is using him just as much as he is using it. Recently I’ve been in some social media fights with 14/88 beta-boys who’ve ordered me to stop re-tweeting him. I just laughed. I’ve been reading Roosh for 10+ years and I’m not about to listen to some Stormfront kid or NRx virgin sperg and throw him under the bus.

  9. Roosh is an ALLY.

    You ally with someone if it benefits you. Period. End of story.

    Not if you like them.

    Not if they like you.

    Not if they meet your ideological purity test.

    The ONLY criterion is; is the alliance mutually beneficial or not. That’s it.

  10. As some have said above, Roosh seems to be changing if indeed you can ever change after having degraded yourself as much as Roosh has. But the grace of God is not limited by what it ‘seems’ to us. Best to just leave him alone and let him work out his salvation if salvation is available to him. in the meantime, i agree with you; we have few enough friends like Roosh. Best to let as many come to us through him as will. my own introduction to the alt-right coincided with taking the red-pill and i honestly cannot say one was prior to the other but i know they both fell into place at the same time and i am not a woman-hater; they have been damaged even more than men by modernism.

  11. I basically agree but I don’t know if I would characterize the WN’s defense of white women as necessarily white knighting. It could just as easily be the assertion of a proprietary interest. They can claim ownership and exclusive right to white women without disagreeing that they are currently worthless sluts who would willingly lie down with the foreigner.

  12. We need the wisdom of the serpent, not just the harmlessness of the dove. Or another generation of young men will be pigeon pie.

    PUA’s haven’t hooked up with anyone who wasn’t willing to hook up with SOMEONE. This shit repulses me tbh but let’s be real. Feral female behaviour is out in the daylight. Horny spergy beta dudes with spreadsheets and gym memberships pried the lid off the septic tank and showed us the contents. That is Red Pill Ground Zero, full stop.

    All PUA’s did was figure out how to mimic the men that modern women piss their best years away on. Other than obscured ancient commentaries men are denied practical knowledge of what women are really like when eyes are not on them, or even how utterly irrelevant he is to them. Even now it’s hardly widespread knowledge.

    Anybody spreading truth is an ally. Nobody’s going to be building a new world until the old one is conquered.

    Trump leads some polls and NS kids start picking out drapes for the new Reich Chancellery? Sit the Fuck Down.

    How about they prove their Master Race-ness by going out and swooping some #MagicWhiteGirls from the evil Mudz, while the adults sort things out?

  13. “The PUA’s are useful tools for reaching disaffected young men and inducting them into the alt-right.”
    And when you think about it it’s probably guys like Roosh that first got the west into this situation we’re in.

    In other words cadship got us in this mess and now it’s going to get us out.

    Why is that?

    I suppose it might be because it’s subversive to more than one entity.

    It’s subversive to traditionalism because it initiates the breakdown of the family unit and because it’s less manly than to be a proper father.

    But it’s also subversive to feminism because it ‘cheats’ women of their God given right to a man’s love, money and attention (sarcasm) and because it’s MORE manly than to be a kitchen bitch and an emotional tampon.

    And so it is that it first vectors society into decline.

    But once the society has declined enough for female feels to dictate everything it then vectors society out.

  14. People need to honestly ask themselves: who is the greater evil, the Progressives or the PUA’s?

    If you’re already on the alt-right, then you should be saying Progressives, and if that’s the case then don’t throw out a lessor enemy who will help you fight a greater one.

    Progressives are all soulless individualists who are willing and able to stab anyone in the back, including fellow progressives, to get to the top. They are already a house divided. All the alt-right needs to do is stay unified and resolute, and it will eventually win in time.

    You don’t have to agree with everyone in the coalition to fight alongside them, and if you DO think we need to all be in agreement on every issue then you are a thinking like a progressive. Just look up “Intersectionality”.

  15. If a virgin sleeps with Roosh, she slept with a man who made it perfectly clear he was only in town for a week, and was in town to sleep with as many women as possible.

    If a non virgin sleeps with Roosh, where is the problem?

  16. Machinetrooper asks the important question, “So when did Roosh become non-white?”

    Roosh was never “white”, at least not in the book of our White overlords at Stormfront for who we must be sorted muggle from non-muggle.

    Suffice to say that someone of Armenian/Iranian descent has nothing in common with someone from Norway – regardless of the melanin similarity of their skin. The only exception may be the Orthodox faith of the Armenians, but then again, faith in the West is dead.

    Ethnocentrism is real and while I’m half white, I have nothing in common with someone from Ireland. Or Italy. Or Germany.

  17. Call me a white knight – I don’t care. I’ve been called worse by better people. Roosh is a fraud and a liar of course. I laughed like hell when some crazed femcnut doused him with beer – and the little monkey tried to sue her for assault. I would have thought the derisive laughter from real men would have washed him away. But like it or not, taking advantage of stupid trailer park queens and tire-biters is unsporting and rather contemptible. It’s all fun and games until some unprincipled little paki gets blown away with a 12 guage shotgun by some angry husband as he tries to escape out the window, LOL. Given his ancestry I woulda thunk he might know something about Karma…or at least Darwin and Murphy… You can choose your actions, boys, but ya can’t choose your consequences.

    Whatever. I have a pulse, a triple digit IQ and can walk and talk and chew bubble gum at the same time – and I won’t by allying myself with that rancid little mudflap. He has nothing to offer me … or the alt right, really.

    But – if he floats your boat so be it.

  18. Just curious: Vox Day is definitely not white. Are these same individuals trying to purge him from the alt-right?

  19. If you want to win this cultural war, you’re going to use all the weapons you’ve got. Degenerates like Roosh and fanatics like the 1488 crowd are allies. A few troll fiestas calling for “purges” aren’t that big of a deal and happen when there is a lull in the shitposting.

    The real battles to come are going to be in the real world, not online. At least Roosh shows his face in public and causes much scorn to the cultural marxist footsoldiers.

  20. I saw Roosh’s blog and it is well written and brings up many great points in a clear way you do not see anywhere else. But it has lots of tracking cookies so I do not look at it anymore

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