Lightning Round – 2014/11/19

Become worthy.

Rescuing Christian masculinity.
Related: The church needs men.

Christians and identity.
Related: Identity and rebellion.

What factor best predicts the success of a romantic relationship.
Related: Buying happiness with money.

Where does a bachelor leave his legacy?

Advice for a prodigal daughter.
Related: What women can do to signal interest.

GBFM went down for violating ToS.

The Gramscian infiltration of America.

No enemies to the left, no friends to the right.

Sailer with a retrospective on the Bell Curve.

I am a: Objectivist Libertarian Total-Isolationist Nativist Fundamentalist.

Phalanx’s new Tumblr.
Related: Post-anathema: a NRx art site.

Technological advance is not inevitable.
Related: The decline of google.
Related: Kill whitey: Silicon valley edition.
Related: Technological stagnation.
Related: The decline in drug research.

The arts are too important to cede to idiots.
Related: The moral and intellectual bankruptcy of the Ivy League.

What is neoreaction?
Related: The difference between Rx & NRx is thede.

What you can do.
Related: The culture war on Twitter.
Related: The left wins because they’re willing to invest the time.

Reaxxion: A gaming site for men.
Related: Gamergate hysteria.
Related: #Gamergate is waking people up to misandry.
Related: The political effects of Gamergate: driving liberals our way.
Related: SJW entryism being plotted.
Related: Never retreat.
Related: An interview with a Czech game designer about #Gamergate.
Related: #GG is doomed again.

Political projection.

A lack of formalism leads to totalitarianism. Related.

Finding common ground on traditionalism and techno-commericalism.

The Outsideness Strategy.
Related: Elections don’t matter.
Related: Political donations by industry of employer.

Kicking the debt can.

On castes.

Sovereignty and nukes.

On Carlyle’s the French Revolution.

How the liberal MSM shapes the news.

Sedatives, health care, and suicide.

No cat-calling in 10-hours experiment in Sydney. How confusing.

Progress is bad science.
Related: Two genes linked to violent behaviour. Related.

The common link between America’s four most violent cities.

The great partition and the rise of white identity.

There’s something about Teutonics.

Tips for gentrification.

Progressive support for executive orders and secession.

Lessons from the Republic of Minerva.

To Pinochet.

A new East India corporation.

On the theory of mind.

Will’s experiences with racism.
Related: The $1-million victimization pyramid.

Neoreaction and Latin. Part 2.

Dampier reviews Land’s new book.

The outlier amplification effect.

The flaw in the assortative mating theory. A response.

Feminism and housewives.

Contra Jayman, divorce does matter for life outcomes.

To answer Legionnaire’s question: Andrew Jackson because he destroyed the national bank and paid off the national debt.

How the women’s vote led to big government.

Rotherham confirms the fall of Britain.

A rough foreign policy stretch for the USG.

Christianity and the boiling pitch.

A FAQ on usury.
Related: Against usury and immigration.

Traditionalism, Male Mother Need, Yes Means Yes, and Doublethink.

Students sue school for stopping them from praying.

A man realizing he’s become the beta bux.

Ladies: Take responsibility for your failed relationships.

Broken people, cats and Prozac.
Related: The end result of the sexual revolution.

A near-criminal lack of game.

A new scapegoat for failed feminist predictions.
Related: Rose Eveleth is a horrible person.
Related: Feminists won shirtgate.
Related: The termagants and harpies crap on the feast; it’s what they do.
Related: Pornographer used as moral authority in t-shirt row.
Related: SJW’s hate science too.

#TakedownJulienBlanc shows the need for the patriarchy.

Women should not go to jail.

How to get away with molesting a toddler.
Related: Lena Dunham and the moral collapse of the elite.
Related: Lena Dunham and amygdala hijacks.
Related: More on Lena Dunham and modern child sex experts.
Related: Jia Tolentino and Jezebel defend sexually abusing children.

The terribleness of the Guardian’s Zoe Williams.

Feminism thrives on attention.

A transfat activist on his daily struggles.

Time ends ‘words that should be banned’ poll because ‘feminist’ was winning.

‘The sexual harassment policy that nearly ruined my life.’

Asians suing Harvard over affirmative action discrimination.

Decorated man being punished for telling lesbians to follow Army rules.

Jonathan Gruber, architect of Obamacare, praises the stupidity of the masses.

How progressive Hollywood shackles Bond.

Wright creates a library for children.

Education departments don’t produce competent teachers.

The politically correct origins of the confederate flag.

A possible Israeli immigration strategy.

Scalzi illustrates both Isaiah and Brave New World.
Related : He also illustrates delicious irony.

Vibrant author uses SJW alter-ego to attack competition.
Related: SJW’s devour themselves.

Salon writer condemns arithmetic as racist.

The silliness of Science readers.

Obesity will bankrupt socialized medicine.

Ethnic tension and the motte & bailey.



  1. The enzyme which is a product of MAO-A gene acts not only on dopamine. Other katecholamines as well, including adrenaline/epinephrine. In other words, for those with the ‘warrior allele’ it takes longer to ‘cool down’ in high conflict situations.

  2. A potential ‘hawk’ in the hawks&doves game. Small wonder that among the Maori this variant is encountered more often than anywhere else, considering the relatively recent period of violent conflicts (due to shortage of resources causing even cannibalism) that decimated them.

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