Guest Post: Strategy

Today we have a guest post from Curt Doolittle, the advocate for propertarianism.

Our opponents attacked us with better leadership, better organization, outright lies, obscurant rationalism, pseudoscience, and propaganda: repeated over and over again. Most effectively by achieving by judicial activism and immigration, what could not be achieved by persuasion. And of those who could be persuaded, it was predominantly women who, like they were by Christianity in Rome, most easily fooled. And who, being fooled in large numbers, tilted votes, taught children in schools, provided income and incentives to universities as a new customer base, and staffed marketing departments and advertising agencies.

Contrary to current opinion, it is very easy to do something about it. It is merely costly, not hard. Because contemporary civilization is fragile.

But to succeed in any campaign, we must have a better idea, better articulated, better leaders, better organization, and a means of persecuting lying, deceit, pseudoscience, and propaganda. Because gossip and deceit are cheap and easily made plentiful. That is their tactic. Women evolved to use gossip to rally against alphas.

By contrast, violence and truth are expensive and hard to make plentiful. But that is both our tactic and our objective: truth and the threat of violence for those who gossip and deceive.

We require: A goal. A plan. A moral justification for violence. And the will to pay the high cost of saving our civilization from the age of lies and propaganda made possible by the introduction of women into the politics of our high trust polity under open enfranchisement representative democracy, without houses of government that represent our competing class and gender interests.

Our opponents’ strategy is purely verbal – so they need numbers. We don’t. We need a few good men willing to risk life and liberty. Because the liars have created pervasive fragility that can easily be exploited.

Once we have actionable demands, we can raise the cost of not meeting those demands by taking advantage of that fragility. Whether it be nullification, secession, revolution, or civil war, is merely a measure of the cost that the people are willing to pay to preserve their tyranny of the masses. We need a solution to post-democratic equalitarian government, the construction of immoral laws, judicial activism in order to do something other than just rebel.

Which is what I work on full time.

Thankfully, success is more possible now than it has ever been.

Liberty, truth and rule of law and natural aristocracy in our lifetime, or tyranny, deceit, propaganda, Brazil and castes in the next.

Curt Doolittle


  1. I always appreciate Curt Doolittle’s hopeful tone. While I agree on the simple premise that a system based on lies cannot be as strong as the natural self evident truths of reality, the systems we face through out the western world have been so structured to allow mindless demagoguery and combined with the zealotry of political correctness to discourage any true leaders from rising to the occasion.

    I am open to Doolittle’s optimism, but I also have to face the unsettling reality that news of a catastrophic event that would destroy the current system is still one thing I hope for at the end of the day.

  2. I agree with some of this but I have two issues…
    “Contrary to current opinion, it is very easy to do something about it. It is merely costly, not hard. Because contemporary civilization is fragile.” Contemporary civilization being fragile means that it is easy to do further damage, for instance you could go on welfare or advocate for Muslim refugee immigration. That doesn’t mean that Cathedral ideology is fragile or that it is easy to build an alternative. Building things is hard. Though weakening, the system will exert all its remaining strength against any functional alternative.
    “Women evolved to use gossip to rally against alphas.” That is not an orthodox view in this neck of the woods. I believe the accepted view is that women police other women and to a lesser extent beta men with gossip. Can you provide some evidence to support your alternative view.

  3. There are reasons to hope. There is really only one lynchpin holding the cathedral up and that is the US dollar’s status as world reserve currency. When USG can no longer run a deficit it is game over for them. As it is now a seceding state or states would need to provide for social security, medicare, medicaid, EBT, etc. out of tax revenues and that is not possible. Greece faces the same problem–leave the EU and there is no more deficit spending. What I fear is the synopsis more than the associated cathedral. Since all right thinking people believe the same things we are likely to go right back to all the same policies that caused a collapse after the first collapse. The 2008 financial crisis was a portent of thins to come. Bankruptcy is beautiful and deflation is divine. A collapse creates wonderful opportunities as all of the asset inflation is unwound, but the powers that be will do everything they can to inflate another bubble.

  4. Because “ours” is first and foremost a psychological war within our own mind then one must define his opposing psychologies and recognize the ways and means in which one obscures bringing these mindsets to the fore.

    For the white male, it is a matter of white Supremacy versus anti-white Supremacy and the reluctance to embrace the former while possessing no hesitancy to reject the latter. This cognitive dissonance REQUIRES a whole elaborate “matrix” floating somewhere in between the above “extremes.” This is Neo’s reaction. He, the “white” racist anti-white Supremacist. This is the modern white male archetype. Incredibly unstable psychology.

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