Lightning Round – 2015/06/17

NAACP leader outed as white.
Related: Woman denounced for being transracial.
Related: Godfrey Elfwick in USA Today, the BBC (img), and Yahoo News for his #wrongskin trend.
Related: #Wrongskin links.

What are SJW’s?

In defence of evo-psych.

Puppet master Soros.

Social tech and anarcho-tyranny.

Problems with the Puritan thesis. A response.

The pensioner and the aristocrat.

Small government.

Mainstream IQ science.
Related: Smart fractions.
Related: Children of uneducated parents don’t go to college.

The real student crisis.

Your emotions are calculated.

Innovation propaganda.

Concern troll detection.

On Chuck’s banishment.

Social media: judge, jury, and executioner.

Strange Loop: When even Slate thinks you’ve gone too far. Related.

The hatreds of the left.

The empire’s man in Brooklyn.

Related: Not your pool.
Related: The actual story is different from the official version.
Related: Baltimore: Arrests are down, crime is up.

NYPD chief tells the truth.

Non-discriminatory lending.

The story of Tina Nash and modern poverty. Jim comments.

Utilitarianism is clever stories for disguised evil.

A bit on the Indo-Europeans.

Word fetishes.

Property taxes: sovereign usury?

Big government working with homosexual organizations to punish Christians.

Christians mistaking alphahood for virtue.

You teach people how to treat you.

Customs of intersexual interactions.

The delta perspective.

Man is raped by woman, then expelled for sexual assault.

Old-school scientist on lab girls. Related.
Related: Nobel scientist says women take things personally, women take it personally.
Related: Hung out to dry. Never apologize, never resign.

British government warns of delaying child-bearing due to spiralling IVF costs.

The OPM leak.

Tor continues to attacking customers.
Related: The difference between Puppies and anti-Puppies.
Related: We are real people. More. More. Related.
Related: Pushing closer to war with Tor.

Geeks, mops, and sociopaths: the birth of cool.

Reddit is dying. An alternative.

The PhD lottery.

America’s obesity hits record highs. More.

Why Wintery Knight has an alias.

Scott Alexander is too racist and right-wing.

Trannies make up about 0.007% to 0.029% of the population.

Bill Maher: Liberals are killing comedy.

Hulkamania could ruin Gawker.

Waifus in Forbes.



  1. Thank you for the link. Great to see an link here, of all places. Maybe it’s spreading like Ebola in a greenhouse. One can only hope.

    The Indo-European history article is fascinating as well. We are boats on the surface of a vast ocean called history, and we can only see as deep as to the end of our arms.

  2. Thanks for the links, and for finding these other cool stories. I think you have an alias for similar reasons to me. You can’t say anything anymore without everyone being offended and coming after you.

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