Lightning Round – 2014/10/08

Self-defence and situational awareness.
Related: Killing in self-defence.
Related: Remember, always shoot to kill.

How to conquer the fear of success.

Where the sexes work and some career advice.
Related: Will found some career advice.

Avoiding seasonal affective disorder. Not something I get, but maybe it will help someone.

The need for hope.

Inspiration: An interview with the founder of 8chan. Related.

5 bench press mistakes which will stall your progress.

A primer on Canadian commonlaw relationships. (ie. Don’t let a gal move in).

Inspiration: A truly strong woman.

Single men with jobs becoming a scarce commodity.
Related: Fewer men are working and marriage is dying.
Related: Some remarriage rate charts.
Related: It is women who are causing the increasing delay in marriage.
Related: Are young, unmarried women sincere about wanting to be married “some day”?

How to treat rebellious spouses.

Neoreactionaries don’t plan to be a ruling class.
Related: Moron bites: On the idiots who ‘wonder’ if we think we’ll all be aristocrats.

Libertarians ask: What is neoreaction?

Towards organization.
Related: The superversity.

Scot writes an excellent post on out-groups and the blue tribe. More feces to fling.

The red and blue empires.

The social justice industrial complex.
Related: What is an SJW?

Shut them up twice as hard.

Secession will not be clean.
Related: The dissolution of Austria-Hungary as a model.

The free speech entryist strategy.

The totalist media.
Related: Press silence and black privilege.
Related: NYT cutting 100 newsroom jobs. A good start.

Ebola and leftism as the great filter.
Related: Ebola, the great filter, and the abstract threat.
Related: Some stuff on Ebola.
Related: Homeschool or die: Ebola version.
Related: A lesson on disease containment from the Spanish flu.
Related: Ebola: Patient #2?

Evola versus evo-psych on ethics.

The presumption of racism.
Related: What’s racist and what is not.
Related: Lesbian sues because her baby is black.

Why immigration matters.

The silver linings to the long march through sports and games.

Gamersgate hits back: Intel pulls ads from Gamasutra.
Related: Did Intel stand up for white males?
Related: GameJournoPros set to close down.
Related: How sloppy, biased video game reporting almost destroyed a CEO.
Related: Gamersgate: One simple test.
Related: GG News: Eron’s hearing. Related.

The principles of sorcery.
Related: The branches of magic.

FSD vs. 4GW.
Related: An interesting sounding book: The Node.

Hong Kong needs an inquisition.
Related: The great circle of despots.

If Dwight Eisenhower could see us now.

Linguistic functional fixedness.

The inevitability of infertility eugenics.
Related: Lesbian eugenics.
Related: Prog hypocrisy in one delicious package.

The validity of twin studies.

Songs about killing teachers and simpler times.

Do you live in London? The Nietzche club is looking for members.

There’s been some debate between Christians and ethno-nats recently. I’ve already addressed the issue here.
Related: Race as the most important issue of our time.

The demolition of what remains of Catholicism begins.
Related: The beheading of marriage.

It isn’t mercy to send someone down the road to hell.

Atheists Kickstarting their own religion. Hilarious.

Young, churchy evangelicals actually believe the Bible.

What keeps men out of church?

Give the rebellious wife what she ‘needs’ or the baby gets it.

Heartiste on California’s affirmative consent law.

Feminism is on the retreat.

Men continue to oppress women by working hard for free.

Male and female predators.

Narcissism, rape culture, and why millennial girls are monsters.

Why men are pissed.

A typical day in the patriarchy.

How gamma’s are made.

The lament of the desouled woman.

Anti-feminism morphing into the new feminism.

Transgender and transage. I think Vox is nudging against Poe’s Law there, though.

I’m gonna save the NIH $466,642: Fat girls get less dates because they’re less attractive and they engage in riskier sexual behaviour because they’re more desperate and therefore more likely to give into male demands for risky behaviour.

The Onion: ‘I’m sorry to say this but you’re just not the man I blindly hoped you would transform into.’

An article advising women to lower give themselves better standards.

The anti-dowry.

Slavery and buying children.

An idiot’s guide to the right.

Another firearms incident.

Obama and the bell curve.

Political correctness and anti-harassment efforts create mistrust in the navy.

4 females guards ‘rape’ prisoner.

The college experience isn’t worth it.

The incredible shrinking labour force.

A captcha program defines human as a liberal.

Did you know: Norway and Finland had the highest per capita rampage shooting fatalities.

16-year-old goes to jail for 3-years without trial for being (falsely) accused of stealing backpack.

Preferred music style is tied to personality.

10% of Americans are alcoholics.

H/T: RPR, SDA, CC, SSC, Pollack, VD, Wright


  1. Why are you using “gamerSgate”? Is that some measure to avoid people finding your blog via google? Anyway, that annoys me a little. Every article you linked uses the correct term/hashtag.

  2. The reaction against the feminazi sleazeballs in the gaming community makes me glad I’m building my own gaming PC with money from a new tech job. Good to know there is still some sanity left in the world outside some churches.

    Young, churchy evangelicals actually believe the Bible.

    Good news. This is definitely my experience as an alumnus of Liberty University. However, the remnant needs a reactionary injection in my opinion before too long. Evangelicalism has been sliding with the culture, and that does need to be addressed before the lag on gay marriage and other social issues catches up. Abortion seems to be a bit different issue, though. That one should remain solid just because of the structure of the ordinary religious mindset. Even liberal Christians try to emphasize that they are “personally pro-life” or some such nonsense cop-out.

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